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We purchased our Toyota new from another dealer, but became upset with their service department, and switched to Toyota Knoxville several years ago. We have now had our 2001 Camr...


Toyotoa Knoxville does not seem to be willing to work with a single woman on a budget. They first allowed another person to put a deposit on a car I was interested in when they w...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/27/2013

Purchasing my Camry with Toyota Knoxville was a horrible experience, and I will surely not buy my next car from this dealership. \r They have a Preferred Value Package that comes with their cars and costs $431. Most of the items in this package are redundant for most buyers and if you are interested in buying any of the items you can do it separately, not as part of this package. \r The dealership has Processing Fees of $489 in addition to the Delivery Processing and Handling Fees that they say are from the manufacturer of $795. \r The largest waste in buying a car from this dealership comes from paying $449 for Shadowmark. This product has 2 components: 1. Additional Marking of the VIN number in 6 different locations in the vehicle. This item can be purchased in Autozone for around $30. 2. A component of $5000 of insurance that you get if the car is stolen. I estimate that the value of Shadowmark is $60, but all the cars in this dealership have this product and they charge you $449 for it. Many other dealerships will be happy to sell you the same car without the Shadowmark for $449 less.\r They also say that they have a lifetime warranty on the powertrain. However, since the powertrain should not have any problem if you do oil changes regularly, this warranty has a value next to zero. \r You can get a better deal in most other dealers that you go, simply if you choose a dealer without Shadowmark. \r They also told me that the Shadowmark will decrease my insurance premium, which did not happen.\r If from any reason you decide to pay more and buy your car from this dealership, be aware that after you buy, you get a 15% coupon for all accessories for around 5 weeks. So don’t buy any accessory on the day that you buy the car. Go home, and come back later with the coupon to get a discount. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/22/2012

excellent service. Got car serviced last week. very nice waiting room and Christopher Nunley was my service man-he kept me undated and was excellent more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/11/2012

Was looking for a used SUV and found one I liked on the Fox Toyota website. Headed down to look at it, took it for a test drive and decided I liked it. Took 4 hours to make the deal? Since they had not had a chance to clean it up I was to pick it up the next day. Went out to pick up the truck after work and had another long wait. It wasn't 4 hours but still a long wait. Left the lot with my shiny SUV and drove around for about an hour when I noticed what seemed to be lower than desired oil pressure. It was towards the bottom of the normal range. I guess I should have gone for a longer test drive. Since the dealership was closed by this time I sent an e-mail to the sales manager that I had initially contacted and dealt with. I think it was 2 days before she called me back. I missed the call but the voicemail essentially said that I should have bought the warranty. I bought a used SUV to keep the payments lower. With the warranty my payment would have gone up an extra $130 a month. I guess I'm stuck with the truck. I'm certain I'll never deal with Fox Toyota again nor will I recommend them to anyone else. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/6/2012

I bought a 2012 hybrid Camry XLE in May. My salesman was James ""Jim"" Glenn. I would be happy to recommend anyone I know who needs a car to the knowledgable, helpful, friendly and honest sales team and especially James Glenn! I have never been so satisfied with a purchase in my life! The service is extraordinary. James Glenn made me feel like the queen for the day and my new car is amazing! I would happily volunteer to be in commercials for Toyota of knoxville! I speak of them I know at least 2 times daily. I tell everyone I know to go there and get a hybrid Camry XLE just as I did! Great car, great price, great people!!! Out of the ballpark James Glenn and Toyota of Knoxville! Stop in and see Jim for anything car related he's a wonderful guy! more

If you are a single female on a budget, find somewhere else 1/21/2012

Toyotoa Knoxville does not seem to be willing to work with a single woman on a budget. They first allowed another person to put a deposit on a car I was interested in when they would not even let me take it to a mechanic and test drive it overnight. They also told me that I was not as much a priority as someone willing to spend $20,000. I still gave them another chance when the other person decided they didn't want the car. I test drove it and went in to negotiate with them. They refused to negotiate with me at all. I was willing to walk out of there with the car but they refused to drop the price even by $100. They instead suggested I sell my car for more money rather than trade it in so that I can come up with the price that they wanted. I walked out. I seriously doubt that would have happened if I had a man with me or if I were a man. They did call me back but it turned into a game of phone tag and I have a sneaking suspicion it is merely for more negotiation but they missed their chance. I have wasted enough time here so I will go to Carmax where they treated me with respect regardless of my budget. This was a terrible experience. I would suggest that any woman who is trying to purchase a car on her own avoid this place because they won't take her seriously. Addendum: I did finally speak with them again and they wanted to accept my offer. That was great and all, but the experience itself was so terrible that I no longer had any desire to patronize their business. This is the only reason I gave them another star. They did try, although the manager sounded like he was being forced to sell me the car and would not take any responsibility for the way the whole situation had unfolded. I would have bought the car but for the poorest of the poor customer service. If you don't have $20,000, don't go here. more

So disappointed 12/13/2011

Originally I did have a good review on this dealership, but have deleted it in light of the problems that I have had with my vehicle and treatment. Purchased an FJ in February of 2011, have had to replace the windshield 3 times in 10 months, and the last 2 times there was no history of trauma, and the crack was in the same location. Also, in the past, when I have taken the car in to the service department, and have asked them to check the alignment or other issues, I have been blown off or poo-poo'd as if it was all in my head, Each time, the alignment was found to be off, so it wasn't just me. As far as the windshields, the dealership's answer was to buy another car and see if that fixes the problem! My saleman, James, was the only positive experience, so I hate to be so negative, but I really dread every visit to that dealership/service center, as I always leave upset or angry. more

Another point of view 7/7/2011

We purchased our Toyota new from another dealer, but became upset with their service department, and switched to Toyota Knoxville several years ago. We have now had our 2001 Camry for over 10 years. We have been VERY satisfied with the service department at Toyota of Knoxville. Everyone there has been courteous and professional, everything has been clearly explained to us, and we have NEVER felt like we have been overcharged or cheated. They have an exceptionally nice customer waiting area, also, with Wi-Fi. We have had no experience with their sales department, but we would definitely look at them for our next car, because the service has been great. The other review here was so negative that I thought I would let people know that there are other opinions! more

Toyota LIED to us to sell a car & now we're out $5k!!! 8/28/2009

In February 2009, my boyfriend, Michael, purchased a 2007 Subaru WRX from Toyota of Knoxville. The car was about 25,000 miles used and had a few aftermarket modifications. A big selling point of the car was the Toyota Lifetime Warranty they offered with it, and the sales people (Nina & Ricky), along with the Used Car Sales Manager assured us the car would be covered, regardless of its modified state. So we bought the car and they issued the warranty… A few months have passed and now the car’s transmission is blown. We called the warranty company to make good on our deal with Toyota, and the warranty company informed me that the warranty is actually void and Toyota never should have given it to us. I called Toyota and (after a few days of unreturned phone calls) they now are saying that they told us the car wouldn’t be covered under the warranty when we bought it. (Even though I know they promised us the car would be covered…after all, that’s why we bought it!) All 4 people that were with us when we purchased the car heard them say it would be covered. In addition, we saw them write this information down for us the day we purchased the car, but I think they kept that piece of paper without us knowing. My question is: Why do I have a piece of paper that says “Toyota Lifetime Warranty” with Michael’s VIN # if they told us the car wasn’t covered at all? If we don’t have a warranty, then why did Toyota give us the warranty paper? According to the warranty company, the car is not covered under warranty at all…which means Toyota just gave us a meaningless paper with false promises (seems a little deceitful to me). In short: Toyota of Knoxville lied to us to sell a car…and now we’re out $5,000 because we are going to have to buy this transmission ourselves. And this isn’t the only problem we’ve had with this dealership! A few months prior, the service department broke a clip on the Subaru’s front bumper. Instead of replacing the bumper, they GLUED it back on without telling us! When our real mechanic took it off a few weeks later to work on it, he was appalled. He literally had to rip the bumper off to remove the glue (and we later bought a new bumper)! And that’s not the half of it! Michael’s mother and grandmother also drive Toyota’s purchased from Toyota of Knoxville…and both refuse to go back due to the terrible service department which has overcharged Michael’s mom for service she didn’t even need and because of the sales team that’s lied to his grandmother to squeeze a few hundred extra dollars out of her! This is a family who has purchased three cars from this dealership (we’ll estimate $50,000 spent), and this is how Toyota treats them?! In an economy where car dealerships are hurting, you’d think Toyota would take care of the few people who actually purchase cars! But Toyota of Knoxville would rather make a quick buck than have customers who actually want to return. If you're looking for a Toyota in Knoxville, I encourage you to visit a different dealership! Pros: Nothing! Cons: Deceitfulness more
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