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Topco Financial Svc - 18 Reviews - 1721 Hewitt Ave Ste 511, Everett, WA - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (425) 388-0299

Topco Financial Svc

1721 Hewitt Ave Ste 511
Everett, WA 98201
(425) 388-0299
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All reviews seem negative


I called this agency to get website address in order to make a collection account payment in full (well over $500) and need an immediate receipt. They don't have a website. What k...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/26/2014

I was reviewing my credit report and this company showed up, I am not sure why but when I tried to call the number it is no longer in service and I cannot find another number by doing a name search online...So if I can't get ahold of them, can I dispute the charges? ;) more

I called this agency to get website 4/27/2012

I called this agency to get website address in order to make a collection account payment in full (well over $500) and need an immediate receipt. They don't have a website. What kind of collection agency does not have a website for electronic payment in this day and age? Not professional. more

Listen Up Folks, 1/7/2012

Ok, so clearly the opinion is out on Topco Financial. They are truly scum bags. First off, I want to agree with all that has been said about their practices. It is amazing to me that in the year 2012 this kind of stuff is still allowed to go on. I see that they had a settlement against them in 2009. It would have been nice if that put an end to their inhuman practices, but to no avail. Clearly you have to be a rare breed of human to work there. As recent as October it looks like they are still up to their scum bag practices. The one thing I do want to tell everyone that might be reading this is to protect your self. You are going to go through a lot of crap with these people but you can fight them. If I could go back and do it again I would take the following precautions. 1st: Tape EVERY phone call. It would be worth the few bucks you will spend on a phone that you can tape conversations on. I think you have to tell them that the call is being recorded but trust me when they know it; they are all kinds of nicer. The last time I dealt with them on the phone, I recorded it and he could hear the beep telling him that I was recording. He never said a cross word. That was a huge change since before this; I had all the experiences that everyone else had. Being called names, threats, etc. 2nd Keep a written log of EVERYTHING that is said, mailed, called, whatever. No matter how small it may seem, just do it! I still have my stuff and this happened to me in 2007. I wish I would have known about the law suit in 2009 I would have participated. Write down the time you called, who you talked to, what was said, etc. 3rd Mail EVERYTHING certified mail or registered or even signature confirmation and keep a backup copy. I sure hope that this helps someone out there. I would understand it if some day on the news someone actually went off and did something horrible to these people. My situation was the car that I sold being towed and no one EVER tried to contact me. It is clearly a scam between Topco and the tow companies. They should be ashamed but it is clear that they are not. I have a perfect credit record and they were the only ones that ever appeared on it as a negative. I was able to get it off once I supplied all of my proof. I hope you can do the same. Good luck! more

i hate these people they are rude and dont know the meaning 10/24/2011

these people are the worst collection agency i have ever had to deal with i should have known by seeing all the reviews with not one person saying one good thing about them believe me i delt with them first hand they dont want to even try and work it out with you at all andthey should be going to a customer serivce trainging im glad tehy are taking me to court so that i can go in front of a judge and explain to your honor what they would not let me. they dont really want to work with you they want to be the jerks that they and thats horrible . i feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with them more


If you call them call from a PHONEBOOTH! How is it 6 years down the road up pops this thing on your credit report. You call from your cell that is a prepaid and ask a few questions. Your baffled so you hang up. You think thier nuts and don't know what they are talking about. Then a couple of weeks goes by and you get a phone call and your baffled again how did you get my # ? Well they wrote it down. This was my daughter. She and her husband were attempting to buy a house and were approved last year, but decided to wait. So they went again and got denied????????? What could be the issue? Well of course it was Topco Financial. She unfortunately gave them a little too much information they put 2x2 together and voila there they are on your back like stink on s__t. The things they said to her and about her husband were unbelievable. The incident creating this was a car given to her husband by his grandfather and he had it 3 days when it was stolen. Police were called etc. please don't tow will come pick up. Abandoned in another jurisdiction so it got towed. He never even knew the car had ever even been found. The towing co. never notified him either. Had to figure out what the original listing on the report was because we had never heard of the company before. I did some research and found that Topco specialized in towing collections. So then researched the name assoc. with the credit report and there the company was. Royal Towing. Talking with the tow company they didn't have anything on record for back then so they couldn't give us any information. So of course Topco had all the info after talking with them. I now fear that the money these kids are shelling out to Topco is not going to go to the tow company. The bill started out at we don't know what but the credit report was 735.00 but when talking to Topco the bill was now at 1300.00. Reported in May 2011 and by June 2011 it doubles? go figure. If they could come up with 900.00 in 30 days that would close it. They tried so hard but to no avail so they are making payments to these FOOLS. It amazes me that they still get away with the same crap they did when the State took them to courst and fined them many Thousands of dollars and yet it still goes on today. There horrible and nasty words and inuendos. There jacking of the original amounts. There needs to be an end put to this company and the names of the owners published and not allowed to perform this type of business EVER! Read yet they are still doing it. more

elderly beware 3/17/2011

I am writing for a friend of mine that has been dealing with topco for a couple of months now. My friend is 82 yrs young and on a small fixed income. more

OMG are they serious - my rating would be negative stars 8/13/2009

Well I wish I would have read this before trying to contact Topco per some legal advise. Long story short I rolled my car and my insurance company did not cover it. This I did not know until I saw a new account on my credit report. I disputed it because I had no dealings with anyone for that price. So the dispute came back and I got a bill (the first and only bill I ever got from the company 4 years later) so I naturally tried to get to the bottom of it as the insurance company should have taken care of it. The insurance company has since went out of business so it was my debt to eat SO I called to make contact and resolve. I was met by a very unfriendly gentleman named Joel who then told me I was trying to skip out on paying my bill because I asked him if he could send a new copy of bill as I would like an updated one for my records. I also informed him that I planned on taking care of it, but I did not currently have the amount to pay it all off. I have never been treated so rudely by someone who wanted something. He wanted to argue with me and then tell me how irresponsible I was and that I was stalling and trying to skip out on the bill. Why would I call if I were trying to do that? They did not have any of my information and thankfully do not have my phone number. This (@#$^%&) then turns out to be the supervisor. So now I am left with filing a complaint with the link that I saw here. People cannot even be honest and own up to their responsibilities anymore. Creditors wonder why people don't try to clean up their reports because this is what you are met with. I told him if it were up to me this would be the only thing left on my report, but that would not be fair to the towing company. Cons: Everything you can imagine more

they cheated me, too 4/20/2009

I gave Topco some accounts to collect. They collected at least one account but never told me or sent me any money, until I found out they had made the collection and I called them. If you're looking for a collection agency to collect for you, keep looking! Cons: everything more

personal home address of topco owners 2/21/2009

Tracy and Randi Austell, listed as two of the four owners of Topco in the latest attorney general's (long overdue) suit against them: Pros: absolutely none Cons: they make airport security seem really really nice more

TOPCO Financial continues harasment even after the debt has been shown to be non existant. 2/21/2009

I have been fighting TAPCO for several years; I have been threatened with physical harm, called names, and been called after midnight repeatedly, by one of their employees named Tom. My credit report has been repeatedly damaged, when they have placed bad debt reports with the credit bureau showing that I have an uncollected debt that keeps going up (when the debt is not even requested by towing company). My lawyer has sent several letters asking them to quit, but they keep up the harassment, even after acknowledging receipt of the letter. My son in law bought a car from me and wrecked it. He then let the car be towed. I had filed the sale with the DOL. Additionally the towing company accepted the title of the vehicle, in lieu of all fees and costs. Cons: Disrespectful, uses ilegal tactics, tries to collect on non existant bills more

stupid liar 2/12/2009

well for the past 8 months I have had to deal with these jackalopes. Paying them upwards of $900 for a debt, when they agreed to settle for 500.... but of course no one can seem to remember this agreement but me. recently i paid them in full for the remaining amout and was told that the account was closed,but just yesterday (to my delight) i get a letter in the mail asking me for 100 dollars, i called to ask what this was about and to remind them that i paid in full (per their words), i was then called a liar and stupid then hung up on. i called back and asked to be sent an itemized report of all my payments and a copy of every statement they sent me; once again i am a liar and am hung up on. more

These TOPCO fudge packers have just made it onto my list of people I would like to see in the soup line ! ! ! 1/27/2009

The stupid thing about these TOPCO clowns is that they were harassing the wrong guy. I sold a camper years ago and apparently the guy I sold it too was done with it because as it turns out he decided to dump it on the side of the road. I received a threatening letter from TOPCO telling me that an E-Z towing company towed the camper and now I needed to pay over $500.00 or they would destroy my credit. Pros: Their only an hour away ! Cons: I can't legally do what I would like to do to them ! more

Stay away! 5/28/2008

I can not even describe how awful my experiences with this company have been. Alot of headaches and stress. I hope that authorities in Washington step in regarding this comany. Cons: Staff is simply unitelligent more

Harrassment Central 5/23/2008

I as well have had the joy of speaking with Joel. Upon making a payment which was supposed to be made on a certain amount, he then told me something else. I informed he that he didn't say that. He began to raise his voice at me and yelled at me. Upon me hanging up the phone he called back and threatened with taking my husband and I to court and asked what address he could send the court paper work too. He then called back a 3rd time and requested that we call him again. So my husband called him back and he told my husband that I was an idiot and that my husband is a dead beat .. and that he will put a lein on my husband drivers license. He also informed my husband that he did not agree to any sort of deduction on the amount due and that he is sorry that my husband married such an idiot. When I called him again to ask for a supervior Joel told me that there would be no supervisor to speak to and for me to ""bite him"". Joel is a peach to speak with... I hope my sons grow up to be just like him......... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Headaches Cons: BIGGER HEADACHES more

very bad services 5/21/2008

this guys are truly wothles me and my grilfriend have been bent over by this scam there no way i would use this services i'm not that mean how can this guys go home and sleep at night i hope the b.b does something about this guys Pros: thay have none Cons: thay have none more

Welcome to the Topco Financial Club . Our Group Consists Of Bent Over And Bleeding but alive to tell! 2/22/2008

There are so many words to describe the experiences I have had with this company that I'd rather not share because they are vulgar, rude nasty and offensive. Believe the reviews you read on this company! more

Calling these guys monkeys is being to nice, monkeys are social in nature 2/19/2008

Everything the first two reviewers said. Very unprofessional almost adolescent in behavior, presentation and delivery. Very very high and mighty with self importance. Extremely sad people like this are allowed out in public without ""Adult"" supervision. Pros: None, None at all Cons: Child like more

A-holes & Morons - They have the best in the Puget Sound 8/3/2007

Financial Services - these guys wouldn't understand the effects of interest rate changes on the financial markets and how it effects your income portfolio if it were explained to them daily for the next year by a Harvard Business School Professor. That is unless he/she drew it with color crayons & made lots of pretty pictures for them to follow. Not only are the agents abusive & stupid, (hmmm, I wonder why the best job they could get is dialing a phone and harassing people) namely Tim Garrett. The manager Robert was immediately rude when I called to complain about his phone monkey and kept saying the same thing over and over. I'm not sure if he didn't realize he was saying the same thing or if he actually wanted to hear his own voice - actually, it may have been that he didn't understand me, I was using pretty big words like 'he doesn't live here' - I know, very confusing. So Robert it must be such a fab existence waking up every day, thinking ""wow, I'm a manager of a collection agency, I've made the big time!"" Let me guess Robert, gold pin-striping on your Corvette. Pros: Talking to people with the IQ's of a monkey is mildely entertaining. Cons: Talking to people with the IQ's of a monkey is very frustrating more

a consumer horror show 5/24/2007

This is a collection agency disguised as a "" financial service"" and complaints against them have been registered with Washington state. Current harassment case by the state attorney general is pending. Abusive language, illegal business practices and vulgar harassment practices. Pros: Rude, Illegal, Immoral Cons: Rude, illegal and immoral more
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