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Tom & Nancy's Pizzeria - 18 Reviews - 423 Stone Rd, Rochester, NY 14616, Rochester, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (585) 663-1274

Tom & Nancy's Pizzeria

423 Stone Rd, Rochester, NY 14616
Rochester, NY 14616
(585) 663-1274
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Tom & Nancy's Pizzeria - Rochester, NY
Tom & Nancy's Pizzeria - Rochester, NY
Tom & Nancy's Pizzeria - Rochester, NY


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Let's see, Tom and Nancy's was good in there time.. I was a loyal fan of them ordered all my pizza's from\r them. Actually I grew up with them only a few blocks from my home it...

mmmmmmmmDelish 9/17/2014

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Favorite pizza for over 30 years 3/31/2012

Couldn't believe the other reviews. I've gone to Tom and Nancy's for over 30 years and they've never made a mistake with my order, the pizza has always been wonderful and the staff courteous. The sauce is the best and my grandchildren made me promise that when they come over for"" pizza night"" I'll always get Tom and Nancy's. I wouldn't think of getting any other. They deliver on time and when I pick-up it's always ready and hot. more

tom an nanices pizza 2/26/2012

They arnt what yhey say there are..the FAT S.O.B.runs the place needs to go back to school.wrong order over priced,took there shi... back.refufsed pay back monies...use to be if you wanted great pizza in rochester,you called ton an nanices....not any more!!!!!.call perriers,,,,I cant put that FAT S.O.B Down enought.....bad food.bad service, over priced!!!cheeper to go to Riteaid for pepto.......Icepick... more

Where did the great pizza go? 7/17/2011

Ok so I have been out of the area for a couple of years and have really missed some of the unique food we have around here. Don't kid yourself, pizza is not just pizza...and I love pizza.\r \r So I call up my favorite local joint from the days of old to get the rude ""gentleman"" blurt into the phone ""Tom and Nancy whatdya wants"". Ok, I was a little taken aback by this, but I still wanted my pie. So I ordered my old favorite: Extra Cheese, Extra pepperoni (love those little ones that curl up and get crispy on the edge), and extra mushrooms. With an order of wings, extra well done and extra hot.\r \r I go and pick up the food, without even a thought to look at it. The same ""gentleman"" who answered the phone must have been the one behind the counter, kind of dumpy looking, bald and scowling as if he hates his life. Anyway, not trying to go into Ad. Hom. statements here. I give him my name to which he looks in back and waves for one of the young guys back there to bring me my food, he takes my check (not cheap, but it never was), and grumbles something as I pick up the containers and go. I get to the hotel room and open the pizza box to find no mushrooms (ok mistakes happen) and the center of the pizza seems a little doughy still....a little annoyed I open the wings that I was really looking forward to, to find them undercooked. They were still ""juicy"". Not good, especially when I specifically ordered then very well done. When I called to voice my complaint I of course recieved a greeting from the same ""gentleman"", when I asked who i was speaking to he abruptly stated ""Kurt"". When I asked to speak to the manager he stated ""I own the place"" rather matter of factly. I explained to him my concerns and he stated that, ""Everything left here cooked perfectly"". I told him that I wished to have none of the food to which he stated ""There are no refunds"". I wasn't really in the mood to deal with this obviously uneducated individual any longer so I told him to simply, ""Have a nice day"" and this morning when the bank opens I will simply cancel my check. ....\r \r What happened to the pizza and service I remember? I'm suprised this place is still in business. I remember seeing ""Perri's"" near it, can anyone tell me if it's any good?\r \r \r Edit: To top it off I found a posting of this ""Kurt"" where he gurantees his food.....good luck with that if you don't like it, or if it is dangerously undercooked. Read his post below>\r \r I challange anyone by kurtwilliams at Citysearch If you are not happy 100%with your order and customer service iwill refund your money with a smile personaly. Ask for Kurt,I will be happy to help you more

Not sure what Tom and Nancys the others are writing about 6/24/2011

I have bought single pies and large sheets (multiple sheets at a time for school functions) and I have never been disappointed. The writers who have previously written about this pizza shop are entitled to their opinion, however I have my own as well! The owner is always friendly, the shop is clean and the parking lot never has any garbage laying around. The staff running the counter have carried my pizzas to my vehicle and placed a spare box down on the sheets to ensure that no grease would get on the seats. I come from Irondequoit for these pies and I am proud to support a ""small"" businessman! more

Worst I ever had 4/20/2011

Do not order this cheap pizza. When I entered the store it was very smokey... and then the burnt smell hit me. Uggh. But I had a coupon for a large pizza and I figured why not try it. My pizza was under cooked and they use CANNED mushrooms... ugggh!!! It was simply disgusting... the worst pizza I have ever had in my life..... (I'm 44 by the way) Who uses canned mushrooms on a pizza????? After choking down a few pieces the rest went in the trash. I will NOT be going back and feel sorry for anybody who buys this failing business. The owner should have stuck with his run down deli and stayed out of the pizza business. The deli is not to bad in case you know the ""other"" place. The owner seems like a decent guy but he certainly should not be making pizza. more

Owners a bitch 11/17/2010

Their pizza sucks and the owners a pussy who likes to beat up old men at bars,I don't recommend this place for anyone. more

Sorry, the negative ones are accurate... 11/10/2010

They USED to be the best in town. They were pizzas loaded with toppings, great flavor and a joy to eat. Haven't had one in that has been good for more than a year and I won't be going back again. It's a sad truth. To the owner - it would appear that you are having shills put up bogus good feedback. If so, stop trying to cover the problem and make it as good as the pizza shop it was before YOU bought it. I hope you bring the OLD Tom and Nancy's back for those who remember how good it was. more

great pie and customer service 10/21/2010

The owner, Kurt, will always go the extra mile to satisfy customers that are not happy, which is rare seeing that the pizza and wings are excellent. this review from a long time customer and pizza fanatic. (whining about a one time problem accomplishes nothing) you will love this pie! Kevin h more

RAW CHICKEN!! BOOO 8/14/2010

Let me start by saying that my wife and I have ordered from Tom and Nancy's about twice a month for the past 5-6 years. The service has always been a little ""rude"" in person, but I dismissed that for the decent chow.\r \r This past Thursday we ordered our usual, and added an order of chicken tenders for our 2 year old. he doesn't usually get to eat fried foods, so this is a special treat for him. When the order came I immediately opened the tenders to give them a chance to cool, expecting them to be steaming hot. To my suprise as I tore apart the first was COMPLETELY RAW inside. I don't mean a little undercooked, I mean red and pink. Of course, the story doesn't end there.\r \r I immediately called the place, and asked for the manager. I was told in a curt tone, ""I'm the owner"". I thought Perfect!. I told him the story, to which he replied, ""I take a food saftey course every five years, they are fine, just eat them."" Apparently he naps through this course. I told him to pick it up and that I then wanted my money back for the whole untouched order because if he can't get something as simple as chicken tenders right, how can I have any faith in the pizza or 2 dozen wings? To which he replied, ""I am not doing anything of the sort. What do you think, i'm in the business of making food?"" Um...actually you are.\r \r Do you think I ever would have known if I hadn't started to tear apart the tenders? Would my 2 year old be able to tell me, ""Daddy, these aren't cooked""? Does he know that salmonella can survive in oil for a short period in un-cooked food, and E-Coli even longer (yes it is in chicken as well...all raw meats can contain it).\r \r If I could rate a NEGATIVE star amount I would, but as one star is as low as I can go...I can't rate them appropriately.\r \r Note: If I had simply been told, ""I'm sorry sir, I will have another order out to you immediately."" ...this would have been over and chalked up to a mistake. more

Not like the old days 9/29/2009

This place used to have the best pizza in town for about 30 years. But they are under new management now and is not the same. The new staff has raised the price and lowered the quality. The old pizzas used to weigh about five pounds they were so loaded with toppings! But the new version is light as a feather. They are average at best now. Actually, I think Sams Club makes a better pizza. more

BETTER PIZZA THAN FOUND ANYWHERE IN NYC, WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! Some of the other reviews were just WRONG! 11/30/2008

This is by far one of THE BEST PIZZA restaurant's around!!! My wife and I use to live in NYC which as any pizza enthusiast will tell you is the Mecca of Pizza. However, with great distinction I can honestly give the coveted 5 stars to Tom & Nancy's Pizza because all the ingredients that they put into the pizza is made from scratch. The cheese that is used along with the sauce exceeds all expectations. Kurt, who is apparently is the guru of Pizza's can make ANY pizza with ANY toppings even unusual requests as long as you give him some advance notice. The crust is not thin and definitely NOT thick. My wife and I drive all the way from Pittsford to eat this Pizza. THAT's how good it is. There is NO other pizza shop in the Monroe County vicinity that even comes close. And as mentioned before, I honestly have to say that it is better if not comparable to Pizza available in Manhattan and the Bronx. To top it off, the staff is VERY friendly and personable. The other reviews are particularly harsh on Tom and Nancy's and am surprised that they were so negative about their experience. The staff seem extremely personable and very responsive to any and all requests that are made.... I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about this restaurant. Even as high as the gas prices are, I will continue to come to Greece from Pittsford. The Pizza is unbeatable! ~ ""Q"" Pros: The quality and quantity of the Pizza parallels NYC Pizza joints Cons: I wish they had some seating area. more

poor customer service 9/6/2008

I received my pizza with the wrong toppings on it . When i called to tell them the women that answered the phone was rude and sarcastic and said she repeats all the order back and it must be my mistake ! what would you like me to do! How about I sorry for the mixup we will have a new one sent right out sir . I,ll never order from there again.I would teach my employes some customer service skills. more

You may want to try somewhere else!! 5/30/2008

Not Impressed!! Our pizza was not completely cooked and they really skimped on the sauce and peperoni. We threw most of the pizza away. Too bad, this used to be one of the best pizza's in Rochester. more

Tom and Nancy's Pizza 4/22/2008

The last review sounds like sour grapes to me. I also have eaten Tom and Nancy's pizza for over 30 years and you know what? It's totally different from 30 years ago. Back in the day, they won best pizza in Rochester year after year. But even after Tom and Nancy sold it the first time to a person who worked for them, the pizza changed. For every person who bought the name after that, it's changed. I don't know if each owner sold and didn't tell the new guy all the secrets or if the new guy's went with different and cheaper ingredients. Now, it's a decent pizza ,but it's nowhere near as good as an origional Tom and Nancy's. Even today, their pizza was is more expensive than others but I dare you to find a heavier (by weight) pizza around. Also if you order extra pepperoni, you get EXTRA pepperoi not a few more pieces like other places. more

I challange anyone 1/22/2008

If you are not happy 100% with your order and customer service i will refund your money with a smile personaly. Ask for Kurt,I will be happy to help you.\r \r \r \r more

Avoid Tom and Nancy's 10/27/2007

Let's see, Tom and Nancy's was good in there time.. I was a loyal fan of them ordered all my pizza's from\r them. Actually I grew up with them only a few blocks from my home it was the best pizza to be had.. I knew\r they had switched hands a few times, but was still good. I tried others but still went back too them..\r I haven't ordered one of there's in a while.. So on Friday 10/26/07 My husband said let's get a Tom and Nancy's. I said that sounds great cause we haven't had one for a while. There a $20.00 pizza. so we decided\r to treat ourself. The usual double cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion.. Well when my husband\r brought the pizza home, I looked at it and said this isn't right.. There was no double cheese no onions \r and few mushrooms and the sausage looked like it went threw a meat grinder, and no sauce.. When I called Tom and Nancy's to inquired about this. I was told I was a drunk and HE I guess the owner yelled\r a few profanities on me.. He did not want to here anything bad about his pizza.. I have ordered there\r pizza's for as long as I can remember. A good 40 years, I lived only 2 blocks away. Check it out!!\r They started out on Winchester Street and Dewey Ave.\r Anyone from the 10th ward can relate!!!! As much as I loved Tom and Nancy's pizza I will never go back..\r In the same area you can order from Casaglio's and I have tried it.. It's AWESOME!!!! Greece: 225-8630\r That's Westside- 1169 N.Greece Rd\r Eastside- 28882 Dewey Ave 663-8390\r Hilton 7 Main Street - 392-9000\r \r Open for Lunch and they deliver!!!!\r \r Please don't order from Tom and Nancy's you may just get the 3rd finger!!!! Pros: PParking ok Cons: Not a nice owner more

It's The Best I Guarantee It 10/12/2006

Everything that I have Had From Here is Truly the Best and the service that there is can't be denied the best and the quality of their products that they have and sell to their customers everyone comes back because of the customer's satisfaction about what they do .\r \r \r Try them you won't regret it Pros: Thumbs up more
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