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Time Warner Cable

4930 S. Congress Ave. Ste B
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 326-2022
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I have been paying for ""high speed"" internet for about 2 years through TWC and I have yet to have two months go by in which I have not had to call, wait on hold, and go through ...

Terrible, terrible service. Slowest ""high speed"" internet! 1/29/2011

I have been paying for ""high speed"" internet for about 2 years through TWC and I have yet to have two months go by in which I have not had to call, wait on hold, and go through a long analysis of why my internet appears to not be working. The signal is so slow that I can not even load my email page up. I have to reset the modem and then call and ask for a hard reset on TWC's end to **sometimes get results. When this doesn't work, they send out technicians that give you a four hour window during the week that you have to wait for. They have replaced my modem 3 times, but will not reimburse me for all the disruptions in my service. I have had plenty of rude tech support even though I have been more than patient and loyal. I have finally dropped this poor excuse for a business and have gone to CLEAR which surprise, surprise worked wonderfully straight out of the box. I pay the same monthly price and not only can I use the internet, I can even stream music and movies! Save yourself the headache and go with a high speed provider!! more

Time Warner sucks big time!!! 11/23/2010

We have experienced very much similar night mares with TWC. For 6 months they were not able to correct the invoices even though we have had x amount of phone conversations with them (supervisors included). They claimed that they never received payments for 3 months even though we provided evidence thru our bank which confirmed that all bills had been paid. We even wrote a letter to the VP of service, but never received a reply, they just ignored us totally. Will never go into business with them again. more

Time Warner SUCKS!!!! 9/30/2010

Time Warner does not deserve even one star on a rating system. After going round and round with them over an error in billing on their part and being told by several supervisors that there is no one at Time Warner who can correct this - makes me wonder why they are still in business. Based on my experience with TW - I have decided to no longer do business on a professional side as well as personal. It is outrageous that they think they can say/do whatever they want to no matter what and get away with it. They have found out this is not the case when it comes to some people - as I told them ""I didn't just fall off a turnip truck and I did not get where I am in business by just accepting what a company says as fact!"" Time Warner needs to do a better job at treating customers right - What ever happen to ""the customer is always right?"" As far as I can tell with Time Warner its what ever they want to do to you - they will do no matter what the law says or FCC or state of Texas or Franchise authority. Here is one fed-up and frustrated customer giving a rating of a big fat zero!!!! more

Time Warner Cable South Austin VIDEO PROBLEMS! 9/29/2010

Hello All, Well after multiple phone calls, cable box swaps, and yes using different T.V.s we and many of our neighbors, including neighbors in the general South Austin area that are miles away from us all continue to have major VIDEO TILING ISSUES between 4:30pm - 8:00pm almost everyday. Our internet service drops out (watching the cable modem) about 3-4 times a day. This has been going on for months. The customer service run-around is the same -- they do not even sound as if they are in the same country. Here's something a bit amusing, we even have a TWC technician who lives in our apartment complex that after a few beers one night, openly admitted to chasing this ghost (the video tiling issue late in the day) in the South Austin area all the time. His general opinion was that this is a ""hush-hush,"" known issue that upper management is unwilling to resolve, supposedly because of the lack of competition in the area to force them to do something about it. Wonderful. Beware before you sign a lease in this part of town, because you'll be watching your local news on your laptop/iphone on a CLEAR 4g wireless internet service -- if you are lucky. Time Warner Austin absolutely steals money from people everyday. They charge you for a service you can not consistently receive. TWC AUSTIN ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! Anyone else as frustrated? I thought Comcast was bad in the mountain west, these guys have been the worst of them all. Yay for monopolies and outsourced customer service centers who do nothing to help. Also check out: From: timewarneraustinsucks (DOT COM) -John more

time warner austin sucks 9/19/2010

I like to watch football games on a 30 minute delay, using my DVR but time warner austin screwed me last night on the U.T. vs Tech game! I found a new website - timewarneraustinsucks dotcom - great place to let time warner austin know how you feel about them! more

Lizzet Rep#70172 and her boss Jamie Jara SUCK! 6/9/2010

TIME WARNER SUCKS A$$! We were charged for 2 boxes for over a year and the dumb girl would not even look at me nor let us see the supervisor when we came back after 4:30 cause we were told that was when we would be able to speak to someone who we had hoped would not of been so stupid and only wanted to cheat us over 500.00! I would never recommend Time Warner to anyone. I ever called back and left over 6 mesg to have someone call me back. If you do still want to try them (CHECK YOUR BILL) they will over charge you even when you disconnect your cable! Pros: nothing (well nice security guard) Cons: everything.....Did not know what the freak she was doing! more

i don't like u 11/15/2009

to whom it may concern; be sure that you are out there while their so called contractors are installing your cable, not only did they install our cable, but they left behind their trash. the cable box which is attached to our house in shambles (broken), and wires exposed. I'm sure a chimpanzee could of did a better job, and i am also sure i could of taught the chimpanzee how to picks its tools up and take them with him. so if it wasn't due to a tenant using your service we would not use your service whatsoever. I am ashamed that you left our property is such dismay. so my review with time warner is a -10 and i will post the pictures on my face book so you can see the crappy workmanship that was done on my property. again do not trust them. Thank you. i filed a complaint with time warner the rep. stated that it would take five to ten days before someone can come out and repair the crap .. again they sux Pros: they will take ur money Cons: they sux more

AVOID and GO WITH SATELLITE (if you can) 10/4/2008

this company is so expensive and treats their customers poorly. they refuse to offer the NFL network and now are pulling our local channels, KXAN NBC!!!! If you can go with satellite I highly recomend avoiding the Time Warner cable monopoly!!!! they seem to have a grudge against the football viewing public! more

Terrible line quality, Terrible customer service, Techs and their mgmt report major infrastructure issue, upper mgmt does nothing! 7/28/2007

Nobody @ TWC takes accountability-Been in Oak Hill area since end of 1991-Have placed easily over 1,000 calls (no kidding). Always get the excuse there's no problem, after the usual of nobody taking accountability, and no escalation path within their company (you're lucky if you can speak w/a Supervisor, let alone a manager), this is after the usual minimal (almost always) 30-60 minutes of wait time... sometimes as bad as 2-4 hours!, they do nothing. About 10-20% of the time, they won't log calls, and when they do, the techs ALL know this area is terrible, needs to be rebuilt, all techs, area management, etc know there's a problem, and even the engineering area. TWC Austin won't allow them to fix the terrible microblocking we see EVERY DAY! DVR service, ha-how can you use it if the cables are bad-and I've had close to 20 of them now (lost count)... they just keep blaming it on one thing or another... I was told that for years, took them 12 days to get the cable modem working (ordered this years back as DSL wasn't available, and knew they'd have to fix some problems to get it working)-they finally found the cable hanging by the bare wire! (only had about 30-40 calls b4 where I was told nothing's wrong!)-Engineering emptied their high $$ truck w/equipment all the way to almost a mile from my house (after over 10 years of being told ""there's no problems""...) - In short: Techs know there's a major issue here, management (above area mgmt) won't let anybody fix it, you'll be on hold for a long time for customer support, lucky if they listen to you, problems will NEVER be fixed! --- Complaints filed w/the CITY (they're under lease contract to answer most calls in 30 seconds, and to provide quality service, ha) and the Better Bus Bureau"". I'm not here just trying to dis TW... High Speed is great when it works properly (haven't had too many major problems w/it, and 5.1 MB download / 380KB up)... I'm just fed up w/them, don't want to, but having to go to satellite. Pros: High Speed and Cable, great quality when it works Cons: Most of the time, Cable quality very poor and they won't do nothing about it! more

Not good customer service and sales practices lately -- used to be better -- actual service is fine 6/21/2007

I've had Time Warner Cable in Austin for 5 years. When I first signed up I could call with questions about my account and get someone on the phone immediately. Now the hold times are very long, up to 1.5 hours. They have an option where you can get called back later. \r \r I have moved several times and they've always installed the cable jacks for free. Now they charge $100.00 to do this. \r \r The service itself has always been fine. There was a bad storm and knocked the lines down. They came and fixed it within a few days. The internet and cable has always worked well. \r \r My issues are more with the sales practices and the customer service.\r \r I switched to Grande because they only charge $30 for an exterior wall installation as opposed to Time Warner which charges $99 according to the sales rep. Also the Super hi speed internet is a bit cheaper and they give you a 10% discount for two services. \r \r Time Warner is going to have to improve their service and prices to keep up with local competitors. They are such a large company which makes it more difficult to adapt to market trends. Pros: Good service Cons: Prices higher than competitors, customer service has gone downhill, the line is busy! more

Horrible 5/7/2007

Their service is overpriced and they have very poor customer service. Don't bother calling them, the line is always busy. more

GREAT SERVICE 10/18/2002

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