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Tillman's Bar & Lounge - 54 Reviews - 165 W 26th St, New York, NY - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (212) 627-8320

Tillman's Bar & Lounge

165 W 26th St (at nr. Seventh Ave.)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 627-8320
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Tillman's Bar & Lounge - New York, NY
Tillman's Bar & Lounge - New York, NY
Tillman's Bar & Lounge - New York, NY
Tillman's Bar & Lounge - New York, NY
Tillman's Bar & Lounge - New York, NY
Tillman's Bar & Lounge - New York, NY


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I came in with 3 of my friends for a girls night out and we had such a good time. We planned on coming in early for a few drinks before going out but ended up staying. The manager...


We never got our food after waiting over an hour after we had ordered. Mind you I was in a party of only 2 people. When we where seated we where not left with menus or anything....

Awful experience 10/12/2010

I used to like this place, mainly for the music. That was because I brought a date there and the doorman blatantly hit on her TWICE in front of me. So unprofessional and unclassy. Boo to this place. more

Very poor service! Slow too! Poor management! 6/25/2010

Very poor service! Slow too! Poor management! My friends and I visited this restaurant twice, hoping the second visit would be better than the first - the second visit was worse!... The waitress (same waitress on both occasions) ignored the table and only came to serve us after repeated attempts to flag her down! The manager engaged in an argument as she exclaimed to us that the reason the service was so poor/slow was because someone had missed a train and someone had called in sick!... And after receiving poor service, we were still charged a convenience tip for our table of 4!... On a good note, the food was good, and the music was nice... Pros: Good food, Good music! Cons: Expensive food, Loud music! more

Setting the record straight 6/5/2010

I read about 12 reviews before I went there yesterday. I had been once before and I didn't remember it being as bad as some say here. So I was very critical during my recent visit. It is LOUD; it's like eating dinner in a club. But the music was great. And yes, the service wasn't great. A guy tried to bus my drink while there was clearly still whiskey in my glass. But it wasn't poor either. They brought things promptly and were attentive. We were also nice to the waitress; that might have helped. This is a great date spot if you want to lean in and repeat everything into your partner's ear. And the food was outstanding. BBQ ribs falling off the bone, the mac and cheese with bacon, patty melt...yeah, I tried them all yesterday...excellent. There was also a fantastic dance party going on in the back, appeared to be a group of coworkers getting it in and rump shaking. Maybe they are under new management...? Pros: Decor, food Cons: Loud, service more

NOT recommended 4/27/2010

We went in early on a Tuesday to be seated in what I thought was a bad seat - in the middle of the place! I asked to be moved and was informed ALL the empty tables were ""reserved"" however, every one of the tables was still empty when we left. Waitress paid us no attention. She took too long to take our order, and when she did come over she couldn't hear us for the music. Club or restaurant....not sure but if you want to conversate over dinner this def isnt the place!! The waitress never asked us how the food was and we had to ask for our check even though the table was cleared and our drink glasses were empty. I had to ask a bus boy to get me a glass of water because I couldnt even get the waitresses attention. I will say the grilled cheese was pretty good, but sooo not worth it! Pros: Grilled cheese IS good! Cons: Loud Music, Bad Service more

horrible service 12/30/2009

my best friend had her birthday at this lounge yesterday. We arrived at 7 and all the tables were reserved except one by the exit, we took it. At 9 the manager comes and tells us the table was reserved and asked us to move. She was very rude and pretty much screaming. We did not leave and she came back asking us to get up again and to stand by the bar because we had been there since 7. The waitress came to us every hour. DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE Pros: good food Cons: horrible service more


I used a Groupon (you pay $20 for a $40 voucher) and when our food came out, the manager came over and insisted we move tables. She said that since we had a Groupon (which I had called ahead for and verified that could be used on a Saturday night!), we had to give up our table to others who wanted it. We got moved TWICE. So in the middle of our meal, a busboy came and moved us. Then when we got comfortable at a new table, we got MOVED AGAIN! The manager was not apologetic. She basically blamed us for having a Groupon and therefore felt justified in moving us in the middle of our meal. Also, the live music only lasted 45minutes for the entire night. The band kept taking breaks. Very bizarre. Could have been an amazing experience because there are very few places like this, but the management and limited live music really ruined the night. Pros: Great music, delicious food Cons: POOR MANAGEMENT more

RUDE 10/8/2009

The staff including the manager was very rude, THEY made my staff very uncomfortable. The manager and waitstaff were extremely rude I will never visit this lounge again Pros: the place was very nice Cons: terrible service more

Disrespectful 6/8/2009

We reserved space for a party of 20. Later when some of our group started departing, one of the staff came over and rudely started moving our tables around while we are still sitting there. When asked what's going on, he just said ""you guys have enough space in the corner for 12 people. ( a booth with hardly enough space for 5 people mind you). After expressing that we still have enough people to fill out our reserved area, he just continued moving us around, looked at his watch, then said ""well you guys are supposed to be out of here soon anyway."" After that rudeness, the majority of the party left... Leaving the birthday girl distraught and very unhappy. Stay away from this neo-soulless excuse if a tragedy. Did I mention it took 30 minutes for the waitress to get my drink? Yeeah. more

Love the vibe 6/2/2009

I came in with 3 of my friends for a girls night out and we had such a good time. We planned on coming in early for a few drinks before going out but ended up staying. The manager was hilarious and our waitress kept the drinks flowing. Of course we were the first ones dancing, but others joined in. The place was vibing late night, and the DJ (I don't know what his name was) was killing it. Pros: The cocktails - Harvey Wallbanger.... and the music more

NEVER AGAIN! 5/13/2009

Yes!!!! I've heard great things about this establishment and have been twice and have been treated poorly twice. The ""gentlemen"" at the door are very rude and attempt to make you feel less than or as if you need a secret password to enter. The manager is as rude if not more. My girlfriends and I sat at a booth and the manager immediately informed us that we could not sit there because it was for bottle service only. Instead of welcoming us, and politely asking what we would be having, he (1) was very rude and curt, (2) assumed we were not there to enjoy the night and buy a few bottles of wine which was our intent. Pros: Best place to be treated poorly Cons: The Staff more

Tillman's a bar, lounge or dive? 5/11/2009

Overrated. I met a few friends and we proceed to go in. (mind you it was relatively empty) We were treated as if we were trespassing.. Maybe the staff was tired. (Are they being treated fairly?) No excuse for arrogance. Pros: Beautiful million dollar renovation Cons: Everything else more

Great Atmosphere 4/9/2009

My boyfriend and I went to eat here while we were visting last week. We thought it was great. The doorman let us right in, coat check, and than we were seated right away, and there were a good amount of people in there. Its a darker restaurant with candles on all the tables which i loved and the food and beer called Blue Point were absolutely delicious. A little expensive, but het, its New York.It was totally worth it and I plan on going there again next time I visit New York Pros: best patty melt and chips ever! more

So Not Cool 3/16/2009

It's unfortunate but my days of going to Tillman's are numbered. After a few years of patronage I was very disappointed at the way my girlfriend and I were treated there last week. We were having a great girl's day out and went to Tillman's to continue the fun. The waitress was pushy, constantly ""asking"" us if we wanted another round, though her frequency was obviously implying that we weren't throwing them back fast enough. The manager came over to us to very rudely rush us after the waitress's pushiness wasn't working. We made friends with a couple nearby and we were all involved in a lively conversation. The manager came over and asked us to move over (next to the couple) as if to imply there was a ""no talking across tables"" rule. As if that weren't enough, as we were paying the bill, the manager comes over and moves us again. This time because there was a ""party that he needed to seat immediately"". The party never came (because that was a lie) and we were very insulted. I confronted the very rude manager, who unapologetically told me that he ""was not being rude"". Never again. Pros: Good Chicken Sandwich Cons: Pushy Waitress, Rude Manager, No Customer Loyalty more

Ist and last time 3/8/2009

My co-workers and I went to Tillman's to unwind after a hellish week at work. What we found was a less than stellar experience at Tillman's. It was not busy yet we were treated as if we were invading their space. I take it we weren't up to par in the 'cool' factor. 'Cool' is subjective. After a round of drinks, we paid the bill and left to go to another establishment that welcomed us with open arms. Tillman's, I suggest you treat everyone as a repeat 'cool' customer. Repeat business is a goal that ensures success. more

Rude and arrogrant - requesting bottle service on a quiet weekday evening! 1/21/2009

Couple of colleauges/friends and I went to Tillman's around 9PM in Nov-early Dec timeframe (sorry do not remember the exact day). The staff insisted that we can only get in if we bought bottle service! The place was deserted and they were being moronic and asking for bottle service! They lost out on decent word of mouth since one of the person with us owns the high-rise buildings in that area; he was disgusted by the behavior of the staff. Economy is not improving anytime soon, lets see how long their pseudo-elite behavior will keep them in business. Cons: Staff and service more

Coolness 12/30/2008

Went to Tillman's recently and experienced none of what some of the negative reviews said. I went with a group of friends, waited for a very short while, went in and had a great time. The service was attentive, drinks were very good and the vibe was really cool. I'd definitely go back. Pros: Ambiance, Service, Vibe more

Stay Away - Rude and Arrogant Staff 12/28/2008

Went there to meet a few ladies t that I hadn't seen in years and the doorman told me and a friend that given that the place was packed, we had to have the ladies come outside to let us in. We called the ladies and they came to the front to get us in but upon walking in, the manager stated in a very arrogant and condescending manner that he would only let us in if we agreed to buy a bottle of something ranging in price from $150-$400. We were surprised because the doorman told us all we needed to do is have a member of our party escort us in. We debated with him for a minute or two and he (manager) then abruptly changed his mind and told us we were no longer welcomed in the establishment even if we decided to purchase a bottle - he thought the lady who was escorting us was rude to him. So we left. When we got to the corner the doorman yelled at us to come back. We decided to come back and since we hadn't seen our friends in years we decided to buy a bottle. When we got in we were surprised to find many empty tables and the bar was thin - so the doorman lied. We sat down at the table and the waiter came by and harassed us to buy the bottle. We looked around and there were no tables with bottles, just regular drinks. When we questioned this she brought back the rude and arrogant manager who insisted that we buy a bottle or leave. He was extremely rude about it. He basically strong armed us into buying a bottle of expensive champagne. Pros: Nice upscale and trendy crowd Cons: rude manager and staff more

If Only The Staff Was as Polished as the Decor! 11/20/2008

Given the current state of the economy, it is fantastic to learn that the owners of Tillmans have made so much money that they don't wish any more - at least that is the impression given to my two friends and I earlier tonight - Thursday, November 20, 2008. While attempting entry, the doorman told us: ""We so busy tonight, that unless you want to throw some bottles around, you can't come in!"" It struck us as a classic club denial line, because we were the only ones on the street seeking entry, and the lobby was empty. We explained that we came specifically to see DJ Jazzy Nice spin a set because it had been years since I left New York and last heard Jazzy play live. The doorman went on to say that the venue has not had a Thursday Night DJ for the past 3 weeks and the music was being played off of an I-pod. Very Classy! In our youth we would have gotten irate with this treatment,, but now that we have a few more years of wisdom; We simply choose to spend our money in an establishment that welcomed our patronage and was truly packed. After enjoying a night of beverages and laughter in a venue up the block, on the way back to our car, the doorman offered to let us in. We stepped in, looked at the largely empty Tillmans and laughed all the way home about the invisible crowd Tillman's is now attracting. If you are one of the Beautiful Invisible people - this place is for you!! Pros: Great looking Venue Cons: Angry Staff - Poor Customer Relations more

Great for happy hours and other medium sized gatherings 10/28/2008

From the outside it doesn't look like much, but as soon as you walk in you forget about all that. The vibe and ambiance is very chill, with a faint smell of incense and good music. I've gone to many happy hours there, and recently arranged a little party after work and we had excellent seating and were treating very well by the manager and staff. The food is delicious ( I recommend the plantain chips- yum) The drinks are average price for NYC, and it's just a stress-free, relaxing and fun environment. Later on it gets busier and louder and I heard at night they have live music, which my friends love. If you're looking for a relaxing evening filled with good food, drinks, and a good time- give Tillman's a try! But later on get ready to party a little ;) Pros: Great vibe, good food, avg. priced drinks, and fun music. Cons: Can't think of any! more

Questionable Service 10/19/2008

So the vibe is cool, pretty good cocktails, great grill cheese midnight snacks I have been a loyal customer for the last year but their service has been since downgraded. Last year up until even early this year the staff were so modelsique, exotic but also professional and efficent now they are rude and tired. Im giving this poor review because my service was not up to par with what the Tillman's expenience used to be. On one saturday around 930pm our server however, somewhat attractive i.e. tall, slim, tanned skin ,short hair who served our table, took 20 minutes before we got our drinks and got our drinks wrong, she must have mixed it up with another table because she did bring the corrected drinks shortly. She continued to take our order for appetizers and entrees impatiently even a bit rude. When our entrees arrived this server touched my hand in a very flirtatious manner in front of my date and though she is somewhat attractive this was not normal behavior. When she wasn't serving tables I could hear her talking so loud I could tell you her life story (she's from Maryland). Her behavior was jumpy, irritable, definately questionable. Our sandwiches were good, the music was good but what good is that if the server who sets the tone of the experience and dampens the mood. What happened to all your lovely gracious staff? Shame on you. Get your act together Tillman's! Pros: Great music, cocktails Cons: poor service more
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