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Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clnc - 15 Reviews - 14920 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE, Issaquah, WA - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (425) 255-7877

Tiger Mountain Veterinary Clnc

14920 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 255-7877
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We first started using Dr. Jayne when she was with another Veterinary practice in Kent, over 30 years ago. We followed her to her own practice and have never looked back. She an...


The vet was nice but the office smell hit you like a ton of bricks as you walked in. The odor was so strong and thick you could almost taste it...I was nauseous for 45 min after ...

Best Damn Animal Doc West Of The Mississippi!! 3/5/2012

We first started using Dr. Jayne when she was with another Veterinary practice in Kent, over 30 years ago. We followed her to her own practice and have never looked back. She and her staff are caring, concerned, and provide excellent day in and day out care to our pets. We've had dogs and cats and as with any pet owner, our fair share of emergencies. Dr. Jayne has always been there for us, 24/7, even offering her private home number when we had a very sick German Sheppard. She even talked us through dog CPR when he had a heart attack.\r \r I've read some of the less than flattering comments about Tiger Mountain. As it happens I've been present on a couple of occasions when unhappy clients railed against her in her office. Without exception they were out of control and did not listen to anything they were being told. Dr. Jayne has never raised her voice or told anyone anything but the truth. If she was concerned for a families safety, then she did the right thing by saying so. They just didn't want to hear it. Remember, Dr. Jayne, at her own expense, is also a rescue Doc and she keeps a lot of dogs and cats around awaiting adoption. And she isn't a 501 (c) (3) so she can't deduct her costs from her taxes. \r \r Dr. Jayne has told us on occasion that there was nothing left to be done. But she is extremely compassionate and has always left our final decision to us. This, even though she believes it is better to euthanize once the quality of life is gone. We just don't have the heart to do that so she works with us to keep our pets comfortable at home until they pass.\r \r I have sent my friends to her and would recommend Tiger Mt. Veterinary Clinic to anyone who really loves their pets.\r more

Don't say anything bad about Dr. Jayne 4/16/2011

I've had a lot of experinces with bad vets and Dr. Jayne has cured me from my skepticism. more

Absolutely Horrible! 3/19/2011

We are a national rescue, one of our potential adopters took our rescue dog there. They put the family in tears and told us this dog was dangerous to her children, part pit (he's lab/gs), that we are a horrible rescue for putting our dog with this family (though our trainers are working with them for success). They sent the family and our dog away and refused to give him shots, because they said no need to put money into this dog. Even though our rescue had called in payment prior to the visit. Horrible vet, unbelievable how they spoke to our potential adopters, how they treated the dog and the things they said to the family and to our rescue. We are a national 501C3 rescue, been rescuing for decades. Never ever go to this vet. more

AWFUL! 2/12/2011

My puppy was peeing blood and lathargic and I called, but they didnt have an appt. so they said they would fit him in. I was at work and called several times, but they didnt have time to see him. Ended up by 5pm they still didnt see him and he was in his crate the entire time without water. He became dehydrated to the point they had to give him an injection of water in his back. They told me to take him home because he peeped up after the water bubble and I had to insist on x-rays or something to find out why my dog was peeing blood. They didnt appologize for anything and charged me for every single thing! This was not the only bad experiance we had, but I dont want to go on and on. Very dirty too. more

Nice Vet but smelly office, not very clean. 9/29/2010

The vet was nice but the office smell hit you like a ton of bricks as you walked in. The odor was so strong and thick you could almost taste it...I was nauseous for 45 min after our visit and I was afraid that my cat might pick up something from the office itself. There was also some stagnant standing pee in the waiting room in the corner and to the side of the table was huge dust bunnies so I don't think they clean thoroughly very often. Too bad I have try another vet because this one was way too gross. more

If you care about your dogs, don't take them here 5/30/2010

Dr. Jayne is OK for anything that is not serious. Our dog is our first one and we relied on her for any health issues we observed. Our dog is 11 and we've been taking here there since She was 1 year old. Over the last year we took our dog to the clinic more times than we ever have because we observed many issues: Bad breath, Nose Bleed, Wheezing, loss of appetite, pain ( more recently ) She dismissed each one of the symptoms with an explanation of allergies or dental work. We went there last friday and she dismissed pain in the mouth again as saying she needed dental work and a discharge from her eye as an infection. We knew something was wrong and took her to another vet ( Dr Siegler at animal healing center in redmond ) who after observing and having read her history observed that she had a lump on her forehead underneath the fur. He also pointed out that Dr. Jayne had prescribed allergy medication for her pain and not pain medication. We took her to emergency and It turns out that she was in late stage cancer for which almost nothing can be done and the discharge from the eye was not an infection, but from a tumour. All the aforementioned symptoms can occur for the cancer she has. I would not have expect her to have got it on the first few visits, but after the nth one, she should have at least said that something is going on and perhaps referred a specialist. This cancer could have been beaten had it been caught early. I blame myself for not getting a 2nd opinion but as a first time dog owner we trusted Dr Jayne and she let us and our dog down in the worst way possible. Don't go here if you care about your pet!! Cons: Our dog may die because of her more

Wouldn't trust my pets to ANYONE else! 3/11/2010

I have been taking my animals to Dr. Jayne for 19 years...started with our family cats in 1991. One of our cats was sick and we wanted a second opinion. We went to see Dr. Jayne and never went back to the other vet. Dr. Jayne cared for our family cats, and each time we lost a pet, she made a donation on their behalf and sent us a card. \r \r When I found a stray cat in college and kept her, I would drive across the state (from Pullman) just so she could be seen by Dr. Jayne and have the best care.\r \r I now take my two cats to see her. I will drive 45 min in traffic and endure the wait time at the office (even though I am an extremely impatient person), just so my pets can receive the best care. There are animal clinics closer to my home, but I refuse to take my animals anywhere else. \r \r Dr. Jayne, Tech Kathy, and the rest of the staff are friendly, knowledgable, and caring. They have even called me on weekends to ensure my pets are ok.\r \r I don't know what I will do if/when Dr. Jayne retires....I hope it isn't anytime soon. Pros: Extremely knowledgable; great staff Cons: wait time more

Not for everyone... 10/2/2009

I adopted a dog from the humane society and took him to TMV for a checkup only to discover that there were dogs and cats roaming around everywhere. That wouldn't be a huge issue if my dog was excellent with other dogs on-leash, but unfortunately he gets very overexcited and became extremely stressed out not only as we waited (quite a while) for his appointment, but also during the examination. Dr. Jayne seemed fairly knowledgable in her diagnosis and treatment, however I thought it extremely unprofessional to allow dogs and cats to roam in and out of the examination room during our apointment. My dog continued to be stressed out during the day with the old grumpy dogs nipping at him and cats running around everywhere. \r \r Though their medication was inexpensive (compared to many other vets in the area), the stress my dog experienced in that environment was not worth it. I will not be taking him back to TMV. I would only recommend this vet for owners/pets who are extremely well socialized with all other dogs and cats. Pros: Friendly staff, seems to be extremely knowledgable Cons: Disorganized- both with paperwork and animals more

If you have a lot of time on your hands, come here 9/28/2009

This is a tough one because while our dogs received great care from Dr. Jayne, the front desk personnel was so disorganized, and the wait times are horrible! On one hand, Dr. Jayne is very knowledgeable and caring. She definitely adores animals of all kinds and can quickly identify your pet's problem. She'll treat it at a *very* reasonable price (the best I've seen in the area), and doesn't give you any unneeded, costly extra prescriptions. However - I had one too many bad wait time experiences here, that I just don't have the heart (and the time) to return to her practice again. One time, the staff wasn't showing me on the books, yet I did have an appointment, and they gave me a hard time about it. But, once they realized their mistake, they quickly added me back in; however, I waited around 2 hours just to see her! I thought perhaps booking early in the day would help, but it doesn't. So, if you have the time and patience, I'd recommend seeing Dr. Jayne. If not ... try somewhere else. Pros: Knowledgeable, affordable, caring Cons: Super long wait times/disorganized staff more

Pack a lunch 7/13/2009

Great vet. Slooooooow! Add an hour plus wait time. I consider this a disrespect of people. more

Excellent vet! 6/5/2009

We've gone here for over a decade and continue to be impressed. Dr. Jayne is completely in tune with the animals that come in and is very professional. The staff is very friendly and often call you back later to check up on your pet. This is one of those neighborhood vets that is fun to hang out at even if not there for treatment. It is set back in the woods on the side of a hill and looks like someone's cabin. Inside there are half a dozen old dogs & cats wandering around - obviously strays who bumbled into the right place. There are pictures and letters and drawings hanging on every square inch of the walls. Funky! And cool. Do plan on waiting when you get there. This place is small and busy. One time I went to Alpine Emergency vet in Issaquah (turns out it is a corporate vet) because TMV was booked and my dog couldn't walk. On the way home I stopped by to see if they had a minute to spare as I was concerned about the $3,000 surgery diagnosis Alpine had given me. It turns out the diagnosis, although correct (blown out knees) was about $700 too high. They also wanted to see the meds I was given. DANGEROUS! They told me the pain meds I was given at Alpine were fine but the anti-inflammatories could cause bleeding and possibly death. They gave me new ones on the spot. These folks are good. Pros: Knowledgeable, comprehensive, fair, kind, empathetic Cons: Busy! (The price of being good) more

Best Vet around! 6/4/2009

Dr Jayne and her staff are amazing. I've gone there for years and they consistently offer caring, compassionate treatment. It's a busy place and you may have to wait a while, but it's worth your time. Pros: Best care anywhere! more

Best Vet in Plateau Area 6/1/2009

I feel the vet and her staff really care about my dog. She gave options when cancer came again, even though it would affect her bottom line. Honesty. Integrity. And she doesn't screw you like all the other vets in the area. Pros: Does not overcharge, big-hearted, unparelled expertise Cons: not the nicest of amenities, a bit smelly, not as profession more

Best Vet! 4/11/2008

If your pet has a real problem, even though it can be a haul from the north end, this is the only place to go. You swear Dr Jayne can talk to your pet, she IS Dr Doolittle. more

The Best Vet Clinic 10/29/2007

This is one of the best vet clinics we have ever taken our dogs to. Dr Jayne and her staff are very professional and caring to all the animals . We recommend them to eveyone. We even drive from Mt Vernon to see them. more
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