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I wish CitySearch would get this right. This is not Swinging Richards, it is not a gay club; this is a strip club with female dancers. Having said that, I really enjoy Diamond C...


Citysearch has got it wrong again. This is not a gay night club. It's a straight strip joint. Come on City Search. For the prices you charge I'd expect you get this right.

This is NOT a Gay Club 4/14/2011

Citysearch has got it wrong again. This is not a gay night club. It's a straight strip joint. Come on City Search. For the prices you charge I'd expect you get this right. more

The new Diamond Club 9/16/2010

I wish CitySearch would get this right. This is not Swinging Richards, it is not a gay club; this is a strip club with female dancers. Having said that, I really enjoy Diamond Club. Its one of the smaller clubs size wise, but I like that. DC has the ability to be both a bar and a strip club wrapped up into one. The music is great, the drinks are strong, and the women, well lets just say there is something for most everyone's taste. The girls range from a 5 to some solid 9's in my opinion. I am more of a late afternoon, early evening guy so I see more day and mid shift girls than night girls. My absolute favorite is Gabriella. She is a solid 9, has the best personality, no high pressure, mature, and sexy. When I want a great drink and great company, this is the place and she is the girl I want to go see. more

Swinging Richards is a blight on the gay community 3/7/2010

I have NEVER had such a bad experience in a gay bar in Atlanta! We, 4 females, were going out to celebrate our gay male friend’s birthday and decided to go to Swinging Richards. I was very excited since I have had many positive experiences at other gay bars in the area. We went around 9pm on a Saturday. The place was fairly empty so we saddled up close to the stage preparing for a fun night. We had not even gotten drinks yet, been there MAYBE 10 minutes, when the DJ/manager began heckling us. I can take a playful joke and roll with the best of them. This man was outright hateful over the sound system. He began with the “women don’t tip” singling us out by our location near the stage. He moved on to “you must be single” to “get off your asses” and “pull out the tampon”. I was absolutely appalled. Our friend, who’s birthday it was, was mortified that his friends, who were taking him out, were being publicly flogged just for being women. A female “regular” came over and tried to explain that he wasn’t going to let up until he “saw us tipping”. We had just tipped 3 dancers on the floor (not on stage yet)! It quickly became more apparent he was being antagonizing because of our gender not the tipping. We asked the “regular” to point him out so we could tell him to lay off for the sake of our friend. She was so afraid of his taunting that she would not nod or look in his direction and just pointed under the table. Then he set in on her! We sat for another 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do. We really wanted our friend to have a good time, but the DJ/manager was making it impossible. I had had enough and wanting to congratulate the jerk for ruining our friend’s birthday. The conversation that ensued was absolutely ridiculous. He said, verbatim, women are not welcome in his club, but he is glad to take our money. He made no attempts to cool the situation or end the discussion. Contrary to common sense he continued being antagonizing. I could see that he was unwilling or unable to act intelligent so we started to walk away. Instead of letting a dead dog lie, he followed us out to the parking lot yelling insults about how much money we make and our clothing being from TJ-Max. I would think a real gay man could identify a shirt from The Limited, jeans by Citizens, and shoes from Nine West. Here is the point. I understand that a gay man would like to have a place where he can go to be away from women and straight men (which some of the dancers are).... I get it. But that is not reason for me, a paying customer, to be berated and harassed! If you do not want women in your club, turn them away at the door for whatever reason you want to make up. I would think alienating the predominate gender and #1 supporter of gay men would be a bad business decision, but that is yours to make. This type of leadership is the embodiment of what the gay community has been fighting. He was intolerant, ignorant, prejudice, narrow-minded, and openly malicious. As a gay man or woman why would you support what you have spent your whole life fighting? Cons: Every single iota of it more

Fun for the whole (adult) family 12/13/2009

Took the wife there at her request. Even got her a back room dance while I watched. Everything was cool. Spent too much money but that was our choice. There's nothing overpriced about this club given that it's a strip club. It's prices are in line with every "straight" club I've been in. Plus, there are plenty of women in there too so it could be good for guys on the prowl Pros: Lively, fun Cons: they don't cater to ladies enough more

A few clarifications 2/8/2009

I'm a regular customer of Swinging Richard's, and after reading some of the reviews, I felt some things needed clarification. The club caters to gay men, not women, and certainly not to bachelorettes. The women's restroom is one stall, and the men's has five urinals, two stalls, and an attendant. It should be apparent what clientelle the management want in there. There's a male strip club dedicated to women, and several of the dancers have moved from that club to dance at Richard's because they weren't making any money. There are times that I go in and the place is overflowing with women, and the DJ is insulting them, accusing them of not tipping. The point is to get the women to tip, or get out, but yet they still sit there. I wouldn't go into a restaurant, or anywhere for that matter, without enough money to tip. The people that complain about the prices are ridiculous. News flash: every strip club charges for entry and parking fees (or valet). Generally speaking every club charges a high rate for a drink. That's how a club stays in business. Only difference being the Richard's drinks are strong as jet fuel, for the price of a watered down drink at a restaurant. The dancers and staff both work for tips, that is how they make a living. The dancers pay the club to work there, not the other way around. I often have a great night there for around $50, and that's including entry, parking, a couple of drinks, and tipping the dancers. It's not a concert; you don't pay at the door and expect a free show. If you go there with realistic expectations, you will not be disappointed. If you go in there thinking it'll be like a strip club you'd see on TV, then you're better off staying at home and watching it there. more

Awesome Club - Definately Go if you want to see some hot dancers and have a great night 1/10/2009

I read the 2 bad reviews, but I have been several times and each and everytime, I had a blast. The dancers are very friendly and the bartenders, well they make awesome drinks. While there are some straight women that do go, the club is always a majority of gay men. And did I mention the dancers are hot. It is definately worth the trip. KIck back and go to one of the best gay male strip clubs not only in GA, but the US!!! As for the review about how much the dancer asked for in VIP, it is up to the Dancer not Richards. Always ask the dancer up front what he charges for VIP. Pros: Very Friendly and hot dancers Cons: none more


I heard about Richards several months ago and I finally decided to check it out. First of all the management was rude and had bad attitudes. The dancers were just as bad. The place was full of drunk straight women (OLD ONE'S) and the guys were not that hot. I wound up spending $200 on drinks and tips and had the worst time of my life. I got hassled by two dancers who called me a cheap skate because I tipped them $10. They didn't deserve $1.00 Then I got hassled by management over putting my arm around one of the dancers. Backroom dances are a rip off, and now I saw them toss out 2 or 3 guys for stupid reasons...not tipping and not buying enough drinks. They need to shut this club down. Pros: I can not think of anything good to say Cons: high priced, rude employees, terrible atmosphere more

justinzboyz 9/8/2008

This place is awful, My friend got busted by the cops there accused of solicitation. They are nothing but a big money scam club now. The dancers have crappy attitudes and they all cater to the straight fat chicks that have taken over. My friend went for a private dance in back and before he knew what had happened he was taken out and a cop outside arrested him, he did not solicit anything he just did not want to pay $400. Stay away from this place. It is not a good place at all. They are in with the cops, and they have a huge scam going on. Pros: none Cons: everything more

Straight women taking over! 5/3/2008

Why can't you cows stay out of our clubs. This is a gay club and you aren't welcome. Go start your own club and leave us alone. more

Cute boys - but BEWARE of the private VIP Rooms. It is a scam - $500 an hour (even though they advertise cheaper) 3/24/2008

There are a lot of really good looking guys dancing here - not as hot as they were a few years ago though - and with a LOT more attitude. If you go, enjoy the view from the bar and seating area, but don't be swindled by the dancers to head back to the VIP area. Although lap dances there are only $20, the dancers will try to get you to go to a private VIP Lounge. The card on the tables quotes the prices as about $65 for a half an hour, but that price does NOT include the dancer's fees! That will run about $500 an hour!!!! I'm not even joking. They don't tell you that before and management is belligerent to the patrons when they collect their money. It is very dishonest and fraudulent, but hey - it's a strip club filled with "working boys" so what can you expect? Cheaper to just hire a call-boy if that's what you're into. Pros: Cute boys Cons: Terrible rude management. Fraudulent price listings. VIP area is a dangerous scam more


it was my first nite there, we were celebrating my farewell party out from the states. I'm a woman and i do realize its a gay strip bar, but it doesnt bother me at all. The price was okay , i mean hey.. u come to hav some fun then get ready to spend money too, dont be a scrooge. They totally deserve it. The dancers were all hot!! very friendly and they dance pretty good too. Some of the dancers they do dance really good!! Like a pro. I dont really pay attention to the "size", i was shy. Har. but my frenz told me they're med-huge size. Dont worry u wont find any cheetos size here. The dancers body was awesome!! a perfect 10 score! the bartender was nice, so do the front lady, they're proffessional. And what makes my nite more special was.. there's this dancer.. he's superrr cute. i personally think he's the cutest, hottest of em all (no kidding!) and he gave me a FREE private dance. That's a plus. the service overall was perfect!! Keep it up!! oh.. and 1 more thing.. i do realize that most of the customers, they look a little uptight. The music was good and the dancers, they appreciate a dollar bill. Pros: Dancers, Service, Ambience, Parking, Drinks Cons: Ladies room more

Gay Men, Bi-Sexual Men, Straight Women, Bi-Sexual Women 10/22/2007

You may find some of our community at Richards. Who is our community?? THE NEWEST ATLANTA LGBT COMMUNiTY..... (MA) DIVERSITY where can you find us?? In Meetup under LGBT Friends. Richards is very crowded and always opened for all types of individuals. Pros: Hot Strippers Cons: Too Crowded more

Lot's of Fun ! 9/16/2007

First time going and loved it. The men were gorgeous and very nice. It was crowded and the women?s restroom needs lots of work. The parking attendant that night was also very helpful ! Will visit again the next time I am in town. Pros: Parking more

All about money 6/30/2007

I've been about 5 times, my first time was about 1 1/2 yrs ago. Then it was great, cute friendly bartenders, wait staff, dancers, parking attendent. Everyone expected the high prices. I've been for pride, and a few days ago. They now lowered some prices, but it seems to have affected customer service. The DJ only yells about people not tipping. He even called me out for NOT tipping over the mic, when I was there only 30 minutes and had tipped a dancer $5 already. That ruined my rest of the time there. Some of the dancers are cute, nice and nervous, wanting to go a good job. Some are cold and money hungry, yelling about no tips, and some who get tips act like machines in front of gay men waiting to go home to women. I don't even know if the person clearing our tables was a waiter or busser, but he was pretty cold, glaring asking if we were doing ok. The lady at the front is always polite and professional. Overall, currently the vibe is just strange. The audience, I do notice, does not tip enough (the ones who do tip, tip enough, but too many don't tip at all). But I don't know if it's because of scrooges in the audience or lack of understanding how the club operates. The DJ actually yelled "If you're not tipping, go the f@!$ home." The dancers do even appreciate a dollar, and the lap dances are cheap for what they do (starting at $10). I would recommend going, and even though I don't always have a good experience, there are some sweet, nice dancers and people there to have a good time. Don't expect a great performance or costumes or anything. Few dancers even know how to "dance", they just stand there and "swing" what they can. Find your favorite dancer and tip as much as you feel it appropriate, and spread some $1 bills around to some of the guys there. And straight girls, go to have fun and stop making a big deal about what dancers are gay or straight. If it's annonying to me, I'm sure it's annoying to the dancers. Pros: lap dancers are well worth the money Cons: vibe is uncomfortably about the money more

Hot dancers! 3/5/2007

I have been to Swinging Richards twice now and it is so much fun!! The guys are hot and it is a great place to "people watch." The only bad thing, like others have said, is that it's expensive. To park is $3, cover charge is $10, and drinks are easily $5 (but strong). Depending on what night you go, it can be crowded and there is only standing room available. But the guys are so friendly and hot so make sure you get a table dance. It's all money well spent, trust me. You will have a ball here. Pros: Hot guys, great atmosphere, and great music Cons: Pricey more

Crystal Meth and Liquid G Users 1/11/2007

watch out for dancers from Chicagobeef,Chris and Michael,a straight acting Bisexuals,who are addicts Crystal Meth and Liquid G.Chris was caught several times in Chicago and is very good in playing and fooling his clients.He has been on probation and now he is back more

Beautiful, friendly men 7/1/2006

This place rocks! Short, tall, slender, buff, young, professional, beautiful men and best of all, very friendly men. I would recomend this place to anyone who enjoys men. Great music. strong drinks and an all around clean, uptown atmosphere. These men can dance, and they show it all. Thanks for the great time! Pros: Strong Drinks, Uptown atmosphere Cons: Can be expensive more

these hunks were smokin 4/21/2006

these guys were some of the hottest ive ever seen!! they were friendly and welcoming. since i am a truck driver, i see many clubs around the southeast and i was totally stunned, especially with their "sizes". i highly recommend swinging richards to men and women alike.. but mostly men. Pros: the gorgeous men, drinks (STRONG), the djs Cons: crowded more

Really hot guys 100%, not those Fabio types! 12/27/2005

Love this place! I was so impressed with the variety of guys when I made my first trip a few years ago. There had to be one hottie to match everyone's preferences on body, physical features, ethnicity, and dance ability. I always seem to gravitate toward the tall, dark-haired, jock types with smooth chests, but if you prefer a buzzed-cut stud, with gigantic muscles and piercings, well, you're in luck as well. The place is always pumping great music, the usual dance "spots" are in their customary rotation, and meanwhile, the guys not dancing at the moment are walking around waiting to give lap dances or even more? Yes, God Bless them, Swinging Richards offers a private area in the back where you can take your favorite stud into a room just for the two of you, and enjoy either a 15 or 30 min private strip show! Woo hoo! Pros: Variety of guys, Great attitudes, Really strong drinks Cons: Drinks are a bit high, Private 1-1s are $$$! more

We must have gone on a bad night... 11/5/2005

The guys are hot, but unlike some of the other female reviewers, they definately were not welcoming the ladies the night we went. Too bad, we were just there to have a good time. more
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  • Beautiful boys and bachelorettes flock to this all-male gay strip club on Atlanta's west side.

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