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Tierce M L III DVM - 22 Reviews - 5709 Lovell Ave, Fort Worth, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (817) 732-0311

Tierce M L III DVM

5709 Lovell Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 732-0311
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Dr. Tierce iis the absolute best and most experienced vet in the area. His associate Dr. Roark is the number 2 vet in DFW. These guys are incredible. Dr. Tierce is brilliant, a c...


Dr. Tierce is probly an awsome surgeon and low prices. This place is filthy and disorganized. My dog had knee surgery and stayed for alittle over a week. I was told I could bring ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/27/2013

Back in the mid 1970's I lived in Ft. Worth and Dr. Tierce was the vet I took my pets to. I then worked for him for a short while. I felt then and still do that he was the most intelligent knowledgeable vet I had ever seen.He was also the most Caring. People would bring a dog in to be put to sleep because they could not afford the cost to care for it and Dr. T. would have them sign it over to him and he would doctor it at his own expense instead of killing it then he would find a new home for the dog. I got a Poodle, A doccy and a Chi from him while working there. I have never in the past 36 years since I left there found a Better vet anywhere in the country and I have moved around a Lot!. As for his housekeeping, when I worked there it was Spotless so I can't comment on that. Lea Mitchell, Ashaway,RI. more

The best vet in DFW 4/17/2012

Dr. Tierce iis the absolute best and most experienced vet in the area. His associate Dr. Roark is the number 2 vet in DFW. These guys are incredible. Dr. Tierce is brilliant, a curmudgeon and an eccentric. His clinic is not the prettiest place. But that's the price you pay for genius and dedication. He saved the lives of at least two of my dogs. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are caring and effective. I wish my personal physician had half the guts and brains Dr. Tierce has. He and Dr, Roark are heros in my book!@ more

Only True Vet Left in Fort Worth 2/24/2012

It amazes me some of the reviews I read on here. Sadly too many pet owners are judging Dr. Tierce by his fees and his housekeeping skills. First and foremost the man is a phenomenal vet. He diagnosed my cat with just plain old allergies, not some exotic condition like VCA animal clininc did. My cat is happy and healthy now. She had to stay at Dr.Tierce's for 9 weeks to get her back in good condition but she has been home for months now and is her robust old self.\r Dr.Tierce also prescribed a medicine for our older labs seizures. He takes 2 pills a day instead of just being put to sleep.\r And the staff was more than willing to help me in controlling our very vicious guard dog so she could get her shots. Other vets didnt want to give her shots due to the risk of getting bitten. But Dr. Tierce and his staff handled our dog with precision and professionalism.\r No his clinic is not the cleanest but neither are the animals he treats! Most animals are smelly and hairy! Bottom line...if your animal needs the very best of care by a knowledgeable and truly caring vet then this is the place for you.\r If you want a place smelling like roses go to a day spa! more

Everyone here is awesome 11/29/2011

My dog was sick just before Thanksgiving. I took her to Camp Bowie Animal Clinic on the advice of a friend. I'm glad she suggested them because they are the nicest people in the world and Dr. Rourke is the coolest vet I've ever used. He totally saved her life and I didn't have to sell my car to pay for it! Oh, by the way, they are easily the best bang for your buck as far as vets go, too. That surgery should have cost me 4 or 5 times what I paid, but it didn't! And my dog made it through in perfect shape and is doing fine. Thanks to everyone there! more

Dr Tierce and his staff saved my dog's life 10/30/2011

My dog's life was saved by Dr Tierce and his staff. Pet Smart broke her leg while trying to clip her nails. After taking her to the emergency clinic the x rays showed her right rear leg was snapped in two. Someone I knew had said Dr Tierce was a good vet and could do surgery at a reasonable price. So we took her to him. Well,he did the repair to her leg and took care of her for weeks until she was able to come home. Now she is doing great. Our family will be forever indebeted to Dr Tierce and all the people at Camp Bowie Animal Clinic. more

dirty,dirty,dirty 7/11/2011

Dr. Tierce is probly an awsome surgeon and low prices. This place is filthy and disorganized. My dog had knee surgery and stayed for alittle over a week. I was told I could bring his blanket and toy for him but when i went to visit they were not with him. I found his blanket on the other side of the room way up high and looked for his toy the next day and found it stuffed between some kind of machine and some WD40. while looking for the toy( i had permission to look for it) I went to an open door to what I thought was a storage room with a operating table and asked if that was the operating room and she said yes but why? I answered it was dirty and she said everything we use on the animals are sterile. There was hair all over the table and you could see it flying in the air. I should have left when I was in the waiting room waiting to be seen and a lady with a mask on was bringing a large dog in to be weighed and hit him on the head because he peed on a box as they rounded the corner and she said thats why he was here.To be nuetered. I will never go back because it was filthy. I was not treated bad but I think Dr.Tierce has a problem with hoarding and works too many hours. He told me himself he sometimes doesnt finish operating until 2:30am he called me as i requested after he finished with him and it was The people that disagree need to go upstairs and see for themselves the filth and operating room. more


I have been taking my dogs and cats to Dr. Tierce for the past 14 years. This man is the most caring and compassionate vet. He works tirelessly on every animal he sees. I recently had to put down my cairn terrier mix after 19.5 years. He had been through 3 bouts of cancer. It is only because of Dr. Tierce that Toby overcame cancer and lived to this incredible age. Sundays are a day that he is at Camp Bowie Animal Clinic to catch up on work. However, if you need him on a Sunday he will gladly see your pet. I have read the other reviews and totally disagree. What I admire and respect about Dr. Tierce is that he genuinely cares about animals. He will do everything he knows to help your pet. I really respect the fact that he goes to seminars, conventions to keep up with what is new and innovative in the field of veterinarian medicine. This is just one thing that makes this man so exceptional. I am honored and pleased to know this man and doctor, and to turn over my ""children"" to his care. Ask yourself; do you want the very best care for your pets with a doctor that will go above and beyond to cure/save them? If the answer is yes, then there is only one vet Dr. Lou Tierce! more

In regaurd to the prior review you are sadley mistaken Dr Lo 4/1/2011

I had the honor of watching Dr Tierce work on a dog who had its throat torn out by a pittbull he repaired the dog and saved her pups he puts all his heart in his work never concern more then saveing unwanted animals he cares more then the owners one hundred percent of the time.the greatest im proud to no this man. more


I use to work at this clinic thinking it would be a good place to work at but it turn out to be a nightmare. It is by far the far worse place I've ever work at. Dr. Tierce verbally abuses his staff and including his wife and daughter that work there by cussing at them. He thinks he is your father and thinks he has the right to yell at you in front of patients and clients. He has made some of the staff members break into tears while there at work. He also sexually abuses his staff by spanking them in the butt with out the staffs permission. He doesn't give his staff a break at all and expects you to work all day from 6 am to 11:30pm or even to midnight. He doesn't really care about the animals in his clinic at all he just cares about the money. The reason I say this is because half of the animals in the clinic are his which live miserably since they are caged up all day taking up space for no reason except for his personal daycare which the staff are the ones who take care of them and the worse part is that some need medical treatment but never get any because he never cares for them. The place is an extreme mess of paperwork. Dr. Tierce is a pack rat. In the upstairs part of the clinic he has thousands of animal organs from the past that just take up space in the lab. On top of that the animal capacity is beyond its limit. Its overcrowded. Animals are put in cages that are to small for their size. When Dr. Tierce attends the very sick animals that can hardly move he hits and kicks them for not moving. This guy does not follow safety rules by the state law on Bio hazardous material. He puts the needles he uses to inject your animals in a box until it gets full of needles and then he just puts it next door in the storage room with the other piles of boxes full of used needles instead of calling the Bio hazardous people to pick them up. He even reused some of the needles again so he can save some money. His storage is a MAJOR FIRE HAZARD AND BIO HAZARD PLACE. So many laws are broken in the storage room. Seriously I'm not making this up if you don't believe me go check it out for yourself. I would not recommend you to take your animals there at all and its best for you not to work there either. more

Dr. Tierce Is The Best 9/7/2010

Dr. Tierce is one of the most wonderful, intelligent, caring human beings I have ever encountered. If you are looking for a vet that appeals to for your human comforts, this is probably not the place for you. If you want a vet that is medically current, practices for the love of animals, and will help your pet 24/7, Dr. Pierce is your man. I have a springer rescue that he has treated for two years. Prior to that my springer went to two different vets over 6 months - one with all of the ""prissy human"" comforts that over treated and almost killed her with a $350.00 bill for what turned out to be whiskers growing toward the skin rather than the mitacide treatments they gave her on top of another chemical treatment. Dr. Pierce isn't concerned about money. He is concerned about the animal. And yes, he is honest and calls out the animal parent when needed. Would you rather be bilked for thousands of dollars, tons of heartaches, animal suffering, or hear the truth? I just wish they could clone him and make thousands of human doctors. God bless you Dr. Tierce! more

Rudest Human Being on the Planet 3/28/2010

We've been going to Dr. Tierce for years, but the most recent occasion has been the last straw. Yelling at your staff in front of clients, one of whom happens to be the man's wife, is highly unprofessional. Yelling, cussing, and otherwise verbally abusing YOUR CLIENTS is over the line and unacceptable. I don't think I've ever been spoken to with such rudeness by someone I'm paying to provide a service in my life, and I've dealt with more than a few jerks in customer service situations. Nothing quite like this though. People with sick pets frequently come in distraught, and the last thing they need is for some guy, who seems to get little or no sleep because he works such long hours (he's been seen actually nodding off while talking to clients), being a complete and utter a$$hole. The root of Dr. Tierce's ugly tantrums seems to be that he works ungodly hours, and I've read at least one account by someone claiming to be a former employee that he has fallen asleep during surgery. I wonder if the Vet Board should know about that. I know there used to be 3 vets working there, but with the exception of Dr. Rourk, they don't last long and the staff in general seems to have a very high turnover rate. As for Dr. Rourk, after a stray dog we found and brought in for a general exam and vaccinations bit him (go figure, it's an animal hospital), he threw the dog across the room into the wall. No, I'm not kidding. Luckily for Dr. Rourk the dog wasn't injured, or he'd have had to answer to the Vet Board. As has been mentioned by another reviewer, the clinic is messy and just plain smells bad. Also, we had a cat that caught ringworm while being boarded there, obviously because she was kept in a cage that hadn't been disinfected. It seems to me that proper disinfection should be standard procedure for the cages before boarding another animal in them, since some diseases like ringworm are highly communicable by contact with infected hosts and anything the host has physically come in contact with. We took her somewhere else, and we had to isolate that cat from the other cats we have for weeks to avoid them becoming infected, and bathe her regularly until she was healed. Thanks a million for that Dr. Tierce! Now to be completely fair, Dr. Tierce can alternately be very nice when he's actually examining your pet and then explaining what's going on, and he does take a lot of time explaining his diagnoses to you. But that's the only time, and seems to be the exception rather than the rule in the way he deals with clients the majority of the time. Overall, while Dr. Tierce is highly competent and experienced and seems to genuinely care about animals, those attributes are far outweighed in my opinion by his overly irascible nature. I don't pay people to verbally abuse me in such a totally outageous fashion, and I really, REALLY feel sorry for those who work for him. We're looking for another vet, preferrably someone who is able to show compassion and caring not just to his or her patients, but to the people who care for and love their pets. Pros: Technically good vet, highly experienced, reasonable fees Cons: Extremely unpleasant to deal with, messy & smelly facility more

Extremely messy and unclean 1/16/2010

Walking into this clinic feels like watching a show about hoarders. I have never seen a receptionist area so full of stacks of disorganized papers and files. I would never trust this clinic to keep my pets' records or my payment records. The mess was throughout the clinic from what I could see. I did not keep my appt after viewing the unacceptably dirty reception area. However, I could see down the hallway full of boxes into one exam room with more stacks of papers and loose cotton balls all over the table. Also, I am not allergic to animal dander, but walking into this clinic made me feel as if I were going to have an allergy attack. The strong animal smell and an immense amount of dust throughout made my nose feel very stuffy. I wanted to get back out to the clean, fresh air as soon as possible. This place needs a deep clean, professional organizers with a dump truck, and an air purifier pronto. I absolutely cringe at the thought of touching anything inside this building and wonder just how many bugs and missing pets are hiding beneath the mountains of junk. Pros: Easy to find Cons: Extremely disorganized and messy more

Excellent Vet 4/16/2009

I grew up with our family dogs being cared for by Dr. Tierce. I have always known him to be tremendously compassionate and caring not only for the animals but their owners. Me and my entire family, who are all dog owners highly recommend Dr. Tierce. Pros: Great heart for pets and their owners more


Dr. Tierce is extremely thorough and takes the time to explain everything in great detail. A usual office visit for annual check up would take no more than 20 mins. elsewhere; But with Dr. Tierce, he checks every aspect of the patient's health from head to rear end. This means you should allow extra time when you see him, but its well worth it - not to mention, his fees are far lower than what you would expect to pay for the services you receive. Also, he is a remarkable surgeon and diagnostician due to his 40+ years of experience and continuous education at seminars that he attends throughout the year. He is so committed to his practice and the healing of animals, that he works 20+ hours a day - 7 days a week. His clinic is not an emergency hospital and yet he will always try to help sick or injured animals even after hours. Pros: CARE AND FEES more

Extremely RUDE 11/11/2008

Very rude staff and very very rude dr. tierce. No compassion and will take days to find out what's wrong with your pet. more

Roark is great - other staff is bad 9/25/2008

IF YOU GET DR. ROARK HE IS GREAT.\r \r Beware of the staff though... I give the other staff ZERO stars. Pros: Roark Cons: The rest of the people more

Dr. Tierce is a horrible vet!!! 8/12/2008

Do not got to see Dr. Tierce! He is the meanest, rudest vet I have every been to in my life. His wife is named Linda and she works at the front desk. She is also extremely rude and doesn't have an ounce of compassion in her body. We took my mother's dog in to see Dr. tierce for an emergency visit a few years ago. The dog was very sick and ended up dying because Dr. tierce misdiagnosed what was wrong with him. While Dr. Tierce was examing the dog, our dog bit him. Dr. Tierce proceeded to yell at us telling us we didn't tell him that the dog was a biter. The dog had never, ever bit anyone until this time. Go figure, the dog was dying and was being examined by an uncaring vet. We switched to Dr. Rourke who is part of the practice and spends half of his day practicing at another clinic owned by Dr. Tierce. This clinic is called Western Hills. Dr. Rourke and the staff at Western Hills are amazing and we've been very pleased. Today may cat got very ill and was having trouble urinating, which demands an emergency visit. Because Dr. Rourke was at Camp Bowie we had to try to get in there. Linda told me I couldn't come in for an emergency visit because they were full and I hadn't been in for 8 years anyway. She didn't even check our records online to see that we've made MANY visits over the last 8 years at the other clinic. I called Western Hills to just let the office manager there know what had happened and she said we were not the first ones to complain. She also said that Camp Bowie does not make allowances for emergency visits. That works great if your animal never has an emergency illness and you can wait two weeks for an appointment. I wouldn't go see Dr. Tierce if he was the last vet in the metroplex. Cons: No compassion for pets or their owners more

Worst experience ever 11/14/2007

We recently had to put our 12 year old dog down and then we chose to have him cremated. Our family was told we would have his remains back by the following Monday. ELEVEN DAYS later, I pick up the phone and called the office. To my shock, his ashes were there and no one bothered to call us after even providing two phone numbers. Then I was asked if I wanted to come get him...let me think...NO...HELLO... I just paid $155 to just have him sit there in your office. My heart sunk as I felt betrayed by their service. They didn't even give us an apology. We have been faithful customers for five years now but after this situation we will not be returning to this vet with our other animals.\r more

The Best Vet Around!! 8/29/2007

Dr. Tierce has treated several of my animals. I have 6 dogs and am a breeder. I completely trust him! I wish every vet had to train under him! He is compassionate to the animals and to the owners! When other vets have been stumped, Dr. Tierce can figure out what is going on!! He works when the animals need him, not just 9 to 5 and then sends you to an emergency vet where God only knows what you will end up with! He is there for you. He gives you his home telephone number. How many doctors do that now?? NONE. He does it because he cares. His grandfather and his father were both he knows old school veterinarian. He is not going to run your animal and your pocket book through the ringer. His prices are more than reasonable. I think they are too low...but don't tell them that I said that! :) \r I would recommend everyone take their animals to him. He is awesome! Pros: Thumbs Up more

Treats customers poorly 8/24/2007

old vet \r new vet better Cons: many more
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