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Thunder Movers

9330 Ne Halsey St
Portland, OR 97220
(503) 253-5798
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These guys were great. The total moving cost came in below the estimation. They completed our packing and moved us into our new home with unbelievable speed. They damaged nothi...


I am a realtor and have recommended Thunder Movers to numerous clients over the year. That is, until a move in 8/11 for some of my recommended clients. Not only were the movers ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2013

We used Thunder Movers when we were selling our house, and they were amazing! The movers showed up early, moved our things with speed and care, and stayed later than they had to. We originally estimated that we had around 50 boxes, however as boxes got cleared out we realized we had close to 100. Despite this and other organizational difficulties on our end, Thunder Moving made the process fast, easy, and painless! We will definitely be using them again. Thank you Thunder Movers! more

Extensive Damage Done and Now Won't Return Phone Calls 10/4/2011

I am a realtor and have recommended Thunder Movers to numerous clients over the year. That is, until a move in 8/11 for some of my recommended clients. Not only were the movers admittedly ""hungover"" so they took significantly more time than expected but they did over $3,000 in damages to both the old house, new house, and furniture. Both Stacie and Dotty assured me and my clients that they would ""make it right."" They received copies of photos and invoices of the damage and for weeks, they stated that ""the check is in the mail."" Numerous phone calls and emails have been placed to them by both myself and my clients to no avail. They do not return phone calls or emails and when I would be fortunate enough to reach one of them at the office, I continued to get empty promises about the check for damages being issued. At this point, a complaint has been filed with Better Business Bureau and they have not responded to that. A complaint has also been issued with Angieslist and Oregon Dept of Transportation (who oversees Moving Companies in Oregon) and Thunder Movers has not responded to any of this outreach. Most likely my clients will be forced to bring Thunder Movers to small claims court to get any reinbursement for the damage. While I had been happy with the work they had provided to former clients, because of the way they have handled this situation and the downright lies they have told both me and my clients, I will NEVER again refer them and warn people about them should something go wrong in the move. more

Excellent Moving Experience 7/20/2011

We hired Thunder Movers after we realized we just could not do all the packing and moving ourselves. They were available on short notice (less than 48 hours), their office support was fantastic in getting our order set-up and the movers did an excellent job! I was really impressed with how easy the moving experience went. The movers were really conscientious to not damage our walls and items while moving. We look forward to having them help us move into our new home shortly. Thank you for your great work, Stacy, Ryan and Robert (The Great)! more

Efficient, courteous and fast 5/5/2011

These guys were great. The total moving cost came in below the estimation. They completed our packing and moved us into our new home with unbelievable speed. They damaged nothing and were easy to work with. I recommend using this company. Noah and his crew were awesome! more

best moving company ever! 3/31/2011

I was looking for a local moving company to move my son within the Portland area. I came across Thunder Movers, after talking to so many moving companies. Unlike the other companies, Dottie (the owner) called me back on a Friday evening. She could not have been more polite, thoughtful, helpful, and efficient. She offered to make a gift certificate for my son, and went out of her way to create one especially for the occasion. I would call them without a second thought for any other move we might need to make in the future. No other company seemed personable, friendly, or helpful. We need more people like Thunder Movers in our work force. Everyone would be a whole lot happier. Moving is stressful, difficult, and never any fun. If you have people who enjoy what they do, helping you, it makes all the difference. Try them..........You will love them. more

Watch out for Lowball Estimates!! 3/24/2011

If this were only rating the moving crew of Noah, Jonny and Mark it would be a 5+ star rating. They were the best i have ever seen. more

Amazing! 11/25/2010

I'm saving the 5th star for the end of the job. They have been packing and moving us for 2 days (we have *tons* of stuff), and they are amazing. I've gotten the wonderful teams of Michael, Jayton, Chris W and Brook (day 1); then Michael, Jayton and Chris W (day 2). more

Rockstars! 11/17/2010

We checked with our large network of friends for suggestions on who to use when moving out of our crappy rental house and into our first home that we had bought. I had hand surgury about 14 weeks before our move, and knew that we would need professional help instead of relying on our friends and a UHaul truck. Thunder Movers came recommended by a couple of our friends, and when we compared prices they were not only one of the cheapest - but one of the few who actually answered the phone right away. We gave them our information, details about the move, and were given the standard rate quote. We scheduled a move for 9am on a Saturday. Chris & Chris called at 8:40am to let us know they were on the way and they arrived promptly at 9:07am. After looking over things in more detail, they said it would take about 5 hours and went over all the extra charges that would come up. I gave them the go ahead, and the Chris duo tore through the move like Tasmanian devils. They were total rockstars! They got everything loaded & strapped in within a couple hours, which was astonishing to watch. Both Chris' worked extremely hard, fast, and took good care of our belongings. We did have a couple boxes take a fall, but that probably would've happened anyway and no damage was done. They completed the move in 5.5 hours, just as promised, and both guys worked extremely hard. We were super appreciative of their efforts & hiring them made our move extremely easy & quick. It was worth every single penny! I have since had other people say that they used Thunder Movers & loved them. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone. more

Wonderful People and Staff 11/11/2010

Thunder Movers is a Class Act Company. Their, Staff, Including Miss. Lebenske, was amazing! The helped me and my friend get into out new Recording Studio, and did a WONDERFUL job!!! I will use them again, as well as refer them to other people whom I know!! more

Very polite and courteous services 10/29/2010

Thunder Movers is a very courteous company. I moved in to my aunt's house in Oregon and I am very happy to say that the service personnel are very polite and gave a lot of tips while I was packing. I gave them a call to transfer my grand piano from my apartment to my aunt's house. They arrived within an hour (I can say they are very punctual compared to other moving companies). They even gave me free use of wardrobe boxes for me to use while packing my other stuffs. I am saddened about the fact that some competitors of this company are trying to bring it down by generating bad comments. I instantly became friends with the service staff and I can say they are all good and friendly people. If you'll get to know them personally, you'll know your things are in good hands because my beloved piano didn't even get a single scratch. Some companies would simply toss your stuff all together so I say I am very lucky to have contacted Thunder Movers before anything else happens to my precious things. more

8 hours late, and charge ME how much?! 8/27/2010

I will start by saying I never actually let them move my stuff, and wont ever deal with them again! This is how my day went.... I have a 11-12 apt. So I take the day off work (yes unpaid day off) so everything is packed up nice for them and it will be an easy move for all of us. 11:00 rolls by, no call... 12:00 by, no call.... hmmm. I'm a REALLY easy person to deal with and it takes a lot to piss me off so I think nothing of the fact that I haven't heard from them yet. They must have got stuck at the last job for a little while, no big deal, I have the whole day.... So, I finally get a call around 1:30 or 2 (keep in mind even the call was about 2 hrs late). So Stacy calls and tells me they are running late and wont be here till around 4 but would give me a call an hour in advance. Ok. again not mad. I shrug it off. I have a lot to do, I tell her ""no problem"", and go on with my day. So now they have under estimated their last move by 4 hours. Waiting and waiting and waiting... 3 rolls by no hr in advanced call. 4 rolls by no hr in advanced call. This is where they, or Stacy, should have called me and let me know what was going on. 4:30 I call the office again, ""Oh I'm sorry they still will be a few hours... probably around 7."" I say, ""Ok, no problem as long as we can get this done by today its ok, because I took the day off work and cant take another day off!"" So now we are how many hours late?? 8??? How do you miss an estimate by 8 hrs? Still not mad, maybe annoyed a little, but not mad. 6:30 rolls around and I get a call from the movers ""We are done with our last job, we will head over! Oh and by the way anything past 7:00pm is overtime, $122/hr."" Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Wait just a min. I am not paying you over time because you are 8 hrs late!! My 11:00 apt was NOT scheduled in your overtime hours!! I call the office. Now I am pretty mad! ""Hi Stacy. I just talked to the movers they said its going to cost me $122/hr!!"" ""Oh, no one told you that anything after 7 is over time?!? I'm sorry."" Ok your sorry but Im not paying that!! So Stacy tells me she will split the difference with me. Thats nice but I'm not paying you more cuz you are 8 hrs late. But no Stacy will get a slap on the wrist already for splitting it with me!! I'm sorry but I don't care if you get a slap on the wrist, it's a business, you miss judged your last move and should eat the cost not me!! You are already moving me 8 hrs late, come on. So, Stcay assures me that they could move me tomorrow, but they have an apt in the morning and I could be moved at 1:00!! So I ask her ""Well does it matter that I am being pushed till the next day? I took the day off work for this!"" but don't worry Stacy assures me ""Of coarse it matters!! But I can't do anything about it, I can't give you a discount or anything! But you have been really cooperative!"" Thanks guys! No, I will not pay for your mistake. No, I will not wait till AFTER your other apts the next day. No, I will not be cooperative anymore. No, I will never use or recommend you to anyone! more

Horrifically tragic mistake to Hire Thunder Movers 8/13/2010

Thunder Movers... hmmm. I'm happy to see here that someone else here thinks they did a great job, but Mike, Dottie and their team are liars, thieves and as far as insured, an absolute joke. First, they give you an estimate OVER THE PHONE and don't actually come in to see what's there. So my quote was $1,200 over the phone and the end cost was $1,602.03 when all was said and done. That's a 35.5% expense I didn't anticipate. Second, they Mike lied to me when he told me directly that I didn't have to move anything fragile on my own because Thunder Movers was insured FOR FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE. So I let them move my artwork, fragiles and mirrors. Problem is, after I've unpacked completely, here is what was broken or missing altogether. Read carefully: 1 Tommy Bahama wrist watch with six individual interchangeable wrist bands totaling a loss for me of $600. 1 table cloth and 8 matching napkins. Total loss for me $129. 1 vase (moved in a blanket and was shatter to pieces when I unpacked it). Total loss for me $79. 1 of a set of four sandstone, handpainted coasters. Total loss to me: $25, and now I only have a set of three. Total of all missing or broken items: $833 dollars. Now pay very close attention: When I contacted Thunder Movers to ask for replacement value of these items, they wouldn't call me back. I called and left about a dozen messages before calling one morning very early to catch Mike off guard. His answer to the missing watch and wristbands and everything else was: ""I trust my guys.... I'll send you a claim form, it reimburses based on WEIGHT (not replacement value) at $0.60 cents PER POUND."" So, for the $833 dollars that I lost from hiring these folks will reimburse me less than $3 dollars for everything. Absolutely liars, thieves and misleading. Third, they left the most smelly packing blankets in my garage and then refused to come back to collect them up. So they become my problem to get rid of them. These are big bulky blankets. Where am I'm I going to get rid of them? It becomes my problem. I plan to take the time and expense of gas to drive to their company and toss them on their front door. I had to file a police report for the theft of my jewelry, Mike remains unresponsive to my continued calls, and now I'm going to take the company to small claims court. The rub over the watch alone: they were to shrink wrap all of my furniture and I was instructed to leave everything in the drawers. I have three other watches that sit in the same basket of a dresser drawer... all cheap ones, and someone had to really think about which one was the valuable one and matched the six separate wrist bands before making a decision to take the correct watch and corresponding bands. The funniest part is that even though one of the remaining watches was purchased 21 years ago and is still stylish, they left it behind and it was a $1,000 watch I bought the day I graduated from college. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Bids that are given by phone? Bids that are 35% off from actual? Loss and damage of your personal belongings? Theft of your jewelry? Lying about how their insurance works? Gladly taking your check, cashing it the same afternoon as the move and then never responding to your phone calls if you have any issues? Good luck. If I defer even one person from using and trusting this horrible company, then I'd be happy. If you need a local moving company that does not pack your stuff, but brings two sharp, fast guys, a huge truck, blankets and charges only $300 for three hours of work and managed my entire 4,000 square foot home and dozens of my friends moves, try calling Pat Rivelli at (503) 222-5970. His company is called Super Movers, and ""super"" beats ""thunder"" hands down. Unfortunately due to recent surgery, I couldn't pack my own stuff, so I went with Thunder Movers. BIG Mistake. Don't make the same one. more

A great Experience! 12/12/2009

We hired Thunder movers to move us from our 2 bedroom home and large stuffed garage to a more spacious home. Dottie was very punctual, gave a great quote and did an inventory of our house. Her time quote was spot on within 15 minutes. On moving day Noah and John came, and after a quick survey of our home set to work. These guys hustled. They were fast, but very careful with our furniture and possessions. They used shrink wrap on everything, and were very careful with corners and wall. They used felt floor runners on all our hardwoods. They were fantastic. Highly recoomend them. Pros: Timely, Careful, Fast, Courteous more
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