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Thrillvania Haunted House Park - 17 Reviews - 2330 County Road 138, Terrell, TX - Aquariums, Zoos & Botanical Gardens Reviews - Phone (972) 428-9653
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Thrillvania Haunted House Park

2330 County Road 138
Terrell, TX 75161
(972) 428-9653
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Thrillvania Haunted House Park - Terrell, TX


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I wanted to come here for years but could never get a ride. So this year, I have a car...What an awesome time. We had such fun going through the manor (freaking scary) and the T...


First of all, if you're going on a Saturday night in October, the VIP pass isn't going to help you much. The website says that you can experience the whole park in 2 hours, which...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/15/2012

for all you negative people. i love this place i deffinately a recommendation from me. if u wanna rant about how you didnt get your ""money's worth"" than u suck for telling people who wanna check it out to not go and say it's not worth it. how dare u more

Not worth it unless you go early on 10/24/2011

First of all, if you're going on a Saturday night in October, the VIP pass isn't going to help you much. The website says that you can experience the whole park in 2 hours, which is total BS unless you go there in September on Sunday night right when they open. Every attraction had a line that was at least an hour long with stupid teenagers cutting as much as they could. My wife and I got there at 8:30 p.m. and by midnight when they close we had only been able to see half the attractions. The workers there don't care if people cut in the lines at all. The VIP pass shortened our wait at Verdun Manor from 80 minutes to about 75 minutes, so is it really worth it? This is the 3rd time we've been there and it got more disappointing and 2nd and 3rd times. There were more actors and better effects the previous 2 times, and also Jack in the Box had a booth there, and they were playing hip hop music really loud with a bunch of cussing in it while little kids were walking around. If you're going to go here, go in September. The closer you get to Halloween the lines will be too long and you won't get to experience the whole park in time. I say stay away unless you're going in September. Its a long drive and they make you pay 5 dollars for parking in a field. more

Not worth it 10/23/2011

To waste your time nor your money on this park. Lines are too long & the VIP passes are the BIGGEST Rip off. For the money we paid we could have went to Six Flags & got more of a thrill. We could not even see all of the attraction to do the long line. They need to open earlier than 7:30PM so a person has more time to see all attractions. I wasted money to see six of eight attractions & only two of them were worth seeing. They need to turn alot of things around & make it woorth your time & MONEY. more

Wife and I felt like teenagers again 10/17/2011

This is a wonderful place this time of the year. Not always easy to get into the Halloween spirit when the temperatures are so hot during the day. This place puts you is such a spirit. I have been coming here for years. If people review this and say they did not have a good time, then that is their own fault. We have so much fun every year. They have a lot to see and do. I have been to so many other states and their attractions are not as good and cost more. There is the manor to go through, mazes, 3D , the trail and quite a few more. If you are not screaming or running, you are laughing. Keep up with the good work at Thrillvania. more

We had a blast!!! 10/10/2011

I wanted to come here for years but could never get a ride. So this year, I have a car...What an awesome time. We had such fun going through the manor (freaking scary) and the Theater with the Granny. Love the animations. I laugh and scream when I get scared and my stomach hurt so much when we were done. Every time I turned around something jumped out at me. I guess I was just a good target. They one of the monsters got my name..big mistake. They kept calling me and whispering my name. How funny. I would not expect it and when I turned around they were right there in my face. Now that I drive, I'm coming back one more time before Halloween. Maybe the next time the weather won't be so crappy or maybe that even made it better. Who knows. OH! VIP Unlimited Passes are definitely worth it. We went through the Maze a couple of times cause it was so much fun and you don't have to wait in the same line. more

Wow!!! 10/10/2011

I went this past weekend and had a fantastic time. I have not gone to a haunted house since I was in high school and a group of co-workers talked me into it. Definitely worth the trip. There was so many different places to go in. We all liked the 3D, didn't expect that. And the maze...crazy. How could you not love this place. It's only open a few short weeks. Glad I came along because that's all these guys are talking about today at work. Not sure about that review from kaydin02. That does not even make sense to me...wonder if that is some kind of rivalry. ?? confusing Nice job Thrillvania. more

Worst Haunted House Ever- Not for Adults 10/10/2011

Seriously the worst haunted house ever. I am a 26 years old female and I can not believe to tell you how un-scarry this place is. We stood in line for an hour (in the rain too) to walk in to sit on a bench while this fake old lady talks, lights flicker on and off and the shutters shake. If you consider that scarry-well there ya go. Finally went in to the big manor which you would think would be the main attraction- i swear to you i didnt jump once. nothing gorey and the actors sucked, the masks looked like mask, there was no suspense. When we left a worker asked us if we liked it..i bluntly said "" honestly this is the sh*ttiest haunted house i've ever been to."" She was like oh my with a concerned look on her face-i'm so sorry-like she was shocked. So stupid. waste of $25 bucks and $5 to park. Go somewhere else because i saw 7 year olds there that weren't scarred! And if you told me i could go back for free i wouldn't!!! more

NO, NO, AND NO 11/10/2010

The good reviews for this place MUST be written by the owners. more

A house to remember 9/29/2010

I am an avid horror fan and have been to many haunted houses over the years. I must say that this is by far the best haunt I have ever been to! I talked to some of the people that run the place to get a back story on the haunt (like I said I am a true horror fan) and as it turns out there is allot of history to the house itself not to mention the fact that it has a very detailed story line that ties all its haunted houses together into one storyline. Basically good story good actors and great atmosphere , couldnt ask for more. more


I have been a faithful Thrillvania customer for many years. This year impressed me as I had expected and then some! Many changes, big and small are to be found this season! Verdun Manor was refreshing to say the least. The actors have even more room for scares this time around! Cassandra's easily takes the ""most improved"" award! I will not even spoil it for you but eagerly encourage EVERYONE to go check it out! I even heard the DIY network covered the renovations and will be airing it sometime this October! Dr. Lycan's trail also saw several changes, some noticeable, some not. It was still jam packed with excitement! I use the 2 attractions on the hill, Thorn Hall & Six Feet Blunder to calm myself down from the bigger haunts, because it's entertaining more than scary. Still spooky though! I think it's definately one of the best times I've had! more

Cool and fun place! 9/28/2010

Its been a few years since I was there, but man they improved and changed a lot of stuff. Verdun Manor's rooms seem larger, and the actors made my girlfriend so nervous she was ready to run! The new Cassandra's is now in 3D! AWSOME! Even the floors do something to you. Big mind bender. All the attractions are a lot of fun, lots of scares, and the midway show is pretty fun too. I like the balloon in the nose trick. The stuff on the little hill is spooky and that dark hall, well, HA! I would suggest getting out there early in the season before the lines get crazy. Lots of bang for the buck. And there are discounts to be had online. more


This place gives you the most bang for your buck! 8 attractions for one low price! I've been going to Thrillvania for years and the changes they have made for this season is incredible!!! Cassandra's Labyrinth of Terror has become a 3D experience and is better than ever! The changes to Haunted Verdun Manor and Dr. Lycan's Trail of Torment put you into the scenes more than ever before!! Thrillvania remains my all time favorite haunt and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! Go out there, you won't be disappointed! more


I have been to allot of Haunts and this was not my first trip to Thrillvania but is was the best ever!!! I came out just to see the new 3D haunt and was screaming almost the entire way through. the spinning tunnel was great and I had not even been drinking lol. I thought that just Cassandra's would be different but I was surprised by the changes in Verdun and the walking trail. I was almost horse the next day I screamed so much!!!! If you have never been or have not been in a while this is the year to go!!! more

Best ever 9/27/2010

Just tried Thrillvania this year and I have to say the 3D haunted house is the best I've ever seen by far. I liked the rest of the park it probably took us nearly 2 hours to visit everything but the 3 D really stood out. My girlfriend wouldn't let go of me the whole time. I espescially liked the spinning tunnel. more

waste of money 10/31/2009

I thought that this was going to be worth the drive and the money, I was very disappointed! I have been to many haunted houses in the metroplex over the last couple of years and this one is the worst one that I have ever been to. The website shows all the ""good"" stuff so save yourself the money and the drive and watch the intro. The intro is showing you all of the park and what you see is literally what you get-Thrillvania was absolutely the worst haunted house I have ever been to. more

A complete disappointment! 10/25/2009

This haunted house sucks. I am a big lover of haunted houses and scary things. I've been going to different houses each year for about 7 years now and this was honestly the WORST one I have ever been too! The website is false advertisement because there really isn't eight attractions. Then majority of the attractions take under 5 minutes to walk through. The few scares that have are lame and the make up job of the actors suck. There is also only a couple of scares at each attraction. Everyone we asked that night while we were in line for a hour at each thing felt the same way as we did. Thrillvania is a ripoff. Just trying to save other ppl from losing their $30 or $40! Cons: few scares, attractions r too short, makeup sucked, etc... more

Horrible Management!! 10/24/2008

This place has potential, however who ever is the manager has NO idea how to run a business. It is $40 for VIP, which would be worth it because you get to go to any house unlimited times, and ""go to the front of the line"". What they don't tell you is there is two seperate lines one for vip, and one for general admission. The vip line is longer than the ga, and you can't go in the ga line if you are vip. So basically you don't pay extra for jumping the line, because you can't. The houses are SOOO packed that you inch-a-long, and see others getting scared in front of you. The theatre on top of the hill is a complete joke. I literally thought I was part of candid camera. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME on this ""New Attraction"". The staff is horribly rude to you after they have suckered you into paying for VIP. Parking is $5. If you do go make sure it is not during peak times, or it will take you over an hour to get through one house. ENJOY!! more

Great Production and Variety 11/9/2006

Thrillvania has 5 different haunted houses all in one. They could have been a little more staffed. It looked like they had tons of excellent places you expected and were waiting for somebody to scary you, but just didn't have the staff to be there. Well worth the $25 for all attractions. Would recommend paying the exta money and getting the front of the line pass. You could probably get to every attraction within an hour, hour and a half. The two story Manor doesn't dissapoint!! Pros: Variety, Production, Characters put effort into the scar Cons: Little under staffed more
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