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Thompson's Fireside Pizza - 21 Reviews - 6736 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (612) 869-9938

Thompson's Fireside Pizza

6736 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55423
(612) 869-9938
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Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN
Thompson's Fireside Pizza - Minneapolis, MN


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The people at City Search have the WRONG NAME AND PHONE NUMBER and will NOT CORRECT IT so i will !!! STORM'S FIRESIDE PIZZA 6736 PENN AVE SO RICHFIELD MN 55423 PHONE #s 612-869...


I'm a thin crust cut in squares kinda guy and thought that's how this place did the pizza. Next time that is how I will order it. The sandwiches though are greasy, over pric...

Never Again 3/18/2012

If there is any thing that makes me mad it is when the wait person takes your money when you pay the bill and assumes the change is her tip. Thirty two dollar bill for lousy pizza does not call for a eight dollar tip. I got my change back and the wait person paid for her arrogance and was left a two dollar tip. I din't say anything, but i am sure she got the message.We also waited at least ten minutes after being seated for asssistance. UGH............... never again. more

Watch out for olive pits in the pizza 3/18/2012

I grew up in Richfield and this place is an old time institution of the city, but I have a real beef with the way business was handled when I had an issue with them about 4 yrs ago (current owner may not have been the owner then). Brought a pizza home with black olives as one of the toppings. Bit into a slice and my tooth cracked down on an olive pit. I went in the next day to complain (tooth still sore) and was all but called a liar by the staff. Still had the olive pit so went home and got it and brought it in, which the staff took to show the owner. Was told the owner would get back to me. He never called or replied to one more follow up phone call (and now of course they had the evidence). I was not offered an apology or credit on another pizza, and yrs later I ended up having to have work done on the tooth. This could have been a problem with the mfgr processing of the black olives, but nonetheless, when you have customer injury and you call them a liar, ask for evidence, take the evidence, and then ignore them, that is BAD BUSINESS! As for the pizza itself, I love the thin cracker crust, but it isn't a hearty pizza. I haven't been back since the olive incident so have no recent comments on the quality of the food. more

Pizza's ok, sandwiches not so much 2/29/2012

I'm a thin crust cut in squares kinda guy and thought that's how this place did the pizza. Next time that is how I will order it. The sandwiches though are greasy, over priced things that are not worth having on the menu. Why do I say this? Well if I would get a comparable sandwich from Carbone's, I would also get chips, a soda, and the sandwich would be topped with shredded lettuce and tomato and I would be paying around $3 less. Thankfully their pizza is loved and keeping them afloat because it isn't their sandwiches. more

Absolutely the worst Hostess and Waiting Staff!!! 2/20/2012

My husband loves the pizza from this place but it is only good if you eat it there. It is not good when you bring it home because it is no longer piping hot. We went in last night with our two grandchildren and daughter. We were a party of five and they wanted to seat us at a booth and add a chair. You tell me how this would work with two little kids, a pitcher of pop on the table, a pitcher of beer on the table and two pizzas on the table. NOT!! The large table was open but needed to be cleaned but they ""refused!!!!"" to seat us there because it was only reserved for large parties. The rest of the place has only booths and they would not open the other side for us to sit down and eat. Apparently, they have enough customers and enough money that they turn people away and do not want to accomodate their customers. We have gone here many times and like I said the pizza is good but the rest is crap! Dirty drapes hanging from the booths that touch you and stained, nasty booths. Who wants to eat and looking at some nasty stain! Also, when we came in this summer after 9, the blond ponytail staff person says ""the kitchen is closed!"" like they don't want our business again- no I'm sorry!!! we are only serving pizza right now which by the way that was all we came in for anyways. Definitely, I'm sorry is not in the staff's vocabulary. The staff has worked there forever and rude as ever and LAST NIGHT was the last time I am entering Fireside Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!! RUDE STAFF-they don't want your business!!!!!!!!!! more

WRONG NAME WRONG PHONE # 612-869-4040 is correct 1/16/2012


Tasty Pizza-Top flight music 2/8/2011

The pizza is excellent pizzaria quality with a quaint atmosphere. What is unique about this place is the jazz. They have professional performers there, who take requests, and do the old Gerschwin type jazz favorites. Gets crowded on Monday and Wednesday nights when they play, so get there a little before they start at 7:00 PM. more

Average pizza, not going back for it again! 2/14/2010

After reading all of these positive reviews about the place and it's pizza I thought I'd stray from my usual spot (LHP) and give it a try. On one hand, the thin crust was good, but on the other hand, speaking of value for dollar: the $18.00 large three topping I got was of very average quality. The sauce was pretty indistinct, the toppings weren't plentiful, and in comparison with Lake Harriet Pizza the same $18.00 there would have got me a pizza with DOUBLE the mass AND it would have been great! The ""large"" pizza I got from Fireside fed two people, barely, where LHP's large does 3-4 people no problem. I am not going back to Fireside, especially when it's a 45 min round trip from my house. It's too darn bad there's a complete lack of good pies in the NW 'burbs... Pros: Good thin crust Cons: Not worth the money IMO more

no pasta for me 7/31/2009

I called for a delivery order and was informed I lived a block and half outside their delivery territory. The order taker said, ""just a second, let me see if i can convince the driver to go there."" After a few minutes another woman came on the phone and said, ""we'll make this delivery but going forward you're outside our terrirotory and won't"". I completely felt as if I was hindering their operation by requiring the driver to travel an extra block and a half. The arrogance was just overwhelming coming from the other end of the line as if this is they are the only show in town. It reminded me of the soup incident from Seinfeld. Unbelievable. I called Davanni's (who is two blocks from Fireside) and they were happy to take my order and deliver it.. I'm sure Fireside has decent food but I'll never know. Pros: i'll never know Cons: customer service more

Going almost 45 years - & Every Guest loves it 6/13/2009

I too have been going there maybe 12+ times a year, since first introduced to it by a date that lived nearby. She lasted a few months, the restaurant forever. I've taken or gone with numerous groups, many kid's sports teams, my own family which still all love to go, and guests - most of whom become customers themselves. At least when we go, Fireside is often crowded. Decor has not changed much but well kept-up, sort of like the charming restaurants we americans love to frequent when visiting europe. Ownership changed, and I missed the Millers consistency because at first I think the Thompson's changed some things like most people trying to ""improve"" - at least as respects to what we always order: Pizza. But that quickly went back to matching the customer preferences - the highly successful old standby items. There is only one crust, thin and fantastic. Only 2 sizes and really then after 9PM you get large for the price of small anyway. The same great sauce and a large selection of toppings. Pepperoni is not a large arrangement of sliced spiced sausages plunked down on top of a cheese pizza - Fireside's is just true taste like we order in Italy. It does not have excessive cheese unless you ask for it. Beers are good. Kid's like their tap rootbeer. We often see acquaintences we know in there doing the same thing we are, Having a good meal out. In all those years I only lived in their delivery area about 4 years. Even though many others deliver where we live, we make the 30 minute round trip to pick-up Fireside's pizza about half-the-time. It simply tastes better - and has no stomach-unsetling aftertaste like many of the fastfood pizza brands. I can't imagine the the one bad review written here - are you sure you went to the same place? It doesn't sound like it. Maybe the bar down the street? Pros: Consistent, Focused, Great food & clean family atmosphere Cons: It's not glitzy, trendy, fashionable, or expensive more

Give me a break! The guy who wrote a review and gave this place one star has lost his sense of taste. How old are you? You didn't get your way so you write an awful review about an AWESOME place. 11/28/2008

Get a life. One guess tells me the guy owns a competitive pizza business and wants to slam Fireside. Good luck to him -- there is a good reason Fireside has been in business for almost 50 years. They have great pizza priced right. more

Amazing Value 11/28/2008

I have a different opinion than Mr. Hexum's review. I've been going to Fireside Pizza 3-4 times a month for about 40 years -- back to the days when the Miller's owned the restaurant. They have never included salads free of charge with their pizzas nor have I noticed that the Thompson's have changed their recipes or how they prepare their food. He is incorrect in the statements of his review. I really dislike when I see someone write a negative review for a great restaurant that provides a wonderful value. In the world we live in with rising prices, it's all-about-me mentality, and rude people, Fireside still stands out as a family restaurant with great service, prices, wonderful value, and ""small town"" atmosphere. What a wonderful asset to Richfield that we have a place we can still afford to take our families to. If Mr. Nexum would like more sauce on his pizza or would like the cheese browned a bit more, he should ask for it that way. I have enjoyed Fireside for many years and will continue to frequent it and tell my friends how wonderful it is. Pros: Great value, atmosphere and service more

I have been going to Fireside Pizza for forty years, since it was ""Miller's"" Fireside Pizza. It is not the same since it was taken over by ""Thompson's Fireside Pizza"". 10/6/2008

When Thompson's took over, they stuck to the original formula for awhile, but that has all been changing. Example: we always had dinner salads with our pizzas. The last time we were there they charged full (a la carte) price for salad. When I asked why they said it was because we didn't buy 'entrees"". I said we had pizzas and we've always been charged a lower salad price with pizza. They argued about it and told me that it's never been that way. I've been coming there at least once a month for about forty years and it's always been that way. I've been eating at Fireside since before any of them were born and I live a few doors from Mrs. Miller who used to own the place. Finally, they admitted to me that they'd recently changed their policy, but didn't offer to give me the salads at the reduced price as most restaurants would to maintain good customer relations. They were actually nasty about it. Also, I've noticed that there isn't as much tomato sauce on the pizza nor is it cooked as well (browned on top) as it used to be. When I had spaghetti awhile back it wasn't well seasoned. If they don't make enough money on the pizza to give salads at a reduced amount, they should increase the price of the pizza. Cutting corners will only cut customers in the long run. I want a salad with my pizza but I'm unwilling to pay several dollars for a little bowl of iceberg lettuce. When restaurants cut back on ingredients to save money, people go elsewhere to get what they want. When a restaurant has a successful formula they should not change it even if it means raising prices as changing will only cause them to lose customers. They should re-think this policy. Pros: Good, old neighborhood place, not a chain. Cons: Tight parking but if you live in neighborhood it's O.K. more

Rude people 3/11/2008

ordered for delivery and the order came incorrect. when i called the next day the owner or manager insisted the error was mine and was rude. i won't spend my money where my business is not valued. how can you be in a customer service business while lacking basic communication skills. Pros: close to home more

Love the pizza...only drawback is NO changing table. 9/4/2007

We love the pizza! The best thin crust in town. Recommend getting it cut in squares for a fun treat. \r The only problem is they call themselves family friendly but they have no changing table. This is a huge problem in my eyes. Pros: Pizza is great! Cons: No Changing Table. Not kid friendly more

great thin crust 9/2/2007

We like the thin crust and it is the best pizza outside of S. Minneapolis. They do need to get a website, that would make ordering take out much easier. Pros: good pizza Cons: no website more

Best pizza south of Minneapolis 5/30/2007

My husband and I moved to Richfield about 6 months ago and have become regulars at Fireside. The pizza has a thin crispy crust and the ingredients are mouth watering. It has become my favorite pizza around here. We usually get out of there w/ a bill around $20-25 depending on drinks. The only other thing I have had there besides the pizza is the garlic/cheese bread and the side salad. Both were great as well. I'm want to try some other dishes but can never say no to the pizza! more

Best thin crust pizza in town! 2/14/2007

Best thin-crust pizza in town. Don't order more than 3 toppings. Melts in your mouth. Good live jazz Mondays and Wednesdays. No cover, but leave a tip. Romantic private booths. Skip the house wine, but a step up is good, drinkable ""pizza wine."" Tap beer, bottle beer available, but go for the pizza. Friendly service. Low key. There's also a sports theme featuring nationally know but home grown hockey and golf pros. And each one has a connection to the place. If you're a Richfield or Southwest Minneapolis native, this is home. If not, welcome to the neighborhood. Pros: Pizza, atmosphere, friendliness, neighborhood feeling Cons: Stay away from the house wine. more

Crispy Crispy Crust! 1/3/2006

If you love thin crispy crust on your pizza, you will love the pizza at Fireside. Not only is the pizza great here, but the pasta dishes are delicious as well! Usually great service and very affordable. Pros: great pizza, kid friendly, decent service more

Pizza-Fireside 4/27/2005

My wife and I have been going here for 39 years, even before we were married. The recipies have remained the same for all those years. I highly recommend the lunch special. Small pizza and spagetti--a very good bargin!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Value, Intimate more

Fireside Pizza 9/28/2004

I have been going to Fireside for 36 years. I have always had prompt courteous service and excellent food. I will drive out of my way to go there. I highly recommend the cozy atmoshere a excellent service. Pros: Inexpensive, Good parking, excellent food more
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