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ThirdPower Fitness - 31 Reviews - 46 W 22nd St Suite 3, New York, NY - Fitness Reviews - Phone (212) 727-7627

ThirdPower Fitness

46 W 22nd St Suite 3 (at Between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 727-7627
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ThirdPower Fitness - New York, NY


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I found 3PF after doing a lot of research (Thrillist, Urban Daddy and the reviews here) and decided to check it out. I haven't worked out since HS, when I was on the swim tea...


All reviews seem positive

It feels like home (as much as a gym can) 7/28/2009

I found 3PF after doing a lot of research (Thrillist, Urban Daddy and the reviews here) and decided to check it out. I haven't worked out since HS, when I was on the swim team, and to say that I was out of shape is the biggest understatement of the year. I didn't know how to use machines or free weights, and frankly the culture of gyms (the meat market, the grunting, the preening) was a turn off. So the only solution for me was to have a personal trainer. Why did I choose 3PF? I frankly loved the gym (the photos online), I liked that they only had two people training at most (so the studio only has 4 people, usually...though sometimes there are 3 trainers training 3 people), the price was expensive yes, but reasonable and in line with my other choices, it was nice to see that they used natural organic cleaning products, personal care products, and i liked that they presented a more holistic approach to fitness, with food workshops, acupuncture, natural medicine etc. so i went for my intro session with Edward, and he kicked my butt. I literally thought I was going to die. you must understand that the two flights of stairs leading to the studio had me winded, and my daily workout for years had been climbing the stairs to get the train. all of the exercises are unique and work several muscles at once, so i didn't get bored. so i signed up for the LP 4/12 and have gone diligently since then (the price is a great incentive to not waste your money) I've worked out with Ed, Julia and Dante (the part time trainer) and all of the work outs kick my ass....but differently. they're not mean (actually quite friendly, and when i'm not sweating and grunting and during the cool down sessions, we talk music, movies, sports, culture etc) and like ""stereotypical trainers"" bottom line i'm quite devoted to them, and have sung their praises to my friends. and they have a diversity of clientele, from the overweight (in 12 weeks i've lost 20lbs, along with their customised nutrition plan), to ex athletes, to moms. yes it's expensive, but omg it's worth it. Pros: The attention, the exercises, the trainers Cons: Expensive, but unbelievably worth it more

The place to be if you want no part of being generic 7/14/2009

Third Power is a small fitness studio that makes you work hard (really hard) but also have fun at the same time. There the trainers tailor the regiment based on your fitness level, injury history, and your goals. Multiple exercises are mixed in and string together, and if you want, you get to learn some basics about boxing as well. Edward, the founder and co-owner, was a boxer and marshal artist. Working out with him is tough but fun. He teaches basics of boxing, which makes your workout surprisingly enjoyable. For anyone seeking personal training, ThirdPower Fitness is the best choice in NYC. Pros: Great service, interaction, and personal attention. Cons: Can't think of any more

The ultimate training program 7/13/2009

I have worked out both on my own and with trainers for 10 to 15 years. When I worked out with trainers, I found they typically had a ""shelf life"" of 5 or 6 sessions before I felt there the cost/benefit of the sessions was not sufficient to continue. I have been working out at Third Power twice a week for over 2 years and found the program to be continuously challenging. The trainers are incredibly professional and push you to your limits without intimidating you. After two years I still get a little nervous going to each session wondering what is in store for me but I leave feeling great knowing that 1) I could not have got the same workout on my own and 2) I got the most out of my hour long session. Just when you get comfortable with an exercise, they changes the routine to keep things interesting and challenging. I highly recommend Third Power to people interested in making their time at the gym is as efficient and effective as possible. Pros: Professionalism and innovation more

Best Personal Trainers in New York City! 9/3/2008

I too joined Third Power Fitness after finding it on City Search - I was a little weary seeing so many glowing reviews but called anyway and set up an appointment. Pros: Trainers, Setting, Everything more

Best Fitness Program 4/5/2008

This is the first time I have ever reviewed something online. I chose Third Power based on the reviews on this site and after my amazing experience I felt the need to add a review myself. When I first read some of the reviews I was nervous as many of them talked about athletes looking to take up their game. I am no athlete- I was overweight and didn't workout. After joining I discovered that not only can they help athletes up their game, they are unbelievable at helping the average person get healthy and loose weight. I have been struggling with my weight for the past 15 years. I was looking for a good structured program with a plan to reach my goals and I found it. Third power has changed my life. In 8 months I have lost 45 lbs and 3 pant sizes. Third Power is a private work out facility and they are completely focused on you. The trainers are as much vested in your fitness and getting health as you are. I have tried many diets and programs and nothing has worked for me - as fads and diets don't work. Third Power is about a life style change. The workout routines are intense and at first I thought I wasn't going to be able to handle it. Over time, not only can I handle it, I've surprised myself and I absolutely love it. The workouts constantly change and are geared to your abilities. The trainers go out of their way to make sure your workout is geared to your needs and they are unbelievable about working around any injuries you may have. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is serious about loosing weight and changing their lives. This program is expensive but is by far the best money I have ever spent in my life. For the first time in 15 years I feel great, my confidence had returned and I owe it Third Power. Pros: results oriented, focused more

Amazing amazing amazing 6/15/2007

I have been exercising on my own for years, am in pretty decent shape and am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to spice up my workout. I've tried it all. As time progressed, my work outs had become a bit stale and I stopped seeing the results I was used to seeing. Enter Third Power Fitness. I found them thru this very website and was intrigued by the reviews. Well let me tell you, all of these reviews are spot on. The two owners of this personalized training facility, Edward Rush and Julia, are amazing. I work with Edward during most sessions but have found both of them to be attentive, creative and focused in helping me reach my weight loss and toning goals. I have never looked forward to a workout as much as I look forward to my sessions at Third Power. To top it off, the hour flies by! I both look and feel leaner. Pros: High level of knowledge of both the body and equipment, motivating, friendly environment, beautiful clean space Cons: NONE! more

Most attentive trainers you'll find!! 6/14/2007

I'm sooo very impressed....Ok, so two pant sizes later i'm still sharing my excitement with just about anyone who is willing to listen. Edward Rush is a genius!!! I have no idea how or when it happened but I have a brand new body and a brand new attitude!! :) :)... I never ever thought I'd wake up in the morning all hyped about packing my gym bag but each and every workout is so fulfilling and challenging ( oh and believe me when i say challenging) that I didn't even notice when it became the highlight of my day. Ed is great - he gives 100% of his attention every time and very quickly assess ur limits/capabilities and knows exactly how to get you to surpass them. Ed created each workout and nutrition plan with my very specific goals and interests in mind. The studio itself is immaculately kept and is stocked with some of the strangest fitness equipment I've ever seen - but the machines all serve some very interesting purpose..:) more

Best Personal Trainers! 3/1/2007

I have been to a few personal trainers and none have been as attentive as the trainers at 3rd Power Fitness. Julia is fantastic...very knowledgeable and an excellent motivator! Julia customizes each session based on my favorite workouts- pilates, yoga, and boxing. She also sets clear goals for me each week and tracks my progress. I highly recommend 3rd Power to anyone who is looking for results! more

THE place to work out! 2/16/2007

I've joined to a couple of gym in Manhattan before and hired personal trainer, but I never liked it because they're all so pushy! Since I joined ThirdPower Fitness 4 months ago, I never ever would go to another gym. They have the best equipment, great work out plan combine with nutritional advise and healthy food delivery, private space, and most of all the greatest trainer ever! Pros: clean private studio, good ambience and good trainers! Cons: no cons at all more

Edward is the best 2/12/2007

Recently, I had my first session with the personal fitness trainer, Edward Rush, at ThirdPower Fitness. I'd like to mention that I had no prior experience with the personal trainers. However, when I was much younger, I had a lot of experience with various coaches because I was a competitive athlete in three sports. As I excelled in gymnastics, I took part as a gymnast representing former Yugoslavia in the 1948 Olympics, in London. Now I wondered whether my session with Edward was going to turn out satisfactorily. I'd like to let you know right at the outset that it has surpassed my expectations. First, I found the studio very impressive as it is well maintained, private, quiet and equipped with modern apparatuses. Second, Edward tailored a work out plan for me based on my goal. During the whole session, I felt confident that I was in the hands of an expert who does everything to the best of his ability to help you succeed and who cares for your well being. Edward's personal attention and fine disposition are incomparable. I have been working out according to Edward's recommendations for two weeks. I enjoy the exercises, and I trust that they will make me feel and look better. I think that I have discovered a physical fitness treasure in New York City. I don't have to look for another personal trainer because I believe that Edward is the best, and Thirdpower Fitness is unique. Thank you, Edward, for being you, a fine individual and an outstanding personal trainer! more

The Real Deal 2/10/2007

As an amateur martial artist and someone who prefers intense workouts, I thought that I was pushing myself to the limit with my training. Edward Rush proved me wrong! Although I just started working with the team at ThirdPower Fitness, I realize that the secret to progress in physical shape and conditioning is this: dedication to hard work and proper dieting and an expert knowledge of how the body works and how best to train it. That?s it. I leaned that there really are no shortcuts here. ThirdPower can hand you a program that will work beyond your expectations; all you need to do is bring the dedication, commitment and willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. The private studio is ideal for training one-on-one and lacks all the distractions of a large gym so you can get down to business. The personal attention I got from Edward was beyond my expectations. I can?t say enough about the team at ThirdPower Fitness. After about one month, I already lost 7 lbs after 2 sessions in the studio, dieting, and working out at home. Great program and I would highly recommend it! Pros: Expert knowledge, personal attention, private studio Cons: Its hard work! more

best functional training 2/9/2007

I have been to many personal trainers and the people at ThirdPower are the best I have seen. The facility is great, it has totally awesome equipment and the training is fun, effective and fresh. After a session you feel powerful and take that power with you throughout your day. It is a great feeling. However, they make you work hard and push out of your comfort zone, a process that can be tough sometimes. I think that the comittment from the trainers at ThirdPower is so inspiring. They care about your success as much as you do, or maybe more! Check it out. Pros: amazing equipment, expert trainers, convenient scheduling more

Best training ever! 2/9/2007

I just finished my first six weeks at Third Power with Edward Rush, and what a difference! He pushed me to new levels of endurance, strength and tone that I didn't know I had in me. I dropped 15 pounds and 2 sizes, and am really excited to wake up to the new me in the mirror. more

I'm stronger, leaner, and meaner--well worth it! 12/15/2006

I read about ThirdPower in a Thrillist emailing. It just so happened I was looking for a way to jumpstart my workout. There is no doubt that Streetboxing elevated my workout in terms of strength and endurance. After a few ""introductory"" sessions, and then two sessions per week for six weeks, I was stronger and slimmer than I could remember. The self-defense instruction from Ed was usually very intense. ""Streetboxing"" lives up to it's name; what to do *in the street* to ""defuse"" a situation as quickly as possible. To tell you the truth, the 90 minute sessions are addictive; you learn to love the pain, the challenge, and the sense of accomplishment and progress. Ed does a great job of keeping you focused and pushing you so you improve; he also doesn't mind taking a jab or an elbow when he slows down enough to let you connect. I would take another one of his classes in a heartbeat. more

Get Ready to Work It 10/12/2006

Totally love working with the trainers at Third Power Fitness. A few friends and I recently tried out their Workout Party -- we love the concept! The trainers worked with us to create a program that was fun and interesting and still challenging enough to make us break a sweat. They're total pros. Definitely worth a shot. more

Experienced, motivating, professional personal trainer 10/6/2006

I highly recommend anyone considering personal training to go to Third Power Fitness. Unfit and overweight, I started training one on one with Edward a month ago. Edward is encouraging and the studio is private and very comfortable, so I don't feel embarrased. I very much look forward to my training sessions, even when its difficult to get to the session because I am tired or busy. Edward's experience and knowledge ensures that every session is different and focussed on my specific goals (rather than a generic session to fit all). The training sessions are definitely challenging, but I have fun and feel energized after every session. I am already seeing results in a month. Fantastic! Pros: Motivating, challenging, fun and reasonably priced. more

Ed will make you lean and mean! 10/3/2006

After suffering a competitive sports injury, I was looking for something to reinvigorate my physical training. ThirdPower was recommended to me by a friend who was confident I would not be disappointed with the intensity of the workout and direct attention and expertise of Ed. I have been going to Eds self-styled Street Boxing class for a few weeks and although I hate going because I know what I am in for, I am extremely satisfied when I walk out of the gym knowing I have had a great workout and learned a system of attack and defense techniques that I can utilize if I am ever confronted by a situation where I need to defend myself. more

The Real Deal 10/3/2006

After haven taken Krav Maga (the Israeli fighting system) for a couple months and enjoying it, but frustrated by my lack of improvement due to the large classes with little to no 1 on 1 instruction, I came across an ad for Third Power Fitness and their Street Boxing program. And I'm so glad that I did. more

Hardcore Intense Workouts 10/2/2006

I am doing the Street Boxing course with Ed Rush and it is amazing. It is a very focused and intense workout coupled with real world self defense/boxing training from a man who really knows what he is talking about. This isn't theoretical physical training in a vacuum, Ed trains you for what you may encounter on the street and really makes sure you're prepared for whatever happens. And the conditioning is incredible. As a former college athlete, I haven't exercised this hard in years. You hate it while you're doing it, but you feel like a million bucks when you walk out at the end of the workout. Definitely highly recommend Ed and his course. more

Motivating, Focused, Results Oriented Training 9/29/2006

At Third Power Fitness the trainers are 100% focused on you. They keep your goals in mind. They plan your workout sessions ahead of time and are ready to go when you arrive. You get a full, well-paced, aerobic hour of training each and every time. The routines are constantly changing, so don't get boring. The trainers help you develop exercise plans for days when you are not training at Third Power Fitness. They also provide nutritional coaching and tips on how to incorporate hassle-free, healthy eating into your schedule. The facilities are beautiful and immaculate. You never have to wait for a machine, you never feel rushed to finish with a piece of equipment so someone else can use it and no one ogles while you're sweating. You will feel lucky to have found this gem. more
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  • Intensive fitness programs combine in-studio and at-home personal training sessions, nutritional counseling and healthy food delivery.

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