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The Tanning Club - 21 Reviews - 1132 Westwood Blvd (at Kinross Avenue), Los Angeles, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (310) 208-6161

The Tanning Club

1132 Westwood Blvd (at Kinross Avenue)
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-6161
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The Tanning Club - Los Angeles, CA
The Tanning Club - Los Angeles, CA


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I'm from Northern California and moved here recently and can't seem to find the time to lay out and enjoy the California sun. Recently, the weather has been uncharacteristically c...


If it looks like a SKUNK .....Smells like a SKUNK......then it usually is a SKUNK! Let me make this plain and simple......................Don't waste your time.......This Place...

One of the best tanning experiences I've ever had! 3/16/2011

I'm from Northern California and moved here recently and can't seem to find the time to lay out and enjoy the California sun. Recently, the weather has been uncharacteristically cloudy and gloomy, and with spring break approaching, I've got to find a solution to fix my pasty white skin! Solution? The Tanning Club in Westwood. I walked in and was greeted by a very friendly, smiling, and most importantly KNOWLEDGEABLE girl at the front desk who explained to me all the different levels of bed tanning. She explained that all the beds in their salon are medium and high pressure European tanning beds and was honest and clear about the best ways to build my base tan as quickly and in a way that was as affordable, as possible. They've got levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 along with mystic tanning. I purchased an unlimited month for Level 4 tanning at great price and they even threw in a free Level 5 upgrade! The salon itself is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The entire salon and the beds themselves are clean and pristine. They have a vanity area in the back with marble sinks, fresh towels, baby wipes, face wash, deodorant, moisturizer... basically every toiletry you could ever imagine. I got into my level 4 aromatherapy bed (yes, aromatherapy!) and was pleasantly surprised by the satellite radio that piped in through the sound system of my tanning bed. They've got free parking in the back and some amazing unlimited monthly membership deals. I'm planning on buying another membership and also trying out their custom airbrush service. No snooty, rude tanning salon girls in a high-class, luxury, beauty-service environment. All these amenities and their great prices have made me a Tanning Club devotee for sure! Katherine more

Luxury Tanning for Less! 9/26/2009

I go tanning pretty frequently and have tried multiple other places in the nearby areas of westwood and brentwood. This place wipes the competition under the table. They offer the same beds as Le Beach Club on San Vincente for half the price. The customer service is amazing. I walked in, and because all the beds were currently in use, they upgraded me to a better bed so that I wouldn't have to wait. The staff is very friendly and professional. You don't walk in to a teenage girl slumped over the counter chewing gum and twirling her hair, talking on her cell phone while typing your name into the computer. The staff members greet you when you walk in and leave, and are available for you to ask questions without you feeling like you're bothering them, or keeping them from closing because they have a party to go to. You can tell they are very client oriented and have all kinds of specials that meet your needs in price/quantity. All my friends go here and they LOVE IT. Even my my lighter complexion friends because they have a specialized bed for customers who have light skin that normally burns. My only complaint is that they dont have a location that I can walk to from brentwood. But its totally worth the short drive. Pros: Prices, Upscale Beds, Customer Service Cons: Needs more locations more

Great place to tan! 9/15/2009

I just moved to the westwood area from northern california and I really don't understand why tanning is so much less expensive up there compared to here. I've tried a couple places down here, including of course the place with the show (that show cracks me up, love it) and by far the best place to go is the tanning club nearby. I bought two months of unlimited bed tanning for $120 and got another month free and they gave me a couple sessions on the "VIP" beds. I've only used one month so far but i love that i can use the lay down bed or the stand up and they're open til 10 so i don't feel like i'm rushing to get in. I'm used to the places in norcal where the beds were 20 minutes max and here the longest is 12 minutes, but the color comes a lot faster so it's a lot more convenient. Pros: parking!! personable staff, great hours more

Total Waste of money, very over-priced and beds aren't that 8/4/2009

I live on Wilshire Corridor and checked out this place in Westwood across from Subway. The people were friendly, but their pricing is completely pathetic. A 16 min. Tan will cost you almost 50 bucks and the beds aren't even that great. I asked the girl why their so expensive and all she did was giggle and said "honestly, I have no clue". The place is small and their is no parking. It's clean but seriously your just throwing your money away. I am a real person FYI and not a manager posting fake reviews for my own establishment. I ended up going to Sunset Tan which was a little farther from where I live, but the price was almost half the amount of this place and the beds are much nicer and newer. Don't waste your time or money at this spot unless your really desperate for a tan. They also don't have much variety of beds either. more

Friendly and Affordable Tan 4/20/2009

I've always thought of Tanning as more of a errand, but I genuinely enjoy stopping by the Tanning Club. Whether after class/working out or a quick shopping break, the Tanning Club has an enthusiastic and engaging crew. I walk in and they remember my name and are always willing to chat just about life. In addition, the prices are unbeatable for the high-end area. They have a crazy array of lotions and potions which I honestly would vouch for as not only smelling great, but also getting you over that tanning wall/plateau you often experience. Honestly, a GREAT find! Pros: parking, staff, mystic, prices, location more

best tanning place in west la 4/19/2009

I used to not like parking in the alley but now they have 2 hours free parking before 6pm at a nice garage so its perfect, and if i want to come after 6 i can just get it validated at trader joes which is perfect! Im so glad I found this salon because the staff actually seems to care that im happy when im here and they have new lotions that are super cheap & work really well! I mean only $30, soo much better than other salons ive been to like sunset tan where they only have $9 packets even and $100 lotions that dont even work better for me Pros: long hours, good prices, good results! more

GREAT PLACE!!!! 4/18/2009

I don't know what everyone is saying about this salon it is soo nice! I went in a few weeks ago to get a airbrush and the girl who spayed me did such an amazing job! I got a package of 3 airbrushes and a free mystic all for $139!!! I called all the major tanning salons on the Westside and they definitely had the best deal. The girls working in the salon were super friendly and helpful about the parking in the back! I will definitely be back!!! Pros: airbrushing, prices, service Cons: NONE!!! more

best tanning deals and service ive found in LA 8/2/2008

The Tanning Club has a great variety of beds and offers custom services to get me great tanning results and they have the most affordable monthly membership packages for very effective and relaxing beds! they also have free internet for clients in the back which is really convenient! more

Best Tanning In LA- from an expert 7/29/2008

I've been tanning for the past four years, and growing up in Los Angeles has offered me a plethora of tanning salons all over the city. I've tried Le Beach Club, Darque Tan, Total Tan and Sunset Tan and had adequate to terrible experiences at all of them. When finally a friend recommended The Tanning Club. I loved it from the first second I walked in the door. A warm welcome that made me feel comfortable and as if they thoroughly cared about my experience. In comparison to the other salons, I thought the prices here were unbeatable and the employees worked to accommodate exactly what I wanted. There are always specials and I personally believe the friendly staff that remembers my name every time and actually enjoys carrying a conversation with me is worth the visit to begin with. Let alone my flawless tan. I have convinced almost all my friends into switching to tanning at the Tanning Club and in contrast to all the negative reviews, I can promise you a great experience with the friendly staff, state of the art beds, and clean n' sleek environment. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable! Try it!!! Pros: Staff, prices and overall experience! Cons: None what so ever more

Don't let the mixed reviews fool you...this place is amazing. 7/6/2008

I stumbled upon The Tanning Club while shopping in Westwood Village and was amazed at what I had found! Expecting outrageous prices, I was shocked when I was informed that their rates were not only affordable but cheap! At first I thought there was no way I could pay so little for a decent tanning experience, however, I learned all of their beds are 12 minutes so you don't have to deal with those ridiculous 20 minute beds! The salon was beautifully decorated and I felt welcome and very well taken care of by the courteous staff. I was not pressured to buy anything I did not feel comfortable with purchasing and I was treated like a prestigious client. Above and beyond providing internet and a fully stocked powder room, they have convenient parking in the rear of the salon, which is a godsend in Westwood! I was so impressed that I decided to encourage others to go check out this salon and I was shocked when I saw that others had posted such awful reviews about The Tanning Club. I hope these reviews don't discourage anyone from discovering what a treasure The Tanning Club truly is, and I am very thankful I found such a wonderful salon. Pros: the great price for a great experience Cons: ....... more


I am not new to LA and I understand the need to keep the flow of money coming into a business, but why the hell do you have to tie a person down and try all the typical sales pitches. I've heard it before. So you have internet, so does my black berry! Your over priced for the beds you get. If you go to this place avoid the tan dark haired guy, what an idiot. Seems like he has a small, ya know problem ;) Seems arrogant and rude. The place smells good though, but I think I'll stick to Sunset Tan, high prices and all :) Pros: Are there any?... Cons: The STAFF!!!!! more

An everyday review, for everyday people 4/17/2008

I have lived in LA for about a year now, and I have gone to various tanning salons such as Le Beach Club, Sunset Tan and some others. Although these salons were comparable to The Tanning Club, their prices were outrageous! When I discovered The Tanning Club in Westwood Village I was amazed by how courteous and helpful the staff was right off the bat! They immediately gave me a tour of the salon and informed me that they offered free internet access, a powder room to wash your face, free parking in back of the salon and top of the line tanning equipment. I thought their prices would be extremely expensive, like all of the other salons in LA, however, I was shocked when I received ten sessions in top of the line 12 minute beds or an option of standing for $79 dollars. I got the same type of bed at the other salons for $350 for 10 sessions! I just moved to Santa Monica, so the drive to get there is quite far, but due to the amazing prices, modern style and convenient parking I do not mind the distance at all! The salon is always clean and honestly the people working their always provide terrific service! I always leave the salon feeling refreshed, darker and ready for the day! I highly recommend The Tanning Club to anyone searching for the perfect tanning salon in LA! Pros: Clean, affordable, courteous staff, great results Cons: parking can be a problem if you are not aware of the parking they provide for customers more

Average tanning salon, no major complaints 2/26/2007

People seem to have major problems with this place, but I have gone twice so far and it was adequate. The facilities are nice and modern, and it is not usually crowded, so the employees have time to answer questions and give proper instructions. My tan lasted over a week with almost no streaking. The downsides: parking is impossible in Westwood, this place is definitely overpriced (although buying packages will save money in the long run), and while some staff members have been extremely friendly and helpful, others have been rude and competely useless. Tanning Club is totally fine if you live in the area and don't have time to make a longer drive: everyone else could probably find better services and bargains elsewhere. Pros: facilities, products, no pressure to buy a lot, good hours Cons: price, parking, service more

Are You Kidding me? Bottom line.......This place STINKS 12/6/2006

If it looks like a SKUNK .....Smells like a SKUNK......then it usually is a SKUNK! Let me make this plain and simple......................Don't waste your time.......This Place STINKS! Awefull parking situation(Hello, Westwood Village!) (Back of store parking spot........maybe if I had a Vespa!) Staff= Rude, insulting with their "typical" sales pitch. Mystic tan solution streaks.....tanning beds.....weak bulbs.....Do they change them? Pros: ? Cons: Parking, weak lamps, streaking mystic solution....smells like a different solution more

is this place for real? 12/6/2006

ok, so I bought a "small package" about 9 months ago that cost me roughly $150. I did not tan for a while as my doctor found spots on my body. So I stopped tanning for a few months and when I returned I was informed by the staff that my sessions expired and was pitched another package. I raised a stink and my sessions were reinstated. well after spending 15-20 minutes searching for a parking space there is nothing but attitude when I tan. I feel so uncomfortable there that my boyfriend usually escorts me until my package is up. anyway do not fall for any of this, as there are better tanning saloons out there with much better equipment and service. Pros: nothing Cons: parking, sales pressure, bad equipment, parking, parking, parking more

good salon! 12/2/2006

Despite the last two comments i went in to check out this place because I haven't really liked the other salons in west LA. The guy was really nice to me and didn't pressure me to buy anything I didn't want to. I really liked the bed I went into and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Honestly the biggest difference for me was that they had 12 minute beds with facial tanners much cheaper than other salons in West LA. Parking in the back was not a problem. definitely a great place to tan. Pros: friendly staff, parking, not too expensive more

horrible service. dirty beds 9/23/2006

ok so i went to this place a few weeks back and wow i could not beleive the sales pitch right off the bat. but before that lets talk about parking. IT DOES NOT EXIST IN WESTWOOD. so all i wanted to do was buy a small package. next thing i know this rude guy keeps on pushing large bottles of lotion for sale and for some reason does not take no for an answer. so i left my coupon at home, and he was givng me a tough time making me feel like hes doing me a favor for honoring the "special" that for some reason seems to be running every month. but heres ther kicker, i got undressed, applied my large bottle of lotion that i felt pressured to buy and began tanning. and then through my dirty goggles i saw lotion streatks throughout the upper lamps. it was gross and to be honest made me feel like i had to run home and shower. i will never go back. big mistake! more

Average tan, staff is full of sh#!; deceptive sales techniques. 9/13/2006

Same equipment as anywhere else in LA to tan........big whoop.......Staff tries to sell you on prepared to get the typical sales speech...."You have only one session left, are you going to continue?".......It felt like my time was always cut shorter than the intended. Good luck trying to find parking in Westwood......what a nightmare......"Free Parking in the rear?!"...No thanks, I don't want dings in my car from the 2 tiny parking spots. Bottom line....TOO much of a hassle to get over to Westwood from the other side of the 405......especially during rush hour(which in LA is all the time)! Cons: PARKING, SERVICE OF STAFF more

Perfect! 8/6/2006

A great place to tan! I've been to many different tanning salons in LA and this is one of the best. The owners and staff are really friendly and definitely know what they are talking about. I came here to mystic for the first time and they made sure I knew what to do to come out with a perfect tan. more

Best tanning salon experience ever! 1/25/2006

When I walked into the tanning club, I was greeted by a friendly staff, a clean environment, and beautiful tanning beds! I have tanned in a lot of different tanning beds, but these beds are all amazing! They even have mystic and custom airbrushing sunless tanning! The staff was no pressure sales unlike a lot of the other salons I have tanned at. They helped me find the tanning plan that was best for me. The prices are very reasonable. They even gave me some free sessions! I can't find a single thing I don't like about this salon! I highly recommend it to anyone! Pros: friendly staff, clean environment, great value more
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  • Get bronzed with Mystic Tan, or medium- or ultra-pressure beds. Pay per tan or opt for unlimited monthly services.

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