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The Seattle Children's Museum - 30 Reviews - 305 Harrison St, Seattle, Seattle, WA - Children's Museums Reviews - Phone (206) 441-1768

The Seattle Children's Museum

305 Harrison St, Seattle
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 441-1768

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The Seattle Children's Museum - Seattle, WA
The Seattle Children's Museum - Seattle, WA


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This is a great place to spend an hour or two on a rainy day with a toddler. My almost one year old son had a great time in the ""Discovery Bay"" area, which has lots of stuff ge...


The walk arounf the rock is littered with gum and dirt. The place should really be maintained better. All in all, still a great place for learning. A simple fix on most of the ...

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Editorial Review 10/28/2011

It is a fun, spacious 22,000 square foot area, located on the lower floor of the Seattle center campus. The museum has various, hands- on exploration exhibits such as the global village, Mountain Forest, neighborhood and many more for ages 10 months to 10 years. more

horrible staffs 8/18/2010

The place itself is not bad but the staffs are rude and actually not very child friendly. One front desk staff with blonde hair and pony tail does not greed guest with a smile. Then, the staff in art room is not friendly at all and she yelled at my kid to get out!! (She could just tell my kid to come back late.) They need to hire people with more passion because they all look like they do not want to be there! more

Eh... 3/16/2009

I'd expect a much more creative and contemporary place for Seattle. The exhibits always seem a bit run down and it's geared mostly towards toddlers. For the price there are tons of other fun things to do. Really only good for children under 3 or 4. Parking can be a pain. more

Is this the best Seattle can do 10/14/2008

I hate to be the one to say it but the Children's Museum really needs more interesting things added to it, it seems to only appeal to toddlers. For the price, there are many other interesting things to do in Seattle. more

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Children's Museum membership 11/22/2006

If you have small children of varying age and live in Seattle, the Children's Museum ( ) is a good place for a membership. One adult and one child costs $15, and a year membership is as low as $40. So, go three times and you break even. If it is raining outside, we often go here so the kids can get exercise. There is plenty of space to run around and it's a good place for a play date. Our favorites include: 1) The art studio where the kids can do arts and crafts. Each time we go, there is a different project to make. I'm not sure if it's the parents that like it more or the kids. We like to paint here!!! 2) About two times a year, there is a new traveling exhibit. Clifford is the current exhibit. 3) Discovery Bay: for Kids 3 and under, the water table is a popular destination. But it takes second billing to feeding the fish. more

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Spruced it up! 6/17/2006

I used to think that this museum was dirty, old, and in severe need for a re-model, but they've done it!! I just went tonight - they whole place was rented by my church, and it has been remodeled under my very's great! All the old grubby stuff has been switched around and cleaned up. They've expanded the baby area - it's much bigger, they've added a room for older kids with a little radio station (better than the old one) and an interactive video game - you get to step in and play on the screen...kind of fun - and added more kid-friendly "ball" area - where the stuff actually works!! Anyway, I'm going back soon with a new outlook! more

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The Seattle Children's Museum is Surreal! 5/9/2006

Somehow I ended up there when Mr. McPheely from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was there, posted at the entrance to a full-scale replica of the Neighborhood of Make Believe! I felt like I was in a dream, and I finally got to see behind all of those puppets' "homes" and stand on Mr. Rodgers' porch. The rest of the experience was almost as strange: it's for kids, kids love it, but you should only go when you're ready to spend an afternoon in the dreams of children. It's nice to walk through seaweed or caves or doll houses in foreign lands, but I don't recommend doing it with low blood sugar because those kids are energetic! more

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Fun but tired 5/9/2006

There is plenty for the kiddos to do here at the Seattle Children's Museum - but it's beginning to show it's age with tired looking exhibits and worn out carpets. The kids aren't likely to notice the aethetics however, so that makes it still a great place for a little entertainment and education. My kids love to play grocery store and pretend they're in a show on the stage. more

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fun for kids 4/17/2006

We took our children to the Seattle Children's Museum last summer. My daughter was 1 1/2 years old and my son was 4 1/2 years old. My son LOVED it, my daughter had fun but wasn't really old enough yet. It's a great place to elt your kid explore and learn and just have fun! Lots of hands on and interactive projects and exhibits! We hope to go back this summer! more

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For Your Inner Child (or the actual rug rat) 4/11/2006

The NW has a number of children's museums that appeal to the mind and spirit of the younger set. The Seattle Children's Museum is a great example. Located on the ground floor of the Seattle Center House, the Children's Museum houses a number of exhibits that expose children to the arts, sciences, nature, and world culture. It's a specialized museum. There is a little for the really young children and not much for older children. But a membership is ideal when your children hit that 4-8 year range. The gift shop is fun and available to outside visitors. more

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Great place for young kids. 4/1/2006

We like the Children's Museum. It has NOTHING on Chicago's Children's Museum, but it is good. I would much rather hang out at the Pacific Science Center, but it does serve its purpose for small kids. Another children's sort of museum is Kid Quest at Factoria Mall. We love it! It is far more convenient to attend than the Seattle CM. Free parking! In addition, if you attend on Friday from 5-8:30, it is absolutely FREE for the entire family! Lots of hands on exhibits. They can play in a hut, ride a metro bus, paint, play music, and explore nature. Be prepared to pay for parking, in addition to the admission fees. more

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Awesome Place for the Kids 3/18/2006

If you've got an elementary aged kid on the younger side, your child will love this hands on place. So much to see and do. You can be a shop keeper, act on a stage, or walk through a Japanese house. There are tons of things to play with and it's all just for kids. Kids never tire of this place and keep wanting to go back. more

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Great Place for 10 and Under 3/18/2006

The Children's Museum, (located on the bottom floor of the Seattle Center House), is wonderful for younger children to explore. It has many interactive exhibits and the kids seem to love the hands on activities. The price is the same for children as it is for adults with can make it pricey for a large family but it is worth it at $7.50 a head. Children under 1 are free. Remember, the Center House is in the heart of Seattle so parking can be tricky. more

boo 12/24/2005

The Childrens museum is very small, the number of exhibits is limited to toys designed for children 4 or under. My 10 year old wanted to leave after 25 minutes. Poor selection of exhibits and dated facility. It's not worth the money, I'd rather go to the science center. more

Gets bad as time goes by. 12/9/2005

The museum is or was a great place. It was once free and my kids would go there often. Now they charge you $4 reguardless of age. Memberships are $50 and you're only allowed to bring in a certain number of guest . The membership is only worth getting if you get it with the science center because the kids will love that place also. I wish it were still free. A good place, but prices keep driving me further away. more

Problems with my membership 12/9/2005

I had a joint membership to the Children's Museum with my Pacific Science Center membership, but something got messed up along the way. The Science Center was able to confirm that I indeed had a joint membership, but it was not showing up on the Children's Museum side. After spending a long time discussing this (which really bored my impatient nephews), we were able to get in. Next time, I'll go with something else besides here. more

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very fun children's museum 10/29/2005

I only game it four stars because my all time most favorite children's museum is in Salem, OR. Seattle does have a very nice one compared to others I've been to in the Pacific Northwest. Looking down on the museum from the Center House, you don't know how large it really is. One fun section is a place where kids can "travel" the world, seeing how houses in other parts of the world are designed and what kinds of things you would find in them. Another fun section is an area where kids can manipulate the paths ping pong balls take. There is a section for very young children. They also have a stage area where kids can put on costumes and play around with changing the back drop. We've always just gone as a family so the stage doesn't get much use for us. There is a pretend fast food restaraunt, a real hit. They also have one area which has temporary exhibits. It's a good value to get a combined children's museum/science center family pass. more

your kid will probably like it 8/21/2005

I actually don't know too many cities have museums just for children. But Seattle has one. It's located in the basemaent of the Center House at the Seattle center, which is right by the Space Needle. One day we were touring the Seattle Center and my son saw a bunch of kids were playing down there. So he immediately wanted to play too. It's kind of expensive, $7.50 for adults and kids. But there are some cultural exhibits and a child-size neighborhood, which my son did seem enjoyed very much. Overall, you will probably spend about an hour or so here. more

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Seattle Children's Museum 8/21/2005

The Seattle Children's Museum is located on the first level of Center House in Seattle Center. There are a lot of great exhibits and play rooms for children of all ages, even those in their 20's and 30's. They have a nice sense of how to entertain and educate children, and even sell gifts for a little bit too high a charge, but it does cater to tourists. You can have lunch in the center house, walk around the Seattle center and even splash around in the fountain during your time there. more

Children's Museum 8/19/2005

If you're looking to occupy the kids' time for a day, you could do worse than a museum devoted to them. They can learn about the area forests, play fireman, explore their artistic sides, sail to foreign lands, explore their acting abilities in a faux theater, and many other things sure to delight them. more
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  • The Experience
    This is one of the best places to escape with your little ones on a rainy afternoon. Located on the lower level of the Center House, the museum offers unique exhibits that both educate and entertain. Children can explore a Mayan village, "drive" a Metro bus, manage a Mexican restaurant or put on a performance at the Bijou Theatre--complete with lights and sound effects. Rotating exhibits make each visit new and interesting.

    Discovery Bay is for kids 2 1/2 and younger. It features a ferry and other sea-themed attractions, as well as toys and books. The Global Village is a fun place for kids to explore and celebrate other cultures. Older kids will like the art and technology programs. These fill fast, so ask about that day's programs and availability when you arrive. The museum offers plenty of unique photo opportunities--including a sail boat and kid-sized fire truck--so bring your camera.

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