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The Ramp - 35 Reviews - 855 China Basin St, San Francisco, CA - Breakfast Restaurants Reviews - Phone (415) 621-2378

The Ramp

855 China Basin St (at at 3rd St)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 621-2378
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I love the Ramp....I've been coming here for years. Great staff...great food....and great atmosphere!! You get the service you deserve...just a note to the one star people who pro...


It is a great place to go have a bloody mary on a Sunday morning, especially if it is warm and sunny out. The food is just average. The waitresses used to be really hot until th...

The Ramp Rocks 5/22/2009

I love the Ramp....I've been coming here for years. Great staff...great food....and great atmosphere!! You get the service you deserve...just a note to the one star people who probably shouldn't be in public at any bar....much less reviewing.... Pros: Great Food, Great Service, Great Staff more

Is this really the Ramp????? 3/30/2008

Thursday evening we stopped for a quick drink on the way home from work and we couldn't believe our eyes! Not only was a Latin Trio playing (members of Los Compas), but they were serving ciopinno & osso bucco! We tried the crab cakes & onion soup first @ the bar. Then finally got a table, called the babysitter, and stuck around for entrees. We talked to the bartender & he let us in on the scoop. The Ramp just got a new chef who is making ALOT of changes(including Thurs. night dinner & music). I glanced over the lunch menu, wow! I think we'll keep an eye on the Ramp this summer, looks like there's ALOT more to come. more

Good Bloody Marys 2/24/2008

It is a great place to go have a bloody mary on a Sunday morning, especially if it is warm and sunny out. The food is just average. The waitresses used to be really hot until they got rid of the blonde goddess punk rock hottie Lynn Perko. \r \r It is a good place to get wasted in the sun with your friends on the weekend, but if you want great food, there are many other places in the city. Pros: bloody mary's Cons: marginal food more

Best Lunch I've had lately 8/28/2007

I and a friend stopped in for lunch last week after hearing about it from a coworker who had gotten a great breakfast there over the weekend. I had linguini with a pink sauce that beat any Italian food I've had ever. Today I went back and had a geat Heirloom Tomato salad. It is a pleasure to sit and unwind in this setting and savor a delicious lunch. The staff is friendly and considerate. I can't always get out for lunch so when I do I want it to be enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next time. more

The Ramp Does What It Sets Out to Do 8/27/2007

This is a friendly outdoor dining restaurant. I take clients and friend here regularly. I have been reading some of the reviews and do not understand the negativity. The atmosphere is casual but the service is always welcoming and accomodating. For instance, I often ask my order to be different than what appears on the menu because of dietary restrictions and The Ramp staff always serve me what I ask for including how I like my steak well done. \r \r Recently, The Ramp has hired a new chef who continues to serve the fresh, classic, unpretenious American fare people have come to expect at the restaurant. However, he's also bringing some creativity to the kitchen with interesting daily lunch specials.\r \r The Ramp is a San Francisco institution that attracts a real cross section of San Franciscans. It doesn't try to be trendy or on the cutting edge. It's just comfortable and fun that's what brings me and a lot of others back again and again. Pros: Comfortable, consistency, good service Cons: Need upgraded bathrooms more

Don't go to the Ramp 8/21/2007

It seems every time I go to this place. It just keeps on getting worse and worse. I took my whole family and they were all just as dissapointed as I was. The food was horrible. It was all greasy, over done, or under done, The curly fries where overcooked to a hard lifless brittle creation of I don't know what, and they where cold and tasteless. The lettuce in the salads was wilting and turning brown. Our omlettes where room temperature on the outside and Iced cold on the inside. They took for ever to bring our drinks with a whole lot of attitude. I complained about my lousy omelette to the waitress and when she brought it back it had really reayllly hot harbenero peppers inside of it. I think they may have placed there on pupose. They burned my whole mouth up and my eyes and nose where all inflamed for the rest of the day. I can't exactly prove it although the waitress said it was an accident with a secretive sarcasstic smerk on her face. One thing that I am positively sure about is that I will never go to this hell hole of a stinking dump ever again. Pros: I can't think of any Cons: The food, the service, the awful smell, pulling pranks on their customers,the seagulls more

Amazons, bad service and bad attitudes 8/14/2007

First of all I like to say, I don't know where they come off saying that the waitresses there are cute, because the only two times that I was there the only waitresses I seen all around me were complete amazons including mine. And nice? I don't know but if our waitress was any nastier she would of been a sailor. Well the first time I was there I had these real dried out fish and chips with this horrible tartar sauce they gave me and old packets of mayonnaise. The next day I had such a bad case of nausea I had to miss work for three days. I wasn't exactly sure that the Ramps disgusting food was responsible for my nausea so I ate there a second time just about two weeks ago. I had their burger which was dried out, slimy and it stunk. I complained to my amazon waitress about the corroded scuz all over the rim of the ketchup bottle and she told me it was fresh because she just refilled it in the morning. I know I shouldn't of used it by I guess I had to give some flavor to the over done dried out fries. I asked the amazon if I could speak to the manager or the owner and she told me that she was the manager and that the owner was busy. I mean isn't bad enough that they have to give you contaminated food and yet they have the nerve to ignore you like your a piece of wood, don't these people have any class at all? Well sure enough the next day after my second and the last for ever visit to the Ramp I came up with a very bad case of nausea again. Coincidence? I think not. This has got to be one of the very worst restaurants I've ever been to based on their food quality and the way they treat people. I will never go there ever again. Pros: I am not legally obligated to eat at a place like this ever again Cons: They are legally able to operate in the United States more

Ease up, it's a great place 7/30/2007

I read some of the previous reviews and I think that some people are just down right mean!!! I,m not sure anything would make them happy or even content.... I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!! I've been coming here for years and although it has changed quite a bit it still remains to be relaxing and fun. Not just when they have music but its nice to have lunch and some drinks on a weekday and get away from it all. They have a great draft beer selection. The staff is awsome and really down to earth and the kitchen has always accomedated with my modifications to the menu. What more can you want? Pros: friendly(and cute) waitstaff, parking, lots of choices Cons: no reservations more

The Worst Burger I Ever Seen 7/26/2007

I recently visited thRamp for the first time in like five years and I have to say, what the hell happened. Just because we arrived ther two thirty in the afternoon was no reason for them to treat us like we where second class citizens. I mean the waitress gave us a look like who do you think you are for expecting any kind of service at this time. And believe me that we didn't.. The burger which I ordered medium came back extra extra well and was dried out like a hockey puck and the bun was hard as rock. They looked as if they where on the grill for hours. I would of put that burger in my mouth if you paid me. And the cole slaw looked as if it was already digeated and luke warm and bubbly as if was fermenting or something. It probably had more alchohol content and carbonation that the flat luke warm beer they took a half an hour to bring me. And there was all this little black shiny metallic burnt up particles in the cole slaw as well as the burger bun. My friend who was once a grill cook told me after he got done almost gagging to death on a dried piece of his fish, that the black stuff was burned up pieces of a grill brush probably from cleaning their nasty grill as the bun and coleslaw was sitting out there in danger zone for a long time. Being the gentleman I am I didn't complain and even left a tip as we left determined never to return there ever again. It is my belief that this place should be boarded up and shut down Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

fun in the sun 7/26/2007

I love going to The is one of the few places in San Francisco that has managed to remain the same....even as the area around it changes. Sometimes I wander in and find live music inside with some reasonably priced and good tasting food....other times I encounter a great local salsa band and am able to dance outdoors!.....sometimes I bring guests to experience a delicious bloody mary and hearty breakfast....and sometimes I wander in alone during the week for some quiet time and to enjoy the view. The crowd is always different, diverse and unpretentious. The bartenders pour generous drinks and the food is satisfying. I love the stuffed avocado with bay shrimp and the chipotle chicken sandwich. The staff has always made me feel welcome. The Ramp is a San Francisco institution. more

Why go anywhere else.....? 7/25/2007

As long time customers (12 yrs+) the Ramp is our favorite place to go, fog or sun. What better place to sit and enjoy an eggs benedict and a bloody mary on a lazy sunday morning? Don't be surprised if you still see us siting in the afternoon sun for beers, BBQ & salsa music! Over the years the food has changed greatly. The burgers, specials and the salads are to die for, even for a quick lunch during a busy work day.\r The BBQ food has also changed for the better! The service has remained consistant, some of the waiters and bartenders have been there for 10 years+. Thanks to the Ramp for always making us feel welcome and relaxed in their oasis down on the waterfront. Pros: good service, casual dining more

What Are They Still Doing Open 6/29/2007

But experiences eating there at the Ramp have just gotten worse and worse, from horrible to traumatic. The last three times I ate there, I asked for my burger to be rare, I ended up with well done. I then asked for well done the next time and i ended up with rare. I asked for a blue cheese burger and the waitress apologized and told me the cook forgot to put blue cheese on it, so she took the burger back without even giving me a chance to make her and my life easyer by just telling her to bring me a side of blue cheese on it. When she finally brought it back to my table about a half hour later, it had blue cheese on it alright, except I noticed the side it had blue cheese on was raw and bloody and the bottom was burned to crisp. And then it that same instance a seagull decided to go to the bathroom in my marguerita. I dont know if I was more in shock or nauseated. I don't know what happened I dont remember it being like this there around four years ago. This day was as worse as the one day I ate there and had to tip toe through human sewage to get out of their horrible bathroom. I will never eat at this place ever again, nor will any body in my family for as long as I can help it. Pros: They accept credit cards Cons: They're still open more

The food has took a spiral down 6/23/2007

I used to eat at the Ramp allot in the early 2000's. Back then it was ok. Yeah the surroundings were filthy and the food servers acted like they where better than everyone but my burger was always cooked the exact way I wanted it. And I loved the blueberry pancakes. After 2003 something drastic happened. In the summer of 2004 the burgers where always the same, way overcooked, dried out and burned. The blueberry pancakes had corned beef hash and onions in them and where litteraly disgusting. They where also hard and buned like frisbees. I just ate there recently and there did'nt seem to be any improvement. I asked one of the long time food servers there what happened, I was informed that at the end of 2003 they replaced the head broil cook to conserve employee overhead. Did'nt they realize what saving a few dollars on hiring a less experienced cook who was willing to work for less what devistating effect this would have on their food quality. I'll never eat at the Ramp again. And the few dollars they saved on replacing this guy I'm going to take and spend somewhere else. So there. The Ramps food turned down right disgusting back in 2004 and it's still down right disgusting three yaers later today. Blah more

FUN TIMES IN SF 6/7/2007

I love this place. The salsa bands are usually great on Saturdays. People dance, eat and enjoy \r fun conversation. Sometimes the crowd is really good looking. There all ages that come here to dance.\r What I like is that even if you are 70 years old, you fit in. You will not feel out of place here!!! The bathrooms are disgusting, and there is usually a long line. I do not recommend the outhouses. \r Lunch is okay. The staff are great, accomodating if you are having a party. It can get really \r crowded. It is worth the $9 cover charge on Saturday. I recommend getting there early for lunch\r and keep your seats for the dancing. It is a fun place to watch people salsa dance from South America,\r Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, the US, Puerto Rico, and Central America. They have it is all good! \r Check it out, especially, if it is a warm evening. I suggest you get there at 3:30, eat and wait for the music to \r start around 5pm-8:30pm Pros: Ambience gives it an island flavor Cons: Bathrooms are disgusting more

Boring, dirty, and expensive! 6/3/2007

I don't know what the fuss is about. This place is dirty, and downright depressing AND THEY CHARGE YOU $9 TO GET IN AFTER 4 PM!!!. Basically The Ramp is a cleared out concrete lot in the industrial part of SF. They have a bunch of plastic chairs and tables set up around a concrete dance floor. A live band plays a few songs, then puts on a recording for half an hour. A bunch of creepy (and drunk) old guys are trolling the corners, trying to pick up a girl for a dance. On the dance floor it's mostly middle-aged hippies, aging frat boys, pregnant women, and some odd characters who seem to be at The Ramp every night. The music sounded very bland, kind of like the band was just a bunch of guys who randomly got together and decided to play. There was no chemistry between them and the audience. I don't know what view of the bay people are talking about either. All you see is the concrete industrial structures and loading docks, maybe a few private boats tied up at the piers, nothing awe-inspiring. You get very little for your money here and if you are a serious salsa dancer, the concrete floor will tear up your feet and shoes. I went to check it out for the experience, but I won't be back. If you are looking for a casual place to dance and socialize, there are much better spots in SF. Pros: Parking, fast seating, strong drinks Cons: $9 cover charge, ambience more

Totally don't get it! 5/24/2007

Ghetoo and dirty. Restrooms were definitely disgusting with insects flying around inside of the restaurants. Prompt sitting? The wait was too long and we ended up sitting indoor (not that outside seating has better scenery either). The foods are unreasonably overpriced for what they serve. $3.50 of 8 oz freshly squeezed room temperature Orange Juice in disposable plastic cup? Homefries were too dry and overcooked. Curly fries looked appetizing but tasted mediocre. Seriously....I can get a much better quality of foods and ambiance in a French cafe somewhere else for $20 brunch. The only good thing though...they put a lot of avocado in my mushroom and avocado omelet. I'm not coming back there ever again! more

This is why we live in SF 11/1/2006

Outdoors, strong drinks. What else could you want? Not a huge fan of the food, I think it's just average. But for an experience (day or night) of why we live here, and to drink while doing it, this place is great. more

Forget sundays - Enjoy every day 8/16/2006

Great place to escape downtown for an hour and enjoy some real food at bottom prices during the week. Late afternoon even better. Week end is a zoo but music is good and you can always take a nap if you woke up early to get a table. Pros: water front friendly patrons and staff Cons: parking a struggle more

Just the place to relax and catch a catch 2/3/2006

My nephews love the Clam Chowder. The prices are the greatest bargain by any means, however, you can above average quantity and quality for it. The Bloody Mary's make the sunday brunch. Cons: parking more

Excellent Restaurant 12/15/2005

Great food ,friendly staff, nice outdoor setting. Love the summertime outdoor BBQ's & entertainment. more
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    A few dozen plastic tables with chairs crowd the ancient wooden deck of this erstwhile bait shop, which hugs the industrial edge of the bay. On sunny days, the Ramp is packed...

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