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The Pooch Coach - 24 Reviews - 642 28th Street, San Francisco, CA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (415) 643-3333

The Pooch Coach

642 28th Street
San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 643-3333
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The Pooch Coach - San Francisco, CA
The Pooch Coach - San Francisco, CA


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Beverly helped me and my dog so much and was very kind and patient with me. I had some physical problems that made me take a long time to get through the program, but Beverly stu...


In all fairness, I must say that we did receive some valuable tips and insights, and got quick results in a few areas. Possibly, Beverly's style works for many dogs. It was certai...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/27/2013

Beverly worked with me and my 1 year-old cattle dog, Bulleit, for nearly a year. Her help with training was revolutionary. For one, it's self-led. So although many people may get through the training scenarios faster than me, Beverly was very patient to work with us at our pace and with my challenging schedule. With her help, I was able to gain the confidence and skill to work with my dog while horse back riding. Bulleit had been around horses since her birth but suddenly started to lunge aggressively when she was 6 months old. It was a nightmare. When I met with Beverly, we started at the very beginning, reinforcing commands that Bulleit first learned in puppy class. Building consistency was critical. It took a lot of patience on my part to work on the basics when I really wanted to get out to the beach and ride. But I trusted Beverly and she was 100% correct in her approach. After 10 months, I now can ride with my dog alongside me. I trust my dog in any situation. The training was the best investment I made all year and I've recommended Beverly to numerous people since. Thanks Beverly! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2013

Beverly has a unique and innate ability with dogs. She understands dogs and can explain things to their owners in ways that really help them understand what is going on and how to fix it. Her own dog is impeccably trained and their relationship is a joy to watch. I would highly recommend Beverly to anyone who has problems with their dog or who just wants to better understand their dog and build and stronger relationship with him or her. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/20/2013

Beverly is an outstanding dog trainer. She understands dogs and is exceptional at explaining them to humans! She helped our aggressive dog become calm and loving and she's great with obedience tips too. We highly recommend her! more

Yeah Beverly! 7/27/2011

Beverly helped me and my dog so much and was very kind and patient with me. I had some physical problems that made me take a long time to get through the program, but Beverly stuck with me and now my dog and I are so happy! I definitely recommend her! more

Blessed to have Bev! 9/1/2009

I have a beautiful rescue dog that had a lot of fear aggression to the point where snapping would take place when he felt threatened or in danger. Bev took the time with me to go over the reasons why this was happening, what she would be doing as a trainer, what she expected of me as a pet owner and how my dog would fall in line if I stuck to the program. I immediately saw positive changes and behaviors after following Bev's instruction. She would go on walks with me, demonstrate EXACTLY what to do in this situation or that situation and probably spent more time than she should have with all my neurotic questioning. Not to mention I would call her constantly with questions on what to do IF this happened or THAT happened. I too am not a big fan of prong collars, however, I trusted in Bev's knowledge of dogs, their physicality and the one she suggested (actually gave me) did not hurt him at all. The moment that collar went on him during our walks, he was a changed dog. Nearly two years later, I am still calling asking for her help when *I* have not lived up to my bargain in keeping up the constant training with my dog. Bev does have a ""to the point"" mentality and could come across as harsh or non-caring. But, she HAS to be that way when dog owners do not live up to their end of the bargain and the seriousness involved. It's not the DOG, it's the owner! She is giving of herself and devotes a lot of her time and energy to helping dogs, helping rescues and helping owners learn how to become better ""parents."" I am blessed to have found her! Pros: Always available for help and advice! more

can't belive she is still around 6/10/2009

Please save your money! It has been 3 years or so since I had my exp with her-Iit stilll gies me the creeps to think about it- an incredible waste of money- she takes your checks and then you never can get any help from her- she tells you to come to her group lessons. very manipulative person-stay away unless you like to be abused. Check out how well her dog is trained BTW Pros: bad experiences make you stronger Cons: waste of money more

She's a life saver! 10/31/2008

I've been working with Beverly off and on for almost 2 years now. She volunteers her time with our rescue group and works with ""problem"" foster dogs to get them in shape for adoption. She's always generous with her time and really knows her stuff. I've also used her for my own dog when he started exhibiting mild aggression towrds certain other dogs. I think in order to work well with Beverly, you have to be committed to doing the homework. It seems some people feel it was her job to call them to check on them. But what teacher calls all of his or her students to make sure they are working on their homework? And, she HAS proactively followed up with special cases with me several times. But, otherwise, I realize she is busy and I call her with questions or problems. That's all anyone has to do, and she'll be there. No one that I know has had anything but good things to say about The Pooch Coach! I highly recommend her. more

dog training 5/8/2008

I first met Beverly through my volunteer work with P.A.W.S. Every Friday for two years I walked a client's two large Labmixes. Other members of our team and myself had complained of the dogs' lack of training and certain behavioral problems. Specifically excitability around skateboarders, cyclists, and other dogs. P.A.W.S. arrainged for our team and dogs to meet with Beverly on a Sunday @ Dolores park. Personally, I was a little resentful because I didn't expect one session to accomplish anything. Instead I was blown away by Beverly's ability to change old behaviors within the first ten minutes. One year later these dogs still act like they went to finishing school. Recently I adopted Edward, a one-year old from A.C.C. He came with some bad habits including straining on the leash and jumping up on people. I called The Pooch Coach and again Beverly amazed me with her expertise. The lessons learned during sessions and individualized take-home notes actually made Edward and my training times fun and part of the bonding experience. I and my back can't thank Beverly enough or recommend her more highly. L. Doss more

I'm a fan! 4/20/2008

I recently attended a fundraiser that Beverly (The Pooch Coach) put together for Share-A-Pet, a pet therapy organization. In speaking with people there, and meeting Beverly myself, it was clear that this woman is a mover and a shaker - and a giver. Wow! She put the event together, paid for everything, and then donated every cent brought in to the charity. People could not stop talking about how great she was as a person, how much she's helped them, or saved some foster dog from doom, etc. I also got to meet several dogs she trained (who were there with their peeps), and they were so well-behaved and pleasant! Not one item of food was stolen from nose-level! And her dog, who was sick (poor thing - Beverly let her sleep in her soft crate for most of the night), was delightful as well. Beverly is someone to aspire to be like... I am definitely a fan! more

Don't miss an opportunity to work with The Pooch Coach! 4/2/2008

The Pooch Coach was wonderful. She saved my dog and my marriage. My dog behaves so well - and my husband is so glad! She was patient with us and she explained things very well - and was often funny, too! We really enjoyed working with her. But most importantly, our Grimly is a new, safe happy dog. I can't believe how comfortable he is now. He was so afraid, anxious and even aggressive at times. Now, he's a confident non-problematic dog. We enjoy long walks as a family every night - something we only dreamed about before working with The Pooch Coach. I HIGHLY recommend her! more

A knowledgeable trainer 3/28/2008

Beverly is professional and knows what she's doing. I was impressed with everything she knew and her ability to explain it to everyone (we had myself, my husband and my mother at most of the lessons). Our bulldog, Nadine, is doing wonderfully now after all of our work together. I am very pleased with the results and the program itself. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with someone who really knows her stuff and will surely help you. more

Keep looking for another trainer! 3/1/2008

Like many others who have hired Beverly I had high hopes, escpecially since the cost was over $1000.00. Unfortunately like some of the other reviewers, I don't feel that I got what I paid for. She was was mean to my dog, mean to me and overall did not project a great attitude. Of course, when she came to my home the first time it was a totally different ball game. It's only after you pay the money, which she requires up front that things change. Pros: There is nothing positive to say! Cons: Too many to list!! more

Harmony achieved! 1/14/2008

Beverly helped me get my 2 dogs to get along. My younger dog had put my older one in the hospital with bite wounds. It was completely out of control. I thought I was going to have get rid of one of my dogs. more

Excellent trainer!! 12/20/2007

The Pooch Coach is awesome! Beverly helped us work through several issues we had with our dog, and then helped us get our new puppy trained. She was great at teaching and explaining things so we clearly understood our dog's behavior and exactly what we had to do. She has a unique ability to relate to dogs and to get them to respond quickly - and happliy! We now have 2 excellent dogs and couldn't be more pleased. more

Thanks Pooch Coach! 9/6/2007

I just worked with Beverly for about 3 months. I am extremely pleased with the results of her methodologies. Because of the great experience I had and all I learned, I am now considering going into dog training myself as a career when I move back East. I want to help people and dogs just like she did for me! more

Wow. She knows her stuff! 8/15/2007

I thought I knew dogs pretty well, but Beverly showed me so much more. I learned how my dog thinks, why he does what he does and, best of all, how to fix it! She was readily available whenever I had questions, too. (And I ended up having a lot more than I thought I would). I think she really has a gift with dogs and was greatly impressed with her knowledge and techniques. Everything made sense and worked as she explained and expected. It was so smooth and interesting. I really enjoyed learning from her and working with her and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their puppy or dog. I guess from what I've read here, most people agree with me, but there are a few people who don't like her... but I get the sense it's jealously. She's got her own TV segment and has a pretty big following here in SF. I know a lot of people who have worked with her. But I guess everyone in the limelight has to take their share of shots as well. Look at people like Cesar Milan. There are those who love him and those that hate him - there's hardly anything in between. That's the truth for most celebrities, really. Anyway, I was upset to see anything bad written about her, since I only had good vibes and a good experience. So, I wanted to jump in and say my piece! So, meet her for yourself before making any judgements. I think you'll be happy you did. more

Very knowledgeable. I learned so much. 8/8/2007

I have had many dogs and trained them all myself with no problems. But my latest dog was a handful and so I enlisted The Pooch Coach to help after seeing her on TV. She was great. Professional, articulate and very pleasant and knowledgeble. After just 4 sessions, I had a new dog - and a new understanding of dogs! It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help understanding and correcting your dog's behavior. more

This woman is g-d-awful 6/5/2007

Reading these reviews, I can see the people who loved her have either little experience with dogs or dog training. Beverly has a terrible reputation with being weird and mean to dogs and people. Cons: Many more

My dog is fixed! 5/17/2007

I tried several trainers and behaviorists - even went to Davis for an eval. I also tried Marin Humane. They told me my dog was not going to get better and would either have to be put down or always wear a muzzle. I called Beverly as my last resort. In one month, I had a new dog! She greats strangers with ease now and allows almost anyone to pet her. She used to snarl at anyone new, and even snapped at - and bit - several of my friends over the years. But now she's calm, confident and well-trained. Beverly was amazing. She understands dogs better than anyone I have ever seen. She had my dog's respect and trust at their first meeting. I am truly thankful and impressed! She literally saved my dog - and made my life so much easier and calmer. Pros: Amazing. She really understands and respects dogs. more

A great trainer and a great person 5/2/2007

I used Beverly for many troubled dogs I have had in my rescue work. I also worked with her with my own dog years ago. She gives her time endlessly for all sorts of non-profits - she's the sole behaviorist for PAWS, VETSOS, Rocket Dog rescue, ShareAPet. And she volunteers many hours a week to help people and dogs in need. In my 17 years of working with shelters and rescues, I have never seen a more giving or compassionate trainer. She is always there when you need her and she is an awesome, compassionate dog person. She uses positive reinforcement as well as firmer techniques for troubled (aggressive) dogs. You can read about her methodolgy on her website. She also has given lectures and writes informative pieces for dog magazines & newsletters - all with no pay. So I wholeheartedly recommend her as a great trainer as well as a great human being. Pros: One of the kindest, most generous people I've met. Cons: She probably overcommits herself and is spread thin, since she has trouble saying ""no"" to dogs/people in need. more
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  • One-on-one training for dogs and puppies for obedience, off-leash, aggression and other behavior problems. Trainer certified by American Kennel Club.

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