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The Pet Stops Here - 17 Reviews - 10697 Main St. #1, Bellevue, WA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (425) 637-0188

The Pet Stops Here

10697 Main St. #1
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 637-0188
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The Pet Stops Here - Bellevue, WA
The Pet Stops Here - Bellevue, WA
The Pet Stops Here - Bellevue, WA
The Pet Stops Here - Bellevue, WA
The Pet Stops Here - Bellevue, WA


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We brought our geriatric poodle to Diana to groom until we lost him last year and have continued to have Diana groom our adopted 12-year old Tibetan Spaniel. She is very gentle a...


I had heard that this was a good place to get a haircut for dogs, however, I was extremely disappointed with the experience I had there. When I first arrived I had to wait for the...

Very good with older dogs who need a loving touch 11/7/2011

We brought our geriatric poodle to Diana to groom until we lost him last year and have continued to have Diana groom our adopted 12-year old Tibetan Spaniel. She is very gentle and patient with older dogs. Both of our dogs have done very well with her. She always gives our Spaniel a great haircut. He does just fine in her care and with her staff. Diana spent time with me when I first brought him a year ago and and we talked Sam's personality and my concerns. We have not had any issues at all and continue to come back. Sam is always very good for her. I have referred Diana to my friends who now use her shop. more

Needed a Groomer......Good Call!!! 5/16/2011

I needed a groomer on short notice, our regular groomer broke her hand and is out of commision....I was very pleased to find The Pet Stops Here has groomers 7 days a week....When I brought my boys in I was greated instantly, a groomer came out and talked to me about what I wanted, one of my boys was timid and she was very patient with him. When I picked them up they let me know that one of my boys had an accident so they gave him a second bath....they looked great and were very relaxed when I picked them up ....I was very happy with the haircuts and the service, I will definately be back.....I have always used the same groomer so my expectations were very high...... more

Going Here was a BIG MISTAKE! 6/30/2010

When we got home from our vacation our dog was in desperate need of a wash and cut. Our regular groomer, Becca at Mercer Island's Puppy Bubbles, was booked solid for days so I called The Pet Stops Here. I should have known there was a problem when they could fit us right in, but I took my dog in anyway. When we get to Puppy Bubbles our runs right in, asks Becca to pick him up and snuggle him and then gets all the other dogs to play. He's the sweetest dog and entirely social. But as soon as he walked into The Pet Stops Here he was fearful and shaking. When the attendant went to take him from me he growled and nipped at her. I thought maybe he was just nervous because it was a new place, so I left. I called awhile later and they told me he was sleeping. Sleeping? How could he sleep there? My 10-year old inquired, ""Did they sedate him?"" When we picked him up a snotty, scowly woman told me he was ""naughty."" Then the owner came rushing out to tell me how horrible he had behaved. How he needs to be muzzled! Huh? Something is seriously wrong there to make my dog behave aggressively. In addition, it cost a fortune! They have a flat fee and then charge $5 for ""add-ons"" such as teeth brushing and nail filing (they clip but don't file) that Puppy Bubbles includes for no additional fee. I called Becca on my way home and asked her to put us in her calendar every 4 weeks. We will NEVER go back to The Pet Stops Here. And from now on we will never cheat on Puppy Bubbles again! We learned from our mistake. Pros: Nice Boutique Cons: Too Many to Name more

yorkie pup 11/23/2009

i love the way the yorkie pup looks very cute and innocent and the second one look a little too messy with the fur but it look a little good. Pros: love the first one Cons: not into the second picture more

Worst receptionists ever 8/24/2009

I usually do not post this kind of review.\r But I want to say for the next peple who are going to.\r VERY BAD SERVICES AND MANNERS OF RECEPTIONIETS. I guess they think they are very important than some of customers like us.\r They treated well some customers who seemed like regular or maybe good tips for them but for us.\r \r They did not even say thank us when we paid and they did not even notice we left.\r \r Do not go! \r \r \r more

Did an AMAZING job on a puppy we were fostering 7/23/2009

My husband and I foster dogs from a shelter in woodinville. The most recent dog we sheltered was a sweet ""Bichon Mix"" (determined by the shelter), who need a lot of TLC. She came to us extremely matted and dirty. I pretty much figured after she was groomed she would have little to no fir left on her, but was pleasantly surprised when I came to pick her up! Diana took her on, and made her look like she never had a rough life prior to us taking her in. She was soooo happy when I picked her up! I also learned a lot about her when picking her up from Diana's staff. Come to find out she was not a Bichon mix, but a full bred bichon. One of Diana's staff breeds Bichons, and she was able to inform me more about their breed. Considering that my husband and I have now decided to adopt her, I am happy to know that we have a great place to take her. For any dogs in the future that we foster that need grooming, we will also rely on The Pet Stops here. They truly know how to work with any type of dog!\r \r The last thing I want to mention is that they have a great store with the cutest things for dogs of an size. I am looking forward to stopping by to get some new accessories for our new puppy! Pros: Well trained staff, Large clean facility, Great pet store more

Look No Further for a Place for your Pup! 7/13/2009

I usually hate writing/reading reviews but it's necessary! My partner and I were dying to find a place to send Penelope (our BMD) for a good cleaning up. We knew we wanted somewhere professional and upscale...and cute, but we were struggling to find anywhere that fit our criteria. So, we drive all over Seattle and die of exhaustion when we start thinking of the Eastside and how they're more likely to have a nice place because, well lets face it, the Eastside has money. We started in Kirkland. nothing. Then we went to Bellevue and thank god, we found Pet Stops Here. We knew immediately when we went in there. The staff was upbeat, positive and made our little Penelope feel like a princess. Diana, the owner personally greeted us and made us feel right at home. And Penny came out looking fabulous! And wagging her cute little tail! Bottom line: This is THE place in the Seattle area for pet grooming. And they have the cutest little shop up front! Our family highly recommends! Pros: Great Service, Easy to Find, Friendliness, Very Professional Cons: Only one location more

The only place I trust to groom my cat & dog 3/14/2009

I have a wheaten terrier and a main coon cat and The Pet Stops Here is the only place I trust to groom either of them. My wheaten terrier has come out of every other grooming shop looking like a schnauzer and this place is the only place able to make her look like how she is supposed to look like, a wheaten terrier! Sammy, my main coon, is a terror to groom. He has bit and scratched many groomers and in return he has been nicked and slashed on his body. One groomer put a 6 inch gash in his side. The Pet Stops Here is the only place capable of grooming Sammy and not injuring him. Pros: Friendly, Knowledgable, Clean more

They cut off my cat's ear! 2/12/2009

I can't help but share my personal experience here. I used to get my 2 Persian cats groomed at ""The Pet Stops Here."" They had a friendly staff and always did a good job. Unfortunately, on one occasion I ended up having a really bad experience with them. \r \r They called me in the afternoon on the day I had dropped one of my cats off for his haircut, to tell me that the groomer had clipped off most of his ear! I was upset and devastated. I went to pick him up and they didn't even have anyone apologize to me when I got there! On top of it all, they still charged me full price!! I was so upset that I didn't know what to do at that moment. \r \r I took my cat immediately to the vet where he had to have stitches and a shot of antibiotics. After 3 weeks of phone calls, faxes, and paperwork, ""The Pet Stops Here"" finally agreed to pay for his vet bills. They never refunded me the $80 I had paid for the haircut, after numerous requests. Needless to say, their new store is opening up one block from where I live and I will not be going there!\r more


I had heard that this was a good place to get a haircut for dogs, however, I was extremely disappointed with the experience I had there. When I first arrived I had to wait for the receptionist to finish her text message before she could help me. I was told I would receive a phone call when my dog was done but I never received one. When I arrived they showed me that his ear had been cut on accident. I do understand accidents happen, although when they do I would hope that the customer's concern would be handled appropriately. I still paid the full $65 but asked to talk to the manager. When she came to the front, reeking of cigarettes I might add, she was very rude, flippant, and unapologetic. I wasn't expecting a free haircut or even a large percentage off, although something would have been nice, really I was just hoping for her to address my concern in a constructive manner. I will NEVER bring my dog there again! Please be cautious of taking yours there as well! more

Experienced Groomers and Great Botique Salon 4/10/2008

I know several people who use this salon and I have never heard of a single complaint about this shop. The people who recommended this salon to me have very high standards and they speak it's praises.\r I have a small dog and he loves going to this grooming shop. He is a shy guy but he feels comfortable at this salon. The groomers are knowledgable and have experienced and look out for his well being unlike other grooming salons. They know my dog by name and greet him with enthusiasm. I appreciate that intimate detail. They remember my requests and give him the royal treatment. He always comes out looking amazing with a wagging tale. \r \r Pros: Knowledgable and Experienced Staff, Warm Friendly Botique Cons: Hard To Find more

Dangerous Groomers who are Rough and Impatient with Animals, Rude Employees as well as Management 9/12/2007

I have a small dog who was groomed at The Pet Stops here and she developed terrible clipper burn, had some nails that weren't clipped and received a very uneven haircut. The groomer was extremely rude to me when I wanted some changes made on her haircut. As I was leaving after paying (not knowing about the condition of her stomach), I saw one of the other groomers being very rough with a dog and was visibly irritated it was not staying put while being groomed, she was not careful cutting the hair around the dogs eyes and was jerking it's head by the muzzle quite aggressively.\r \r When I noticed my dog's clipper burn later that day, I left a message for the manager who never bothered to call me back after I left a message asking for a full refund. I called again and the manager cut me off and immediately put me on the phone with a groomer claiming they have a no refund policy and clipper burn happens....(which it does not, clipper burns occur with an over-hot clipper, dulled blade edges and cutting in the wrong direction and/or too close to the skin)\r \r My dog has been whimpering and licking her stomach since. All in all, I obviously do not recommend you take your beloved pet to this salon. Pros: Clean facility Cons: Unproffessional in every way more

MY cats were mauled here 7/19/2007

On Thursday July 5th 2007 I took my 2 cats to the groomers at ?The pet stops here? in Bellevue, Washington. One cat required her coat to be trimmed to a short length, bathed and her claws trimmed. The other cat only required bathing and claws trimmed. We have used this business 3-4 times before with mixed results, however, neither of them was ever injured. On the 5th of July the story was very different. The cat that required her coat to be trimmed had to be rushed to the veterinarian with a 3-inch razor gash in her tail that required 13 stitches to close and some of her claws were damaged due to violent removal or forced submission to the bathing process. The other cat, which the veterinarian examined as well, had one claw completely ripped out of his paw and several of his claws were damaged and bleeding due to forcibly being bathed or violent removal from the bathing device along with a bruise on his nose.\r Upon questioning of the groomers we were told that this is normal for cat grooming. This is unacceptable and never happened before. I feel they are covering up something and are dangerous to the pet population in general and should be punished for their lack of concern and care for our pets. When one brings their pets to such a place there is a sense of trust and confidence that the animals will be treated with kindness and compassion, none of these things occurred during the grooming session on July 5th. I can not begin to imagine what went on during this time, since the groomers are not offering any acceptable explanation one can only assume the worse. If the animal is uncomfortable with the process it must not continue.\r Cons: N/A more

3 Staples and Two weeks later 5/22/2007

(Bailey's blog)\r \r It's been a pretty rough month for me. Momma took me to the groomers to get my haircut before our visit to my buddy's house. She dropped me off as usual and when she picked me up, boy was I happy to see her! The groomer lady said I was a bad pup and that I wiggled too much. Imagine that, a puppy that wiggles? -_- Anyhoos, the groomer lady told my momma that I got cut and it wasn't a big deal. They said they called their vet person and said that I was fine and put this clear adhesive stuff on my belly. My momma didn't know what to think, she was just happy that I seemed okay.\r \r Until the next day. Course, I'm a pup so I'm gonna go jump around and play! In all my romping around I had ripped the scab off my belly and was left with an open gash (a quarter inch wide). I wasn't feeling well at all and had an icky accident inside my crate. Momma panicked and called the emergency vet. She took me in and the vet lady was mad! She says I got sick (infection) from the wound and ended up needing three staples to clamp it shut! OUCH!!! The vet lady says the groomers were bad and shouldn't give momma medical advice or disway my momma from taking me to the vet the day I got my cut.\r \r Anyhoos, for you puppies out there don't go to this groomer. It took me three staples and two weeks to recover from being clipped on my belly. \r Pros: In Bellevue Cons: Expensive and careless. more

Great Staff! 7/5/2006

I was extremely pleased with the service at this groomers. I have never had a dog that needed any sort of grooming other than a bath, but my new pup was a bit more furry. The summer heat was not agreeing with him, so I decided a trim was in order. I was nervous that he might look silly, so it was very helpful that the staff was very understanding and eased my concerns. The ladies greeted us with a good deal of excitement and they were very warm and friendly to my dogs when we arrived. He isnt very happy to be left behind, but the ladies reassured me that its okay and they are used to lonely pups and would keep him entertained. They called immediately to let us know he was ready to be picked up, we arrived and the ladies were very eager to fix anything I was not pleased with. He looked great and he was much more comfortable without the extra fur. The staff is fantastic and I will definitely take him back to keep him happy in the heat! I highly recommend these groomers! Pros: Expert staff, friendly, parking Cons: Hidden gem! more

My dog looked great! 5/9/2006

I really liked the employees. They were very helpful in helping me decide what kind of haircut I wanted to do on my dog. The ears were a little long but they happily fixed them for me. It's nice to know that the grooming is guaranteed. The shop was also much cleaner than others I had been to. Thanks!!! more

Great grooming and a fun store!! 5/9/2006

The groomers really took time to listen to what I wanted done. The haircut looked great. They helped me choose a brush and showed me how to use it. The boutique had a bunch of fun things for both me and my dog! I'll be back and I will recommend them to my friends!! Pros: great grooming, Good Cust. Serv. more
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