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The Highlands - 82 Reviews - 6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 433, Los Angeles, CA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (323) 461-9800

The Highlands

6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 433
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 461-9800
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The Highlands - Los Angeles, CA
The Highlands - Los Angeles, CA


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I love it here. This is definitely one of my favorite Hollywood spots and I try to frequent the club with friends as much as possible! This is really a great just need ...


If you are going for dinner than this place is great, but I would not recommend staying for the club. This place has gone down hill.

Great Spot! Guest List & Table Info 1/24/2012

I love it here. This is definitely one of my favorite Hollywood spots and I try to frequent the club with friends as much as possible! This is really a great just need to know how to get in. Jen Lawson gets me in everytime, just shoot her an e-mail and she can set you up: jenlawsonproductions@yahoo(dot)com more

pretty cool 12/18/2011

I dig this place, especially since it's make over. Great beer selection and bartenders are generally pretty cool ... as long as their not slammed. more

Huge dancefloor and watered down drinks 3/27/2011

We went on a Sat night after eating at The Grill. We stood in line for 15-20 minutes because they only have one person checking id's. They don't even have a handheld id scanner. more

Meh... 3/8/2011

If you are going for dinner than this place is great, but I would not recommend staying for the club. This place has gone down hill. more

Needs to move on 2/3/2011

Completely humongous!!! This venue can easily hold 2000 people with 3000 passing through it on a busy night. There is absolutely no quality control of any kind. If there is then I have not witness it in 4 years. Ok so may be they search for hidden guns & knifes but thats about it. There is zero control over dress code, looks or ratio. Its pretty much the lowest calibre of any nightclub. Due to some important special events I have been to this venue a few times. Its extremely difficult to fill up so they allow everyone in. I feel sorry for all the tourists that end up here; making it their first experience of a Hollywood club. Its another Avalon, Music Box & Vanguard, huge, smelly, low quality everything, ghetto with frequent fights. Half the girls that walk through the doors are professional wrestlers in the making, they just dont know it yet. I heard about a $21 million refurbishment which has yet to materialize. The only good thing about this venue is the location on Hollywood blvd and the views from the 4th & 5th floor of the complex. Oh and the close proximity of many restaurants and hotel. I would not recommend it to anyone. New clubs opens in Hollywood all the time. To find the best option for you, check out my website - www evitaparties com. eVita Parties provides Hollywood Guest List to Hollywood Clubs & Los Angeles Events. more

if you have a bad review, you need help 3/27/2009

The Highlands is an amazing club, I don't know what happens on Friday nights, (which is where these bad reviews seem to come from) but Saturday Night is where it's at!!! I recently started promoting this club, but before I decided to promote it I took it for a spin... I went a couple Saturdays and It's awesome.... the bouncers, security, coat check chick, bartenders and servers are all nice people. The Highlands has a great rep otherwise they wouldn't have lasted this long... there are 4 DJ's spinning in 4 different rooms at the same time so you have a variety of music.... the main dance floor is huge with lots of people, upstairs is more of a mellow mood with a lounge.... If you want to get in on a guest list, let me know.... I have my own guest list and no one has ever had a problem getting in. Guys are 1/2 off and ladies are FREE before 11pm, parking is in the hollywood/highland complex.... $2 with validation (and the club validates) So if you had one bad experience, I would suggest you try it out again.... this time try to be more open minded... don't think about the past... make it an evening you will cherish FOREVER!!! <3 (or at least till the next weekend!!!) Pros: music, people, parking, views, fun fun fun Cons: drinks can be a little expensive, more

No Good 2/9/2009

Man, it was super crowded. Hardly no girls. It took us forever just to get in. $20 bucks cover. Forget it. Go somewhere else! Cons: Crowded, to many guys, long wait to get in, expensive more

If you're looking for a big club in hollywood, Highlands is great! 1500+ Capacity 1/5/2009

Located in the famous Hollywood & Highlands building where Kodak Theatre is, I was pleasantly suprised that Highlands was a big multi level club with numerous outdoor patios and even an open air restaurant upstairs with 180 degree views of LA, El Capitan Theatre, and Hollywood Blvd! Pros: Overall Size, Patios, Views, Stage, Dance Floor, Less than $5 Parking! Cons: Sercurity tight (no hats), Lines to get in (get there early) more

Very Fun Girls Night!!!~ 7/11/2008

I went here with a couple of my girlfriends in April and we had a great time! I don't really relate too much to waiting in line like some of the other people are saying below. My friend emailed ahead and put us on the guest list so we started off in the shorter line, but after talking to one of the bouncers, he let us right in and we didn't have to pay a cover! They didn't pat us down like some people are saying but our outfits were simple jeans and tanks so we couldn't hide anything and we brought in our clutches, which only hold our lipgloss, car key, some cash, ID and a credit card. Who brings a actual purse to the club anyway? U put motrin and gum in the zipper of your clutch! However, we choose here because we are use to more high scale places that have very small dance floors becaue mostly everyone is people watching and all that jazz, and this place has a HUGE dance floor on the first level, and really nice sized on in the back corner, and a nice sized on upstairs, all playing different music. The drinks are a little bit watered down, but if your going to dance and have fun and not booze it up, then this is a great place! The people we met there were all really cool and we had a good time....started off with a party of 3 ended the night with a party of 15 of we randomly people we met there. Just think this whenever you go out, no matter where you go, someone is going to have a bad experience for every good experience there is out there. more

BAD CLUB DO NOT GO!!!! 6/16/2008

I chose to go to this club for my 22nd birthday because the first time I went I had a great time with 2 other girls. I made sure to put my name on the guest list for me and 15 other people. I received a confirmation back through email stating I was not call or email back. So on June 13th 2008, I show up w/ 4 other people I asked one bouncer where to stand in line if i was on the guest list, he told me to stand in the regular line! I went up to another bouncer with a list and he told me to hold on. Once he finally came, he told me i WASN'T ON THE LIST! I was angry because they told me that I should have brought the confirmation with me, but mind you it DID NOT say on the email confirmation to print it out and bring it with you. After arguing with him and telling him it was my 22nd birthday and showing him my id, he let us in for free. MY BOYFRIEND however was interrogated! He is an EMT and had a CPR mouth to mouth cover that the bouncers thought was a stash of illegal narcotics!! These people r so stupid!! Then they questioned him because he didn't look like his id pix cuz he had gained some weight and cut his hair. He showed them other id's and credit cards w/his name on it and they finally let him in after 10 mins! Please no matter what you do, DO NOT COME HERE! I was not pleased at all and never realized that you are being judged by what you wear or who you are (color of skin). I just simply wanted to have a good time for my bday and it was all ruined. I ended going to Vertigos instead where i got in for free, drinks were less expensive, and had a blast after what happened at the Highland. I looked like a fool telling everyone to go to the highlands for them to tell me that i should've printed out the confirmation. THEY SHOULD STATE THAT ON THE EMAIL CONFIRMATION THEY SEND YOU!!!!!! Find somewhere else to go for any's not worth the hassle to get into the highland.... Pros: Parking, Dancing space Cons: Bad customer service, long lines, rude bouncers, uneducated staff more

Great Saturday night event!! 3/17/2008

After writing for another club I felt I must write it for another great Hollywood hot spot. After attending an event from my promoter friend I had to check out his Saturday night at The Highlands. It was great because I showed up and didn't have to wait in line, or worry about pesky door people asking me a bunch of questions as to who's list I was on. I contacted Bryan from Clubworks and was able to go to the shorter line and right into the club with no problem. I wasn't in time for guestlist so me and my people had to pay $20 cover which sucked, but understandable seeing as how we missed the huge line outside. Once inside the diverse crowed was great full of people of all types. The drinks were ok, but it's Hollywood so I expect it now. The music in the main room was not my favorite, but the back room and upstairs were great! Overall the experience was great but not amazing. I would never want to wait in that line so I'm glad I found away around it! Pros: No line if with the right promoter, diverse crowed Cons: avg club, so-so drink prices. more

Ghettooooooo 3/10/2008

I went for a friends birthday dinner. The food was ok but the portions were extremely small, not filling what so ever. The club above the highlands was called rise, which was ok. Went down to Highlands afterwards and it was just bad. I guess there is no dress code for the Highlands!! The DJ was THE WORST EVER! The music would stop in the middle of a song for a few mins! The speaker setup is just as bad as well. The only good thing i would have to say is that there were alot of people... but yet, the quality of those people would cancel that out as well. There was ONE cute redhead gogo dancer... thats my only compliment! Pros: The redheaded gogo dancer! Cons: The whole club! more

Wouldn't be caught going there ever again!!!!! 2/2/2008

This is my first review, and the reason for that is, I've never experienced such an awful place like HIGHLANDS on Fridays in all my years of clubbing. Worst clubbing experience ever! I've been to some trendy clubs/bars, such as the sky bar, standard, les deux, etc.. etc.. and I've gotten in fine without waiting in line for a ridiculous amount of time. I went to highlands on a Fri, which was asian night, and I figured since I have some hot asian gal pals, we'll get in quick, I was wrong. The promoters were highly disfunctional and disorganized, these people had no idea what they were doing. We were on the guestlist, but since it was 11:30, we had to pay, we arrived there at 10. We argued hard enough and only two had to pay half of the admission. We weren't going to let that ruin the night, so we got into the club ready to dance and have fun. It wasn't at all what we had expected. It was pretty trashy in my opinion as far as the decor, it looked like a hole in the wall, and the dj was awful, barely any attractive people. There was no elbow room, extremely crowded. So basically, you're squeezed in a sea of ugly. The only upside was the techno room, because it was less crowded and they have the lounge cusions. I haven't been there on Saturday, but after fridays experience and the trashiness of the place, I wouldn't ever want to go there again. I wouldn't be caught dead going there ever again. more

Hackneyed club in desperate need of a remodel. Look elsewhere for a good time. 1/27/2008

This club was popular back in early 2000s. It's definately not an ""in"" club anymore, as evidenced by the diminishing number of A-list guests and increasing % of undesirable patrons. If you're looking for a good time and a good hangout, look elsewhere. Highlands is NOT it. Unless of course you build a time machine that can take you back six years. Pros: Location Cons: Lines, crowd, patrons more

Best Music in Town! 10/22/2007

This place ROCKS! I come every Saturday! DJ Vice - Homicide - DJ Skribble - MisterE - Poet - Every week they bring different DJ's from all over the world! Plus it's like 3 clubs in 1! 5 Dance floors! Awesome view! Great Food at Rise! Hot GoGo dancers! Strong drinks! Easy Parking! Tons of outdoor patios! Be nice to the doormen and they will be nice to you! Good looking staff! Open till 3am! Tons of people! I love this place! Always fun! Pros: Great Music! Cons: Long lines - Come with girls! more

Avoid if want a good club 9/18/2007

So my, maid of honor, Rachel planned my bachelorette party at the Highlands. First we went to see Hollywood Men and had a great time Enjoyed the show and around 12 girls showed up to celebrated with me. After the show we had 20 to 30 minutes before the club opened so it was the perfect time to put the presents and stuff in the car. Rachel along with 2 other girls made sure she could get back in by talking to the manger. He said it was fine and she would definitely get back in with no trouble. Well when she returned the bouncer at the front not only did not let her in he took her gum and threw it away and he took her medication she had in her purse prescibed by her doctor. Medication that was not a controlled substance or narcotic and held it up so everybody could see and asked her in front of everybody waiting in the line ""Is this ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES!!!!! YOU CAN'T bring ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES into the CLUB!!!"" She was humiliated. She stated no its not illegal meds but prescribed by my doctor. He was about to throw it away when she took it back and stated you can't throw that away. He then told her YOU NEED TO LEAVE. Two other people came to his side and told her the same thing. She hadn't even been drinking so she was not being beligerent or trying to be rude to the bouncers. It was horrible. She had set up the whole party. She had invited everyone. Everyone had payed tons of money. I couldn't beleive they could be so rude. When I finally heard about it I was in tears and I tryed to go out to see her but the bouncer inside the club would not let me he wouldn't even let me stand by the door so I could see when she came up to the door. They had so many rules that other people in my party left within 20 minutes. It was pretty awful. I stayed longer because my maid of honor insisted and I still had half the party there who had payed all this money to dance and have a good time. Needless to say I will never make another appearance at that club again. more

Cover charge is too high, Way too relaxed dress code for a nite club, Drinks too expensive and weak 8/14/2007

The guest list line is just as long of the regular line and seems to take longer to get in. The drinks were extremely watered down and I felt like I was drinking just a sprite. People were being let in wearing hoodies and sneakers and so I felt really over dressed. The majority of the patrons inside were stuck up and and tried to act better than they were. The dance floor was really packed and it was hard to walk through. The security frisks both females and males. A friend of mine had to remove a bracelet that had small dull spikes because it was considered a weapon. Cool thing is the club is open until 3 am. Pros: Open till 3am, plenty of parking Cons: Weak drinks, security more

Terrible! Never ever going back!! 8/11/2007

Went to the hghlands for a birthday party and it was HORRIBLE!! The bouncers were rude and unhelpful, even though we were supposed to be on the list, they would not even check it and directed us to a looooooonnnnggg line of 21 yr olds who were dressed inappropriately for any club. Meanwhile a HUGE fight breaks out between no less that 20 people, ending with someone being STABBED and another being knocked out cold. Not cool... AT ALL!!!!! I wanted to leave then, but it was a bday party for a good friend. Soooo we waited for 30 mins until a friend came out and insisted we get in immediately since we were indeed on the list. We got no apology AND had to pay a ""discounted"" $15 bucks to get in. Not to mention we had to submit to being FRISKED and they force you to throw out any meds or food in your bag... I had to toss a bottle of tylenol and a pack of gum as ""contraband.... are you KIDDING me!??!?!? Then the drinks at the bar were watered down and we were charged 60 bucks for 3 drinks. When I mentioned it was high for 2 shots and a drink, the bartender ignored us completely and would not give us an itemized bill. I have never been anywhere that the bouncers and staff were so rude, and I frequent hollywood! This place is not fun, the music sucked, and the clientele all look 18.... not nearly the grown and hot club experience Im used to. NEVER again!!! Pros: I didnt get stabbed Cons: high school crowd, high cover, long lines, overpriced drinks more

Pretentious Hollywood Nightclub 6/3/2007

The Highlands is another pretentious Hollywood nightclub,and I should not have expected any less. My friend had her bday party on 06/02/07- the staff advised her that her entire party would be let in all night for $10. When we arrived at 9:30pm we asked the bouncer (in a friendly manner) where we could stand to create a line,and if he knew if the guest list line and regular line were seperate-he rudely told me you have to wait in line-I innocently asked again and he told me you have to wait in line like everyone else.The idiot did not comprehend my question.So we were the beginning of the line and then the club opened,we told another bouncer we were here for a bday party at the highlands-he directed us to another line where we paid $10-ok cool we thought-we walked to the far right entrance from the front and were moved into a small place.We thought the club was bigger (having seen it online). When my friend's remaining party called her to tell her they were in the highlands and where was she-we soon realized we were in the wrong club called the loft (which happens to be connected to the highlands). We explained the situation to the same bouncer who directed us into the wrong line; however, he told us that the loft opens to the highlands at 12am- it was barely 1030pm and the bday party was already in the highlands- they told us we had two options wait in line again, which was at least an hour wait, get a small ticket and pay $10 again, or pay (again) $20 upfront and be let in to the highlands. I wished my friend a happy birthday and told her i'm sorry but i'm not paying $30 to get into a nightclub with a rude un-understanding staff. So in the end the bday girl had to pay for her own entrance. The staff was very conniving in tricking us to pay for The Loft even though we told them we were there for The Highlands, and then having the audacity to expect us to pay double what we paid again. I would never come back and advise people to do the same. Pros: No Pros From Me Cons: Rude Staff, Pretentious Hollywood Nightclub- DONT WASTE YOUR TIME more

Great night Club 5/13/2007

Music *Great Pros: Thumbs up Cons: Parking Service needs a lil work more
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