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The District At Greenville - 13 Reviews - 11911 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX - Apartments Reviews - Phone (888) 285-3258

The District At Greenville

11911 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75243
(888) 285-3258
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Love love my apartment. The office served us breakfast as we were leaving for work last week it was pretty good. My water bill is too high. I feel like because it is a new apartme...


I have noticed that recently the newer residents of are suspicious element; don't know it it is a ""tying to fill this place up deal"", or just don't care. A lot of strangers walk...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/8/2013

Portia's amazing though she's who to go to if you need an apartment. Some of the other staff not so much. If you need help or a new apartment Portia is definitely the one to talk to!!!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/12/2013

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Everything is beautiful and elegant not to mention the great prices and the EXCELLENT staff! they really show that they care about getting you the right apartment for you and not just trying to sell you anything. KUDDOS TO THE DISTRICT!!! more


I never thought that I would ever experience someone breaking into my apt. This has been the worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. They broke into my place leaving me with nothing, and management didn't even bother to follow up, nothing at all. The cops did the same thing as the people who work for this place WORTHLESS. No security they have broken into these aprts so many times since I lived here. I wouldn't doubt it if its the same people who work there and make it seem like a break in. PEOPLE DO NOT COME HERE, I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY LEASE TO BE OVER. The most secure place is should be your home, well NOT AT THE DISTRICT AT GREENVILLE. They should SHUT DOWN THIS PLACE FOR GOOD OR PUT SOME MONEY INTO IT AND PLACE CAMERAS SINCE THEY CANT AFFORD TO PAY SOMEONE TO GUARD. ... more

Suck Maintenance and Office staff 1/29/2012

Everything is good and new model EXCEPT Maintenance or Office Staffs. I swear if u have any problem in your room and you would like to need some help from maintenance, FORGET IT. They don't care and said we have lot of works. Don't have time. If You call the office today for Maintenance, they NEVER NEVER come. Believe me. If you don't believe, you can try. GOOD LUCK to me, I move out already. GOOD BYE The District at Greenville. more


DO NOT waste your time or money at this complex!! The apartments are poorly and cheaply built, I've only been here 6 months and my apartment had not been lived in before, but i have had numerous maintenance requests since ive been here. Its takes anywhere from 2 wks to 1 month to get a maintenance issue addressed by the maintenance men that speak very poor English and sometimes have no clue to what they are doing. I have been dealing with a particular maintenance issue for the past 2 months,and have talked to the manager multiple times but she is of no help at all. The gates are broken all the time, office staff is clueless, crime on property, and very little insulation between units, i anxiously await the day that my lease is up!!! I could go on and on but i hope u get the point by now, its not even worth filling out the application for the amount that u are gonna pay in rent as opposed to the comfort/safety/service that u will receive. more

More like the Joke at Greenville... 8/17/2011

I really do believe that the two positive comments about this place is coming from the leasing staff..I would have to agree with all the above comments..when I first moved in the parking lot was full of BMW 3 series Benz C classes ands it's full of broken down KIA's and old police calls on 20's..i know they where having problems leasing so now they have opened up to anyone of can pay a full months deposit!! The staff always points the finger at the corporate office...Heck I have called the corporate office and the VP Hung up on me!! The gate was fixed for about three days and now it's broke again!! I once took the trash out and there was a homeless man living behind the trash!! I live near the gate (now they know who I am but don't care lol) and there are people that clearly don't live here coming in and out at 3 and 4 in the morning playing load music!! For the amount of money that you pay you would think that the staff would be a little more up to speed....thank god I am moving!! I am playing the extra money and breaking my lease can't stand it anymore!!! DONT MOVE HERE!! more

welcome to we don't care and crimeville 6/10/2011

This place started out seeming great, full of new grad ages 20-30's, lately the crowd seems to be of the sketchy variety, There has been a wave of crimes one person being held at gun point, and others getting cadilidic coverters stolen from their vehicles at night. When you attempt to contact the leasing agency they are slow to respond if they even respond at all, the apartment itself is poorly put together and you find yourself fixing problems yourself. The night life makes you second guess walking out alone by yourself. The parking spaces are ridiculously narrow, the maintenence crews do not take pride in managing equipment, I noticed in one of the atriums in between buildings one resident decided to steal the chairs from the atrium and place them in their patio. For the longest time one of the gates was broken and it took over 2 months before the leasing agent decided to fix it. If you are looking for a safe and friendly apartment, this might not be the place for you. I am anxiously awaiting the termination of my lease so I can get out ASAP.... more


THIS PLACE IS TERRIBLE! I've lived here since August 2010 and from the start I'd say living here has been shady at best. I was completely new to TX and didn't really know the area where the complex is. IT IS IN THE HOOD! The first month I liverd here a guy knocked on my door and tried to hustle me for money. As well I've had neighbors harboring fugitives, people who can't pick up their dogs crap, and worst of all the management has given up on fixing things around the complex. Security: There isn't any. Our exit gate broke two months ago and the management company refuses to fix it. It remains open 24/7 for any hood rat or theif to come and go as they please. As well the entrance gates are a JOKE! The sign says only one car can enter at a time. In reality like 5 cars can go through no problem. Basically anyone who wants to can get into this ""gated"" complex with no problem. Lastly, our hot tub. I've lived here for 10 months and at no point since I've lived here has the hot tub actually worked. Management refuses to fix that as well. Management: The on-site manager refuses to accept responsibility for anything. She says all the maintnance issues are a corporate issue and offers no further assistance when you present a complaint to her. IF YOU ARE THINKING OF LIVING AT THE DISTRICT OF GREENVILLE, DONT!!!!! IT IS AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS!!!\r more

Agree kinda 5/4/2011

Love love my apartment. The office served us breakfast as we were leaving for work last week it was pretty good. My water bill is too high. I feel like because it is a new apartment I have had to wrok out all the construction bugs. I do like knowing that I was the first person in my apartment. The area is a not the best. This was an odd place to put apartments but I work around the corner so it is conveniaent. I can hear my neighbors through the walls but I spend alot of time at the pool and it is very beautiful. I'm in love but dealing with the minor stuff. more

Not that bad 4/27/2011

I have read the other reviews and haven't had that many problems. My apartment was brand new so I haven't had many complaints other than I lost water pressure in my kitchen after hours and the maintenance guy came right away. I have actually referred a couple of friends to the place and was surprised when the office gave me money off my rent for doing so. I live in the small one bedroom and the only down fall is that I don't have a patio. I'm not sure what the other lady is talking about but the grill works in my courtyard. It sounds like the other people are expecting the office staff to be servants not people. Kudos to the guy at the front desk and to the guy who fixed my water pressure. more

Residents are of concerning behavior 3/21/2011

I have noticed that recently the newer residents of are suspicious element; don't know it it is a ""tying to fill this place up deal"", or just don't care. A lot of strangers walking around here at night, and recently some apts robbed in the early evening. I pay to high of a rent to live with those that are not in my same economic level; have real jobs, and act like hoodlums! more


I would rather live in a cardboard box.\r \r I have lived here for 8 months so far. My boyfriend and I blindly moved to this apt complex online since we are from california. Never in my life would I have expected such a nightmare. First off the office staff changes every other week. When I requested to hold a certain floorplan I found out that they were holding the wrong floorplan that I requested which was also the wrong priicing that they quoted me. On top of driving 24 hours straight .. we arrived at the office ready to sign the lease. TERRIBLE MISTAKE. The leasing agent promised us great maitenence, water bill wouldnt be up more than 20$ with full occupancy, ect.. Our grill in our courtyard hasnt worked since we have lived here.. we have to borrow our neighbors extention cord which barely fits and when asking maitenence about fixing it.. they said bc it was built the way it is there is nothing that they can do. Our water bill was over $40 for 2 months bc they switched companies however why the rate was that high is beyond me. Our mail has been opened numerous times.. MAIL that was from the governement that we didnt know was even coming was left in the office for 2 months. 2 MONTHS??? the importance of that letter was high, yet no one bothered to give a courtesy call about the mail even being in the office. when asked why all they said was its not our job. that happened twice! So let me get this.. I have to contact the leasing office(who rarely answers there phone since no one can multi task) EVERYDAY to see if I am getting mail left in there?..absolutely NOT. The spa has not worked since we have lived here.. apparenty a part has been on backorder for 8 months. The treadmill was broken for months, the vending machines never work, there is no hot water for longer than 5 minutes.There is NO customer service here whatsoever. They talk to their residents like we are dumb. The only answer they have for anyone is ""its not our job I apologize"" ON TOP of a thousand other things that have gone wrong which would be more of a novel I contact the actual KAPLAN MANAGEMENT.. it has been a week and still not a call back.. come to find out the woman who I have been trying to get in contact with had the time to call the leasing manager (crystal) and talk to her about the letter I sent in.. yet she had NO time to call me back? Makes no sense. Please let this be my regret and not yours there are a thousand better places who will at least care a little.\r \r Spend your hard earned money on a place cheaper with ameneities that actually work. trust me when I say ALL the review before mine are 100% Correct.\r more

you will regret moving here 1/16/2011

this place is a complete joke. the office staff is the most unorganized i have ever had, and take no ownership or responsibility for their unorganization, you are just completely screwed if they mess up. they tell you completely different information than the information on your lease, and then use it against you saying ""it all comes down to what the lease says"". not to mention you are smack in the middle of the ghetto, so plan on having something stolen at some point. there have been numerous breakins here, and every time we called to find out how to better protect ourselves, we were told ""they could not release any information regarding the break-ins"". as far as maintenance goes-we had lived here only three months (keep in mind these are brand new apartments) and our air conditioner kept blowing hot air-the maintenance staff came up 5 TIMES to try to fix it, then told us how to fix it ourselves, which later we found out could have easily electricuted us, and then he said that all of the apartments have this problem, ""that they were built this way"", aka they were built crappy, which means you are being completely overcharged to live here. all in all, this place is AWFUL, i would never wish the experience we have had on anyone. more

Don't Do It 12/20/2010

I've only lived here for one month, and am counting down the days until my lease is up. The look of the apartments is nice; all of them have the same finish. However, do not be fooled!\r The staff in the office is horrible. The maintenance personal is ridiculous. I definitely have the trial and error apartment. The soap dish has fallen off the wall in the tub area. The maintenance personal, Anthony, who came up to fix it was unbelievably rude. Maintenance told me that I would have to wait 24-48 hours to take a shower in an apartment that I pay rent for; the day before Thanksgiving. He then told me that if it falls again I would have to pay for it. Wow, maintenance determines the cost of repairs, and posts it on your rent. I don’t think so! The office staff does not know the address. There are seedy people who hop the gate from the complex behind it in the day time. Don’t do it!\r \r If all you are interested in is the four walls of the apartment, this is the apartment for you. If safety, customer service offered by the staff, maintenance fixing things without charging you, and receiving your mail is important to you; don’t move here.\r more

total rip off apartment 8/20/2010

the office plastic ladies will try to convince you to be part of their pathetic complex. the service takes forever.. no body respond to you after you become a residence. bugs and insects are everywhere even at your own apartment.. Not a secure place above all. . can't wait for my leasing contract to finish so i can get out of this hell more
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