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The Crossings At Alexander Place - 7 Reviews - 7521 Windmill Harbor Way, Raleigh, NC - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (866) 667-9399

The Crossings At Alexander Place

7521 Windmill Harbor Way
Raleigh, NC 27617
(866) 667-9399
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The Crossings At Alexander Place - Raleigh, NC
The Crossings At Alexander Place - Raleigh, NC


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I enjoy living at The Crossings!! The staff is great and my neighbors are too. I have lived here for 3 years and was the first one to live in my apartment. What I enjoy most is t...


Many will be wooed by the seemingly lovely grounds, the nice amenities (the indoor basketball court is what sold me), and the architecture of the apartments but, do not be fooled,...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2015

I moved to the Raleigh area from VA for work back in 2013 and have been a happy resident since then. I can say that moving from home to a totally different place was beyond stressfull, I was leaving my comfort zone and knew nothing about the area when I stopped in to take a tour at The Crossings. So it really took me by surprise when the leasing agent was able to do more than tell me about the apartment but also explain the area I was moving to. I was just as impressed with the look of the apartment and the cleanliness of the community as I was the featured amenities they have which are all free!\r \r Since The Crossings was so accommodating it really took the pressure off of a hard and fast move, I not only had my amazing apartment with cable included I also didn’t have to worry about the tedious moving essentials. Things like finding a gym, here they have an amazing workout facility including boot camp classes, or worry about getting internet services right away, the Cyber Café has Apple computers and free printing with complimentary Wi-Fi.\r \r I set out to find a great apartment, the courteous and knowledgeable office staff is just an awesome plus! I am content here and will be a resident for a while! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2013

My husband and I move often with his job. We have lived in a number of beautiful apartments. This was NOT one of them. \r We set our move in date with the crossings so our moving truck could deliver our things. We also drove overnight to be there early to get things started. When we arrived at the crossings, they took us to our new apartment. Our ""new"" carpeting was disgusting and the apartment smelled bad. The walls had not been repaired or repainted, the refrigerator had old food in it, the back door would not close, the washer and dryer were not hooked up, a number of light bulbs were out,and the bathrooms were disgusting. There was mold in both toilets, and one still had feces in it. There is more to be said about the state of the apartment, but this gives you an idea. Obviously they forgot to prepare our apartment. We had to beg for them to pay for a hotel so they could get our apartment ready by the next day. They offered dinner since we were so angry, but later they refused to pay the whole bill.\r Once we got back the next day the apartment was better. The maintenance men had to come back numerous times because they never did 100% of the job. Our stay was average. Our dog liked the dog park, but we were warned not to take her a few times because other renters had seen snakes. We had to pay a pet deposit and pet rent each month. \r Shortly after we moved we received a large bill from them because our seven pound dog had ruined a spot in the carpet by the back door. We have never had problems anywhere else! They charged us over $1,000 to replace the carpet in the entire apartment. I read in another review that someone else was attacked with unacceptable bills after leaving. We payed the large amount over the course of a year. We just received a letter from them stating that we missed two payments and still owe them $150. Good thing my husband keeps great records and we have bank statements to prove them wrong. So, here we go again with them. And they never were able to explain to me what the pet deposit and rent cover.\r If you want to live in an apartment that is looking to cheat you out of money this is your place! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2012

Life at the crossings was amazing the first two years. Richard and Monica are very amazing staff people, along with Robert, who keeps the grounds very clean. The management though, has always been a very weak point there. I am not even sure you will see the manager once during your lease as she is always hiding from renters. Last year, I woke up one morning at 7am under the sounds of explosives as they were starting to build a road there. It kept on going for 6 months straight! Not only the community did not make us aware of projects they knew were coming, but they decided to raise the rent by a couple hundreds dollars a month! They did not care we stayed there for over 3 years, got bothered by the construction site starting most days at 6am, which by the way 2 more construction sites around the community are planning to start soon, they did not hesitate to charge us 2300 dollars when we left, playing the game of threats of bringing us to collection and court! We had 2 little dogs who peed 2 on the carpet, I will confirm that, but I sponged it off and cleaned it with a doctor rug carpet cleaner... Well, management had to say that the carpeting was horrible (of course to be replaced at our charge), and not only that but they had to treat the concrete floor underneath!!! Unbelievable. I will even pass on other horrible details.\r If I was now a prospective tenant at the crossings, I would probably overlook the beautiful amenities and run away. \r more

I enjoy living here 2/22/2012

I enjoy living at The Crossings!! The staff is great and my neighbors are too. I have lived here for 3 years and was the first one to live in my apartment. What I enjoy most is the dog park, work out area and pool room. Maintenance is the best hands down. Any time I call for something they are here to take care of it either the same day or the very next day. The manager was very responsive to an issue that I had with no problem. She was very compassionate and seemed genuinely concerned about me and my family. This is one of the best places that I have ever lived. more

UNHAPPY Resident 2/6/2012

I feel that I need to speak up and worn people about this apartment complex as for the fact that I really appreciate reading reviews before signing a lease for my future home! My husband and I are almost done with our year lease and we both agree that this is hands down the worst apartments we have ever lived in. Now, yes this is a beautiful community with great amenities and a very large dog park which of course for pet owners is a MUST, but our issue aries when we are in our home. Every single day, I get the pleasure of hearing everything that my neighbor is doing. Needless to say, this neighbor and I have had our differences and both think that eachother does things just to piss the other off, but I've come to realize that we are being respectful of each other, we simply have extremely thin walls and can hear everything. It's very unpleasant to have to deal with. I know what it's like to live in an apartment and to have to accommodate others, but the fact that we can hear everything that's going on around us in other apartments makes being home more aggravating then pleasurable. Also, unless you enjoy being woken up at 7am by yelling kids at the school bus that is located right around you, I suppose you'll be right at home! They even tend to knock on each door and scream down the corridors! The point of this review is to warn people before you sign a lease. The staff has been wonderful to us and as helpful as they can be and it's not their fault that the buildings are so poorly insulated. However, I find that they comment on these reviews in order to rebuke what residents have to say. This is very unprofessional and very unecessary. Instead of sitting in front of the computer and reading the complaints, it would be much more afficient to get up and FIX these issues in order to reduce the amount of poor reviews. The only comment I want to see from the property management on here is, ""we apologize you've been unhappy with us however the problem has been dealt with"". THAT'S what people want to see, not them trying to protest against our reviews. These are for people to take into consideration all of the above (good and bad) prior to signing a YEARS lease! The most important aspect of our home is to be tranquil and relaxing and being that I'm constantly on edge when I'm there is neither of the two. more

I enjoyed my stay.... 1/30/2012

I lived at The Crossings for almost 2 years and I truly enjoyed my stay. Maintenance is awesome! They are very prompt. All of my requests were completed right the first time. Overall, The Crossings is a beautiful community and the staff is great. I highly recommend the Crossings. I read the previous post about the charges. I actually received my deposit back because I left my apartment in mint condition. So I guess you will have to pay if you left a mess. more

A Hidden Agenda with Hidden Fees 10/13/2011

I am very surprised the renter before me gave them 2 stars. DO NOT MOVE HERE. Majority of the staff there are more interested in what you are doing in your personal life as opposed to what they should be doing on their job. I moved out and made sure that everything was cleaned thoroughly. I knew that the drip pans would need to be replaced. I receive a letter in the mail for my final fees and I was charged $50 for drip pans. At the most drip pans are $20 which is a price i could see myself paying but $50? When i called to inquire of why the price was different then what was listed on the maintenance charges sheet, she stated that the sheet was wrong and that they had recently updated the sheet. I stated to her ""How are you to update a form without notifying your residents?"" She then began to say well we really didn't update the form. I asked her which was it? Did you or did you not update the form? She couldn't give me a solid answer of if they updated the form or not. I then proceeded to tell her that if you update a form you are supposed to notify your residents of this and she stated that yes you would have been notified if you had renewed your lease. Obviously I'm not renewing my lease if I'm moving out. They failed to notify their residents of a move out form that they ""supposedly"" updated. She then said that the fee that is on the maintenance form ($12.50) is for each drip pan. When I told her that the form does not say each on it but has each on other items, she said yes well some of the items dont have each on them. Everyone knows that drip pans are sold in sets of 4. She then began to say that I had to take into consideration of the maintenance and the ordering of the drip pans. Seriously? Maintenance of replacing drip pans? Anyone in their right mind knows that replacing drip pans is not an hour job, at the max 10 minutes. I stated to her to provide me with a invoice of what they were being charged to replace the drip pans. She began to make excuses which means she didn't have an invoice that would amount to $50 for replacing drip pans. They are in need of money very bad to the point that they move in just about anyone. The community has severely gone down since I originally moved in. They no longer keep the grounds up and community amenities are being broken on a regular basis. They have a guy driving around in what it seems like a personal van cleaning the carpet of vacant apartments. It seems as though they are trying to get out the cheapest way they can and put more into their personal pockets. I was also charged the water bill which was fine but there was no bill included in the letter that I received from them of my final cost. To sum it all up, they are unprofessional and overly priced. A lot of the staff have very nasty attitudes that can and will prevent them from getting future business. I have spoken with a number of people that live out there and sadly for the company they will not be renewing their lease. I hope this helps out someone who is thinking about moving to this hell hole. more

Renters BEWARE!!! 9/8/2011

Many will be wooed by the seemingly lovely grounds, the nice amenities (the indoor basketball court is what sold me), and the architecture of the apartments but, do not be fooled, living here is not as glamorous as they make it seem. Upon moving in, I befriended a neighbor and her boyfriend, who were nurses at a local hospital. A week later they were moving out. When I asked why, they told me about all of the issues they'd had in their one year living there from horrible maintenance, rude office staff, a ridiculous rent increase, and more. My thought was that they must have been exaggerating, but unfortunately, they were not. This review, however, is not about their experience, but about mine!\r \r I lived here for about a year, and I have to say it may have been the worst decision in my rental history (and I have been renting since I was 17). I must say I have never, in the past, had the issues that I'm having now. I moved out a few months ago and received a $1200 bill with charges from garbage disposal (I left no garbage), replacement of drip pans on the stove, oven cleaning (which I did before I moved out), to carpet replacement ($750). I am also being charged to replace a light globe that was never in the apartment to begin with. I was told that ""perhaps I damaged it on the move out"", but how can I damage something that was not there?\r \r The part of the bill that bothers me most though is the $375 unauthorized pet fee that I more

Cross the Crossings off your list 10/5/2010

The quality of my experience at the Crossing has deteriorated over the course of my two year lease. Features that appealed to me, such as the group yoga class have fallen by the wayside as the demographics of the complex change from young, Duke Hospital/RTP types to, well, not these people. The landscape went from palm trees by the pool to giant brown, dead husks, and this aptly describes the quality of landscaping all over the complex. I hate to disparage people, but if you are a young college grad, this really is not your crowd. There are families with teenagers living in two bedroom apartments, and you can usually hear at least one good bruhaha from some disgruntled lovers that's straight out of a trailer park. Literally every. single. person. I know who lived here has now moved out. No one wants to re-up for a lease on this sinking ship. The place is ""pet friendly"" if you like the sand-lot they call a dog park. Or the lazy people who just let their dogs do their business and don't use the bags the complex actually provides at stations all over (see they can do something right here). There is zero communication between the office and lease holders unless they want to hit you up for $25 trash can fines when you're on call for 12 hours and can't get home before 9AM. But heaven forbid they refund any of your required valet trash fee when they don't show up for the 3 days AFTER the 2 day weekend break. Honestly, this place is just getting sleazy. You can see the vacancies all over the complex, and they are dropping rates like they're hot to fill apartments all the while trying to hit lessees up for fine money. If you had asked me six months into my lease, my sentiments would have been different, and I think that’s a testament to the direction this complex is heading. more

A word of warning 9/16/2010

We moved from out of state, and wanted to be located between Raleigh and Durham, this location is near Briar Creek, and very convenient. When we moved in, we liked the architecture and landscaping. The small off leash dog park was a deciding factor. The problems started during our second year...with the temperatures soaring this summer, our air conditioner did not cool below 90 degrees, they attempted to fix it several times and ended up providing a portable unit, which was cumbersome and expensive to run. The landscaping was not maintained, many of the trees and shrubs died and the grass had lots of ""bald"" areas. The dog park was a nice feature for our Cavalier King Charles and our Chinese Crested. It was one of the major selling points for us, as our dogs were used to having their own yard and being able to run and play. It was great to socialize with the other pet parents, but as time went on, the park was not maintained, The grass was not watered and the park became a dirt lot, Our dogs got so dirty that we no longer used the park, instead, we had to walk them off property or haul them to one of the city dog parks. We paid a non refundable ""pet fee"" of $800 dollars for our animals. When we moved out, we were sent a bill for just under $600 dollars for carpet replacement, they stated there were ""pet stains through out"". Our pets are 7 and 8 years old, never had an ""accident"" inside, were not allowed in either of the bedrooms, so there could not have been ""stains through out"". They stated they pulled back the carpets and took pictures of the damage. I have requested to see these pictures, so far no response. . . Included was a ""final statement"" bill for $68 dollars for water and trash. We received a bill from Oates, the company we had been paying for these services, and question why the complex is billing us . more
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