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The Brick Store Pub - 33 Reviews - 125 East Court Square, Decatur, GA - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (404) 687-0990
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The Brick Store Pub

125 East Court Square
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 687-0990
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The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA
The Brick Store Pub - Decatur, GA


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Like the headline wonder it's listed in the ""Best of"" on CitySearch! This place has been around for quite awhile, I hear, but for me I am a relative newbie (even th...


The service there has gotten a lot worse, not to mention the waiters are ruder than what they used to be. Avoid!! Pros: Good Beer selecyion Cons: The service sucked more t...

Delish food and beer, but moody staff 8/24/2011

So, I have been a patron of The Brick Store Pub since it opened and I was too young to drink alcohol. It was quite a novelty then and walking in was like walking into some medieval world. (My husband says the upstairs looks like it's straight out of ""the shire"" from Lord of the Rings.) The food is really good- especially the volcano and the fish 'n' chips... mainly because of the grainy mustard. They have a really great beer menu too, especially for beer snobs like me. However- the last 2 times we went, the servers had some serious chips on their shoulders. The second-to-last time, the waiter actually chased me down the street to tell me that my date (now husband) didn't leave him a tip... which I saw (with my own eyes) him do. Now that I think back, we should have asked to speak with the manager about that. The last time I was with my brother and when he asked for some help choosing a good beer, the waiter literally picked up the beer menu (with a wooden back) and dropped it on the table in front of him, making it clatter, causing people to actually turn and look at our table. Sooo... needless to say, we haven't been back since. There may have been a time when The Brick Store could get away with crappy service, but it's not the only cool restaurant or pub in Decatur anymore. I'd go to Leon's, Steinbeck's or UJoint before I went back to Brick Store. I sure do miss that volcano though.... *drool* *sigh*.. Maybe one day soon I'll just get it to go. more

No wonder it's listed on the ""Best Of"" on Citysearch! 8/17/2010

Like the headline wonder it's listed in the ""Best of"" on CitySearch! This place has been around for quite awhile, I hear, but for me I am a relative newbie (even though I have lived in the Atlanta area all my life!!) to the pub. Right in the heart of downtown Decatur Square, this place has indoor & outdoor seating. A friendly, almost old-world atmosphere hits you as you walk in. They've got a huge selection of beers, awesome selection of food, excellent service, and the customers & regulars are all great; you don't get any of those drunken bar brawls here :) more

Best Beer Bar Around 4/1/2010

Look for the crowd of people in Decatur Square kicked back on the patio sipping a beer, and you've likely found the Brick Store Pub. This warm and cozy tavern is a definite must for any beer lover. The staff is unbelievably knowledgeable and can easily steer you in the right direction when it's time for beer selection. And oh, the beer selection! It's varied, interesting, and ever-changing. While you're there sipping a cold one, peruse the menu and sample something, anything--it's hard to go wrong with the pub's tasty food selection. And that's not just the beer talking. more

Great Place, Affordable, Cozy 11/25/2009

Great place to go when craviing the bar experience. Pros: Beer Selection, Ambiance, Food more

Yummy 11/22/2009

Try the soft pretzels with whole grain mustard; you will not be sorry. Pros: Pretzels, European bar feel Cons: Kind of noisy more

Great Beer Selection; Food Just OK 11/1/2009

This place is a funky little pub in the heart of Decatur that is known for it's extensive beer selection from around the world. Not being a beer drinker, I probably don't appreciate that fact as much as my beer loving buddies were able to. The wine list was OK but no where near as extensive as the beer. Food was ok -- I had a pretty standard cheeseburger and my friends had sandwiches-- but certainly nothing to rave about. Servers are prompt and friendly. Overall, I would say go here to drink, not to have a memorable meal. Pros: Fabulous beer selection; decent wine list; servers prompt Cons: Food is nothing special more

Great Beer and Descent Food 8/14/2009

Brick Store is one of my favorite places. They always have a number of new beers I want to try and I can always find something good. I've never had a bad experience here and the wait has gotten better since Leon's opened. I also really like that they have some pasta options that go a little above the standard pub food. I don't think you will find any place in the Southeast that can match their beer selection. Pros: Beer, Beer and Beer more

Great Beer 3/10/2009

First of all they have 300 beers on the menu and they are all great beers! Secondly, the service is consistantly good. We usually go there after work (4-7pm) no waiting to get a seat at the Belgin bar and we have a great time every time. It does get busy there and sometimes the wait staff is overwhelmed, but they will take care of you. If you cop an attitued with them, they will with you. Take it for what it's worth, great place for really good beer! more

Great bar 3/8/2009

this is a great bar, with nice bartenders, and a great selection.. its a relaxing place to have a pint or 2 Pros: atmoshpere, menu, bartenders Cons: no hotties more

Not what it used to be. 1/24/2009

The service there has gotten a lot worse, not to mention the waiters are ruder than what they used to be. Avoid!! Pros: Good Beer selecyion Cons: The service sucked more than it used to more

my fav place! 8/21/2008

I live in Decatur and I love beer! I love everything about beer and so does my husband, so when we are at the Brick Store, we are very very happy people. The food is good, the people watching is better and if you are lucky enough to sit in the belgium bar loft, life is good! Pros: What a beer list! Cons: crowded almost 24/7 more

Favorite Decatur Haunt 5/19/2008

I went to Brickstore long before I was legal to drink. The food was consistently good and the staff was congenial, even though I wasn't there to drink. Everything from their appetizers to main courses are always tasty.\r \r The wait can be long on weekends because it's a relatively small restaurant. I would recommend going for lunch, if possible. The wait is a lot shorter and you can still enjoy a beer and some great food. I went to Agnes Scott and we'd go for a random evening out for a beer and some good food. Definitely one of my favorite places in Dectaur even though I've long since graduated and moved on. Pros: Great food and big beer selection Cons: Can wait over an hour for a table more

Completely Overrated 2/27/2008

If you like angry service (hey, some people are into that) combined with long waits and a dull roar as background noise, then the Brick Store is your place! I've given this place more chances than I care to admit, and it just never gets any better. No matter how much money I throw at my server or bartender, the best I can expect is an angry grunt when they deign to look my way for a drink order. Nevermind that my drink's been empty for a half-hour. People love this place and I have to say, I live right around the corner and would love for it to be my ""local."" But no way, no how. Mediocre to substandard food, outright hostile service, I don't give a d--n how good the beers might be, I'll brew at home before I subject myself to this on a night off. Pros: around the corner from me Cons: everything else more

Beer. Cool. Whatever. Just be cool. 12/7/2007

Dude, good beer is awesome, and our waiter was a cool guy but at the end of the night after we'd paid a lot of money some other jacka$$ who worked there came up to us at our table and basically ran us off. Like ran us off unapologetically. I couldn't believe it.\r \r I don't get it. \r \r I am a server at a what is considered one of the best casual fine dining restaurants in Atlanta and I am usually not impressed with service at any dining establishment (FYI--all you have to do is make me think you care about me at all and i'm cool). The Brick Store made me feel like once they'd got my money they didn't give a sh|t about me. That's how it feels to be run off when you're 3/4 of the wy through your last beer and some a$$hole says, ""you know what time it is, right."" Like, ""get out people."" \r \r I don't make a lot of money. I don't spend a lot of money out at places. If I do spend money out at places I definitely don't expect to be run off like my money means nothing. Seriously, EFF this place. EFF the Brick Store. I've been there a few times and it ain't all that. Whatever. Give me a dive bar where they're happy and grateful to have my money any day.\r \r Don't bother going here. Just spend your money somewhere you KNOW they give a cr@p about you. more

Great Spot 9/26/2007

I had dinner here Friday night with a few friends. Everything was excellent. The service, beer selection and food were outstanding. Other than C. Mopps, best beer list in town. Pros: great beer selection Cons: long wait for table more

Great beer selection with ridiculous beer prices. 9/6/2007

I will start off by saying parking is not that big of a problem. Anyone who complains about having to put change in a meter and walk 50 yards (at most) is lazy and worthless. The Brick Store Pub is a decent place to grab a drink. The ambiance is decent; it has a nice old tavern feel to it. The problem with that is the place can get pretty crowded. My friends and I were certainly fortunate to find a seat. Another problem with Brick Store Pub, this place is flooded with yuppies. I could only handle this place once as far as getting used to the crowd. Let's face it, this place, for many of you reading my review, is the place to ""be seen."" I think this place has been put on a pedestal! The beer prices are way out of line! The common beers are in the ""average"" price range, but the ""specialty"" beers are twice as much as they would be in stores. Don't believe me? A lot of the ""rare"" beers can be purchased at Greens, Jax, and/or Total Wine liqour stores. For instance, a Dogfish Head Black and Blue, a seasonal fruit beer, was around $24. That is insane, considering the beer can be purchased at anyone of the listed liquor stores for $11 or $12 dollars. Don't take advantage of your patrons by charging them twice as much for a ""rare"" beer. If your business angle is to serve rare beers for people to try and in some cases experience, don't make is unreasonably expensive. Maybe I am making an argument out of nothing, but to an avid beer lover and drinker that is taking advantage of people. The waiters also make horrible suggestions when it comes to beer. They often try to talk you into buying beer that is complete garbage, they don't even say ""well what do you look for in a beer."" They just say ""well I love the ...."" I didn't ask you what you like, I asked you what you would think that I like. I think this place is decent, but I could never call myself a regular at a place like this. To pompous for being a bar and get a grip on the prices. Pros: Great beer selection, too crowded Cons: Beer prices can be ridiculous, yuppie hang out more

Part Prancing Pony, part Old World Europe, all Decatur 9/3/2007

What does it take to maake the perfect pub? I'm not sure I can answer, but I'd start with the Brick Store when making my list. In fact, it might be easier to start by listing the few minor problems that keep it from being the perfect pub: it's hard to park, the menu is EXCELLENT but limited (sometimes yoy really want the Buffalo tenders), and at night, it can be a little too crowded. Small issues. \r \r The place is amazing comfortable, welcoming, homey, an boasts the best rink menu around. Don't miss it.\r \r John Pros: The limited menu is solid, the beer and whiskey list is astonishing, and the ambiance an't be beat. Cons: The menu, while delicious, is a little TOO limited, parking is hard to find (take Marta or walk a block, no real problem), nd it DOES get crowded. more

Great beer! 8/22/2007

The service isn't always that great, but the beer selection is wonderful! Try the burger with a good beer and you'll leave happy! Pros: great beer Cons: inconsistent service more

Best Pub in America 8/10/2007

Really, it's hard to find a better pub in this country, and I've been to a few. Not only is the beer selection first-rate, more importantly they know how to store it and serve it. The staff is wonderful and building is a charming brick and wood, turn of the century gem. Even the art they display is tops, which comes from the Vinson Gallery next door I'm told. Let me know if you find a better place to have a pint. Pros: beer, staff, ambiance, art Cons: trying to park more

Very good food, incredible beer selection 8/3/2007

My husband and I have been to the Brick Store Pub several times over the last year and have enjoyed each visit. We always seem to wind up there on a Friday night along with about half the population of Decatur. You have to be prepared to wait up to an hour for a table of 4 or about 45 minutes for a two topper. For beer lovers, there is an almost endless selection including a large collection of Belgian and high alcohol content beers. This is THE place to go for beer aficionados. My husband always loves the wheat beers they offer. The food is very good for a pub and is generally what you would expect to find at a such a place. I like the BS pasta, a pasta dish with a creamy tomato sauce. The fish and chips and chicken and chips are always quite good. My husband had the shepherd?s daughter?s pie when we went this time and liked it. He said that is was a different twist on the normal dish. The decor is dark and very pub-like, which provides for a nice setting for hanging out. Service is generally good and fairly prompt. Pros: Great beer selection, good pub food Cons: Crowded on the weekends, lack of parking more
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  • This wood and brick Decatur behemoth has a good argument for having the best beer selection in Atlanta. With an ever-evolving list hovering around the stout figure of 200 bottles and dozens of...

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