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The Bombay Brasserie - 43 Reviews - 2414 University Blvd, Houston, TX - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (713) 355-2000

The Bombay Brasserie

2414 University Blvd (at Morningsie Drive)
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 355-2000
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The Bombay Brasserie - Houston, TX
The Bombay Brasserie - Houston, TX


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The Bombay Brasserie on University Boulevard is a more casual place than its upscale version (Narin's Bombay Brasserie off the West 610 Loop). That is part of its charm. The wait ...


The food was okay, but nothing memorable.. I was still hungry after dinner. Small servings.

Bombay has amazing Indian food. It's my 1/18/2013

Bombay has amazing Indian food. It's my favorite place more

Cockroaches every where,,....Yikes!!! 2/23/2012

Cockroaches every where.....Yikes!!!! Avoid this place at all costs. Place has gone down hill and is dirty. Food was old, cold and tired. Try India's down the street for better food and better customer experience. Never going here again. Waste of money. more

Comfortable Way To Enjoy Great Indian Fare! 10/13/2011

The Bombay Brasserie on University Boulevard is a more casual place than its upscale version (Narin's Bombay Brasserie off the West 610 Loop). That is part of its charm. The wait staff is always top notch, answering questions about the spiciness of the meals and about other menu items such as beers and desserts. As for the food, very flavorful and the chef is quite responsive to those not wanting to take the challenge of south Asian spices. Two favorites here: the Salmon Tikka and the varieties of Nan. NO ONE does Indian breads better in Houston than what you find at the Bombay Brasserie. Crowd are healthy, but I have never had to wait for seating. more

good lunch buffet 7/18/2011

nice variety at lunch more

Very Inconsistent quality of food 2/19/2011

My husband and I get delivery almost every week from Bombay Brasserie. About 3 out of 4 times it is absolutely the best Indian food on the planet but 1out of 4 times I can't even eat it. We got delivery last night and it was the 1 out of 4 times when its inedible. Its so disappointing because when its good its really really good but when its bad its just thrown out. Not sure why their quality of food can change so drastically but I always consider giving up after a night like last night but then I just wait a month or so and try again. We mainly eat the lamb curry dishes and the lamb can be perfectly cooked and tender or like last night, just a bunch of fat and unchewable stuff ! The rack of lamb and lamb tenderloins are usually very good. and more consistent quality. more

The food was okay, but nothing memorable.. 11/8/2010

The food was okay, but nothing memorable.. I was still hungry after dinner. Small servings. more

Terrible customer service 5/15/2010

We were appalled at the service that we received during our visit there this past Friday night. We had a fairly pleasant dinner until the end. The busboys and waiters kept coming up every couple of minutes and tried to take away as many dishes as they could even though we weren't quite finished with some of them. This even occurred even after we told the same busboy that we weren't done yet. My wife wanted to order coffee and this wasn't even offered. We then received the bill and were overcharged for an item. This error was corrected after we brought it to their attention. Our waiter then finally comes to our table and apologized for the mistake. We told him that we felt rushed and that this was unacceptable. The truth finally came out that there were people waiting for a table which was the reason for their behavior. He then offered to give us some ice cream for our 2 children ""to go."" We stated that we wanted to have the ice cream there instead of taking it home since it would probably be melted by the time we arrived home but he stated that it would have to be taken out! Basically we were pushed out the door before we were ready! We have never experienced such bad customer service in any restaurant as we did in this restaurant. It appears that this occurs quite often based on the reviews we read about this place. We will never go back again as there are numerous Indian restaurants in Houston. No one should have to suffer through such atrocious service. Pros: decent food(not great) Cons: terrible service more

loved the experience 5/9/2010

i tried the lunch buffet a while back and absolutely loved it! you cant beat $12 for an amazing indian buffet! so i decided to bring my friends for dinner on a week nite. the staff was extremely generous and the food just as good. our waiter suggested what we should order, customized it to our liking (lamb instead of chicken, spicier) and constantly checked our table to make sure everything was ok. i havent had great customer service like this in a long time! cheers to Bombay Brasserie! Pros: great lunch buffet, friendly staff, gay friendly Cons: parking more

Bad food Worst Customer Service 3/7/2010

It ruined my anniversary evening,I had a gr8 experience from 3 yrs back & was expecting the same. The first person to serve us was really courteous,but I do not know what happened in every 2-3 minutes, there would be a different person at our table with a very weird look, well the food was horrible, not really Indian, we ordered some salad, which was very clearly there from the morning or the night b4, the Malai kofta tasted like 99% tomato puree and 1% cardamom (no other taste in it) Navarattan Korma was actually 80% Potato, we wondered why the name Navarattan, and if Potato was a Rattan at all or was it just filling up the dish with cheaply available stuff. The prices are too high, and I bet you can get better indian food in Beaumont, these guys do not deserve to call themselves Indian. Oh well I forgot the last straw in the pile, we were'nt just about done ordering out last Nan and some one came to ask if we are done yet and when are we going to leave, I think he looked like the owner, We were actually going to order desserts to fill us some more, since the food was pathetic and we had barely eaten. I think he needs to go to Kiran's @ 2 miles away and learn what is hospitality. Oh and I forgot, The waiter actually fought with me while I was leaving for giving less than 30% TIP, where I should have left them ""0"" since we felt embarrased in this place, I had courteously given a good 20% TIP($10). Pros: Ambience, Location Cons: Food, Staff, Attitude, Selection of Menu, more

worst customer service ever.... 3/17/2009

Bombay Brasserie is the worst place to go if u are planning to go with friends or on date or with family. We were there on valentine's day this year. We have friends visting from out of town and we decided to go there for dinner and to celebrate. We were six people. Upon arrival we were given a table and after that no immediate service was available for drinks or order. We have to call each time that we are ready to order. We order our food which was not the best Indian food I have ever eaten. When we were about to finish our dinner the waiter came in and says ""IF YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THE DINNER CAN U PLEASE LEAVE AS WE HAVE GUEST WAITING OUTSIDE"" HE DIDN'T CARE TO ASK IF WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE DESERTS OR NOT.We finished our dinner which approximately took about hour or so due to their lack of service. That was very inappropriate of theirs to say to a customer. U cant ask them to get up and go.We complained to the manager but we all assumed that he was the one to give this instruction to waiter. becoz he gave very calm reaction. We made a big note on the bill we received. IF U ARE LIKELY TO BE INSULTED SHOULD GO THERE. Cons: bad food, limited service, limited seating availabe more

Disappointing Indian food at Bombay Brasserie... 10/7/2008

I am new to the Houston area, and I am sad to say that Bombay Brasserie was my first Indian dining experience in this town. I have eaten Indian food any many major cities that I've visited and this was by far one of the worst. I ordered the lunch buffet and it was the blandest buffet I've ever eaten from. No SPICE whatsoever! Granted, you can never expect the buffet to be as good as what is ordered off the menu, however the buffet is often an indicator of the overall quality. To start off, the Mango Lassi was the worst I've ever had; watered down and bland. The vegetables on the buffet all tasted frozen and were also bland. The food was completely Americanized, having none of the signature Indian spice that Indian lovers crave. The Daal tasted like it came from a can and the Chicken Tiki Masala was not very rich. Also, the Raita tasted very strange (sour with no other flavor). Finally, they had no Goulab, which is probably for the best as it most likely would have been bad and I could not stomach any more of this food. This was an absolute disappointment and it became further so when the bill arrived. The bill was $17 dollars and change for a lunch buffet and Mango Lassi! I've eaten the same in Chicago and paid closer to $12. I promtly paid the bill and fled this eatery, surely to never return. This was Indian food the way it should never be and I expect any first time Indian diner would be shunned from this food forever after frequenting this restaurant. Cons: The food....what more should I say ? more

Go here if you like high prices, cold food, and bad service. 2/27/2008

My wife and I decided to check this place out when we were going to go to Kubo's for lunch, but they weren't yet open. Instead of waiting we thought we would just check out the Bombay Brasserie next door. We weren't very hungry, so we opted for the menu over the buffet. I ordered Lamb curry, while my wife ordered a green salad. The waiter was rather rude, and for her ""green salad"" (which was supposed to have lettuce) he just scooped some cucumber from the buffet onto a plate... $3.00. I had to pay $4.00 extra for rice to go with my lamb curry, which was itself $16.00. When it finally came, I got a small cup of curry, that was some warmed up sauce that had some still cold pieces of lamb in it. The rice had a few partially frozen peas in it for color. All in all, it was $23.00 for a small meal that was poorly prepared. All I can say is that at least they didn't charge for water. European customers will feel at home with prices for these portions and this poor quality of service. Pros: tablecloths, indian decor Cons: expensive, poorly prepared food, bad service more

If you're in for a heavy and tasty lunch...stop here 10/20/2007

Went for the lunch buffet during a break from classes. Seemed the staff had a tough time seating our group of 7 but we managed to squeeze into the table. The food tasted great. I'm glad to see choices and variety for both vegetarian and meat. Service was prompt but a little cold rather than friendly about splitting the check or accepting credit cards. Pros: variety in buffet dishes, price Cons: not accomodating for large groups more


DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PLACE! We tried the Saturday afternoon lunch buffet. We were promptly seated and that was where the service ended! We were NEVER offered any drinks other than the water that was put on the table, and once it was empty there were no refills. I had to go up to the bar to ask for a soda, when it was empty I had to flag someone (because we didn't have a waitor) down to ask for another one. We NEVER had one single person stop at our table and ask how we were of if we needed anything. The buffet food was okay, not the best Indian I have ever eaten, and they did not have gulab jaman for dessert, only the creamy rice. I will never eat at this place again! Agreed with the other review, there are way too many Indian restaurants in Houston, I would go to any of the others before ever trying this place! Pros: free parking Cons: HORRIBLE service, tiny restaurant, limited selection more

BB is the absolute best! 8/20/2007

Pros: Food, service, quality more


I have to say this is the greatest place for indian food. I like kiran's but the only thing about kiran's is that it's a little to pricey and I am only a student right now. Bombay Brasserie is very nice and they have wonderful appetizers! We didn't know what to order the first time so we just got that variety platter and it was absolutely know when you usually order those things half the things on it are gross well not this place, everything on that platter was great! and the papad with chutney they give also is amazing as well as their main food dishes. Wonderful place! would definately go there again because its not that expensive and has the best food! Pros: great food, GREAT PRICE, good service more

Worst Customer Service! 5/14/2007

Last weekend, me and some family and friends (17 people) went to Bombay Brasserie to celebrate my cousin's college graduation. We had called ahead of time and made reservations. They had also called us back the day before to confirm our reservation for 17. When we arrived, the table they had for us only had enough chairs for 12 people. So, I went to the manager and let him know that there weren't enough chairs for all of us. He told me that that was all the room they had, and that we would just have to ""squeeze in"" five more chairs. There was no way that all 17 of us could squeeze in and sit comfortably. So, we went back and asked him why he didn't tell us when we made the reservation that there was not enough room for a party of 17? We also explained that if we knew this would be a problem, we would have made reservations somewhere else. To our astonishment, he then proceeded to say in a rude tone, ""Well, then why don't you guys go somewhere else!"" I couldn't believe it! There was no way that we would be able to go anywhere on a Saturday night with a party as large as ours. Finally, after about 30 minutes of just sitting there, he added a small table to the end of ours, which only sat 3 more. All of this really put a damper on our night of celebration. No matter what the food tastes like, service like that will ensure that nobody in our family will ever return there!! Pros: location Cons: Horrible customer service more

Bad services and no credit card accepted!!!! 4/6/2007

My friend and I were in the restaurant for lunuch today (4/6/2007). The buffet was not that good as it listed on the homepage, I thought there were around 12 dishes offered, not 19 dishes. The service was not good, either. Cons: The waiter told me that the credit cared machine was broken and asked me to pay cash more

Horrible service to students 4/6/2007

We were finishing up our lunch buffet, and a waiter came by to give us our bill. My girlfriend wanted to get some chai to finish up her meal, but they said they didn't serve chai (even though its on their menu)! She then asked for some hot tea, to which they said they didn't have any tea cups, even though the table next to us got some hot tea a few minutes later! Next time I want indian food, I'm going to Shiva's down the street or to the Madras Pavillion. Pros: Good Indian Food Cons: Horrible service more

A very bizarre experience 3/9/2007

I have eaten at this place several times. I have always been impressed by the buffet on weekends but was recently dissappointed by a Friday night experience ordering off the menu. My parents flew in to visit and I thought it would be nice to take them out. We ordered 4 items which were mediocre. The service was pretty slow. Pros: Lunch Buffet Cons: Service, no respect for customer's time and headache more
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  • Diners who want to experience exceptional and the best Indian cuisine take a short trip to Bombay Brasserie.

    Serving Northern Indian cuisine...this new, "pleasant surprise" in the Galleria area offers "solid food" that can be "wonderful"; patrons particularly laud the "great lunch buffet" (spoon up some of the terrific saag paneer) and the "courteous treatment" from a "knowledgeable staff." --Zagat Survey 1999

    "If you like Indian food, you will love Bombay Brasserie. If you think you don't like Indian food or haven't really tried it, this is your place." --Houston Chronicle

    "Best Indian Restaurant" --Houston Press 2000

    Voted "Best Buffet" by Houston Press

    Private wine room available-call for reservation 713/355-2000


  • In Short
    The lunch buffet features more than 19 Northern Indian dishes including salads, freshly baked breads, tandoori meats, curries and fresh vegetables. Lamb vindaloo cooked in a...

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    Mon-Sun 11am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
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