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The Anchor

310 Spring Street (at nr. Greenwich St.)
New York, NY 10013
(646) 719-0774
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The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY
The Anchor - New York, NY


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Haven't been to the Anchor in six months, and truth be told, when I go out in Manhattan nowadays, I really am not expecting much. After much debate, I made my triumphant return ...


I went here for a birthday party Saturday night. It was fun at first with ok music but then suddenly the place became so packed that no one could move. It was more than just annoy...

Don't understand why people think this place is so good.. 6/8/2011

I don't know what the hype is about this place but the service was HORRIBLE. I just had my birthday here last weekend and ordered two bottles with about 10 people. First of all, the old guy whos the bouncer at the door is a TOTAL DICKHEAD. I went out to get my boyfriend because he came in later and he wouldnt even let him in. He said something along the lines of "I will let him in when it's time for him to get in" While on the other hand, the manager who I talked to the bottles about said that my guests didnt HAVE TO WAIT ON LINE AT ALL. The place isn't even worth it for a wait, it's a small bar with way too many people. THe only thing I enjoyed was the music. I would go back here again just for the music, but I wouldnt waste my time with bottle service because even if you spend a bunch of money you wont get good service. The bouncer ruined the whole mood for the night... he needs to retire anyway, HES TOO OLD AND GRUMPY. more

Good things come in small packages! 2/15/2011

Haven't been to the Anchor in six months, and truth be told, when I go out in Manhattan nowadays, I really am not expecting much. After much debate, I made my triumphant return to the Anchor last Friday with a gaggle of girls and a couple of friends visiting from LA. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find the place packed with the same beautiful crowd I remember, and one of my favorite's Mick Boogie crushing it in the DJ booth. Seriously? A national DJ playing to a 1000 square foot room? F**k the haters, this spot is what its all about- The Anchor is truly one of NYC's hidden gems, and they have figured out the formula for a good time- the drinks are great, the crowd is great, blah blah blah, but really- at The Anchor, its all about the music. For a place this small to book some of the top DJs in the country is truly remarkable. Even more remarkable is that they don't charge a cover for it!!! They are located all the way on the west side of spring street (well worth the trip from the east side) you manage to get music, hot crowd, and a good time without the hordes of B & T and without all the Meatpacking District bullsh*t. Love it, for real- good things really do come in small packages! Get your sorry ass here immediately!!!! more

epic birthday party 1/27/2011

This is such a great place. I celebrated my birthday here 2 weeks ago and we all had an awesome time. The party planner we used really hooked us up, definitely use Josh from JSNProductions. com to plan your next party. We skipped the line and walked right in, didn't have to pay cover and got a free bottle of vodka. The staff there was very nice and classy, most places kick you off the table after you've finished your bottle but they didn't do that here. Awesome music, solid crowd and great ambiance. I highly recommend the anchor! more

Perfect New Years Eve 1/13/2011

Wow...I was super surprised by this place! Went for their New Years Eve party, expecting the usual mess, even after they told me they were not on any of the new years booking sites and were limiting the tickets, and they didn't lie. The party was great, with a great crowd, and the music was amazing. I went back the following weekend and found it to be a refreshing place- no BS, great music, fun crowd, and a top-notch staff. The anchor has become one of my new favorite places, looking forward to good times in '11!!! more

Will never go back 1/11/2011

I was there in November (2010), and was treated very rudely by one of the bartenders. I was apparently in her way to get behind the bar, so instead of asking me to move, she shoved me aside and then told the other bartender not to serve me. When I asked to close out my tab, she threw the book at me so that my credit card went flying somewhere behind the bar, and none of the staff would help locate it. I had decided to just cancel it, but when a friend and I asked to speak to a manager, he was holding my credit card. My friend told him that his staff had been very rude, and he kind of shrugged, so she repeated what she had said. He looked around the crowded bar, then looked back at us and said, "It looks like I don't really need to worry about that, does it?" more

Great Night, Fun Crowd 12/7/2010

Had a really great time at The Anchor last Friday- came with a big group, and the staff here was totally friendly and accommodating from the beginning. We had no door drama, and were given a great section where we enjoyed good music and some delicious cocktails. The crowd was very good looking and I noticed that people were mostly dancing and having a good time as opposed to just staring at their phones trying to look cool. I was pleasantly surprised by this place- someone finally got it right! Its about having a good time, and thats exactly what goes on here. Recommended for sure! more

Great spot, great location 11/18/2010

And the best music in the city... more

Fantastic f*cking friday!!! 11/15/2010

I was blown out of my f*cking shoes by this place- seriously- music rocks - I agree with previous reviews in that the DJs are crazy- didn't expect that in a smaller lounge. You can go to some sh*t bottle service place and get treated like an assh*le for wanting to spend $1000 or come to The Anchor, and actually have a good time and hear better music. Friday nights are my favorite night so far: music and crowd are great, you can get a table without some stupid bottle minimum, and for reasons I can't explain, it just WORKS. its fun, unpretentious, and you will totally get laid. I'm coming back here every week until the apocalypse. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! more

Unbelievable DJs and Music 11/12/2010

Hands down, one of the biggest surprises in the city. Doesn't look like much when you walk up- my friend was even like "we're going HERE?" but that was quickly put to rest when we walked inside to one of the craziest scenes I have witnessed in awhile: people dancing like the floor was a hot skillet, dancing on tables, dancing on banquets. Hot crowd and staff, and the DJ were far superior than anything I've heard in the Meatpacking DIstrict or any of the "mega-clubs" - I'm going to do my party here, and I recommend anyone reading this do the same. more

INCREDIBLE DJ'S!!! 9/28/2010

Wow. For once in my life, I am at a loss for words. I had heard about the Anchor, and people said it was a wild, rollicking good time, but I WAS NOT prepared for the music I heard in this little place. The quality of DJs they have here could easily fill one of the big box nightclubs, but instead we got to hear some of the best music I've heard out in awhile in an intimate, cool spot filled with hot people. I don't want to ruin the pleasant surprise I experienced when I came here, so take it from me- look for the unmarked door on the butt end of Spring Street- you will thank me later. more

Awesome Saturday 8/9/2010

We booked a party here after hearing GREAT reviews from friends and online...we were not disappointed. The DJs were some of the best I've heard in a long time...much better than at the big clubs. We came to dance and have a good time and thats what we did. There are no mean door people, the staff was cool and laid back, the bartenders were as kind as they were efficient, and the crowd was gorgeous. Looking forward to going back here with a smaller group next weekend! more

Great place for drinking and dancing 6/8/2010

Very cool place for dancing and late-night drinks. We usually go on Thursdays (always avoiding weekends in the city when possible), but was pleasantly surprised this past Friday when I stopped in with a few girlfriends. Place was packed, but not too packed- plenty of room to dance and unwind. We had some amazing cocktails and grabbed a comfy banquet in the back where we alternated between dancing and just chilling. The music, as always, was superb- and we spent most of the evening here. I highly recommend this place- one of the most un-pretentious, coolest spots in the city, by far. Pros: great drinks, great DJs, dancing, pretty crowd Cons: located in west SoHo (I live in Grammercy) more

Ridiculously Fantastic Staff 4/26/2010

I had my 29th Birthday here on Saturday and it was stellar. Our waitress and the guys working with her took care of us extremely well, everyone on staff was awesome, and the doorman was quite literally the best. Cool crowd, solid dj, not pretentious at ALL but totally had the right vibe for a birthday event. Jason (the owner? manager? guy in charge?) was suuuuper easy to work with. I even had a friend forget his ID (he's 30) and they were cool about it. If you're looking for something inexpensive you probably won't be as happy as I was with it, but it was TOTALLY worth the price. Which to me, makes it a value. It was an awesome party and Anchor was perfect. Pros: Staff, vibe, crowd, staff, staff Cons: mmmm, a huge fan over the packed dancing crowd would be nice more

Fun on Friday! 4/16/2010

My friend booked her 25th birthday party here, and originally I planned to just stop by, but ended up having one of the best times in a while. SHe had a section reserved and they gave us a free bottle of champagne- but the highlight of the night was the music- the DJ was simply amazing and we danced until we exhausted. Great looking crowd, staff was nice enough, and the door guys were friendly and even funny! Anchor, you're my new favorite place! Pros: amazing DJ, fun crowd Cons: on the west side (i live in LES) more

Stunning 1/11/2010

I usually don't write positive reviews online. In fact, I admittedly use sites like this to rant about the terrible state of manhattan nightlife. However, sometimes I come across a place that renews my faith in this city that I have a love/hate relationship with. Anchor is one of those places. We called ahead last friday, expecting it to be dead like most places the week after new years, and they said they could accommodate us. accommodate us? understatement of the decade. Me and my girls got there and were immediately ushered into the most amazing shitshow/party I've seen in some time. DJ Price (one of my fav DJs!) was rocking a packed room of beautiful people. We were able to grab a table with ease and ended up turning out Anchor until four in the morning. I won't reveal what transpired throughout the evening, however I do recommend this place to anyone looking for a taste of real NYC. The music, the staff, and the whole place in general, was just stellar- I will 100% be back here and highly recommend it to all. who knew the best Friday party in manhattan was on the far corner of spring street? love this joint. kudos guys. Pros: Great place off the beaten track Cons: best to go on a thursday or friday more

Friday 11/25/2009

The Anchor has, what has to be, one of the best Friday night parties in the city. We booked an area for about 20-25 of us, and they did not let us down. Upon arrival, we were whisked inside by the attentive door staff, brought to a table on the dancefloor, and they even gave us a complementary bottle of champagne! This is when the crowd started rolling in...the DJ really turned it on and almost everyone in the place was dancing. Really great looking crowd too! The energy in this place is amazing and from the point of booking the party to the actual night, the staff was helpful and cool - and the party itself was one of the best I've thrown. Pros: music, cocktails, crowd, energy Cons: none- i love this place more

Believe the hype! 11/16/2009

After reading all the great reviews on this and other sites like New York Magazine and Blackbook, I decided to give it a try and book my birthday here this past saturday without having ever been to the place. I heard from friends that they throw a wild party here, and like some of the other reviews mentioned, they did not disappoint! The music simply kicked ass all night- DJ Price, who I've seen at 1Oak and Tenjune was there playing hit after hit, and I danced so much that I was sore the next day (ok, may have been the 10 shots of Maker's Mark also). The crowd was hot, the dancefloor was packed and we partied until four in the morning. I fell in love with this place sometime around midnight, may have met my future ex-husband, and I will 100% be back here again. Thanks so much for helping me make some memories! Pros: Awesome bartenders, great drinks, music Cons: they aren't open 7 nights a week! more

Fantastic Halloween Party... 11/6/2009 I usually don't go to places I haven't heard anything about before, but we decided to take up a friend on his invite to a halloween party and wasn't expecting anything like this. Literally, from the moment we walked in, it looked like people were having the best time of their lives. There was full-on bacchanalian madness, the likes of which hasn't been seen since Dionysius himself staged his famous orgies and tore young maidens limb from limb in a wine induced frenzy! I've never seen so many people dancing and just having a great time. I had to check to make sure there wasn't a maenad working her ethereal charms on us! The music was superb and the drinks strong, and what was supposed to be a stopover on the way to a loft party turned into us dancing on the couches and drinking tequila like bandeleros until 4am. I will totally be back to this place. Anchor, you guys rock!!! A marvelous little spot, just off the beaten it! Pros: HOT crowd, really great DJs, cool staff and party Cons: None! more

Love this place! 10/5/2009

Really, really, really cool place! Loved the nautical theme, and the music was some of the most fun I've heard in awhile. One of my friends told me later that this place is known for their DJs, and I could see why- the girl spinning rocked it all night and kept the whole place moving- I mean, how often to you see a whole bar dancing and getting wild? And I mean the ENTIRE place! I genuinely had a blast, and I plan on coming back very soon. One thing to note: This place is not for the uptight. People come here to party and have fun and it gets crazy as hell! Don't be suprised if a complete (hot) stranger climbs onto your banquet and starts dancing. Amazing little lounge. Pros: FANTASTIC music, wonderful crowd, friendly staff, cocktails! Cons: none that I could see more

Amazing deal for Happy Hour on Thursdays 10/5/2009

Came here with a bunch of poeple after work when we found it here on citysearch. we couldnt believe that they had such an amazing deal for happy hour. we all got a little to drunk but had a blast. good music to dance to, too. Pros: drinks more
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  • The Anchor is just what New York City's increasingly stale nightlife scene needed! Voted best new bar/lounge of 2007 by Paper Magazine, The Anchor was started by a team made up of: publicist Amanda Silverman, designers Chrissie Miller and James Cruickshank, and club manager Jason LaGarenne, and has been attracting celebrities and and a great clientele from day one. Regardless of the hype, the Anchor is open to anyone looking for a good time and ready to get down with some world-class DJ's. Stop in and see for yourself how a real party is thrown. Show some extra love and we just might name a drink after you!

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    Special Birthday Packages available on Friday Nights - contact us to book your next party without all the hassle and nonsense,

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  • In Short
    What's in a name? The Anchor's nautical theme gets flexed with stretches of American eagle wallpaper and rope-wrapped poles, while the wood veneer and antler chandeliers suggest a woodsy neighborhood hangout. The bar's true identity, however, is amplified by DJs in the back who spin deafening rap, rock and '80s tunes while the jukebox sits silent. Likewise, the bartenders sling vodka tonics instead of draughts of PBR to buttoned-up young men, dolled-up young women and a handful of hipsters who haven't decamped to Williamsburg, yet.

  • 7/17/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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