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The Strip Club - 18 Reviews - 378 Maria Ave, St Paul, MN 55106-5137, Saint Paul, MN - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (651) 793-6247

The Strip Club

378 Maria Ave, St Paul, MN 55106-5137
Saint Paul, MN 55106
(651) 793-6247
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I took my fiance to The Strip Club for Valentines date night. What a great date! We had such a good time. We took our time and worked our way down the menu, enjoying creative coc...


This place has great cocktails and great appetizers. The foie gras was wonderful, and the blue cheese balls - heavenly. My problem is that grass-fed steak is tough and lacks fla...

Great Date Night! 2/18/2012

I took my fiance to The Strip Club for Valentines date night. What a great date! We had such a good time. We took our time and worked our way down the menu, enjoying creative cocktails in between courses. We had a cozy little table between the fireplace and the bar. Tim was our waiter, and I have to say, he was the best waiter we've ever had anywhere. You could tell he was enjoying himself and at the same time very attentive to our needs. He had the perfect balance of being present and helpful, but also being sensitive not to interrupt our time together as a couple. He showed genuine care and concern that we were having a good time. Suave, personable, and a master at his craft. I only learned after the fact that he also happens to be co-owner of the restaurant. The place is classy and modern, yet retains it's historic elegance. Avant-garde is how I would describe it. And with an edgy name like The Strip Club, a bit adventurous. The food was beautiful to look at and everything was delicious. We'll definitely be going back for future date nights. more

not so great 9/10/2011

My foodie wife and I have been reading positive reviews of the Strip Club for some time now. Unfortunately we missed out on the citysearch reviews before we took the plunge. I would say I couldn't agree more with the less than stellar reviews. The libations were great. We both had the Jamo Toe (Jamison, Apfelkorn?, and Ginger Beer.) Very tasty and will be making that myself at the next party. We ordered many of the small plates and a New York Strip steak. The best part of the experience was the shrimp tacos, grilled to perfection they were excellent. Unfortunately it went downhill from there. We ordered Meat on a stick a mini corn dog which was sorry to say terrable. Deep fried but under cooked and gooey corn bread, the Crispy Fried Veggies (flavorless deep fried), and the Beet and Meat (artisan sausage was hard and very salty, not to surprising as this can happen with sausage), the Cold Fish was supposed to be pickled herring but the skin was tough and chewy, and the Nibbler (fairly good but meager). Finally we split a New York Strip(previous reviews comment on the chewiness and gristle-y consistency and they were dead on. The farmer bob sauce was very tasty with tomatoes and blue cheese but the fries that came with it were caked with salt so inedible. The biggest complaint was the salt factor and the less than stellar strip steak. The rest was passable. I will say the service and staff were very excellent and definitely the best part of the evening. I would not recommend at all. more

Way over-rated 2/13/2011

After reading rave reviews of this place I decided to treat my sweetheart to a Valentine's dinner here with great expectations. The only positives of the evening were the homemade tonic water and the foie gras was quite nice. The main courses were were terrible at best. I ordered the lobster risotto for $32.00 It looked like they shelled a crayfish and mixed it in with some Uncle Ben's. My gal ordered the ""famous"" rib eye which was about the gristliest piece of rib-eye we had ever tasted (for $51.00 no less). Obviously the chef cannot tell the difference between gristle and marbling. We did take the leftovers home (I hope her dog doesn't choke on the meat). No choice of sides was kind of a surprise. Limp boiled carrots is not everyone's cup of tea. Even if the food had been good the portions were tiny. Luckily we had some leftovers from the previous night's dinner to eat when we got home. The blast of cold air from the front door was pleasant every time it opened. The attempt at a vestibule made out of someone's old curtains didn't do much to help. Getting pan-handled by the ghetto gang bangers at the end of the block after dinner was a nice touch at the end of the evening. Avoid this place at all costs. There are plenty of places to spend $150.00 and get much better service and food in a much safer neighborhood. more

The emperor kind of wears clothes 2/5/2011

This place has great cocktails and great appetizers. The foie gras was wonderful, and the blue cheese balls - heavenly. My problem is that grass-fed steak is tough and lacks flavor. Does anyone else agree? Does anyone else like their steak to be fatty and well-marbled? I guess I do, and for that reason, I would go here for more appetizers, but would rather go somewhere else for a fatty steak. more

An absolute East St. Paul Gem! 7/31/2010

Fantastic. I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to have my huge party (20 people - and it is not a big place) at the Strip Club. I was nervous - trying to plan an evening out for so many women from a distance (planning from Boston), but the management (the owner was fielding all my MANY calls) made it an absolute pleasure. They put our group upstairs and were happy to keep the fabulous cocktails coming. The hors d'oevres were absolutely delicious - I can verify, we had two of each! The atmosphere was laid back classy speakeasy all at the same time - the perfect mix. The owner and server made my guest of honor feel so special. I simply cannot recommend this place enough. I'm going back for a romantic dinner next time I'm in Minnesota. Pros: Delicious food, Devine Cocktails Cons: None. more

I wish you would be the steakhouse I want you to be! 7/24/2010

I have been to this restaurant two times. I was not happy with my first experience. I ordered filet mignon and it lacked any flavor although the carrots were awesome! But, I paid for the filet. I felt it deserved a second chance. I can't speak for any one else, I am capable of cooking a steak to the desired temperature myself (ie. medium, medium-well) but I would like my food to be better than what I can accomplish on my own. There is a lack of seasoning and they rely too much on their sauces that you can pay to accompany your meat. They give too much credit to the beef being grass fed from corn fed, there is a difference, but for a steakhouse you need to manipulate the steak to the point that you do not need sauce to make it taste good, simple salt and pepper does not meet my flavor expectation. I will not be back, I really wish this would be the steakhouse I want it to be! Pros: Staff, Atmosphere, Casual Cons: Flavor, Seasoning, Price more

Top Notch Steak 2/19/2010

This is a welcomed change from the cookie cutter steakhouses in the metro area. Small and cozy environment, great steaks with surprisingly flavorful sauce accompaniments, and friendly and knowledgeable waitstaff. The grass fed beef tastes considerably better than the traditional corn fed. Do yourself a favor and give this gem a try. You will not be disappointed. more

More Negatives then Positives 1/11/2010

Reservations 12 to celebrate a bday (5 child - 5-10 yrs) \r \r 5pm on a Sunday, other than a table of two, we were the only table and placed next to the front door. The restaurant is small, no vestibule so the winter air directly affects about 30% of the main floor seating. We asked whether there was a children’s menu and the waiter stated ""no, just what you have there"" (but they do have hi-chairs?). We asked if they could make something simple like buttered noodles and the answer was ""no"". Concerned, we then ordered the $4.00 per mini bread loaf so the kids could eat. Money isn't an issue, but the price of the bread and value were not matching. We inquired again whether they could make something for the kids (remember, only one other table has patrons) and the waiter now said he would ask the chef. When he returned he stated ""the chef would be willing to do that for you"" making us feel like we had inconvenienced them. Service was attentive when you asked but not as proactive as you would come to expect at comparable local restaurants.\r SMALL PLATES:If there was a highlight, this was it. Meat on a Stick: 5 stars; Crispy Vegetables: 5 stars; French Fries: 3 stars; Fried Oysters: 3 stars; Wild Rice Sausage: 3 stars; Calamari: 2 stars \r MEAT: Oddly, there were NO potato selections to accompany your steak. Steaks come with a single vegetable - no choice - on this night it was poached carrots. Only 4 cuts of meat offered. Home made steak sauce was $3 to $9 extra. All steaks came sliced which was unusual. Never asked if the steaks were ""prime"" but the quality wasn't there in comparison to their TC competition. Ribeye: 3 stars; Filet Mignon: 3 stars; Bleu Movie Sauce: 4 stars; Shrimp Trampi Sauce: 4 stars\r FISH: The fish special - swordfish. It was served over a bed of cauliflower with almonds and golden raisins. Swordfish: 4 stars; \r STARTERS: Potato Soup: 4 stars; Ceaser Salad: 4 stars\r DESSERTS: Three dessert options: Hate to be so blunt - terrible! Boston creme pie: 1 Star - dry and stale; Pear with bleu cheese: 1 Star; Chocolate tort: 1 Star.\r CONCLUSION: My overall take on the restaurant was that a couple young guys looked for a location with the cheapest rent they could find. Then to make things work they create an ambiance of fine dining, charge accordingly, but just don't live up to what you would expect from a fine dining establishment. Hope this helps!\r Pros: Small Plates, Service, Ambiance Cons: Selection,Quality,Value,Seating,Not Child Friendly, Location more

Cozy place with exceptional food and service 1/26/2009

This past weekend we made the trek to St. Paul to try The Strip Club. After finding it on citysearch and then searching out more articles to read about it I knew I had to try it. \r Our reservations were for 7:30pm but we arrived a bit early, they weren't quite ready for us, so we found a spot at the very busy bar and waited for a table. Being the middle of winter I was hoping for a table upstairs and we got one! The downstairs is nice but the front door I would imagine could get quite drafty! The service was fantastic and even though there was a large party sat right near us, we never once felt forgotten about. There is a secret door upstairs leading into a huge room/office and our server offered the room to the large party as they were there to surprise someone, I thought that was a very nice offer.\r The food was amazing; we ordered the Shrimp Scampi, Duck Confit, and the NY Strip. All cooked to perfection with amazing flavor. Don't expect to walk out of this place using pocket change, but the food and service is well worth the price. \r They have several interesting small plates and several different sauces to chose from with your steak. A true gem in the way of restaurants, specifically steakhouses. A+++ Pros: service and food! Cons: Street Parking only :( more

Great brunch 1/24/2009

We finally had a chance to have brunch at this very popular place in St. Paul.. The menu for brunch was... more

Great brunch 1/24/2009

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We finally had a chance to have brunch at this very popular place in St. Paul.. The menu for brunch was great - the french toast with apples and bo... more

Low key atmosphere with great food and service. 1/18/2009

Great place to bring good friends. Even with a menu that speaks to gourmands (with some truly great fois gras) there's hardly an ounce of pretension in the place. Good drinks - good desserts... it's a place you'll want to frequent. Pros: Great variety of small plates - excellent food. Cons: Some dishes are pricey. Drafty by the door. more

Great food and service. 12/21/2008

We started out with the poutine and carpaccio off their small plates menu. Both were great but the poutine really shined. If you didn't know, poutine is french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Apparently it is drunk food from French Canada.\r For our entree, we had duck and meatballs. Both were very good. For desert, we had a baked apple thing that was great!\r There were only a couple things I would have changed. They need to get double front doors for Minnesota winters. It was definitely a little drafty. Plus their tables may be a little tight.\r \r Pros: Food, Service and Ambience Cons: A little drafty and seating is tight. more

Fantastic Food, Fantastic Venue 10/15/2008

I don't normally write reviews for places we've eaten, but my wife and I visited the Strip Club for the first time on her birthday and it was absolutely excellent. The building's renovations and decor are classic, fun and fancy enough to go out for a special occasion, but the place doesn't have an ounce of attitude or pretentiousness. The food isn't super cheap, but it's worth it -- the menu is creative and original, and the food itself was amazing. It was tough to decide what to try, but we were given excellent attention and recommendations from our server. Great food, great staff, and one-of-a-kind location... we watched the sun go down over downtown St. Paul upstairs by the fireplace on a beautiful fall evening. Even witnessed the secret door in action -- these guys really know how to design a space! Highly recommended, extremely authentic neighborhood find. New Twin Cities favorite. Pros: Ambiance, Service, Menu, Food Cons: Not clear that you can park across the street in a college lot... but you can! more

Great food, great people, great building - you so rarely get it all... 7/26/2008

I admit I was skeptical of a locating a quality dining experience on Maria Avenue. I've lived on the East Side, and we had good food in places, but never great food, great service, and great atmosphere at the same time. This places brings it all together. \r \r We were greeted at the door by the general manager, who clearly loves his work and loves sharing the experience with people who are out to have fun as well as enjoy food. We were given such a warm description of the menu, I really wanted to try it all. I settled for the signature dishes (caesar salad and the New York Strip), and was not disappointed. The food was flavorful, beautifully presented, and with excellent service. \r \r I ordered a club soda, and while some restaurants will turn their nose up at not getting a big liquor bill, I was offered a little mix of soda and custom-made tonic with a twist. No other restaurant ever goes out of their way to enhance the dining experience for someone ordering a club soda, so I gave it a try. The light lavendar flavor in the tonic was a wonderful treat, very refreshing on a warm day. These folks are paying attention to every aspect of your time with them. If you don't normally talk to the staff when you're dining out, make an exception here. You'll be glad you did. Pros: Amazing passion from the staff for your experience. Great food to back it up. Cons: The wonderful inside isn't clear from the location. Get inside the building. Trust me. more

Amazing Food & Service 7/24/2008

My wife and I walked into the Strip Club one Tuesday night with no expectations. I am the chef and owner of a small restaurant and she and I rarely get to go out to eat. We walked into the restaurant and the gentleman behind the bar greeted us like we were old friends. We found out that he was not only the bartender but one of the owners of the restaurant. He was very warm, knowledgable, and funny. So we decide to eat dinner at the bar. We settled on trying a bunch of the small plates because they all sounded so interesting. We also ordered the strip steak and shared it. We absolutely loved the scallop and the deviiled eggs. 2 of the 5 deviled eggs were pickled in beet juice and they were delicious. Perfectly seasoned and full of flavor. I loved the duck confit and the beans and toast. All of the appetizers were amazing and something different. The steak was cooked perfectly and also seasoned very well. We rarely find a restaurant that we want to go back to over and over and we will definitely be back to this restaurant. We loved everything about it the food, the atmosphere and the service. Pros: Food, atmosphere, and service Cons: Parking is limited more

Spectacular Addition to the Neighborhood 6/20/2008

I've been to Strip Club half a dozen times and will keep going back. After the first time I ate there the staff started to recognize me. Repeat business will get you progressively better service, not that it was bad to start with. It's a fancy place with medium level prices. At the end of the evening most people will be satisfied with the portions, no leftovers, because it isn't that kind of place. Make sure to try the deviled eggs, they are different and better than you'd expect, especially the pink ones. The bar has a lot of housemade options, like the tonic and the blackberry brandy. Try one of their old fashioned drinks, or a simple gin and tonic, they're just better when mixed by a real professional with quality ingredients. Make reservations if you're going on Friday or Saturday night, especially with a party bigger than two. A few of the balcony tables have a great view of the sun setting over downtown, they'd be great for a first date. Pros: Good food, quality drinks, close-knit staff, adorable location. Cons: No parking lot, just street and the Metro State pay lot. Not very many tables so turnover can be a problem. more

over rated, over priced 5/5/2008

After reading many fabulous reviews about this restaurant, could hardly\r wait to go. Now I admit I'm not foodie of the year or anything, but I do know \r some things. For a place that says steakhouse,and seafood ,the choices\r were abysmal. Just one very small strip, and some tuna. This is the only \r place we have ever been that has the nerve to charge for bread to go with\r your salad. \r O.K. lets get to my major complaint. The famous N.Y. which it names it self\r after is very good, but be warned. For $28.00 ,it is maybe 8 oz,, comes with a\r grilled 1/2 lemon and maybe an ounce of poached carrots.\r The $5.00 side of mashed potatoes would have left a toddler hungry.\r Oh, I don't want to forget the catfish fingers ( which should have been called\r nuggets since they were about the size of a peanut M&M, and they only give you 6)\r So ,as much as I would like to support a local restaurant that is quite quaint,\r I am not eating out on an expense account. There are just too many other steak \r places in the cities that serve meat that is just as good, if not better, and when \r you leave you may have leftovers. After eating here we had to go to Culvers!!\r \r Pros: quaint neighborhood restaurant Cons: way over priced more
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    Restaurateurs Tim Niver and Aaron Johnson know a thing or two about sprucing up a place: The duo brought the famous Town Talk Diner back to life and turned it into hipster gold....

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