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The Pecan - 22 Reviews - 3725 Main St, Atlanta, GA 30337, Atlanta, GA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (404) 762-8444

The Pecan

3725 Main St, Atlanta, GA 30337
Atlanta, GA 30337
(404) 762-8444
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The Pecan - Atlanta, GA
The Pecan - Atlanta, GA


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This was absolutely amazing! I never thought I would find a fine dining experience in College Park and on a MAIN STREET! Then here come THE PECAN. I was floored. My entire fami...


I am going to make this short. Took a group of people out to eat, made a reservation and 5 people didn't show up. We were charged for the whole group. When I reviewed the bill a c...

Great food! But a little on the high end. 7/5/2011

This is a great place with great food. Good to impress clients with but terrified to see the bill! more

This place is adorable! 1/20/2010

Adorable southern restaurant. Sooo-cute decor, really nice service, and delicious food! The Peach-tea I would not order again, but the Tilapia sandwich was amazing! Really close to the Atlanta airport, my friend and I stumbled upon The Pecan by accident. We both were impressed, and left happy and satisfied. If we were not headed to the airport in such a rush we would have stayed for dessert.... Mmmm.. Pros: Good food, totally cute, totally surprising Cons: not in a part of town I'd usually hang out more

Ripped Off 12/29/2009

I am going to make this short. Took a group of people out to eat, made a reservation and 5 people didn't show up. We were charged for the whole group. When I reviewed the bill a couple of days later, mind you not looking for a refund, just looking for them to offset my next event. I was told to bad, I should have mentioned the issue that day. I have taken this same group to several restaurants and when the number is smaller than originally set we only pay for the food we consumed. Too bad the Chef seemed like a nice guy but because of the manager, i will tell everyone I know NEVER to go there. Pros: Good Location Cons: Bad Customer Service more

Patty Label's Favorit 11/30/2009

The only white table restaurant i discovered in downtown East Point, and minutes from Atlanta airport Pros: Atmoshere and white table cloth in downtown East Point Cons: Some items match pricing of Bukhead restaurants more

Simply amazing - Tempted to LICK plate 12/16/2008

This was absolutely amazing! I never thought I would find a fine dining experience in College Park and on a MAIN STREET! Then here come THE PECAN. I was floored. My entire family was visiting from Nova Scotia Canada and I was taken to the restaurant from a longtime Atlanta transplant. He had also only heard about it but never had gone. I ordered the Loin Chops with Haricots Verts and potatoes. The chops were melting in my mouth and the sauce was something both sweet and tart. I HATE veggies but these ""french cut green beans"" were crisp and sweet. The potatoes were just dense enough to not make me hungry still. My family had a variety of items including: Chicken dish and Seafood dish. My toddler niece even enjoyed her jasmine parsley rice and she's extremely fussy. For dessert I played it safe because I am not really into nuts so I had the chocolate cake BUT I wish I would have tried the PECAN pie. That pecan pie was ordered by 4 of us and boy did they rave about it. The pecans were strewn throughout the pie and not just on the top. You could actually see the pecans with every bite - very different. My sister ordered peach cobbler - this was her first cobbler ever since growing up in Nova Scotia Canada. Owner/ Chef Tommy also came out to greet us in his tailored suit. The staff was warm and friendly and not pretentious. Everyone dressed wonderfully - the way one should when you are out dining (ties for men and dresses for ladies). My family was so thankful to my close Atlanta transplant who also knew Owner/ Chef Tommy. We were so thankful that my family also invited Chef Tommy to come and visit Halifax, Nova Scotia and Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada. Let me add that I am a columnist and broadcaster who has lived in NYC for 10 years - I would dare put THE PECAN on a Zagat's best eatery anyday! Owner is a MOREHOUSE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE former employee - great entrepreneurialship. - Thumbs up from ""Victory Waters"" of Victory Waters SPEAKS! and ""Brother X"". Pros: Food, Service, Dresscode, no liquor license (not a bar atmosphere), Romantic Cons: Not highly visible area, no liquor license (if a drink is important to you), Not really for kids unless they are WELL behaved - this is not TGIF more

The Pecan-The Best of the Best! 12/4/2008

Experience Southern dining at its finest at The Pecan, Georgia’s newest fine dining restaurant located... more

The Pecan-The Best of the Best! 12/4/2008

Kharezma Provided by Partner
Experience Southern dining at its finest at The Pecan, Georgia’s newest fine dining restaurant located directly across the street from the historic... more

The Pecan must be nuts! 8/23/2008

I went to this restaurant around October of 2007. The food is incredibly overpriced for such a small portion of simple items. Though the lamb chops were excellent, the portions were incredibly small and cost about $30+ The sweet tea was, even for me, diabetes inducing. It was so sweet it gave me a headache. I would not recommend this restaurant. If you want to spend $30+ on 3 lamb chops, you'd be better off going to Fogo de Chao, where for $30 You get as much meat as you can handle! lamb, beef, pork, chicken. All excellent. If you happen to be in the college park area and want to dine in, (though not the same type of food) you'll feel much better about your money and the taste and portions of the food at Fina Bistro. Pros: Most of the food tasted well seasoned and nice. Cons: Way too expensive for what you get, with skimpy portions and average sides more

Horendous 7/18/2008

I am in from out of town working hard I just wanted a good meal without having to drive downtown. The Pecan looked really promising. I had the green salad, ribeye, grits, and a single glass of wine. The salad was pretty good, basic mesclin greens with some candied pecans, 3 very thin slices of pear, a blue cheese, with a vinegarette. I ordered the steak medium rare it was closer to rare which was fine by me but it was a horrible piece of meat. I have never had such a chewy steak, muchless paid $30 for it. The $30 steak came with nothing, the pepper jack grits I had on the side were good but a seperate charge. Then when the check came I was actually charged $34 for the steak and $12 for the glass of wine that was $10 on the menu. This place was so overpriced I would not even send an enemy there. I cannot imagine how some of the reviews on here are positive. Pros: Proximity to the Airport Cons: Everything else more

Fantastic Restaurant 6/7/2008

We arrived for a pre birthday celebration. Our party of 8 was seated almost immediately. We had a wonderful time. Our service was excellent, our courses were timed perfectly. The food was well worth the price, especially their unique dinner combinations. The owner pleasantly inquired about our satisfaction. Our wait staff was pleasent, patient and professional. I am very thankful for a great restaurant on the South Side of town. I plan to use this restaurant for a large dinner party. Pros: Great service, ambience, food selections Cons: Parking more

Not worth it 5/7/2008

By far one of the worst dining experiences I?ve had in long time, especially considering the prices. The restaurant has a pretty interior: exposed brick, plush red velvet curtains; elegant without being stuffy. The staff was adequately friendly. But my primary objective when I dine out is the food, which was for the most part abysmally disappointing. The little cornbread muffins and peach biscuits before the meal were delicious, the best part of the meal. Nothing else compared. When our entrees were brought out, we had to ask the hostess for steak knives because our server did not bring them. My lamb chops with mashed potatoes and green beans were mediocre. I thought the lamb was a little tough and gamey, but I?m not a huge connoisseur of lamb chops, so I don?t feel comfortable comparing them to another restaurant. However, my partner ordered the Surf and Turf, and I do feel qualified to comment on the strip steak. It was ordered medium rare, but came out very rare. It was as if the steak had been taken straight out of the refrigerator and slapped on the hot grill for a few seconds, seared on the outside but cold and bluish-red inside. The biggest disappointment of all was dessert. At $10 a slice, I was expecting a lot from the Chocolate Decadence cake. I can?t think of any restaurant in Atlanta that charges $10 for a slice of cake (Ritz Carlton?). It was an average sized slice of moist dark chocolate cake with a thick covering of dark chocolate icing. Sounds great, but honestly it didn?t taste ANY better than a piece of chocolate cake from Publix. No better. When I spoke to a friend the next day and told him we had eaten at the Pecan, he replied that he had eaten there and ordered the Pecan Chicken, and it tasted like it had been bought from Sam?s Club. If the cost of the meal had been something like $40, I wouldn?t have felt so bad. But as it was over twice that much (2 non-alcoholic drinks, 2 entrees, 1 dessert), I feel like I?ve been grossly ripped off. Pros: Cornbread and Biscuits Cons: the rest of the food more

Excellent Dining Experience! 4/5/2008

We went to The Pecan when we had to spend a night in an airport hotel and wanted to go somewhere close for dinner. We had an excellent experience! It was only a short taxi ride away, and the decor was warm and welcoming. The service was terrific and the waitress was friendly and answered both our food and tourist questions graciously. Best of all, the food was delicious and the crab cakes were the best I've had anywhere! We plan to visit The Pecan again the next time we travel through Atlanta. more

Avoid this restaurant, Save your money 12/25/2007

My family and I visited The Pecan several weeks ago for an aunt?s birthday celebration. I have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to visit the restaurant since April of this year, so I was thrilled at the plan to dine there. Unfortunately, the experience was disappointing to say the least. The restaurant itself is much smaller than I expected, yet the overall atmosphere is decent. The decor is pleasing and comfortable. The service was mediocre. The waiter was able to answer our questions about the menu but did not demonstrate expertise about the food, nor did he make us feel particularly welcomed. The food was the absolute worst part of the experience. I ordered the special of the night, which included fried fish, pepper jack grits, and Italian collard greens. Fish and grits is a personal favorite of mine, so I was anxious to taste The Pecan?s version of the dish. The fish was absolutely flavorless, and I?m 99.9% sure that it came from a frozen box (think Gorton?s frozen fish). The grits were stiff and also flavorless. The ?Italian? collard greens were (again) seriously lacking in flavor, and I?m 99.9% sure that they came from a can. I was extremely disappointed with the meal, and the fact that it cost me $28 did not help matters. I can?t speak in detail about my family members? opinions of their food, but ?not enough flavor? was a common assessment around the table. My family members had dishes that included crab cakes, fried lobster tails, and shrimp pasta. I do not recall anyone being impressed with his or her selection. The best part of the meal was the complimentary bread and pecan butter that was served prior to the entrees, and for a restaurant that flaunts high acclaim, this is pretty sad. As exciting as it is to have fine dining south of downtown, this is one place you should avoid at all costs. Pros: Decent ambiance, good bread and pecan butter served before the meal Cons: Food is absolutely flavorless more


My wife and I went to The Pecan and ended up leaving the place feeling like we got fleeced. Pros: Uh, I guess the pork chop was the highlight. Plenty of low lights though Cons: Unethical, very poor service, overpriced, not worth the trip - plenty of better places in town more

Delightful! 11/17/2007

I was a bit skeptical of this stylish little eatery when I saw the prices on the menu, but the wonderful service from both the manager and waiter set my mind at ease right away. Things got better when I saw the reasonably priced wine list and down right nice when my wife and I were enjoying a perfect bottle of chardonnay (for less than 50 bucks!). Fried lobster and crab cake entrees were surprsingly, the only things I had complaints about, with both tasting a little too much like they were cooked at Ruby Tuesday. The pecan pie and chocolate cake desserts were very nice, and again, the professional service elevated the overall experience, and almost made me forget about the average entrees. All things considered, I recommend this place for anyone in the area who is in the mood for a nice dinner. but not in the mood to drive all the way to midtown. Pros: Good prices on wine, Great service Cons: Seafood entrees a little weak more


I grew up in College Park and since the Airport took so much of the ""Main Street Area"" we have not seen th interest in this small but beautiful little city. The old Feed Store is now a very nice restaurant but The Pecan has taken this to new heights! We had the Shrimp & Grits and a really good salad with a lite vinegar dressing... Really nice. I am looking forward to returning for more of the specials and menu items... Try THE PECAN, we need to FREQUENT and PATRONIZE these wonderful additions to our neighborhood! Pros: Very nice addition to a very nice area more

Fine cuisine without having to go downtown! 10/8/2007

Finally, fine cuisine at its best in College Park. After dining at The Pecan I was thrilled that I could get such an awesome meal without having to travel to downtown Atlanta. The atmosphere is cozy; perfect for a first date. The restaurant is clean and the decor is very appealing. I am dining there tonight for a second time and have no intentions of trying anything new on the menu. I am going straight for the fried lobster tail which is exquisite. It had just the right seasoning and crunch to excite my taste buds. I must admit when seeing it on the menu I thought to myself, ""Now why ruin lobster by frying it?"" I was wrong. It is absolutely divine. I also had the pleasure of sampling the crab cakes from a friend's plate. You may as well be eating crab right out of the shell. There is hardly any filling. You really get mostly crab. The service was prompt, friendly and pleasant. You have got to visit The Pecan. Pros: ambience, service, food Cons: Closed on Mondays. more

Best choice on the South Side 8/16/2007

Our new favorite on the southside of town. Revitalized downtown College Park and East Point have several great new restaurants but this is by far the best. Outstanding food with great presentation. Try the shrimp and grits! Flavored teas are tasty too. Always courteous service with a good attitude - they make you feel welcome. A true treat on the southside! Pros: Neat ambiance, proximity to airport, stellar food Cons: Parking can be tight on a busy night but a short walk along Main Street feels good after dinner. more

Nice chef driven retsaurant. Pleasant atmosphere 6/1/2007

My father and I dined at the Pecan and everything was delicious. We started with an Antipasto and he had a fantastic Curry Ginger Soup with lump crab meat garnish. He doesnt like curry but still enjoyed this soup highly. Both were delicious. The balsalmic on the Antipasto was pefectly reduced and among the best Ive ever had.. I wanted to lick it off the plate. Low class for an establishment such as this but it was truely that mouthwatering. The Lamb Chops were wonderful as well and the special our server Christopher recommended of Blackened salmon with asparagus nicely done and whipped sweet potatoes .I would hope they add that to the menu, The muffins were delicious as well and the butter for em was perfectly whippped we still aren't sure if it had honey , This is by far the best restaurnat cuisine wise on the south side in College Park. An area otherwise full of culinary deprivation.Having not been here before we only managed to save room for one dessert. more

Eat a snack before you go and be sure to have plenty of money. 5/18/2007

My first experience at The Pecan was really not what I hoped it would be. Pros: Ambience, decor, friendly staff Cons: Overall value (portion vs price), attention to detail (by the friendly staff) more
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  • College Park's Newest Fine Dining Restaurant


  • Southside restaurant serves up cajun cuisine with a distinctive soul food twist in an intimate setting.

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