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The Organic Panificio Restaurant & Cafe - 20 Reviews - 4211 Admiralty way, Marina del Rey, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 448-8900

The Organic Panificio Restaurant & Cafe

4211 Admiralty way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 448-8900
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Finally, some real Italian food on the Westside!! The food choices are excellent. Bread came soon after with olive oil and vinegar. Our server was very good and on top of things....


\r Went a few months back for lunch because was looking for something different; healthy. It was totally dead. I was embarrassed I had suggested it to my friend, but we stayed....

Horrible, scammers 3/31/2009

My friend had a birthday party here, there was a total of 15 of us, she hired a DJ, there was a separate bar for us. All this worked fine with us. My friend, the birthday girl put down a deposit for having her party at this restaurant, the agreement was that if the party spent more than $1000 on the bar, she would get her deposit back. Jump to the end of the night, she made OVER the $1000, but some dumb guy wrote on the bathroom mirror (which came off with Windex) that we did not know, for that reason the owner's daughter told us she would not get her deposit back. Why? The contract never mentioned anything of this sort. On top of that the bartenders were handing out free drinks to everyone, kind of shady, most assumably so that they would not have to return the deposit. Anyway, the owner's daughter and management were all rude and they are lucky we handled it as well as we did... The bouncers were all cool and agreed with our frustration. Basically do not throw a birthday party here, ever.... just don't come here at all. Horrible people/family that own this place!!!!! Pros: Good view, nice big open, two story restaurant Cons: Management more

Great Comedy Show Entertainment! 1/27/2009

I visited the Organic Panificio for the first time towards the end of the summer when I discovered it was a new restaurant in MDR. It was pretty quiet, but the views were great and the food and drinks were pretty tasty too...nice eclectic menu. But not too much going on to keep the attention.\r Then I went back last Thursday and discovered they now have comedy going on in a private room on the first floor. This was a great surprise and a great addition to the atmosphere of the place. The show is FREE! And if that's not good enough, they actually have really funny comics!! The room was packed as were the laughs!! I hear they have Saturday night shows as well. I will definitely go back to catch another show...9 pm on Thursdays and Saturdays with a really funny host, Joe Williams. Worth checking out!! more

Nice atmosphere and views. Easy parking. Food was ok and a bit pricey. 12/9/2008

We went he weekend after Thanksgiving after finding our first choice closed for the weekend. I had been to this restruant when it was something different. It was not busy at all at 8PM on a Saturday night. We ate at the bar with lots of wood and leather sofas and a couple of big screens. The views are awesome and we loved the atmosphere. Very chill and not crowded. The food was just OK, I can take or leave the organic thing. I think it was a little overpriced. we had a few drinks 2 appetizers and shared a pizza and it was over $120 not including tip. Chill atmosphere, great views, ok food with so-so prices. Pros: Views and atmosphere Cons: So-so food and prices more

Agree about it being a front for something else! 12/6/2008

\r Went a few months back for lunch because was looking for something different; healthy. It was totally dead. I was embarrassed I had suggested it to my friend, but we stayed. Service was slow, food extremely average. Luckily, it was a nice day, so be enjoyed the view, but that was the only bright spot. Can't imagine it will be around next year, unless what it is fronting is doing well. more

Organic Italian on the Westside!! 11/18/2008

Finally, some real Italian food on the Westside!! The food choices are excellent. Bread came soon after with olive oil and vinegar. Our server was very good and on top of things. Our food choices were Rosemary Chicken and Penne something or another. The chicken melted in my mouth. I have had better Rosemary Chicken, but I ate the whole thing and loved it. My fiance commented that she loved hers enough to try it again. I like Organic Panificio! Dig it. The ambience and the design are very nice without being showy, tacky, boring... etc. GO!\r \r Pros: Great service, ambience... valet parking too!! more

The Restaurant is probably a front for some type of shady enterprise 11/12/2008

I went here for breakfast last Sunday. One other big table and two or thee single parties were also dining as we arrived. I guess they were ""in the weeds"" because it took fifteen minutes for our food to arrive. By the time the food arrived, it was cold.\r Our waitress offered to have our orders re-made - ok cool. Five minutes later I am served the same cold portion - it was reheated, not remade.\r Clueless waitress proceeds to serve the toast we ordered w/or meal (we ordered sourdough and whole wheat), she brings rye bread.\r HORRIBLE SERVICE - I really think this is a money laundering operation - the people running this establishment have no idea what they are doing or what service is. Nice view, but if you want to eat I'd look elsewhere. more

In one word ""Odd"" 11/1/2008

This is a very odd place. Aesthetically it's fine - white table cloths, lots of lovely wood and a fantastic view, and it gives the impression that you're in for a fine dining experience. Then you get the service. Friendly, in our case but ill informed and/or prepared. For instance, our waiter, after taking our drink orders returned a while later and explained that the bartender had ""disappeared"". Hmmm. Then when taking our dinner order neglected to mention the specials. My companion asked if there were any and there were plenty, two of which we ordered. \r \r The menu itself is basic. Nothing special. The food itself was very disappointing. My side salad was underdressed (something that's rare - usually, if there's a problem it's over dressing). The clam chowder was like a very good canned chowder. Not much clams but a lot of potatoes. The fried calamari was limp and not crisp. Perhaps the oil wasn't hot enough or they were left out too long. It really needed the cocktail sauce to be eatable. My pizza (a special) of artichoke hearts and shrimp was fine but not delicious. \r \r My cocktail, was so strong I had to ask for some juice to tame it. Not a problem for most people so maybe that's a plus. I will say the bar was filled with MdR local, gray haired beachcombers.\r \r All in all, this place was a disaster. Perhaps it has something to do with the location. I understand (and it this is all second hand so I don't know if it's true) that they opened on property on which the lease is soon to be expired so this is a temporary restaurant. That makes no sense to me but it could explain the strangeness of the place. more

Avoid at all costs 10/18/2008

The reply to the previous person who rated this restaurant/ bar/ club is complete rubbish! The upstairs of the restaurant is still regularly being rented to promoters, who continuously play LOUD and irritating music until 2am with no concern for us poor residents who have to put up with the noise on a regular basis. The music would not be a problem if it weren't for the fact that the windows to the ""club"" area are OPEN and facing the residents apartments. How did they get a license to play music until 2am in a residential area with no soundproofing and a bunch of brainless half wits running the door? more

shows promise 9/8/2008

The food is really good and it shows promise but they need to get it together. I've gone in a few times recently and you just got a very disjointed feeling that you are eating where people are in the middle of moving in and not quite ready for you or something. Things are half finished and not stocked, which is one thing, but it was also very messy with trash all over the floor in the bathroom and the tables were all dirty and unbused as well. It just felt unpleasant. Everything was sticky and untended too. \r \r I really want this place to succeed and be good so I hope that they can get their game face on a little more and realize that whether they are in transition or not, they need to take care of that on their own watch and an open sign is an open sign. If you're going to start serving you should be ready to show your best face. Pros: good and healthy food Cons: messy restaurant more

Why bother? 9/8/2008

I called up to make a reservation for my birthday, requesting a romantic table. The manager, Bobby, tells me to call back a day before my birthday because he does not have the reservations book with him, and he will write it on a piece of paper... (and what's wrong with that, he can transfer the info. to the book later, right?) When I called, I first spoke to someone who said he'll transfer me to the manager to take care of me. When I spoke to Bobby, he insisted in tone, that he IS taking care of me, by asking me to call back the day before, to make my reservations! Well, what's the whole point of me calling now? \r \r Every respectable restaurant I've known, usually takes your reservations when you call, done. How easy is that? Anyway, I haven't even ""got through the door"" and I have a bad feeling from management, like why should I bother calling back? That, plus the negative reviews below, I'll skip this place. more

This place is GREAT.. I love the BAR... 8/31/2008

Well let me tell ya, I have read some older reviews of this place when it first opened that weren't so good. But I can tell you hand on heart that this place is great. We were there this last week. The food was amazing, the staff was friendly and we sat out overlooking the water.. What could be better. We even got a sneak peak of the new restaurant opening on the big side Sept 15th.. WOW what an amazing menu.. We sat in the bar of the big restaurant which is open now, although the main restaurant on that side isnt yet. It was amazing.. \r \r Love the food.. Pros: the food is great..! the drinks awesome (try the organic wine) more

Great Foood and Service . Which I had the luxury to tryout for FREE 8/4/2008

A small Group and I did a commercial for the restaurant July 30, although it took longer than expected. We enjoyed Free delicious Pizzas, Fresh cookies, Deserts, and Beverages during the whole day and received a free tour top to bottom and it was impressively a super large restaurant. We mingled with the bartenders and servers and they were very up beat and out going. So, I will recommend this restaurant to friends and family who want to have a great time in a spacious diner on the beach front.\r \r \r Le'Andre \r \r LOS ANGELES, CA\r Pros: spacious, food, beverages, service, near beach, view, club at night Cons: need to open upstairs already ... but really none so far .. more

What a great place..! 7/23/2008

I saw this on channel 4. Let me tell you we could not believe a place like this exists..! the food was amazing, just like we had on our trip to Europe. We sat overlooking the water eating organic food, drinking organic wine. It was incredible. The best thing was that the food was normal food. Not like tofu or bean sprouts but Pasta, Pizza sandwiches etc.. it was great. One of the people in our party was a Vegan and she was really happy. While I munched down a delicous steak salad..! The California style pizza was amazing as was most everything we ate. Believe me we ate a lot. We have been back there twice now and are REALLY happy we have found this place.. THANKS Channel 4.. Pros: great free parking, great food, great view what could you want more..? Cons: not sure.. more

The Worst Service in all of Los Angeles 7/18/2008

Never in my two years of living in Los Angeles have I ever been so upset and outraged by a dining experience. My dear friend held a party at OP on Friday. There were maybe 40 of us taking up the entire space in Marina Del Ray. When my best friend had too much to drink, I escorted her outside to a designated driver. When I went back in to OP, I was told that there was a no ""reentry policy."" Then the bald man at the door told me, ""you amuse me and because of that I'll let you back in."" and proceeded to lecture! Lecture! I understand if we were at a nightclub in the deepest part of the city and it was packed at the seams by questionable types. And as if he could salaciously entertain me; as if it were a game. This was the most horrible, uncivilized encounter I've ever had at the entrance of a restaurant. I am even embarassed to tell it to my friends. If it were possible to give 0 stars, I would. more

Terrible food, terrible service... what a disappointment 6/30/2008

I'm a fan of organic food. That's all I buy to cook at home. I really wanted to like this place. I went for lunch on a Saturday and the food was not good. I ordered a vegetable pizza. It was warm to cold when I got it, the inner corners weren't cooked so it was soupy in the middle and the crust was burnt. The sauce had no flavor. It was terrible. The service was even worse. I sat at my table for about 15 minutes before we were greeted or asked if we'd like a drink. My friend ordered the turkey sandwich without the cheese and when the waiter delivered his meal he said ""here, as boring as it gets."" Now I think the waiter was trying to make a joke, but it did not land well. He then continuely came over to the table to check on us, so much that it became annoying - perhaps he was trying to make up for the first 15 minutes...I'm never going back. Pros: free parking in lot Cons: everything else more

Greasy, boring and downright disgusting 6/19/2008

Anyone who thinks they're eating healthy by eating here is fooling themselves. This was the greasiest breakfast I've ever overspent my money on in my life AND it didn't even taste good (who can resist a greasy spoon every now and then?). Perhaps it's ""organic"" grease? You'd get a healthier and more interesting breakfast almost anywhere else. The menu couldn't be more boring if they tried. I've never written a review and am not a picky eater, but my fiance and I left here feeling like we needed angiopplasty and couldn't help but warn people. This is not the new, healthy dining we've been looking for in the Marina. Pros: On the water Cons: Greasy, uninteresting food, flies buzzing around everywhere, slow service more

Good food, HORRIBLE service 6/18/2008

I really wanted to like this place - all organic, fresh, close to home. And all that is true but the service is HORRIBLE! Everybody sure is friendly and relaxed - so friendly and relaxed that they spend all their time chatting up guests and not serving. I've gone three times and two of those times, I had to get up and take my check to the counter because we waited forever with no attention. And that was after waiting forever to get our water, drinks, orders taken, food delivered, etc. Its almost as if the wait staff is on vacation and just enjoying the view while we sit there waiting, waiting, waiting...\r \r The food is better than average but not worth the lack of service \r \r Pros: Organic, fresh, interesting Cons: bad service, bad service, bad service more

Amazing! 5/21/2008

Best brunch I've had in a long time. Went on a beautiful Sunday so not only enjoyed the beautiful view, but also enjoyed food that did not disappoint. We had pancakes and cinnamon french toast with fresh strawberries and pomegranate mimosas. Tasted great and didn't feel weighed down with butters, creams and sugars. Food was delicious and the fact that it's all organic will make this a place I return to often. All of the staff and the owner who seated us were exceptionally warm and friendly and didn't rush us out the door, which is always a plus. Can't wait for the restaurant side to open! Pros: Ample free parking, great food, great service more

One of the best new places we have found..!! what a great setting outside overlooking the water. 5/18/2008

WOW what a surprise.. Remember Edies Diner..? well there is a new place there called the Organic Panificio. The food is fresh and wonderful. The setting is amazing. We sat outside in the evening overlooking the water. plenty of free parking. We had the best wine we have ever tasted and it was organic; who knew.. My wife had the steak salad and I had the Salmon. They were awesome. Dont know what they did but they were great.. The pizza was amazing.. The couple next to us had a great pasta dish.. We cant wait to go back.. We ate at the cafe side which I guess is open now.. We peeked at the other side of the restaurant that is under construction.. AMAZING... cant wait.. I heard a rumor they were putting a vodka and tequila tasting box...?? Not sure what that is but Im in.. Great place.. Highly recommend it... more

This place is awesome... 5/14/2008

We saw this place on Channel 4 and it totally is awesome. The food is great and the service is good as well. I reccomend the pasta dishes (organic) as well as the pizza (organic) which were awesome. I have never had food like that since I was i Italy. Bravo..! Pros: the food, the parking and the view. Ambience is awesome as well. Cons: I have been there now 5 times. the only negative is that sometimes it gets busy.. more
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