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The Harbour Grill Steak & Sushi - 0 Reviews - 9415 Harding Ave, Bay Harbor Islands, FL - Other Reviews - Phone (305) 861-0787

The Harbour Grill Steak & Sushi

9415 Harding Ave
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154
(305) 861-0787
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Editorial review from Citysearch 12/7/2013

Unprofessional and unprepared.\r On a recent stormy evening I took my wife and baby to the “Harbor Grill” restaurant near our home. Before entering I briefly looked at the menu posted on the window by the entrance door out of curiosity. I wasn’t worried about the prices, but wanted to make sure they had the steak I was craving in my mind. Nothing made sense to me, and so a server noticed my face, came outside and explained that that was the “catering menu”. How ridiculous I thought. Who window shops catering prices? This restaurant might know something that eludes me.\r Anyway, we walk in and are showed to a table. Let me clarify that we are a forty something, fashionable and in great shape married couple. Our baby has been going to restaurants with us since he first left the house, so he is quiet and well behaved. One could argue that a family like ours could be featured in an ad for Bal Harbor Shops. I say this because we were insulted right away by our waitress when she announced “we do not serve hamburgers or dairy products”. How rude I thought. The only time I eat hamburgers is when they are home made by my wife. She is so health conscious that she won’t eat them at all.\r In the meantime my wife pulled out a tiny Gerber box of baby food from our bag and opened it. In less than a split second, our server lunged and grabbed another baby food box from our table without asking and held it up to the light and announced “THIS IS NOT KOSHER!” Needless to say we had everyone’s eyes on us. We remained in shock, as she said “Let me get my manager, I don’t think you can give this to your baby here.”\r Unlike the server, the manager was not rude at all, but asked us to feed the baby outside and then come back in. I looked at the guy and said: “in the middle of the rain? Are you out of your mind”. He explained that the Rabbi would shut them down if he found out he allowed us to feed our baby in the restaurant!\r As a common sense person I can think of several options for a situation like this. Aren’t managers supposed to be problem solvers? They could have offered to puree one of their dishes, or offer a room for feeding him, or at the very least they should know that Gerber has kosher foods! We didn’t know, because it is not our business to know. Are babies not people that a restaurant that follows religious restrictions is not prepared for them? They asked us to denigrate our family by feeding our baby outside like a dog in the rain!\r These people are not only rude but so omnipotent that they managed to delete our review on Urban Spoon. Please do not support them.\r By the way, my mom is Jewish. Thank god she didn’t raise me a fanatic.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/6/2013

Never comming Back the owner disrespect full , cheap and try to punch a client! He is an idiot more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 8/5/2012

Terrific ! \r If You want to know how meat should be done... Go to to the harbour grill\r August 2012 more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 4/2/2012

A frequent diner at this restaurant- never had a complaint until last night. The food was completely mediocre, and as a frequent guest, I decided to politely inform the waitress that we were not satisfied with the food we were receiving. The meat was completely burnt on the outside and bloody rare on the inside. The waitress, who has served us before, was very polite and tried to help us out- but the owner, an absolute french a** came and basically tried to tell us that the way the meat was cooked is the way it should be tasted. He kept repeating the word "flambe" as if that would shut us up. Well he made the mistake of not knowing I am a professional chef, and know that just because something is "flambe" does not mean it is going to taste like burnt meat. Instead of listening to us, he decided our complaint was about the texture of the meat instead of taste and said they would slice the meat for us and we will see that it will be better. Well again, I don't know what goes on in his mind, but anyone (chef or not) will know that slicing meat will not alter the flavor or mask the burnt layer on the outside- if anything it can only affect the texture and tenderness which was not at all what we were complaining about. He brought the plate back and walked away as if he knew everything would be resolved instead of waiting to see if we were satisfied. No surprise here, the meat still tasted burnt and now it was even MORE visible that the meat was completely undercooked. We asked again for the owner to come and he took the plate to cook the meat longer- big mistake on his part because it now came back with an even thicker layer of burnt. We simply said to the waitress, we are not going to eat this- but if it is such a drama you can charge us but we are not satisfied and we don't want another bite. The owner rushed to our table and said that he was going to bring other people that are currently eating the same meal and have them tell us how delicious it is.. We asked him to take a moment to relax and listen to his customers because he was treating us poorly and we do not care what other people thought of their plate- they could have been lucky to get a good piece of meat! And before we can get another word in, he took the plate and walked away leaving us with our mouths open in shock of his disgusting customer service- how he is still running a successful business is beyond me. \r He ended up throwing us out of the restaurant in front of the entire restaurant (after we payed the bill of course- WITHOUT the MEAT). \r Needless to say, the small portion of the meal that we did enjoy could have been crap because that is all we are going to remember about this meal and we are NEVER going to come back to this restaurant again. Unfortunately for the wait staff who is usually pleasant, they have an asshole of a boss and one day he will be sorry. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/8/2012

I have eaten at Harbour Grill for over 2 years. The food, whether Sushi or meat is CONSISTENTLY Delicious and Head and Shoulders above any other Kosher restaurant. Meals always come out together wether you are a party of 2 or more. Try it, you will love it. I, personally can eat there several times a week. they are very good about special diets. it does feel as if you are dining in PARIS. THE SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING. MY HUSBAND, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND MYSELF LOOK FORWARD TO MAKING OUR RESERVATION FOR HARBOUR GRILL WHEN COMING TO MIAMI. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/8/2012

I too have eaten in kosher restaurants all over the world. Not only have we been treated with the utmost courtesy on the 4 times I have dined here (and I do not live in Florida), but the food is the best I have ever experienced; each time, no misses, it was a divine kosher dining experience. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/4/2012

WORST FOOD EVER. I couldnt even finish my meal it was horrble. the sushi tasted like it was spoiled an when i asked for manager the owner started going nuts at us. the steaks were small over cooked or under cooked and tasteless. and they were a ripp off so expensive for crappy food. the owner is a putz and its so small i will NEVER eat there again more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/4/2012

THE FOOD WAS RAW AND TASTED SPOILED.THE SUSHI WAS EH!!!!!!!!! couldve been better. The restaurant is cramped and small and sit on top of eachother and the food just isnt worth the money more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/4/2012

They had the worst service and uncomfortable chairs. the waiters didnt know the menu at all and couldnt help. The food isnt worth the price. The Owner is the MOST OBNOXIOUS PIG in the world. and The food was subpar . Your better of going to cina cita grill down the block more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/2/2012

When I called to make a reservation the person who answered the phone was overly rude. Let me explain: I simply asked to make a reservation for an outdoor table. He proceeded to tell me that the outdoors was all sold out for dinner that evening and then said that I could have a table indoors. I agreed, and asked to be seated in a corner. He then had the gall to tell me (in a nasty french accent) that I shouldn't be picky because the restaurant is fully booked. Well guess what? I never even walked into the joint. I eat out a lot in some of the best restaurants nationally and internationally and have never been treated with such disrespect. No restaurant has the right to treat a client in such a manner- I know that it will eventually come back to bite them in the ass...Good luck to them!! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 12/13/2011

ate at harbour grill last night ,my husband and i enjoyed it very much the service was excellent . The sushi was great but best of all was the kobe beef steak it was outrageous!!!!!!! we will deffinitly be going back to harbour grill again! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 10/1/2011

Im a fine gourmet and let me tell you this is the best restaurant I ever done that good.So far before Prime Grill and Le Marais was the best .Now with Harbor Grill Its top of the top.From Sushi to meat it was the best food experience we had with my wife and kids during one week !!!\r Btw I'm a food critic in a major food magazine in NYC..... ;) more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/16/2011

this is the best kosher restaurant in town,\r I had the special of the day, a veal chop in a delicious sauce,\r If you want to have the best experience, this is the place !!! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 7/7/2011

The sushi appetizers I ordered looked and tasted delicious. I ordered my entrees from the grill menu and I was not disappointed. I had a "Steak au Poivre", and my wife ordered a "King Reserve" and the meat was tender and delicious. The wine list is quite extensive for a Kosher restaurant. The atmosphere is great and the staff very well trained. I have yet to find another kosher restaurant in Florida that can compete with The Harbour Grill. I have taken all my friends and family to eat there and they all fell in love with the place. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking to enjoy quality food. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 2/13/2011

We decided to try the place despite the negative comments online about how horrible the service was. Unfortunately it was all true: they were out of the dish I had chosen, the waiter pushed me to make a decision on the spot (aggressively pushing the most expensive menu item), we were not attended for the remainder of the meal, and the owner spent 10 minutes shouting at me when I asked a question about the choice of sides. Unless you have very tough skin and a big appetite for trouble and stress, you may be better off going to Rare Steakhouse: kosher, high quality meats, great service. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 5/19/2010

Iv been to harbour grill many times and I hope to go many times more. Best sushi in town, and their steak is amazing! I have never had any problem from the wait staff and the owner is a really nice guy. I happen to be in the service industry and to my compadre below im sure you are probably one of those people who expect the staff to wipe their you-know-what once their food is properly digested. Stay home buddy! I recommend this place to everyone, and the lines of people to get in every night should be true testament to that. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 1/28/2010

Boy, was I disappointed with this place. I ordered a $15 hamburger, my wife ordered a variety of sushi. The sushi all looked and tasted the same (bland) and was covered with tons of mayo - very unappealing. My burger tasted good but was not cooked properly, even after sending it back. Overall, the food was mediocre.\r \r Service was horrible. The waiter mostly ignored us. I figured out why when the bill came with an automatic 15% service tacked on. I complained to the owner. He said, "What, the food wasn't good, the service wasn't good? We have the best sushi in town and our service is top notch!" No attempt at rectifying the situation,claimed all Miami restaurants automatically tack on 18% to the bill. Clearly this arrogant owner doesn't have the faintest idea as to what customer service is. I will be spending my hard earned money on establishments that value my business, clearly this isn't one of them. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 11/14/2009

I have been to many glatt kosher restaurants in south and central Florida but none of them are comparable to the Harbour Grill. The boston steak is the best kosher steak I have had so far and the sushis are delicious. The atmoshpere is great and very cozy. I highly recommend this place 10/10! more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 11/12/2009

I remember this place when I came for pitas and wow, has it changed. They did a great job with their new renovations and the menu is to die for. The nitro is so delicious and the chicken with cilentro is such a delicious and beatufilly decorated dish. The serice is very friendly and we ate out on the patio, whcih was very nice. I highly recommend this kosher restaurant. I think it is the best in Miami. more

Editorial review from Urbanspoon 9/13/2009

i've been there more then once. and everytime i go i always get good service and the food is amazing. from the steak, to the suchi i and the middle eastern dish, i always have good expiriences. the suchi is incredible, the fish is fresh, and prices are reasonable. Even on crowded days i received good service. i am very pleased with this restaurent and recommend it to anyone. more
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