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The Dog House

120 Hale Rd 1
Manchester, CT 06040
(860) 648-1514
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The Dog House - Manchester, CT


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i purchased my puppy there last year?? i am very pleased with my pup.. the only problem so far was that he had kettle cough, other than that i couldnt ask for any thing better.. ...


I cannot believe this place is still allowed to operate. I am an experienced breeder that has had more than a few heartbroken customers of the DOG HOUSE come to me to buy quality,...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/15/2013

We bought our dog here in February 2013. The dog came from Arkansas, where his breeder at one point had 400 dogs on her property. Numerous citations, really how do you care for 400 animals properly? My lab, has one kidney, it is not working properly, in addition to an ectopic ureter, and addison's disease. He was sent home to us with a raging uti, and after spending over $5,000.00 we learned of his defects. Prognosis 2 to 3 years. The dog house's reimbursement...$500.00. Do your homework, contact local vets, ask their opinion of this store, these reviews are very much true. So really how much is that doggie in the window?\r Do you really want to take that chance? Adopt or Rescue! more

buy a sick puppy here 4/14/2012

I cannot believe this place is still allowed to operate. I am an experienced breeder that has had more than a few heartbroken customers of the DOG HOUSE come to me to buy quality, family raised, HEALTHY, Lab pups at half the price after losing a pup bought from this Hell hole. Their pups are sick, some have parvo, and they are housed together without socialization with people. This place is about profit, and I have heard nothing positive ever!! PLEASE, adopt a rescue from the pound. If you are set on a purebreed, then find a local breeder-NOT a puppy mill vendor!! This place sells sick puppies without a second thought!! more


I bought a dog from here on December 21, 2010. He was a boston terrier, and was named Logan. He was eleven- weeks old. He was the cutest, perfect, most playful dog i ever had. On Christmas that year he wasn't himself. He was sleeping all the time, he wasn't eating, and he was puking and pooping everywhere! Sometimes there was blood. So on Christmas night i spent at the animal hospital. The vets said that they have heard of this place before, and that it was no good. My dog ended up having a disease called Parvo. Short for Parvovirus. Parvo is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. The disease is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. It has two distinct presentations, a cardiac and intestinal form. The common signs of the intestinal form are severe vomiting and dysentery. The cardiac form causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure in young puppies. Treatment often involves veterinary hospitalization. Vaccines can prevent this infection, but mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases. We took Logan back to the dog house, and they said he was going to be fine. They took him and ""took"" care of him. Two days later he died, at twelve-weeks old. AND THEY DIDN'T TELL US! We had to call everywhere to find out. I HATE THIS PLACE WITH ALL MY HEART! DON'T BUY A DOG FROM HERE! THEY GET THEIR PUPPIES FROM PUPPY MILLS! \r p.s. I took my other dog (who got from a real breeder,) there to make sre she ot along with Logan, and we were there for alittle more then five minutes and she caught kenel cough! more

this makes me want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/16/2012

i bought a dog from there a few months ago. we took her to the vet they said she was under weight almost ready to die! my mom said we would have to get rid of her but i pleaded with her to let me keep her. the 2nd time we brought her to the vet they said she had giardia a parasite that could kill her they also said she maybe could have kennel coughf. ever since ive had this dog she has been improving so much since i got her! so my advice to you is DONT BUY A DOG FROM THE DOG HOUSE enless you want a sick dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. i did alot of reasearch and found out that the dog house buys dogs from PUPPY MILLS more

Upset 2/29/2012

I have been bringing my dog to The Dog House for a few weeks; I work 2 jobs one day per week, so he was being boarded overnight once a week. He loved going and the staff was always very nice; however, last Thursday (2/23/12), I brought him to the daycare, just for the day, and picked him up after work. We came home and everything was fine until Friday evening when he was up hacking all night long. Saturday morning he was very lethargic and not eating/drinking. I brought him to a local 24 hour animal hospital and was asked if he had recently been boarded/brought to daycare or to a dog park. Sure enough, he was at daycare just a couple of days prior! It turns out my 8 month old puppy contracted pneumonia and possibly Influenza (bloodwork is still pending for Influenza) while at The Dog House - which in turn means that another dog had the virus and was brought into the facility for the day. Furthermore, this means that several other dogs are 100% infected because the pneumonia is extremely contagious. So, $1500.00 later, numerous medications, doctor visits, breathing treatments, hospital ICU care, puppy is home, but still sick! He is getting better every day, but I'm upset about this happening.\r \r If a dog is sick, they should not be brought to doggy daycare for any reason whatsoever, and being a facility that cares for many dogs, The Dog House should not have allowed any sick animals into the facility.\r \r I have lost numerous nights of sleep, money, and have cried over this more than you can imagine. My dog is getting better each day, but it's still a struggle. No one should have to go through this.\r \r I just forewarn to be careful with bringing your dog here for daycare/boarding; if sick animals are being let into the facility, this could happen to anyone.\r \r more

The Dog House 8/13/2011

I am new to the site and I just would like to thank every one for their reviews because it has just helped me, as I was on my way to give the dog house a deposit on a dog. Luckily I went on line first. Now I just ask if any one could inform me of where I could go to buy a Yorkie from a good breeder?? more

Horrible place and horrible people!!! 8/12/2011

I bought a dog 3 years ago from the dog house not knowing its reputation and how they treat animals. After buying my dog she was very sick and had pneumonia if I hadn't had bought her at the time I did I was told by the vet that she would have died. When going back to tell the dog house this they denied the dog ever being sick while she was there and refused to reimburse me for the vet bills. Now just 2 weeks ago at just 3 years old I had to put her down. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever had to do. After researching what could have caused this, I found it was common in dogs that had mothers and fathers that were excessively breed ( puppy mills) which is what the dog house is a puppy mill. Everyone who buys there dogs from this place are supporting a horrible cause and who ever runs that place and works there and continues to do what they do and promote there business as a great place where they love animals is full of s*** and is themselves a piece of s*** and I wish upon them that they could suffer as much as they are making those poor innocent animals suffer just so they can make a buck. P.S. To the owner of the dog house you can go f*** yourself!! more

Great Day Care & Overnight Boarding 7/25/2011

We take our dog to the Dog House often for boarding & we have never had a bad experience. Our dog loves going there & the staff are super friendly & know our dog's name as soon as we walk in. Prior to being accepted, we had to take our dog down for a temperment test to make sure she would get along with other dogs & we had to show proof of her current vaccinations. \r \r We buy the daycare/boarding ""package"" because it's a few dollars cheaper per visit. Sometimes the record keeping can get a little sloppy it's always safe to keep a record of your own of your visits. more

Heart Broken 6/15/2011

I brought a puppy from the Dog House 3 years ago, he was my First pet that became a member of my family. Last Thursday he became sick ...I took him to the Vet. They gave him a shot and told me that he sholuld be better in a day or two. I notice that he seemed to be a little off he was not playing with his toys and barely eating...Please forgive me but this is really hard for me to write this....I took Boomer back to the Vet. on Monday they did some blood test, gave me some more medicine and I took Boomer home they told me they would call me with the results....when they called me back they told me that Boomer needed to be hospitalized because both of his kidneys were failing. My little Boomer is still in the hospital for treatments that I can't afford and his chances are very heart is soooo broken. I wish that I can stop crying but I just can't seem to pull myself together. I love Boomer so much I thought I would at least have 10 years with him. I guess I should have done my homework before purchasing him at the Dog House. more

Very good service 5/2/2011

We bought a cairn terrier from the dog house around a year ago. Our dog is happy and healthy. he has never had any problems. we will buy another dog from the dog house. their employees are very nice. we looked at 15 dogs! the staff told us the back rounds of the dogs . the dogs always have clean water, food and space to walk around. more

I hope your puppy has a happy ending 4/12/2011

Well that champion line beagle puppy I bought there in 2004 just died from heart failure just before her 7th birthday. Her heart was so enlarged and damaged most likely from a genetic defect or from being treated for parvo before we bought her at 9 weeks. She came home with kennel cough and toxcitia. Research on that fancy certificate she came with indicated that the breeder has a kennel on rural route road 1 in Missouri, the puppy mill capital of the world.\r \r April 12, 2011\r more

happy 3/5/2011

i purchased my puppy there last year?? i am very pleased with my pup.. the only problem so far was that he had kettle cough, other than that i couldnt ask for any thing better.. i am actually in search to purchase another pup from them soon!! more

close the place 11/17/2010

I bought a dog a golden retriever propably he was sick he died at 3 years old so young and it shouldn't happen i didn't know that place beacuse I moved from NY and I just went there without any information I saw him he was beautiful so I took him home He stared at 3 years old with seizures and the Dr told he had epilepcy he was taking medicine and wasn't working couple month later he died and the DR told me he had a tumor that was he thought and me too, and he was born sick , is not fair see him suffer and died. beacuse I had to put him to sleep because he went in schock with high fever the Dr told me that he tried everything with him and nothing works. so my advice don't go to the dog house and check for genetics and get insurance during the first year. more

deplorable 3/19/2008

I bought an 8 week old Doberman from this place ONE WEEK AGO (against my better judgement, but happen to be an avid animal lover & looking for a Doberman at the time - I walk into pet stores and just want to save them all, but my wallet prevents me from doing that) and has already been to the vet 4 times for various health ailments, including Kennel Cough progressed into Pneumonia, Tapeworm and Intestinal Parasites. When I called to report these things in corrolation with the Health Guarantee they supposedly provide for all their animals, I was told to bring him back for foster care, which I refused to do, since this was the same vet that missed all of these ailments before given a certificate of health that deemed him ready for ability to sell. When I refused to let them foster him and told them we would be leaving him in the care of my own vet (which we've been affiliated with for 20+ years), I was instructed to submit all incurring bills to the address on the health guarantee & was promptly grossly mistreated and given a list of unacceptabe options/excuses (including ""bring him back and we will refund your money plus $200"" - which would all be very well and good if we were talking about a microwave or something, but this is a member of our family who we already love very much) for this deplorable ""mistake,"" since her excuse was that the vet is ""only human."" Yes, they are human - but if a Pediatrician had done the same thing to an 8 week old baby, or even a 10 year old child their days of practicing medicine would be OVER. After receiving the treatment I did, I'll be reporting this facility to AKC, PETA, the ASPCA & Attorney General Blumenthal's office and all other pertinent agencies and organizations so that they may be investigated and duely revoked of their privilege of housing, selling or sitting dogs for any reasons. Animals should be nowhere near this premises or these people & I suggest keeping your loving pets away from them if you value their lives. Cons: purchased unhealthy pet & was mistreated when confronting problem more

get the facts first 9/7/2007

I have not purchased a dog from the dog house but I can tell you I work in the animal field and it sounds to me like alot of you don't have a clue as to how these parasites are transmitted. Yes you can get some parasites from your pet but if you wash your hands after picking up stool you should not have a problem.Most parasites (worms,giardia,coccidia)are easily cured with antibiotics as long as you have good compliance meaning that all the stools are picked up and disposed of properly EVERY time your animal has a bowel movement AND medication is given regularly according to their directions. If you have a bunch of puppies in one room and one has a bowel movement all the other puppies have to do to get infected is run through the stool and lick their paw ingesting feces is one of the most common ways they get infected. If you purchase a dog from any store take it to your vet right away get it check and run an Internal Parasite/Giardia test to make sure your dog won't infect other animals in your household. Keep them away from your animals until then. Its not uncommon for puppies to get parasites and its not the end of the world either. Use common sense people if you don't have the money to take care of a dog IF it gets sick don't buy it. Its like having a baby.. At one time or another its gonna happen and need a vet if you can't afford it don't buy it!!! That goes for any dog anywhere! I also looked into how many dogs they have sold in manchester over the years and I can tell you it's in the thousands your never going to make everyone happy I just find it funny how people only want to say the negative and never talk about the positive side of things.I say if you want a dog go look for yourself don't listen to everything you hear on here get references I'm sure there are many happy people who have purchased from there before. If you had a few thousand transactions Ibet some would be complainers who make it known to the world and not all the happy ones their happy more

STAY AWAY!!!!!! 5/16/2007

My wife and I bought 2 dogs from the Dog house in the past year. Our first puppy had kennel cough & worms, and a few months later was throwing up every morning. He is on medication for life to prevent him from throwing up now. Our second dog seemed fine at first until he started having seizures. After spending 2 weeks in the ICU @ the Angell medical center and more than $5,000 dollars later he was able to come home. He is now on medication for the rest of his life. I recommend finding a responsible breeder and not buying from the Dog House which supports Puppy Mills. Not to mention if your dog does have a problem they will do nothing about it. I'm still waiting for a call from 2 months ago. more

The Dog House 5/15/2007

First time messager -\r I've been to the Dog House - It's appalling - I can't and don't understand why they haven't been shut down. It's a disgrace - I whole heartedly agree with all the negative comments that have been made. Shameful - too bad we can't save all these precious animals Cons: all bad more

Sad Story 4/23/2007

Do NOT buy a dog from this place!!! When you go in there, the room to your right says ""Employees Only"". You hear all those pups barking? You SMELL them behind the door?? Those are not the ones they just got in... those are all the ones in isolation because they are SICK!! Some are VERY sick!! There are some in there that just can't get better because they aren't properly seperated from the newly sick ones!! Yes, it's nice that the pups have others to play with so they are properly socialized. But each pen has a window open to the boarding area... so not only do the poor pups have to deal with the stress of leaving their mom and litter-mates, then traveling and tossed in with a bunch of ""strangers"" while they are still so young, but the dogs being boarded could get the pups sick (older dogs have better immune systems than pups, so pups could get sick easier). Or the pups could get the boarders sick. Yes, some of the staff genuinely cares and are great with the pups and the day care dogs. But know what you are getting into if you buy a dog here.... or board it. Prevention is the best medicine! Pros: Lots of pups to chose from Cons: Lots of sick pups to chose from more


We visited this place for the first time last night - WAY TOO MANY dogs per enclosure !! We witnessed a small westie/maltese looking puppy being attacked by more than one puppy - the staff did nothing ! This puppy was dragged across the length of the enclosure by its ear - the other dog was biting it's face and another one was biting it's back....this was not playing by any means !! The puppy also had red areas on it's face - bloody ??? Could be . \r There was a door with a sign - employees only - and we heard more dogs barking and crying from behind it. There were small crates stacked one on top of another with MANY small puppies in each....\r When we left, the female employee was hanging out the door smoking...when she should have been watching what was going on inside the enclosures...\r This seemed like a nightmare of a place to me - with little interaction paid to the puppies- no toys for them to play with, and no where to escape from being attacked by other dogs...\r I left quite upset and will NEVER return to witness this again. Pros: didn't see any Cons: WAY too many dogs per enclosure, disinterested staff , puppys attacking one another more

woman with shiba inu puppy 1/8/2007

As for the woman who purchased the puppy that was diagnosed with parvo, The puppy is now doing fine and after she refused to repurchase the puppy....the puppy now has a new family and comes to our doggie daycare. more
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