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The Aloha Monkey - 16 Reviews - 13716 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN - Tattoos Reviews - Phone (952) 882-8868
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The Aloha Monkey

13716 Nicollet Ave (at 13716 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville)
Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 882-8868
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The Aloha Monkey - Burnsville, MN
The Aloha Monkey - Burnsville, MN
The Aloha Monkey - Burnsville, MN
The Aloha Monkey - Burnsville, MN
The Aloha Monkey - Burnsville, MN


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When I was going to get my first tattoo, I went to 3 other stores nearby and NONE of them had such great customer service as Aloha Monkey did!! Pros: null Cons: null


I got my lip pierced here about a month ago. it healed great and i had no problems until I went to get it changed at a different tattoo shop. first glance he noticed the positioni...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/5/2014

I stopped in and I knew my search for a shop and artist had ended. I had a unique idea for a 3/4 sleeve. Krista (super friendly and professional) at the front desk brought my idea to Josh. Josh and I discussed a plan, I set up the appointments. I must say I was super nervous, Josh and EVERYONE I met at Aloha Monkey was friendly, professional, and helped to make me feel totally comfortable. Pricing was exactly what I expected for exceptional artwork. When I stopped back months latter the staff greeted me by name! I was shocked that?s amazing, you don?t get customer service like that anywhere. These guys are awesome I reccommend them to everyone. I am complimented on my arm daily. I couldn't be happier, I cant say enough positive things! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/3/2014

The only reason I'm even giving them one star is because my first visit there went relatively well. However, after my second visit I will never recommend them to anyone. The tattoo artist, Kenny, seemed to care less to be working with me. I was spending a fair amount of money and yet he really made me feel like my business was not important. I asked him to expand on a tattoo I had done somewhere else and while most of the design is fairly well done, he placed what he called a 'burst' in the middle of it. The 'burst' looks like a red spot, misplaced, and connected to no other part of the tattoo. Not to mention, I actually had no idea what it was. I went back and asked him about it because I thought something went wrong with the tattoo. The most frustrating part was when I went back he seemed to have no concern with having a dissatisfied customer. He blew it off, made excuses for what it was and overall seemed not to care. I would not suggest this place to anyone. Very unprofessional. And now I have to spend more money to have it fixed, yet again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/15/2013

I've loved every experience of mine at Aloha Monkey. I've gotten two tattoos there both done by Josh Arment and i cant explain how happy I am with both of them. The atmosphere in Aloha Monkey is extremely chill and relaxing. Every time you walk in you're welcomed by the amazing staff that works there. The shop itself is very clean and well kept, with plenty of amazing flash to chose from from a variety of different styles. The quality of work is unbeatable, I've had multiple friends get tattooed there, by both Josh Arment and other tattoo artists there. Every time we go out we get nothing but compliments on the work and immediately ask where we got them. I have actually started carrying around there card now because i get asked so much. The pricing is very affordable, with great staff who are very knowledgeable in their area's who can answer any question you may have. Aloha Monkey is THE best place for your tattooing needs in the minneapolis area, it's especially great as it doubles as a walk-in and you can reserve a day! I highly recommend them and look forward to getting more work done there in the future! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2013

I love Aloha Monkey. I got my first tattoo elsewhere, then was recommended here by a friend, and will never get work done by anyone other than Gabe Munoz. He's an awesome dude who does awesome work. I have a buddy with a sleeve from Josh Arment, and another who has one in the works by him also. It's nice being able to come into the shop and be able to sit and chat out my ideas for the work I'm going to get done, and also get their feedback. Very professional place, very clean, awesome flash, and great history. I highly recommend Aloha Monkey if you want great work that will definitely catch the eyes of others. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2013

Every time I walk into Aloha Monkey I am always greeted by the friendly staff in a matter minutes, the service is awesome, the shop is super clean, the workers are very friendly and helpful. Every time I have walked out of the shop my new tattoo, it has been amazing quality and has become the envy of of my friends. I cant say enough about the quality of work friends and myself have received from Josh Arment, Kenny Ford, Gabe Munoz, Josh Palmer and Mark Landis over the years.\r This is by far the best shop in Minneapolis! A+++++ more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/1/2013

Aloha Monkey Tattoo in Burnsville is not the place you want to go to get a tattoo done. I came in wanting to have a piece done in September 2012, and the artist I talked to straight up told me “ No, I can’t do that for you but I’ll do [this] instead” - and completely turned down the drawing of the tattoo I wanted, and suggested something entirely different. Something I wasn’t interested in having on my arm AT ALL. I found another artist in the shop, and he agreed to do the piece I wanted. The tattoo came out much different than I had asked for. I wasn’t entirely satisfied, so I made an appointment and came back to see that same artist to have more added to it a few months later, in February of 2013. Upon arriving at the shop, I found that he scheduled over my appointment. Not just once, twice; on two separate dates. I came to the shop as soon as they opened yesterday and caught the artist walking in. He completely refused to touch up the tattoo that he had put there, refusing to finish what he started. He basically told me to F OFF and that he wasn’t interested in working with me. The staff is unfriendly and unprofessional, except for the female receptionist; she’s very helpful. I will absolutely never visit that shop again, and STRONGLY advise going elsewhere. Poor quality work and unprofessional staff, not a good place to go. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/4/2013

I would give this place 2/5 stars. Good quality but way overpriced and rude workers. Some friends and I went here to get tattoo's and they wanted to charge us 150 each for three small words. They do quality work but they over charge people because they can. I've been in the store many times and they have been quite rude to me every time. After some searching I found a place in Eagan called Rockin Tattoo's and they were super nice and only charged 70 dollars for the three words. It was the same quality as aloha monkey but the staff was so much nicer. more

the only place I trust!! 5/19/2012

When I was going to get my first tattoo, I went to 3 other stores nearby and NONE of them had such great customer service as Aloha Monkey did!! Pros: null Cons: null more

Awsome tattoos 9/23/2010

Josh Arment recently tattooed me and it's the best work I've ever had done. He did a great back piece for me and I couldn't love it more! People constantly stop me on the street and ask me about it. If you're going anywhere else to get your ink done you're going to the wrong place! All the guys are amazing and Josh is incredible! Don't go anywhere else! more

Great Tattoo?s by Great People 9/18/2010

I had my first tattoo done at the Aloha Monkey more than 10 years ago. I happened upon it by dumb luck and had no idea about the history of the shop or then owner Mike ?Rollo Banks? Malone. Rollo and the shop have a legacy that extends back to Norman ?Sailor Jerry? Collins in Honolulu. Josh Arment is now the HMIC (head monkey in charge) and has been tattooing me for about 5 years. more

Fabulous and Friendly 8/28/2010

OMG- I HIGHLY recommend getting your tat at "Aloha Monkey". The staff is so very friendly. I was so relaxed I felt at home!! Never having a tat I shopped around and hear lot of negative comments about this shop but checked it out anyway along with a few other places. These guys are very professional , clean, and helpful and reasonably priced. I can't say enough about them! Thanks Rob for the fabulous job you did on my tats!! Tara your so funny and friendly. You and Bubbles really help me feel comfortable. I will recommend this shop to everyone. I love you guys!!!! more

Killer Realism Tattoo by Josh !!! 7/20/2010

Josh, the owner of Aloha Monkey did an incredible work of art on my back shoulder blade consisting of the head of a wild life Wolf. It is so realistic, I showed my dog, and it literally scared her, and she submitted. That is not a joke. I went in there looking for a good experience after getting a crappy tattoo on my leg by North East Tattoo, and I not only got a good experience, I got a GREAT experience. The history of Mike Malone and The Aloha Monkey has an incredible history. It's great to see these guys were able to carry the good tradition on. I highly recommend! Pros: Great Skill, Great People, Fair Priced Cons: Not a think I can think of more

bad experience 9/9/2009

I got my lip pierced here about a month ago. it healed great and i had no problems until I went to get it changed at a different tattoo shop. first glance he noticed the positioning on the inside was about a quarter of an inch too high. which is pretty big considering its my lip. so if i had a stud in it would be way too tight(the lip is fatter up there) and would stick out and get caught on my teeth. thankfully he re-did it for half off and free jewelry. i never had a problem with aloha until today and will probably never go back for a piercing. :[ Pros: Friendly, clean... Cons: not correct piercing placement more

Great Cover-up tattoo 3/10/2009

I had an awsome cover-up tattoo done by Josh. I had two unsightly tattoos that I had tried to have lasered off. He traced the old tattoos and after I told him what I wanted he drew a beautiful cover-up that exceeded my expectations. He was very professional and curteous. I have heard that Aloha tends to be more on the pricey side but I would rather pay more for quality work. I went back last night and had my nose pierced for my 45th b-day!!! Tara with No' crying did a great job. Everything was explained thoroughly. As for red-beard, yeah, he could go. No personality, a bit rude, smells of old cig smoke. The customers definitely deserve a better reception than that! JMHO. Pros: Got a great tattoo Cons: red-beard receptionist - rude! more

go here! 3/8/2009

i went here and got a peircing (my nose) and No Cryin' was very awesome and made me feel very relaxed. I wasnt happy with the guy at the counter (wasn't sure what or who he was) but i wanted to ask about a tattoo and he was kinda rude to me. I ended up talking to Josh Edward( I think) and he was very helpful and seemed very fair for what i wanted done ( I had been to some other shops and it was at least a few hundo more... koi on the leg) so I brought in my drawings and i am gonna see a drawing soon!!! I will write more aftter the fact and post ptctures!!! I recommend them (but dont talk to the rude guy at the counter) 100% !!!! My nose is doing great btw!!! Pros: get what you pay for Cons: the red hair guy more

Amazing Artists! 1/26/2009

I recently got a large tattoo on my back done by Josh Arment here at the Aloha Monkey. He did an incredible job- he made me feel comfortable and is an incredibly talented artist. I came in with an idea of what I wanted to get and he was able to take that idea and use his artistry to draw the perfect tattoo! I absolutely love it. The price was fair for the amount of work put into the thing. The atmosphere of the place is easygoing yet professional- you know the people who work there take their jobs seriously and the artists definitely have good customer service. However- the guy who works at the front counter (Will? he has a red beard...) is awful. He is unkind and unhelpful. He is probably the worst person to have working at the front counter of ... well anywhere. He is arrogant and just a downright horrible dude! I would never go back there if I didn't appreciate Josh's work so much. I was in the shop at least four times for this tattoo and every time Red Beard was just as mean as always and he made me feel extremely uncomfortable- especially when I was in the back with my shirt off for the tattoo and he spend a prolonged amount of time "looking for something" back there. Aloha Monkey- your shop would be perfect if you got rid of Red Beard! Pros: Awesome artists! Cons: Front Counter Dude more

Amazing Artists! 1/17/2009

I have had quite a few tattoos from all over the country. The last three I have had have all been from Josh Edwards at Aloha Monkey. As long as I am still living in Minnesota, I will not have anyone else tattoo me. His style, professionalism, and customer service are second to none. All the other artists in the shop are very friendly and all seem to treat customers with courtesy and least the 3x I have been tattooed there and the other 3x that I have had consultations. I highly recommend Aloha Monkey for any/all tattoo needs/wants. They could school a few doctors and dentists in ways to keep work space sanitary as well!! The shop is notch! I am going back for another in a few months. Thanks Josh Edwards and the rest at Aloha Monkey! Pros: Artists are highly talented, customer service is top notch, cost is very reasonable. Cons: NONE! more

High-quality tattoos and piercings 9/2/2008

I've gotten two tattoos (one small, one large) and a navel piercing at the Aloha Monkey, and every time I'm there the staff and artists are courteous, engaged, and very helpful. No Cryin' Ryan Malone is the guy to go to for piercings - he's very professional and explains the procedure in simple terms. Both of my tattoos were done by Doug Hardy, and both turned out beautiful! For my first tattoo (the large one) I gave him some drawings and images to work with and explained how I wanted it to look, and he drew up a custom piece with intricate detail and fantastic coloring. While he was tattooing, he always made sure I was comfortable and let me get up to stretch and take a few breaks (it took two hours). The second, smaller tattoo was very neatly done. He had plenty of choices for lettering and has quite an eye for artistic detail, and did a fantastic job. Overall, the facility is very clean and professionally run, if a bit expensive. Consider, though, that high quality body art is always worth paying a little extra! Pros: Talented artists, takes walk-ins, clean facility, art to choose from Cons: A bit expensive more

Stay Away 8/19/2008

I was double booked on and canceled on after spending over a thousand dollars with Josh edwards. This place is highly over priced and over rated. Customer service is not even a thought with this place more

The only place I go. 7/3/2008

I have gotten 2 tattoos and a naval piercing done at Aloha, and haven't been disappointed yet! The shop is clean, and they take appropriate precautions before and during each procedure. I felt confident that the tattoo artists really knew what they were doing, as well as the person who pierced my naval. They have a huge variety of art, but will also work with you to create a personal piece. They will however, voice their concerns about potential issues with your design...which can come off as abrasive. I appreciated their input though, because I got 2 pieces of art that I love, and a problem-free piercing. more
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