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Thanki Ashok Md

174 Middletown Blvd Ste 304
Langhorne, PA 19047
(215) 752-4040
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I have been a patient of Dr. Thanki since 1993 he has done several surgeries on my lumbar and cervical spine. He is a Wonderful Doctor and i would recomend you as i did already d...


I was a patient of his from Sept. 2009 to March 2010. I have been suffering with lower back pain for the last 3 years, after going through 4 other doctors, a friend recommended ...

worse dr! nasty nasty nasty! 6/2/2010

hi i went to dr thanki for almost 2 years, after all the mris and exrays. he started out nice, then became really nasty at the end, i have alot of spine pain, i have 4 bulging disks in thoracic spine and 4 in my neck for being a cna for 7 years. he has sent me to injections and therpy and it made it worse...after all of this i was getting in worse pain, headaches where i was throwing up, in and out of the hosiptal because of the headaches. i went to every dr he told me to do. then he told me to do radiofrequency. i was scrared but i did it,,, i woke crying in so much pain! his answer he up the pain meds and took me out of work! 2 months later i was still in alot of pain ,, now i cant raise my arm! my lower back hurt so much i coundnt sit! all this from the radio freq... i went back the next month he rasied the pain meds again! and took me out for atlease 3 more months of work... i told him that was fine i am afriad to go back but i need stuff faxed over to my short term disabilty, he said the staff will do it right away! the next and last month i went back to him till no fax! i am almost 3 months behind on my bills because they never sent over the right information to the insurance comp. i was upset when i walked in but i got pissed when the staff were so rude and said i didnt have an appointment today i missed it last week! and i showed her the card they filled out the month before and she rolled her eyes at me! so they did let me go in .. well i went in there dr thanki was really nasty, he yelled at me asking me show me your pain? then he said what do u do all day? how long have u been out of work! 6months!! and i said no its 3 months and i have 2 more u want me to stay out. he said no i think u can go back now! i said there is no way i am in to much pain i cant lift people now.. the pain meds dont even take the pain away! he said well u been on pain meds for over 2 years now i am taking u off.. i said i have only been taking it for 8 months! i dont understand whats the matter hear! why are u being nasty? he said here is your scrpit i am cutting it in half and next month i am taking u off! i was like wow!! i didnt want the pain meds and now i cant move with out it he is taking me off and making me go to work! all because he cant find out why the pain willnt go away! it showa on my mris where and why i have pain!!and they dont like working with disabilty or insurance companys! so beware! i know 2 other people who go there and he talks down to them to!! thanks to the nasty lazy staff i was out 3000 dollars i paid into threw my work because they never faxed over no paper work! and u sit there for 2-3 hrs. so people with bad backs its not a good thing! i am looking for a real dr who isnt looking for the easy way out! he like to do injections thats all!!! u talk about surgery he tells u no! beware Cons: staff sucks and are nasty if they have to do work! more

Ignorant 3/24/2010

I was a patient of his from Sept. 2009 to March 2010. I have been suffering with lower back pain for the last 3 years, after going through 4 other doctors, a friend recommended him. I went to see him and at the time he was real nice and his examination was thorough. He sent for a bunch of MRI's and a EMG. They all showed that I had arthrits in my lower spine and sever nerve damage. He started out by giving me lumbar injections to try to kill the pain which did not work, after the forth injection, which again did not work, his attitude changed, he became rude, always cutting me off while i was trying to speak to him, always saying to me ""Don't you understand english?"" Well being born and raised in this country I think I do! Finally he said he was going to try Radio Frequency Ablation on the affected nerves he started with the left side of my spine and then in 3 weeks the right. When he diid the first one everything seemed to be good the pain was less and i was starting to feel better, but it only lasted a week by the time he did the other side all the pain was back, which seemed to aggrivate him, bvut anyway, he did the right side and told me to come back in a month. So when I finally went back to him I was still in pain, and he asked me to show him where it was hurting the most show I showed him the hip areas, he told me it was probaly bursitis and he does not treat that, for one if read my file he would have known my family doctor already checked for that and found nothing, so I told him that and he said to see an Orthopaedic Surgeon, and again if read my file he would have known I went to see one already and she found nothing wrong with my hips. So finally he said that there was nothing more he could do for me because I was not a candidate for surgery. Pros: Staff are great! Cons: does not listen, moody, ignorant extremely long waiting time more

Great Doctor 1/5/2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Thanki since 1993 he has done several surgeries on my lumbar and cervical spine. He is a Wonderful Doctor and i would recomend you as i did already did. Thank You for your kindness. Your staff people are also great. Sincerly, Patricia A. Pros: All thumbs up more

One of the best Doctors 11/22/2007

It has been a long time since I have encountered a Dr. who is so thorough, so caring, so clinical. I never felt more

Skilled and caring 9/11/2007

I'm not sure why Sterling45 had such a negative experience. I found Dr. Thanki to be nothing short of incredibly patient, caring and skilled. Despite my many years as a critical care nurse, I didn't purport to know everything -- or even ANYthing! -- and he spent considerable time with me and my family discussing diagnostic procedures, my treatment options, both surgical and nonsurgical, risks/benefits, etc. This was done in a respectful, informative, and never-condescending, manner. After exhausting all noninvasive routes (physical therapy, injections, accupuncture, etc.), I continued to experience severe pain and weakness. Dr. Thanki never trivialized my pain even though my disc problems did not appear severe on MRI. I eventually opted for cervical and lumbar laminectomies. These were performed by Dr. Thanki with great skill, negligible scarring, and excellent results. After 3 pain-free years, I was injured by a drunk driver and sustained severe neck/back injuries, ultimately requiring lumbar and cervical laminectomies and cervical fusion. I didn't have to think twice about who I wanted to perform the surgeries. After returning home post lumbar surgery, I developed excruciating right-sided chest pain. My primary physican and the ER doctor simply told me to increase my pain medications and sent me on my way, insisting I was ""too young"" for pulmonary emboli. (These clots in the lungs can occur in anyone who's been immobile for even a few hours -- such as during a long plane trip -- and esp. with hospitalization.) In desperation, I called Dr. Thanki who told me to get back to the hospital immediately. He was the only one who agreed with my assessment that I likely had pulmonary emboli. He then made calls to the ER and my family doctor to arrange for my readmission. Further testing confirmed this diagnosis. Without Dr. Thanki's intervention, left untreated I'd have died. Over the years, I've recommended him to others and all were very happy. Pros: The staff was attentive, courteous. Cons: Because he spent so much time with each patient, I occasionally had to wait 10-20 minutes past my appointment time to see him. more

Cancel your appointment!!! 7/24/2007

This is the WORST physician I have ever been to. He frequently told me to 'shut up and listen' while refusing to allow me to ask questions, then he told me he refused to do surgery on patients like me with short, fat necks, and slyly mocked me for my symptoms of ataxia and spastic gait after a herniated c-spine. He finally told me I could 'go elsewhere' if I wasn't satisfied. He ordered NO treatments or prescriptions whatsoever during my visits with him, and gave no diagnosis. When I told him I was worried that I was having so much trouble walking that I was afraid of falling, he told me to call my family in Virginia to come walk and drive for me. My mother is 74 and in a wheelchair and on dialysis, herself. I finally told him he was fired! By the way. I am a registered telemetry nurse. I would give him NO stars if I could. Pros: None. Cons: The office staff are snarly and often do not answer the phone. Poor help, poorer doctor. more

best neurosurgeon, excellent bedside manor 12/29/2006

Dr. Thanki may be the most caring doctor I have ever talked to. I personally am not a patient of his, however he has been caring for my wife for the past year. Dr. Thanki came highly reccomended from a family member, I also will and have reccomended hime. An A++ doctor. Pros: everything about Dr. Thanki is excellent more
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