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Textile Fabric Store - 9 Reviews - 2717 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN - Sewing & Yarn Supplies Reviews - Phone (615) 297-5346

Textile Fabric Store

2717 Franklin Pike
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 297-5346
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Textile Fabric Store - Nashville, TN
Textile Fabric Store - Nashville, TN
Textile Fabric Store - Nashville, TN
Textile Fabric Store - Nashville, TN


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For quality projects, I would much rather have nice fabrics which I know cost more than those I can find in chain stores. Foir years, I enjoyed a fabric store locally, but becaus...


I was the only customer in the store and five or six (!)employees stood behind the til and chatted about getting infections at the gym (in great detail, no less) and some just vac...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/21/2015

I love Textile Fabrics! If you are a serious sewer, this store has the best fabric ever. This is not a craft store, this is a REAL fabric store, with the best selection, best fabrics, best patterns, best trims! I live in Alabama and stop in whenever I have the opportunity. They have great sales at least two times a year for those of us who need a deal, and can wait. When my mother visited from Cleveland, OH we stopped in and we have both decided that Textile Fabrics is the BEST fabric store ever! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/22/2015

Yesterday I stopped at Textile Fabric Store during their ""going out of business"" sale. As I shopped I overheard customers being told by the owner and salespeople that they may stay in business if they can find another location. At first I thought, ""oh, good"" because as noted here, they have a large and lovely selection of fabrics, yarns, notions, trims, etc. What transpired later caused me to NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.\r \r During the majority of my past visits I would have to flag down a salesperson and then they would give me short curt answers, might whisper to another salesperson, or would make me feel I wasn't spending enough money, or would generally telegraph I was an inconvenience or interrupting their good time - and maybe all of that at once. One visit I was purchasing pajama fabric and the salesperson left me with, ""Please don't be one of those people that wears pajamas in Kroger's."" I would like to say that I have had 2 positive experiences with one helpful knowledgeable salesperson. \r \r Yesterday I observed that previously helpful salesperson waiting on the customer in front of me. She told him, ""You're going to make me ring up this one item?"" When she saw the look on his face, (and he wasn't smiling) she tried to back-peddle and make a joke of it. My salesperson rang me up and when I expressed surprise at the total, did offer to go over the sale with me. I declined because I didn't want to hold up the line. I went to my car and looked over the receipt and found 5 items that weren't reduced at all. I immediately went back in the store to my salesperson and asked if we could go over my receipt. She told me that notions were not on sale, and thus those items were full price on my receipt. Wouldn't you think that a ""going out of business"" sale would put everything on sale? Signage was quite lacking in the store - you had to hunt for the few sales signs. My salesperson had to ask me the price of a few items. In addition, there was no signage posted at the checkout counter listing what items were on sale and what were full price.\r \r I asked to return 4 notions items (in their original unopened packages, not cut yardage of any kind) that were full price. My salesperson, (who gave me the impression I was interrupting her rock-n-roll flashback) said, ""The owner doesn't like to do that. There he is - you can ask him."" The owner told me I could have store credit. I said, ""But you're gong out of business."" My salesperson said, ""Yeah, you better hurry back in."" (So they have time to resell these items before they ""go out of business"" but they don't have 2 minutes to accept them back from an unsatisfied customer) I said, ""I have just purchased these, walked out to my car and walked back in and you won't take these notions back?"" He repeated, not looking at me, that he would give me store credit. I decided to accept my losses and told him, ""I won't be doing business with you again. Your salespeople are brusque and rude."" He gave me a wave and a sarcastic ""Bye-bye"".\r \r I have been in customer service well over 20 years, including having been a salesperson at Calico Corners Fabrics, and know what is good service and what is not. From now on I will shop at other fabric stores where I am treated kindly. I will no longer recommend this store (yeah, I sent them a customer a few weeks ago) and instead will broadcast my negative experiences with this store to everyone. So ""Bye-bye"" to you, too, Textile Fabric Store. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/13/2013

I was very disappointed in the Textile Fabric Store and will not likely go there again. I found the management and store clerks rude and unfriendly and not willing to help at all. The only thing this establishment is concerned with is their own bottom line, not whether or not they can truly help their customers have a nice shopping experience, not whether they can instill a love of sewing, or an appreciation of creating a garment. \r \r I had stopped in to look for fabrics for a group of children needing costumes at my son's elementary school. A group of us mom's were involved in sewing the costumes and although I hadn't sewn for years, I felt up to the challenge. When I went into the store and started looking around I found a dozen possible fabrics that were good contenders for what we were looking for. Although it had been some time since I had been in a fabric store, I never had the experience that I had here. \r \r I had wrongly assumed that I would be able to have small little samples of the fabrics, that took me three hours to find and decide upon...but, noooo. They have a policy of not giving out samples. (since when do fabric stores not allow their patrons to have some small fabric samples?) She coldly smiled and looked at me and said, oh no honey...we aren't allowed to do that- you have to buy the fabric and the minimum yardage we sell is 1/4 of a yd. Really? So I wasted my entire afternoon and had nothing to bring back to school the next day to show the other moms. Needless to say, we all decided to take our business elsewhere. more

a little history... 10/13/2010

I've shopped with Textile Fabrics for over 25 years, and the only thing that's changed is the location. What newer customers might not understand is that it used to be located in a snooty part of town, and that uppity attitude has transferred to the current location. I think these ladies spent so long being treated as servants by arrogant customers that they just learned to be cold as a defense. Personally, I've found over the years that if I'm my normal bouncy, cheerful self, the ladies warm up very quickly and are full of great advice. I don't mind going out of my way to engage them because of the long relationship, which I know is backwards, but it says a lot about the store since I'm usually unforgiving about bad service! Anyway, I now live in Kentucky where there isn't one - not one! - store with garment fabrics, so I always visit Textile when I go home -- even with the high prices and 9.75% sales tax. (uggh) So unless I'm traveling to DC, New York, Chicago, Houston, etc., I'll happily continue buying garment fabrics and trims at Textile, and enjoying great service because I took a minute to walk to the counter, smile, and ask how someone's day is going. If you appreciate wonderful garment fabrics and trims, you might find it worth a little effort - even if it's odd for the customer to be the one making that effort. :-) more

Customer Service is not in their repertoire 3/17/2010

I was the only customer in the store and five or six (!)employees stood behind the til and chatted about getting infections at the gym (in great detail, no less) and some just vacantly stared at me, instead of sayng ""Hello"" or asking if I needed help. I finally approached the counter to ask for help and had to wait for them to finish their conversation. Great selection, but dont expect much in the way of personable service, and you can not return anything. (store policy) Pros: great selection Cons: unfriendly staff more

Awful Customer Service 2/13/2010

I agree with the other reviews about the rude staff members. An older lady FINALLY helped me after I approached her (the employees saw me, but never once said a word to me). I'm new to sewing and had several questions about a project I was working on, and the lady was beyond condescending in her response to my questions. Pros: Nice fabrics Cons: Rude Staff more

Couldn't have spent money if I wanted to.... 2/3/2010

Someone reviewed "" they have never been approached at Textile in any sort of rude manner"", and that's probably because they weren't approached at all. I have been to Textile twice and both times have been greatly disappointed. They have a pretty nice selection, but their terrible attention to customers overshadows it. I don't expect immediate attention when I come in a store but I do expect that the sales people to acknowledge I am there no matter how busy it is. A ""HI"" even while working with another customer shows great interest in your patronage. I was standing on the opposite side of a waist high row while a woman was putting fabric away, she never looked up to say Hi how are you? are you finding everything ok? nothing...No one behind the counter made any attempt to speak unless they were approached. I even had one salesperson quickly pass me glance at me and keep going. I guess that counts right? It wasn't just me though everyone in the store was not spoken to unless they spoke first. It's as if they don't care you have chosen to be a patron in their shop instead of a big box store such as Hobby Lobby. There was even some sort of sale going on we overheard as we were halfway out the door. I will not shop there again unless I just can't find a comparable fabric elsewhere (online included). Pros: Decent Selection Cons: Customer Service!!!! more

Don't shop here! 11/5/2009

This store is AWFUL! The selection is adequate but not as good as Fabric House, Brentwood Interiors, or Calico Corners. The prices are high compared to the same stores. Their customer service is the true bottom of the barrel, though. As I was shopping, a minimum of four people sat behind the desk chatting with one another. No one seemed eager to help me or explain the rules of the store which are apparently important. When I approached the counter with my fabrics and asked about getting samples, I was told there was no limit on number of samples but that I should not have taken the fabrics out of the racks. When I apologized for not knowing the routine, the woman said ""you got them down, you can put them all back"". Another woman came over later and said that there was a 3 item limit on samples. Again, I apologized for having been misinformed initially. She then was condescending and rude. I will NEVER step foot in this store again. There are too many GREAT fabric houses in the area for me to spend a second in an average one that makes me feel like I've done something wrong Cons: customer service, prices more

I enjoyed finding quality fabrics for my projects! 10/28/2009

For quality projects, I would much rather have nice fabrics which I know cost more than those I can find in chain stores. Foir years, I enjoyed a fabric store locally, but becausse of the serged interest in quilting, this store changed to all quilting fabrics becasue the owner could make more money. Now, there is a growing interest in sewing clothes again, but this manager has not shown any interest in returning even a corner of the store into a seasonal apparral fabric section. I travel miles just to find beautiful fabrics for my projects. I want quality so these items last. more

I've shopped there! 1/28/2009

And I liked it. Textile Fabric is a Nashville institution since forever. Stars shop there. Pros: location, services offered, independent retailer Cons: And no, I'm NOT the owner. more

High prices, horrrible customer service 12/22/2007

I've been shopping at Textile, literally, for decades, since I was a young child accompanying my grandmother who was a seamstress. In recent years, there has been a huge downward shift in everything about this business. They do have a wonderful selection of fabrics in a beautiful store, but the lighting is poor for this type of business - watch out if you're trying to carefully match something! While the fabric selection is great, the markup is absurd. You can often find the exact same fabrics at other stores or online for several dollars cheaper per yard - for example, I recently paid $12.98 per yard for some cotton fabric at Textile, and came home and found it for $7.99 per yard online. However, I'm someone who has to see and feel fabric before I buy, so I end up buying at Textile fairly often, despite the high prices. I have also found the same fabrics for cheaper at one of the few remaining fabric stores in Nashville/Franklin. So, I usually go to the other stores first, and then go to Textile. They have a great selection of ribbon, but again, it's much more expensive than elsewhere. My main problem with the store is the employees - most of the workers are very helpful and friendly, but a few are rude and act like they're doing you a favor by waiting on you. The store managers (owners?) are particularly rude and occasionally hostile - they obviously do NOT value their customers, if their interactions with them are any indication. I have heard them talk to and about customers in very negative, condescending and hostile tones. One day I was in line and overheard a heated exchange between the owner and a very upset customer - the owner did nothing to diffuse this person's anger or try to retain her as a customer. He was as hostile, rude and unapologetic as anyone I've ever encountered. A simple, ""I'm so sorry, but this is our policy"" would have potentially toned down a difficult situation! I'm a business owner and I would never treat a customer that way Pros: Good selection, beautiful store Cons: Very high prices, poor customer service more

horrible customer service 11/14/2007

I went to Textile because I heard they have a huge variety of fabric, and I needed something great for bridesmaids dresses at my upcoming wedding. They do have a great selection...however, I recommend triple checking that it is in stock before ordering. I was told the fabric I ordered would be delivered in 5-7 days. It got pushed back 2 weeks, then three, then four. Six weeks later they finally said the fabric would never come in and I needed to choose another color. The manager actually reprimanded me for calling the distributor directly. He said I was ""out of line."" The distributor is a business with a published phone number, so I'm not sure what the issue is there. He never once apologized for making me waste 6 weeks on material that never came. He never offered to help. He never offered any solution other than ""pick something else."" I will say that one employee there was very sweet and patient, but since the manager has final say I still didn't get the help I needed. Pros: beautiful fabric, location Cons: poor customer service, fabric not in stock more
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