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Texas Gas Service Co

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Austin, TX 78701
(512) 477-5852
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I've been a customer of Texas Gas Service since before they adopted the name. I've never experienced a break in service and have never been charged a late payment even though I've...


I live in El Paso, so unfortunately they're our only option for gas. If you're forced to go through this company then here is the 411: Their customer service is average. Y...

Not good 3/20/2012

Texas Gas cut off our gas to make repairs with no notice (and right before a cold front). Like most people, I work, so I came home at 8pm to a note that my gas was off and I would need to call to have it turned back on. So after a cold morning, and a brutally cold shower I call Texas gas and they tell me they will turn it back on, but I MUST BE HOME for this, of course during work hours. They cant even tell me what time they will be here, they can only give 30 minutes notice. Too bad, like everyone else, I work. I could barely rush home in 30 minutes, and so I missed my first chance. Will they automatically try again? No, of course not. I have to call the 1-800 line and ""re-schedule"" but since they cant tell me what time I end up having to TAKE A DAY OFF WORK due to their incompetent business practices. Maybe I woulnd't be so bothered if there was any kind of notice at all that this was going to happen. But I guess since Texas Gas is the only option for gas, they feel like they can do whatever they want, and as a result their ""service"" sucks. more

Texas Gas Couldn't Care Less About Customers 11/9/2010

The City of Austin ought to get wise to this bunch of incompetents. My service line developed a leak and the service was shut off promptly (mid November). The service tech did not have a clue about how things should proceed. After I penetrated their voicemail maze their contractor came to give a quote for the repair. He offered to start the work 'within about 10 working days', but only after I had given him a check for the total cost. He said it may be possible to get Texas Gas to allow him to speed things up but he wouldn't even try to find out until he had the check in hand. Fox Service Company was out the same day! I should have known better. more

They dont help 8/12/2010

i missed one payment and it was a total of $50. My total bill on my next billing cycle was 67.80,that includes the $50 from before. They came to my house to cut off my gas. When I explained to them that I never received a disconnection notice..and if I had I would have paid or at least set up an extension. The guy who came to my house was super rude and just said i need $50 from you. I told him i was gonna go ahead and call the office. By the time I called the office my gas was already cutoff. I told them the situation and all they told me was i had to pay a total of $190 to get my gas connected again. WHAT?? $190 to connect when my bill was only $67? I asked why so much it was the bill + connection fee+a deposit of about $130. I asked how can my bill be less than the deposit its not fair. They dont care that I have two kids...age 2 and 3. They dont care that I told them I wanted to pay the next day when I got my check. they said i still had to pay the total plus deposit. I said i dont have that money I cant pay it and expect to support my kids. Then they preety much said to go on welfare go to programs that can help me...I explained I dont need to go on welfare...i just need one day to pay my bill...but i refuse to pay a deposit..they would not budge. I got angry after they hung up on me I called about 4 total times talked to 3 supervisors and all refused to help...until i told them i was calling all the media and calling the BBB and telling anyone who would listen what they did to me and how they left my kids without gas. Then their solution was to have me pay my bill and pay a deposit in two parts on my following bills. I didnt want to but i had no choice i had to pay for my kids. This company is heartless and i told them that and they know it. They dont care about you they care about your money. They dont offer help to lower class families..and were all screwed cause we dont have choice. I just saw on the BBB website that 12 complaints had been filed against this company 5 were resolved with the customer saying they were satisfied...but the other seven complaints were unsatisfied according to the customers who complained...yet Texas gas still receives an A+ rating from them, even though more than half the complaints were never satisfied...we must protest this company and others like it in El Paso, El Pas electric, for example. more

Another ""bottom line"" company 4/28/2010

I live in El Paso, so unfortunately they're our only option for gas. If you're forced to go through this company then here is the 411: Their customer service is average. You're dealing with people who have no choice but to follow protocol, so the sway of their tone and demeanor will usually be based on what kind of bill payer you are. They will ask you a lot of unnecessary questions you DO NOT need to answer, especially if you are turning gas on for a friend or relative. I mean let's be realistic here, if you have a fam member in a bind sometimes you want to help. Most companies don't care so long as someone pays the bill, but Texas gas wants their money from every person who owes it. There's nothing wrong with that until they deny one service because ""Roger"" from ten years ago never paid the bill at said address. So, with that in mind, their second issue would be their ability (or inability) to help the lower income. I used to use Texas Gas consistently a couple years back without any payment problems. At a point I did need a bill extension and called in to request one. Ok, it's basically you've been kicked to the bottom of their list. They offer little help and make deadlines very clear. I can only imagine how this effects low income households. This company is very capitalist driven and has no shame. Most people are conditioned to not care about low income households and what is available to them, but I must say this company must really make things extra difficult for a lot of struggling families. In addition, because they are the only gas company available in El Paso, TX, they do not offer very many helpful outside resources. Third: over all general feeling about this company is poor. When I moved back here ad got settled, I asked around about utility companies for my own information. I got fast responses with reviews attached. the general consensus on this company is that it's slightly lacking in high regard. People here, and in many cities across the US don't have many options and are forced to deal with the same companies, their customer service, and their policies over and over again. There is no escape from their surcharges in the winter, or their quick 2 day disconnection warning on any customer (including those who pay well). I can't comment on this companies response churn during gas leaks or emergencies; i can only hope they are using everyones over charged bills to promote prompt service. In short, as far as service goes this company will work for you if you just want to pay your bill an d never complain about it. Pros: They call you back so you don't have to wait on the phone Cons: Offers gas in a world where it should be free & renewable more

Never a break in service 9/4/2009

I've been a customer of Texas Gas Service since before they adopted the name. I've never experienced a break in service and have never been charged a late payment even though I've been a day or two late at times, so I'm relatively pleased with their service. Pros: Best gas in the service area :-) Cons: Don't call for information more

Texas Gas My A**! 3/5/2009

I started working for a company in january, of course the only gas service that is available in this part of austin is Texas Gas Service. Well my company moved in on January 12 and shortly after recieved a bill in the mail from them stating for the days of 01/02/2009-01/07/2009. The amount of the bill was 1364.23 for only 5 days. Ok this is a mistake, so we called them and asked them what the deal was. They said they would have someone come take a look and two days later (after 5pm) the person shows up, reads the meter and leaves. Never heard a word back from them. Ok so now february comes and we recieve another bill for 29 days in the amount of 59 dollars. What the f is that?? So I contacted them once more and was hung up on 3 TIMES!!! Finally got ahold of someone and told them i needed to speak with a supervisor now..well we will have someone review your account and call you back..its been two weeks and i have yet to recieve a phone call. So today i call back again and get the same damn run around, well there in a meeting, and voice mails. To anyone else who is having problems like me with Texas gas scamming you out of money and not being able to come up with a liable excuse to the amount of the bills generated, should say something. We cant let them do this to us, sorry thats not ok. They dont try and work with you and anytime they tell you oh well have someone look over your file and call you back they are lying all there doing is sitting on there lazy asses not doing jack. The customer service people are flat out rude..hey if you dont want to work there quit!! And even the main office in el paso is horrible..great way to run a company jack a**. Thats ok go ahead turn off our gas we can buy electric heaters if it gets least our electricty company doesnt screw us over!!! Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything under the sun!!! more

Unhappy customer 1/29/2009

After 8 years of perfect payment with Texas Gas, I missed a payment due to an error in my on-line banking. I didn't know the bill had not been paid until I got a DISCONNECT notice. I had two days to pay the past due or they would disconnect my service. EIGHT YEARS without a single late payment and they are turning off my service with only two days notice. When I called, they said ... oh well, hope you get your payment in on time. Of course, they would take my credit card over the phone for a fee - and given it was going to be a high of 35 I was forced to do it. Customer service stinks at this company, if you have a choice in gas service - chose elsewhere!!!!! Pros: only service can use Cons: customer service, value of customers more

Service better than expected 1/29/2009

After reading the terrible reviews, I was expecting the worst when I called to transfer service. And, after being placed on hold and told it could be up to 17 minutes wait, I was really dreading the call. However, after only 4 minutes a representative took my call, scheduled the transfer on exactly the day requested and charged a very minimal fee ($10) for doing so. Much better experience than expected. more

Texas Gas Services - worst customer service- worst company- all around horrible. 1/5/2009

Texas Gas Service (TGS) is the worst utility company ever. I just moved into my residence and called to set up service prior to my move in date. The only date they had available was 5 days after my anticipated move in date and I was informed that I would have to pay my deposit prior to setting up services. I asked if I paid more, would I be able to receive same- day service for the move in date due to the cold weather (which is something Austin Electric does- for an additional fee, you can have same day service). TGS ignored this request and rudely repeated the scheduled date. I made the payment, scheduled the services, and I thought that was it. The services rep never explained my options (i.e. stay home, stay on call, or leave a key). I called back this morning (the date the services were supposed to be turned on) and requested an arrival time. The services rep explained that I didn't request services previously and that I still need to pay the deposit. I told her that I had made the payment and scheduled the service, but that the previous person didn't give the options for when the gas tech would arrive. We had to set up a new service date and she told me she would review my case with a supervisor, and put me on hold. After about 5 minutes, I hung up and immediately received a phone call and voicemail from TGS explaining that they reviewed my case and felt that I was in the wrong for not catching that the previous customer services rep hadn't given me my service options and although I paid and called back and confirmed payment and the service schedule date, the previous rep hadn't logged any of the information, only my phone call- but the supervisor felt I didn't have a legitimate argument and despite this, they decided to keep my new scheduled service date and not cancel it. Like they have an option? It's like they put the blame on me, and then out of the ""goodness"" of their hearts, decided that I should have services. This is ridiculous. Pros: There aren't any Cons: Everything pertaining to this company more

Beelzebub has a devil put aside for Texas Gas Service 10/20/2008

What can I say that hasn't already been said? They want me to take a day off work to let them in to perform the rocket science that is ""lighting the pilot"". The other option is to leave a door unlocked or a key under the freakin mat. These guys are crooks and should credit my account with the equivalent pay of my lost day. Our time with this company has just begun and I already hate them. There's no use hiding our short hairs from this monopoly 'cause they already have us hanging by them. Pros: I can't think of any Cons: I think they might actually be cons more

Worst experience of my l ife 7/24/2008

I had an investment property in Soco and needed to get gas connected to do an inspection. This company made it so difficult that had I not been selling the house, I would have just told them to forget it. They give you a 40 minute window. (I live in Lakeway, the house is off S. Congress). They will make ONE phone call. If you do not answer, you are off their rotation and have to make a new appointment. We got it connected, but I had to jump out of bed, speed across town, and then be cursed at, YES CURSED AT by the service guy. This company should be illegal. Pros: No pros. They are a monopoly and act like one Cons: Read my review more

I am putting some serious thought into just taking cold showers and not having hot water!!!!!!!!!! 7/22/2008

The Is by far the worst experience i have ever had in my life and I was in the military for 8yrs in Iraq. I made a payment to this company and they gladly accepted my monthly bill like usual. Today i come home and find that my gas has been disconnected. I log into my online banking and verify that the transaction was made for my monthly payment. With this information I called TX gas and told them that there was a mistake, but they told me that they had no record of my payment. I called my bank and my bank told me that TX gas did recieve the money. I called tx gas back and told them what my bank said, went through hours of discussion ie ""can you guys just check and see if you had a payment from this account, or heres the number for the card i used"". Nothing worked. Finally i called my bank back and they faxed the transaction to TX gas, once TX gas realized that they were wrong, they gave me some bullshYt, "" well sir your actual amount due with the late fees was 76.54 and you only made a payment of 73 dollars so your account was going to be disconnected anyway. Then I asked, What about the $200 i just paid today to get my service restored 2 days from now. The lady then replied were gonna credit the remainder to your account. I thought that was unfair also but I was like okay whatever, so how much is being accredited to my account, thats when the lady said $25. After hours of arguing with her and the manager(he wouldn't come to the phone he just argued indirectly), i gave up. So lets see if this adds up: Pros: Shows you what happens when a company doesn't have any competition. Cons: Texas Gas Service, and Gas bill is higher than electric bill, how is that possible, i have an Electric stove, i only have a hot water heater. more

The absolute worst gas company!! 4/9/2008

This company's customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. The prior two posts say it all. Avoid using gas if you can. This company needs some competition -- I'd switch in a New York minute if I only could!! Pros: There aren't any Cons: Everything associated with this company more

WORST Customer Service and Utility Service in History! 3/14/2008

1. They charge $7 per month for a charge entitled ""Customer Charge."" Essentially, they charge YOU for being one of their customers. From my experience, they should pay me for putting up with them. I would be so thankful if they had some competition. I would switch in a heartbeat. Pros: Hot water Cons: Customer Service-in every aspect more

Worse worser worstest gas utility in the world 3/10/2008

Gas cut off recently - They did not send a disconnect notice - the last bill had a due date 5 days after they cut me off - and did not have any info about disconnect. Bottom line - since they were taken over by ONEOK - a company from Oklahoma - this companies customer service ethos is gone. What do you do? 1. Call the city of Austin - they take complaints about companies that contract with them. 512-974-2999 Pros: all the gas on the planet will be gone and they will be out of business - someday Cons: everything more

They Stink 1/25/2008

Worst gas company on the face of the earth...How I wish I had a choice. I see the word horrible in many reviews, I agree more

Horrible service, every time, guaranteed 12/5/2007

The customer service department is absolutely horrid. Even after numerous requests for a supervisor, I still have yet to hear back from one. I was told ""All agents are currently on the lines, even the supervisors."" You know why? BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES YOUR SERVICE! All of the supervisors are busy because they are constantly needed. Pros: NONE! Cons: Everything imaginable more

Horrible company 12/5/2007

This company is horrible. They take forever to come turn your service on, the staff on the phone is rude, they charge you for everything, connect fee, missed appointment fee, they tell you have to wait all day at your house for the technician to come out. Why can't they give you a range? Why!? Totally abuse their position because they are the only game in town. Cons: horrible to deal with more

Your Worst Nightmares Realized! 12/1/2007

The Texas Gas Service is bar far the WORST company that I have ever dealt with . . . their customer service wins 1st place as the most horrible customer service department in the state of Texas (probably, the Nation). I am sitting here in my home . . . it is now almost 7:00pm and for the SECOND time, I have waited all day for my gas installation. These people lie . . . they patronize, do not care about their customers and they argue with you when you try to explain that their installation-tech did not show-up as scheduled. There is yet another cold-front moving into the Austin area tonight and for the 9th day in a row . . . I will be without heat thanks to these people. Three days ago it was 49 degrees in my place! . . . . BE WARNED . . . you will NOT have a good experience with them and DO NOT believe what they tell you! Cons: Everything that's left. more

HOW DID THEY GET LICENSED...??? 11/14/2007

I just moved to Austin and getting service was harder than getting approved for a brand new car with bad credit...I moved into a duplex and because the people who lived here before I moved in had an existing bill that was not payed they wanted me to fax them personal information that I believe was uncalled for...They asked me to send them my lease and the social security cards of the adults living in the household... I asked them why all of that was needed and they said they had to verify that I had no relation to the people who lived her before... She said often they had people who get there service turned off and like to put it in there family members names...I'm sorry but, in my ""personal"" opinion that is ridiculous...I really wish they would have another gas company to choose from...If you are going through such a tough time with this gas company I apologize for them...God Bless Pros: I haven't found one Cons: Service, Customer Service more
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