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Texas Auto Brokers

610 N Loop 336 W
Conroe, TX 77301
(936) 760-2242
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In the last 5 years i have got 2 cars from Texas Auto Brokers, i havent ever had any issues with these two, i got a 2005 Dodge Darango, and a 2003 Ford Focus, they are amazing,...


Dont ever go there to buy a car, get horse if you cant go no place else, the worst i ever deal with in this modern world.

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/1/2013

Beware. They are selling cars that were flooded in hurricane Sandy. more

Dont ever go there to buy a car, get 6/2/2012

Dont ever go there to buy a car, get horse if you cant go no place else, the worst i ever deal with in this modern world. more

SMH 5/24/2012

What's The Point - Hey Citysearch - How do you delete? Can I give you 1 star too? This just isn't worth the hassle or stress anymore. more

Red Flags while shopping helped me Dodged a Bullet 2/13/2012

In 2009 I was looking to replace a car and went to Weisner who I had previous bought from and was satisfied with. The Weisner guy said you need to go to Texas Auto Brokers- he then got in a car and drove me over to Texas Auto Brokers. I wondered if Weisner knew about this arrangement and perhaps if they were affilitated. If not this guy is def working double time on Weisners dollar. more

fair warning to potential buyers 9/21/2011

like the previous submitter, i too only gave this rating one star simply because there is not a ""zero"" or ""negative stars"" option. I purchased a vehicle at texas auto brokers in conroe and in the last three years (i make my final payment tomorrow thank god) i have encountered several isues with my car. and that is putting it mildly. since purchasing this vehicle with a 26% interest rate and a required car payment EVERY FOURTEEN DAYS FOR THREE YEARS, i have had to replace the starter, ignition, spark plugs, spark plug wire, the battery, tires blew instantly, fixed the AC three times, and oh yeah... A NEW ENGINE. thats right, you heard me correctly. oh and did i mention when i bought the car i got 18 miles to the gallon? yeah i get EIGHT miles to the gallon now. with today's gas prices, ill let you do the math between gas and repairs. LEMON. and if this isnt bad enough, i am now experiencing some major transmission problems. the car now shakes and jerks violently when accelerating or even just idling! you can imagine how safe i feel drivig my one year old daughter around in said ""car"". (which i like to refer to as ""the lemon""). Texas auto brokers had to have known about some of the pre-existing issues with the car but deliberately did not fix issues or even mention them. Now, after i paid them $13,000 dollars for the piece of crap that constantly falls apart, that number has went to OVER $20,000 in repairs and interest just to have the car run, and not even that great! Oh and three months into our finance agreement, they switched my contract to a finance company in Clearwater Florida where ALL rates increased substantially. and tons of ""fees"" were added all of a sudden. For the money i have spent, and consistently made my payments twice a month for three years, you would think there would be some kind of mercy. but no. basically, this is just a lesson learned. A lesson that has put me in debt and sacrificed a few things in my life, but a lesson nonetheless. If anyone comes on here to research purchasing a car at this establishment---- PLEASE RETHINK IT. it is not worth the stress and money. it is robbery. plain and simple. (and by the way, i have NEVER written a review of any kind in my life. this is just how strongly i feel about the matter!) more


I only gave this place one star, simply because it did not give me the option of no stars. The only thing decent I can say about this place is thank God they were unprofessional and rude over the phone and my husband and myself did not waste our time on a real life encounter. I simply called to ask about a price quote off of a vehicle they had listed on their's the following conversation: Ring, Ring...Texas auto brokers, Me: Who would I need to speak to to get a price quote on a vehicle you have listed online? Chick: (Big aggravated sigh...,) hold on...(no please hold, just hold on.) Transfer of call: Some guy: What do you want (yes that's how he answered the call,) Me: Internet price quote please, Him: On what? Me: 2005 Chevy Avalanche, Him: We sold it two weeks ago. Me: Ummmm....ok, what else do you have that's actually available? Him: What are you looking for? Me: SUV of some type, Him: An suv? You just asked about an avalanche, we consider that a truck not an suv, do you even know what you're looking for lady? Me: Nevermind, thanks for your time and try to update your web page more often. Him: all I have to say about this place...I have NEVER seen or shall I say heard such unprofessionalism, rudeness, and just seem like they're down right inconvienced that you're calling them in the first place, especially when dealing with a potiential client. It's ok though, because my husband and I were not looking to finance a vehicle we were looking outright buy a vehicle, and I'm pretty sure Cowboy Kia of Conroe just appreciated the 20K in CASH that we dropped in their pockets this week. Thanks for nothing, and thank god you showed your true colors before we wasted our time, energy, money or common sense on dealing with your business and trust me I use the term ""Business,"" loosely on your end. If anyone were to ask me about buying a vehicle from this place, I'd have to inform them that just based off of their attitudes, I wouldn't buy a hot wheels toy car from them. P.S. Thanks Cowboy Kia, for showing how real dealerships should be run, take notes Texas Auto Brokers you could learn a few things. more

Wanted Me To Say I Am Sorry? 4/20/2011

I am Christine Matthews and about 20 minutes ago, I finished with mediation that IMO, did not go well for me, the buyer. One has to wonder if the mediators are paid buy the Dealers. I still have my right to Free Speech. I think. Texas Auto Brokers wanted me to say I am sorry for my review in exchange for repairing my horn and doors. I said, ""No"". Now, I sit with these issues still existing because of a sense of what is right vs getting my needs met. Yes, I could be setting up repairs as we all read this, but I would rather rot, than to have anyone else go through what alot of us have been through. I say that they need to do right first and act accordingly and then we recant because they were not forced to do right but managed to do it on their own. My advice to you all who have issues, is to remain being 'The Squeeky Wheel'. We have that right. Maybe the BBB will say I refused the offer on the table and maybe TAB is sitting back and having a party because I refused, but I am not a sell-out. I am not sorry. Not the right thing before it comes to this and stop being an a**hole in mediation - both of you (mediator and TAB). Make a loud noise. It the reviews do not get them to shape up, then Karma will. To the mediator.....remember what I said about life and karma...that applies to you too TAB. It is coming like a wave...very soon. I will continue to struggle getting my disabled child in a car with non-operating doors (2) and pray that the lack of a horn will not put me to death on a freeway or kill my children and hope that one day someone will come along and help with this. What a great review that would be - to say ""Your Name Here"" helped a now single mom get a horn and operating doors on her car so she could transport her disabled child safely into Houston, or even the store. Sure won't be Texas Auto Brokers. I have made payments on time for almost a full year. I have yet to even get a temp title. I think they said they had 2 lein holders on it. All I have is registration. Shakes head. Spare yourself. If you are by chance in this nightmare with me, try Free Charity Cars online and start an account like I did. Maybe a car can be donated to you and yours and you may travel easily. I stood my ground for you all and those to come. Never ever sell out for a place that is not right with the public. Goodbye repairs.....this is for the little guy. more

please stay away 1/1/2011

Stay away everybody, there no good sets of crooks, wish you luck in suing want to know were you could go to report these kind of business, going to every blog and every agent to tell people about them, my campaign start already hopefully i get the TV station on these people before it to late. Bad bad bad costumer service, something is wrong for real. more

Stay Far Away From This Place 12/23/2010

I am a mother of 3 and I have a disabled child and a disabled husband with a head injury. I was in need of help and Phillip from Texas Auto Brokers said he could get us into a car that would be reliable, as I stated in a letter I sent to dealerships. All I had was a beat up Sebring I bought privately that was no good as well, due to my van being destoyed as well as the Senring from Kwik Kar off 336. I had to purchase new tires as it had odd sized tires on it that did not match. So I get this car from Texas Auto Brokers and about a month later I discover the car has no horn at all! How did it get inspected and I always lock my car. This was only a month later. I figured it was a fuse so I was asking my daughters boyfriend about it. Later when he had time to look at it AND when I went to auto zone (love those guys off 1097) we discovered it had no horn at all. Texas Auto Brokers was called and I spoke to Janay (sp) and she refused to do anything. I questioned when they called me back before that to have me bring in the car for updates as they called it, but actually they forgot to install the GPS System and I believe the horn and almost 3/4 of a tank of gas was removed then. How in the world did they get an inspection? Then I had one door refuse to open and then a week later another door is not opening and I have to pick up my 14 year old daughter with cerebral palsy and figure out how to get her in the car. I am so concerned that the drivers side will do the same and then how will I get in? They had no sympathy to my case which is not like others lives and her tone was very rude, she even spouted out dates in which I never called her as if she was recording things to cover their behinds. I always pay my payments on time, but they have failed this mom with 2 disabled family members. Stay far away from this place. Now I understand why they have no business. I will be searching for ways to find another car. They will never see me again and I am attempting to sue. more

Texas Auto Brokers 11/7/2010

In the last 5 years i have got 2 cars from Texas Auto Brokers, i havent ever had any issues with these two, i got a 2005 Dodge Darango, and a 2003 Ford Focus, they are amazing, i believe i have only had one problem with The Darango, which was my fault, it was in a fender bender and still goes perfectly. i would recommend this place to ANYONE, infact i have, other people say they were not notified when their account was sold to a different company, i was full aware, more


I bought a 2003 Honda Odyssey with 75,000 miles from this lot and started having shifting and acceleration problems which equates to transmission problem the same day I drove it home, after having the car diagnosed by a Honda dealer, I was told that the transmission is failing. I called Texas Auto Broker and spoke to the sales manager, Ron who told me to bring the car in for a full transmission change, they kept my car for 10 days, a period which I was unable to work and after this period told me to come pick it up. when I arrived at the car lot, i was met by Ron who verbatim told me that my car now had a new transmission and that I should not be experiencing any problems with that anymore, but before I even got the car home once again the check engine and traction control light came back on , which was the issue initially before the car supposedly got a ""new transmission"" put in it. I called Texas Auto Brokers and notified them of this and they told me to bring the car back for repair once again, I live in Sugarland, Texas which is 50 miles away from the Texas Auto Broker's lot, so it's not a hop, skip and a jump away to say the least.. anyhow before i could take the car back to Conroe, i was driving along Highway 288 when i noticed that the car would not accelerate past 40 mph, then 30, then 20 i pulled over and before i could fully stop, the car died completely. I tried apply the break and it did not work, I tried putting it in park and the gear would not move, it was locked. My car began to roll down hill, with 5 screaming kids in the back and finally I was able to apply the emergency brake. I had to call a tow truck to have the car moved off the freeway and the tow truck driver commented on how the car had absolutely no transmission, because he wasn't able to put it in neutral to place it on the ramp. It cost me $140.00 to have the car towed, during all of these events i had been very patient and understanding with Texas Auto Brokers, but by now i was livid, I arranged for Texas Auto brokers to send a tow truck to come get the van, and they did, this was 4 days ago and i have not heard from Texas Auto brokers since to give me a synopsis of what is going on with the van, the loan for the van is already on my credit, so I am unable to finance another and Texas Auto Brokers are trying their best to stick me with this piece of lemon, SO FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE CONSIDERING THIS LOT FOR A PURCHASE, STAY AWAY, THEY ARE CROOKS. Cons: LIARS, LEMON CARS, BINDING ARBITRATION CLAUSES IN CONTRACT, more
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