Texas de Brazil


8390 E Northfield Boulevard
Ste 1800
Denver, CO 80238

1 (720) 374-2100
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I was looking for a unique restaurant to take my wife for her 30th birthday. We like to consider ourselves, ""foodies"" that eat out a lot, so it is difficult for us to find an es...


The first time my family ate here was when this place first opened up. My family and I had any enjoyable experience. The waiter was very professional and explained all of the me...

I originally came here during 5280 week 4/25/2012

I originally came here during 5280 week around valentines day and had a superb experience. At the end of our meal we were asked if we wanted to sign up to be in eclub, one of the perks to the barrage of unnecessary emails was you get a buy one get one dinner on your birthday. My birthday was in two months so i went ahead and signed up. ONLY the day of my birthday was i surprised by the unprofessional, and inept staff present that day. I informed and inquired about the promotion with both the hostess and the waiter in which they were like yea we can do that if you have the coupon. So i look on my phone for a mysterious coupon email. I see plenty of nonsensical Texas de Brazil, buy this and that emails but no ""coupon"" email. As i'm looking for the email, the house manager comes behind my chair, does not introduce himself , OR SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but rather begins telling my boyfriend from across the table that if we are not part of the e-club, we can not do the buy one get one but we'll give you a free dessert or 10% off. Then he walks away. NOW IT NOT MY FAULT THAT CORPORATE NEVER SENT ME A ""HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUPON EMAIL."" I show my waiter the email that says i'm in the eclub, and express to him why would i lie, which is how i felt like i was being treated. The house manager then informs me that the regional manager is here and he has authorized him to give us each 25%off on our dinner........... What the heck, no, anyone who knows me knows that i am not a coupon person. I'm not begging you for a discount, i'm not in the habit of going to restaurants to beg for a discount. We could happily pay full price at any time.HOWEVER, Texas de Brazil this is your promotion i simply wanted you to act with integrity and honor your promotion, AND apologize for MY inconvience. My birthday is something very special, i did not deserve to be treated like a liar, and no one ( not the waiter, hostess, or manager) even acknowledged it was my birthday. I am completely appauled how all that went down. We ended up just paying 6 dollars for a cranberry vodka i ordered but never even touched. I will never go there again, i will be sure to let corporate know of there inept managment both in house and regionally at Texas de Brazil Northfield Stapleton. There two other fantastic restaurants down town with a little more couth and integrity ( Fogo de chao and Rodizio Grill) more

AWFUL service outshines delicious food 1/4/2012

We have been frequent guests of Texas De Brazil for the last four years. The only time we don't go is during 5280 because of the crowds. I would say we average one visit every two months. \r \r We decided our NYE would be low key this year. I made an online reservation two weeks prior for a 7:45pm seating. Once again, we had to wait nearly 30 minutes for a table. The hostesses have the worst attitudes on the face of the planet. They act as if they are doing you a favor by acknowledging you. We were seated near the door, which was a bit breezy, but manageable. \r \r I'm not sure if our server was new, but he was one of the worst we've ever had. We ordered a bottle of wine and after I tasted it, he poured me a glass. As he was pouring my fiance's, he spilled it all over the table. He simply put a napkin down and left, no apologies at all. He touched our table only once after to see if our meal was okay. He never returned to pour anymore wine, take dishes etc. We had to ask the nice lady pouring water for our potatoes, bananas and Brazilian cheese bread.\r \r He dropped the check off and returned to our table 3 times in five minutes to see if we put our payment in. If he only had that much concern during our meal, it might have been a better experience. We were hoping a manager would stop by, as they have in every other visit, but that didn't happen either.\r \r On a positive note, the carvers were fabulous and the food is always good. I just feel that, for the price, the service by the hostesses and servers should be much better. I decided to send a letter to their corporate office and once again, received a response without an apology.\r \r After being charged for an entire bottle of wine when, at least, a glass was spilled, along with the horrible service and corporate not caring; we will drive a few minutes more to Rodizio or Fogo De Chao. more


Texas De Brazil I took my family to Texas de Brazil all 10 of us and our waitress must have been new (giving her the benefit of doubt) because I've gone there more than a few times and this time the experience was AWFUL!!! The waitress needed to be retained and the hostess didn't even greet or say thank you as we left. The waitress didn't clear off our plates, we had to ask her, we also had to ask her to fill our drinks. By the way the waitress's name is Julia, try not to get her... you pay alot of money for this dinner you deserve to get EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Usually the manager comes by the table to ask if everything was alright, which he didn't do. I'm not sure what was going on there that night. But I know that I will not be going back to that restaurant anymore, I spent well over $600.00 and I'm sure that there are alot more restaurants that would love my business and would treat me better service. more

Memorable Dining Experience 2/5/2011

I was looking for a unique restaurant to take my wife for her 30th birthday. We like to consider ourselves, ""foodies"" that eat out a lot, so it is difficult for us to find an establishment that is up to our standards. With that being said, we were not disappointed with our decision to eat at Texas de Brazil. Their concept is great and the atmosphere creates an unprecedented dining experience. Even with all the great meat and salad selections, the service is what will keep us coming back! The staff is very attentive and the managers also came by to ask how our dinner was. Overall, we were very pleased with Texas de Brazil and will be going back very soon. more

Texas de Brazil Steakhouse 12/7/2010

The only Real Brazilian steakhouse in Denver that is really authentic .. I felt that I was in Brazil the whole time. Great ambience, great service, great music... Everything is wonderfull. Add Texas de Brazil in your ""to do list"" before you die!! Incredible experience. more

The Best Steak House in Denver 6/5/2010

I went to Texas de Brazil in Northfield Stapleton with my family last Monday and it was Magic; we try the Fogo de Chao and Rodizio before and there is no comparison. \r \r Texas de Brazil is so much better, I will make my points:\r \r Texas de Brazil is the only Brazilian Steak House that grille all the meats with charcoal, I was able to notice on the first cut, that gives the meat extra flavor. The salad area have more items and Texas is the only one that have soup, the Lobster Bisque is the best that I ever had. \r \r The wine selection is also the best one; you can fine wines from $21.00 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio to $1,400.00 for a bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild. They also have a $5.00 happy hour at the bar from 5 to 7 pm that is fantastic.\r \r The service at Texas de Brazil is so professional and friendly that is very hard to compare with any other restaurant that I have ever been, you always see the Managers on the floor assisting the customers. \r \r The ambiance is awesome and they have a great music, beautiful flowers and high callings that’s gives you and open atmosphere.\r Pros: quality in food and service Cons: i don't know when to stop more

This will depend on your personal opinion of steak. 3/16/2010

If you enjoy a fairly good salad bar and men in boots parading spits of meat around for you to have your choosing, this is a prime rodizio to enjoy. Personally, I enjoy the salty meats that have been bashed on in other interviews. However, not everyone is the same. My mother despises how salty the meat is. So that would be the only determining point to me. If you're looking for less sodium-saturated meat, maybe try Fogo de Chao in Lodo. I enjoy both, and my mom loves the meat prep better downtown. Pros: Reasonable price for the amount of food you can eat Cons: The amount of food you shouldn't eat more

WOW 3/15/2009

This was one of the most enjoyable steak experiences I've had. Tried it for the first time during 5280 and went 3 times during that two week span! Can't wait until my graduation so I can go back! Pros: the food, service Cons: a little too loud more

Amazing Feast 3/10/2009

Texas de Brazil keeps the delicious meats coming. Filet, filet wrapped in bacon, the house specialty, the chicken wrapped in bacon, the spicy sausage and the amazing salad bar were the highlights for me. You can't go wrong bringing a big group of hungry guys to this place. The atmosphere is very nice, with very high ceilings and a nice feel to it. I don't know if its worth bringing someone who eats light to this place, but if you have a decent appetite and love steak you will get more than your money's worth. I will never go back to any of the other steak chains in town. more

might think twice about going here a third time 3/1/2009

The first time my family ate here was when this place first opened up. My family and I had any enjoyable experience. The waiter was very professional and explained all of the meat options and how the process worked. Clean dishes were given after we were finished with the salads, the salad bar was excellent, and the meat kept coming. We went again for my B-day. Texas de brazil offers a free meal for birthdays, great deal except on this day the restaurant had a deal going on; two meals for 56 dollars I believe. The place was packed!!! Fortunately we had made reservations this night and only had to wait 30 minutes for a set. The only available set for two at this time was a table almost directly parallel to the front doors only 15-20 feet away, maybe. There were so many people coming in and out we felt ever draft of cold air. I hate people who complaint about every little thing but there was no way we would be able to enjoy this meal freezing the whole time. The waitress looked for another set for us but said there were no two person tables left. My mother and I tried to endure it but could no longer. They did find us another table for four people in the back. I did take notice that there were other 4 person tables with two people as well. We did have to wait for another table mind you. Our new waiter Kimeul G was not on his game at all. Last time we came we received clean dishes for our meats. I got up and got the clean plates. There is an order of mashed potatoes and bananas that come with the meal. We had asked three times for these items and he did not bring them. At the end of the meal we asked him if these items came with the meal and he stated it was so busy he just didn't get to them. He stated the meal came with desert. He only brought one desert and did not ask what our preference was on the selection. Very unprofessional, he didn't even apologize. I will definitely think twice before going there again. Pros: parking close, atmospher good, meats are excellent Cons: setting is too close to everyone else. more

upscale and lavish 1/1/2009

We dined here as a special treat to take my inlaws as a thankyou for their hospitality. We were visiting from Rhode Island and I researched this ahead of time. Denver has so many dining choices , you should definatley put this one on your list if you are visiting or lucky enough to live here. My 6 year old couldn't find anything but bread to eat from the salad bar, but she really loved the different choices of meat. I on the other hand, thought the sald bar was fantastic. I loved the manchego cheese, asparagus with strawberry sauce and lobster bisque just to name a few items. Sign up online to get dinner specials. We all dined for $33 each which included soft drinks & dessert. Kids 6 and under are free. I thought the price was well worth it. The service was good, we had to wait 15 minutes even with reservations.... The meats were all cooked fantastic, filet, steak, sausage,chicken, lambchops, ribs. It was amazing on the amount of meat choices they brought out. We dined on a Monday night, but the place was still full. The flower arrangements were beautiful, huge and abundant. The decor was elegant , upscale, bold spanish style. \r This is an interesting concept. It is a lot of food choices, so linger and take your time experiencing this. Pros: Salad bar, meats, decor Cons: lots of food to stuff yourself with more

tip included??? For what?? 5/11/2008

So our group went here, and even though we had a reservation it took 35 min to get seated. It is way over priced. There's not way someone can eat all the food they are trying to shove down your throat. The salad bar was decent I think there was about 30 things there maybe sushi ehh not that great but wouldn't expect it to be since it's a steak house. I like this place better than Rodizios because you can get the meat medium well but all of it's really salty. There was 8 people in my group and I know that usually tips are included for large groups but the server usually does something to earn it, we had to flag down the water guys and our waitress numerous times. The only people who were paying attention to us were the meat carver guys. Then the waitress got out drinks wrong and got a big attitutde when we said that she got it wrong I wish I could remember her name, because she got like $100 and didn't do a thing to earn it, didn't take our orders, didn't bring our food, and didn't get our drinks. I wish I had a job like that Pros: steak Cons: salt food, waitress, long wait more

This is your regular all-you-can-eat buffet. You just have to pay twice as much. 4/27/2008

Fine Dining? What does it mean to you? \r Does it mean exquisite food you won?t get anywhere else? Or a service which you won?t ever notice? Or unrepeatable feelings that you are special with the moment they open the door to the moment you leave? If that?s what you?re looking for, skip the Texas de Brazil.\r They won?t open the door for you. The Texas de Brazil does not have class nor service, food is questionable, as well as $42.50 per person price tag for this all-you-can-eat buffet. List of choices in the buffet ?island? is very limited, staff is running around trying to get rid of meat they have on their ?swords? ? you are not dining - you are being fed aggressively and quickly.\r BUT, if you don?t care about class and/or service and have money to waste, join in. And be as everybody else, just the eating machines. In one hour you?ll back on the side walk with no memories left.\r Cons: read review more

Decent food, poor service 2/27/2008

We just attended Texas de Brazil on Monday night and from the minute we arrived, things went downhill. We had a 7pm reservation and were not seated until 7.30pm. It then took another 10 minutes for our waitress to great us. After this, we didn't see our waitress again for 90 minutes. We had to ask the water server for cocktails and refills. Our server didn't even bring these drinks to us, the water server did. We didn't have a problem getting the steak to come around. They were very prompt and would always ask if we were looking for a certain cut of meat. The food was a bit salty, but I didn't mind. Most cuts of meat are cooked rare to medium rare. If it wasn't Denver Restuarant Week and we had to pay full price, we would not return. I guess it is a trade off of decent food vs. poor service at a very high price. No thanks. Pros: Good steak, large salad bar Cons: Slow service, crowded, tables on top of each other more

Great food for a cattle farm 2/24/2008

We'd never been to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant and decided to try Texas de Brazil during Denver Restaurant Week. We were seated fairly quickly since we had reservations, but then the chaos started. The tables were all crammed extremely close together, so it's basically one-way only when you're trying to walk around. I was pretty impressed with the food. I'd agree with other reviews that it was salty, but that's the way I like it. However, it took me a good 15-20 minutes just to make 1 trip around the salad/side bar. It was extremely unorganized, with people just jumping in anywhere and taking a lot of time in selecting their food. By the time I finished, anything warm that I had went cold. We never had too many problems getting the meat carvers to come to our table, but our waiter was pretty slow in bring drinks. Serving soda with ice in a wine glass is a sure way to run out of your beverage fairly quickly, particularly with the saltiness of the meat. Overall, I thought the food was really good, but didn't enjoy having to wait so long and being herded like a bunch of cattle to get our salad and side dishes. I think we'll try Rhodezio Grill first before we decide to go back to Texas de Brazil. Pros: Good food and good selection Cons: Crowds and service more

Overpriced does NOT mean fine dining!!!! 1/4/2008

A friend of ours recommended this place to us and I have to say that I was SO disgusted! First of all, the whole idea that this is a fine dining restaurant is a joke. No fine dining restaurant tells you to flip a card over to take a break from stuffing your face!! This is an overpriced buffet. The salad bar has horribly bland items such as the cardboard cauliflower nasties. Our service was not service at all, more like a cocktail waiter trying to cram alcohol down our throats. I guess you need lots of liquid while trying to choke down the artery-clogging, extra salty meats they serve. We were not impressed and would never recommend this place to anyone. Pros: Looks nice on the inside. Cons: Read review more

If you're craving meat, meat, and more meat, try this place out! 8/16/2007

I think that this is a good restaurant; good ambiance, good food, with so-so services. As we walked into the place, we didn't really know what to expect. The red and brown based decor matched the restaurant well: WE SERVE MEAT!!!! There were many variety of food, even sushi, which seemed out of place. I've got to admit, i find the red-stop green-go concept very gimmicky, but the food's great. I wish I knew how much food there were, I would have starved myself for a few days before going. Ladies, please put your diet on hold for a day if you're going to come here, or else you're just wasting money. I've got to say, the highlights were the variey of cheeses, bread, and the Picanha (brazilian marinaded steak), but personally, I find most of the food, like the lobster bisque and much of the steak, too salty, then again, that is the traditional way to prepare the meat. The low point of the evening has got to be the service. Don't get me wrong, my water was never empty, and the meat kept coming when we flipped the coin. I think I just got a bad waiter. After we were finished with our meal, he was nowhere to be found, 15 minutes later, one of our servers finally had to go tell him we're done. I was so full, I could not have fit anything else in my stomach, and when he asked if we wanted dessert, we kindly declined. He stopped smiling and went to tally up our check. Another 15 minutes later, he came back, left the check on the table, said a brisk thank you and left. Keep in mind that it's 8:45PM and more than half the restaurant have left. I'll let you guys be the judge. Bottom line, good ambiance, good food, great servers, just a bad waiter. If you don't mind gorging down meat, and heighten your sodium level just a ""little bit"" give Texas de Brazil a try. Hope you get a better waiter than I did. Pros: variety of food, ambiance, wine list Cons: food bit on the salty side, price more

Wonderful Surprise! 7/5/2007

I had seen the place in Northfield and wanted to try it so made a reservation last night using opentable website. It met and exceeded our expectations. Same dining experience as Rodizio Grill, but better. The soaring ceilings, wrought iron work, beautiful wine storage facility, opulent bathrooms were just icing on the cake, as the food was tremendous. I've never seen so many of my favorite things together and done so very well as on their salad bar. Wow - I can't wait to go back in a month or so when I'm hungry again. Management and wait staff was great and very professional. Service is impeccable - my water glass barely got half empty before they refilled it. They're brave coming into a steakhouse town like Denver, but may have found another niche and I hope they survive in the Northfield area -- not quite busy yet. I sincerely hope it works for them as they're a tremendous asset in Denver dining. Pros: Untouchable service, great food Cons: You must go HUNGRY! Near starving. . . more

South American Love 4/24/2007

I read about Texas de Brazil as I was flying back from South America and I just had to try it! I am always looking for new places to dine and I am so glad I did! I brought my family and everyone absolutely loved it - from the music to the warm and inviting atmosphere, this is definitely a place everyone should check out. The positives are that you get premium quality foods, from the salad bar to all the rotisserie fresh meats, and really friendly service. We took well over 2 hours to eat and try everything and yet we never felt rushed by our waiters. The only thing that disappointed me was that I could not fit more into my stomach! Also a plus I have to mention was the selection of drinks. They have the best selections of wines one location can offer and the best sangria I've had yet to taste in Denver! Texas de Brazil reminds me of my travels to South America and I will go back to this restaurant for sure, over and over again. Pros: Authentic south american steakhouse, huge wine selection, free parking, value Cons: You want to keep eating even though you're full!!! more

HUGE Surprise! 4/23/2007

I recently went to dinner with a friend, and by accident we came upon a new restaraunt in Stapleton, Texas de Brazil. We weren't really looking for a fine- dining experience, but given that we just got a out of a movie near by, and we were STARVING, we didn't want to venture far. The hostesess were very friendly and bubbly, as we were not exactly dressed to sit down for a lovely dinner, but they made us feel right at home. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience from the huge salad area, selection of meats, and sushi bar. (My friend is also a vegetarian, and she was very pleased with the variety of non-meat selections!!!) I will definetely go back!! Pros: Great service from the minute you walk in the door! more
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  • Texas de Brazil, is a Brazilian steakhouse, or churrascaria, that features endless servings of flame-grilled beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and Brazilian sausage as well as an extravagant salad area with a wide array of seasonal chef-crafted items.

  • Texas De Brazil is a fine dining establishment that serves Brazilian-American cuisine as well as thick and juicy steaks. Since this is a...

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