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2004 S Mason Rd D3
Katy, TX 77450

(281) 347-8624
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I love this place!!!! Class is fun and challenging, trainers are good at motivating students as well as teaching them discipline. Teaches structure, self defense, and self respect...


We found this establisment by Googling Kickboxing. We went in for our free class and decided to sign up our family. We have only been 5 times and are sick of it. I first noticed w...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/15/2012

I love this place!!!! Class is fun and challenging, trainers are good at motivating students as well as teaching them discipline. Teaches structure, self defense, and self respect. A great place to become a better you!!! Try it once and you'll be hooked, I promise!!!! more

In Response to ""Pass on the Money Pit"" 2/17/2012

This is in response... Wow, you sound really upset! From what I read it sounds like you went in there with a chip on your shoulder just looking for something to whine about. I have heard of this school and the master/head coach's reputation. Him and his teams are the real deal. Life-time martial artists. I very much doubt that any of their black belts, child or adult was weak. If anything it was you who couldn't stand-up to it. I am sure you and your family probably couldn't keep up with the training and looked for an excuse to bale out. Authentic martial arts Isn't for everyone. Maybe you should be looking for Fitness Kickboxing... you know some kind of Tae-Bo kind of place. It will be light enough for you. Plus, about contracts... any reputable martial arts school or fitness center will expect everyone to commit by using an agreement. If they don't, they are not professional. Remember... contracts are legal commitments by both parties. You make the payments, they supply the service. If they were cancelable, why have them? Plus, if everyone is doing jab, cross, uppercut ... doesn't matter what rank - these are the foundations of Kickboxing and what separates the level is not the techniques themselves but the intensity that is being used by each rank. You sound like what is called in the martial arts, a ""A Lobby Master."" Best thing you could have done is just listened to the instructors and allowed them to do their job. They are the martial arts experts, not YOU! more

Pass on this Money Pit 2/16/2012

We found this establisment by Googling Kickboxing. We went in for our free class and decided to sign up our family. We have only been 5 times and are sick of it. I first noticed while sitting in on my daughter's class that kids that had just started that week were far better at the kicks and punches than the kids wearing black belts. Why is that??? Because if you pay $50 you get to upgrade to the next belt color. It's not based on your abilities at all. It's based on how much money you give them. How can I explain to my five year old that even though she is doing all they ask of her and trying her best that she will always be a white belt unless I pay them $50 for the next color?? Because apparently $180/month for the three of us isn't enough to cover that. In our class, the ""Adult"" Basic class. There are kids in there with us who aren't even strong enough to hold the bag for you while your punching it. I wanted to be paired up with my boyfriend during the class but you can't do that because they pair you up by sex. So I get stuck with two black belt females who don't punch as hard as my five year old does. And in turn I can't punch the pad as hard as I can for fear of hurting them because they act like they're too weak to hold it. During our second week we were asked how we liked it and stuff of that nature and so I asked the instructor to explain to me how everyone was on the same level. Because the five times we went we were on basic punches and kicks. The same thing that the black belts were doing. The same thing that my child was doing in her classes. So I asked him how it works that people who had been doing this for months were still on basic manuevers with us. He basically just talked around it and I just said ok because I know bs when I hear it. The night we signed up we were told that we could cancel at anytime even though our paper said we planned to attend until June. So tonight we tried to cancel only to be told by their billing company that you either have to move, die or be injured to cancel. My boyfriend has now called them three times this evening to speak to the owner/manager, whatever he is, only to be told that he's in a class. Funny, we have the class schedule and specifically called around those class times yet he's still unavailble. The first time he called he actually talked to the instructor who signed us up, the same one who told us we could cancel at anytime but tonight he seemed confused by that statement and needed to have the manager call us back. Needless to say he never called and wasn't available the next two times my boyfriend called back. Oh and don't forget that they say you get free uniforms. Yes you do but it's hideous, uncomfortable and hot. We decided to make do with the pants and just purchase 3 tee shirts for $60 then 3 pair of gloves and wraps was $150. Total waste of money! more

Eyes on Who? 9/6/2011

Just wanted to drop a few lines of appreciation to the staff at TKA. Since enrolling the men in my life, not only have I seen a difference in attitude, self respect and disipline with my kids but a much stronger bond of their father/son relationship. Black Belt Attitude is spread throughout the house, woohoo!!! \r Thank you all!\r -SG more

Renewed Confidence 6/11/2011

My wife and I started at TKA in January2011. Both of us turning 50, we were looking for something for execise but I'd tried gyms before and they were boring. We found so much more at TKA. We found a great workout but also a lifestyle change that has us both re-energized and looking forward to our next class, belt and acheivements. As others have stated in reviews, you don't feel like just another student at TKA, you feel like your part of a family. The instructors are great! more

Great Workout and Great Friends! 2/14/2011

Texas Kickboxing Academy is the perfect place to get in a great workout and meet some terrific people. I started training with Sifu Garcia and Mr. Ozuna over five years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I was new to Houston and looking for a great workout, self defense tips, and meeting people outside of work. I have found all three at TKA. \r \r I achieved my black belt right after about three years of training. Two other women that started about the same time as me got theirs also, so it was really rewarding to share the experience with others that had been working side by side with me. \r \r The instructors always make sure that you get a good workout in every class, by mixing a variety of exercises and techniques. Pounding on the bags and pads is a great stress relief too, especially on those tough days when you just need to blow off some steam!\r \r While I love going to class for the workout, I really enjoy going and seeing the friends that I have made there. They really motivate you to keep coming to class and working towards your black belt. I have met some of my best friends through TKA and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. \r more

Part of a team! 1/26/2011

I've been with Texas Kickboxing Academy since the beginning. I am working towards my 4th degree black belt and am enjoying every class. The instructors are professional yet personal. It's fun and tough! I couldn't imagine not being a part of this school...I feel like part of a team! The school is family oriented and has a great mix of kids and adults (both men and women). I highly recommend this school to anyone...friends and family alike! more

A great place! 11/6/2010

I love this place! My son and I joined January of 2010. The instructors give the kids a lot of positive reinforcement. They talk to them every class about respect honor and decipline at the academy, home, and school. My son's confidence is much higher. \r As a mother I cannot tell you enough how great this place is for kids.\r I feel so much stronger and can see a difference in my body. My blood pressure has come down also.\r This was a great choice for my son and I! more

TKA is the BEST! 11/5/2010

In response to the ""Pass on the Money Pit"" below: I have been a student for nearly three years as has my entire family. A few points: 1. You've been to five classes and you are already an expert on martial arts, how people promote and the skill level of students? 2. When you join, it is very clear that you are committing to a term. Why? martial arts is about commitment, and not for people who find it acceptable to not only quit, but teach that same lesson to their children. 3.Things like belts, paying the staff who spend the entire day at the graduation ceremony and the use of the facility cost money. $50 is not unreasonable for that opportunity, as well as the positive effect it has on the kids who light up when the crowd cheers for them on stage. 4. TKA is a place where we all work with and support each other. People who make little to no effort, require special treatment and display an attitude that is anything but ""Adult"" are not missed. more

A good dojo for us 9/29/2010

I have been going to TKA with my wife for the basics class, and our son has been going to their kids class. Our son loves it and is excited every class day. My wife was apprehensive about joining, but she is now glad she did and is looking forward to staying at the academy for some time. I also enjoy the academy very much and feel Mr. Ozuna and Mr. Salaam are great instructors. Their regular follow-up with us has been very impressive, and I've been surprised by how much they notice/remember about every one of their students.\r \r I had previous martial arts experience in karate, and Muay Thai is quite different. I read the previous negative comments regarding 1-on-1 time and the apparent fitness level of the instructors. I feel that you need to understand what you're getting into before you join. At the basic level, there is more focus on conditioning and repetative striking motions. They do not harp on technique at the beginning for a very specific reason - they do not want to frustrate those folks just starting out by constantly interrupting. Once they see you're grasping the basics and want to learn more, they will start giving recommendations on technique. This is also not a Tai Bo class you'd take from LifeTime Fitness, so don't expect every instructor to look like a ripped fitness trainer. In a true martial arts setting, looks can be very deceiving.\r more

A great place to build confidence 3/21/2010

I have been attending American (Texas) Kickboxing Academy for only a month, but I am absolutely hooked. I was a little apprehensive and unsure what to expect at first, but after attending my first class, I knew that I would fit in here just fine. I always get to class on time, give a full effort, and leave soaking wet and sore for a day or two. Which is exactly what I was looking for. They push me harder than I would push myself at a fitness club or gym. My 10 year old son also attends AKA and he is also excited about going to class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just like I am. It amazes me at how Mr. Ozuna and Mr. Salaam both remember every single person's name and address everyone by Mr. or Mrs. so and so..and How are you doing today? It certainly says a whole lot about them as instructors and about their dedication to their students. If you are looking to sign up with a school and be a UFC fighter after a week or so, I think you have unrealistic expectations, and you should look elsewhere. If you are looking to attend a school where you are taught Respect, Honor and Discipline, then Texas Kickboxing Academy may be what you are looking for. Pros: Friendly staff, very personable, great honest workout more

Would recommend this school to anyone 3/16/2010

I started here at AKA with the goal to get back in shape and try something new. Now I'm totally hooked and my goal is to make my black belt. \r \r The instructors are totally professional and courteous. One of the negative comments was that they do not give students one on one time. That is completely ridiculous. After demonstrating the technique they want you to work on, they walk the room to help out and encourage those that need it. They even make themselves available before and after class for those that need extra help. They even took time to give a fun and informative seminar for my sons Adventure Guides group on a Saturday afternoon (at no cost). \r \r They have an awesome children's program and I cannot wait to get my son's started in it. I'm 42 and it has increased my confidence level, I cannot wait to see what it can do for them.\r \r I recommend this school and these instructors whole heartedly. Pros: Instructors and atmosphere more

AKA (TKA) Remains TRUE 3/16/2010

First of all, these gentlemen have been more than professional in every way. The structure of the training sessions are what I had been looking for. The instructors really take time to teach, classes are for all fitness and skill levels. They travel to the west coast and train in the PIT, (we are part of the PIT Ohana Family) to bring the best to us here, also brought a legendary BJJ Master for a seminar last November. These guys, are really what they preach. They help out in the community, charities, support our troops, elderly. These gentlemen are true modern day Samurai, they serve. I am honored to wear the uniform. There are two uniforms I have worn with pride, this is one of them. I look forward to advancing in my training. And reaching a mastery level from these masters of their art. The life lessons in the kids classes are priceless. These lessons are not taught in team sports, where it's a win win win attitude. Nobody sits on the bench at AKA (TKA). Respect Honor Discipline is every where at AKA (TKA). My goals in life are far more important to worry about negative comments made about this academy. This is a top notch academy, the best school in the Houston area. From their humble beginnings to present, they have been true to their students and community. WOW I really said alot. I am just that passionate about my training and way of life. See you in class. Pros: Professional Martial Artists Cons: Nothing more

Awesome school 3/14/2010

AKA is a martial arts school for all ages and skill levels...that's what makes it so great!! The instructors sincerely care about their students, and teach in a constructive, positve manner. The work-outs are incredible....you'll definitely want to come back for more!!!! Pros: Professionalism, Fitness Cons: Nothing more

TKA is one of the best in the world!! 3/12/2010

I have been training with these exceptional people since July 2009. I have lost 55lb and I feel like a fighter. With their unique skills in teaching of the techniques and ultimate fitness, they can not only change your appearance/health/self-confidence but also give you the skills and knowledge of martial arts which you can use for the rest of your life. When you enter the academy, you will fell like the difference. Every face is smiling and friendly, every word coming from instructors has 100% respect. Come to this academy and reveal your talents you have never seen before. These people will help you to discover a way for you to achieve your targets in fittness and martial arts.\r \r As a final words...Texas Kickboxing Academy has changed my life...I am fitter, healtier, stronger and happier than ever. TKA rocks!!\r \r TKA is one of the best in the world!! see below for a short essay written by Theresa Smith on Sep. 04, 2010\r \r 5 Best Kickboxing Academies In The World\r By: Theresa Smith\r \r Break Studios Contributing Writer\r \r What are the 5 Best Kickboxing Academies In The World? Kickboxing is a form of mixed martial arts (MMA). Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that allows for full contact between its participants. An offshoot of the martial arts genre, the popularity of kickboxing spans the globe. In addition, kickboxing continues to grow in popularity as a sport. Whether you live in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, or other points around the world, you will find plenty of options to hone your skills and meet like minded people who enjoy kickboxing. The following academies are five of the best such academies in the world: \r \r International Karate and Kickboxing Academy: Established in New Zealand in 1998, the International Karate and Kickboxing Academy is recognized the world over for its association with the English Contact Karate Association (ECKA). \r British Martial Arts & Kickboxing Academies (BMAKA): With locations for classes in both London and the North East, the BMAKA was established to offer classes that cater to those of all ages and level of expertise. It particularly offers training and lessons that can accommodate a number of financial positions.\r AmericanKickboxing Academy (AKA): Located in San Jose, California, the AKA is one of the facilities that has pioneered the mixed martial arts field in the United States. Featuring some of the biggest names in the field, the AKA offers public lessons at all levels as well as private training and fighter management on the professional level. \r TexasKickboxing Academy: With more than 20 years of experience, the Texas Kickboxing Academy offers the Katy, Texas area a complete roster of martial arts. By combining movements influenced by traditional Chinese and Muay Thia kickboxing styles and western boxing, the Texas Kickboxing Academy offers its clients a wide range of choices in lessons and professional training. \r TKO Kickboxing Academy: Part of the Total Kickboxing Organization in the United Kingdom, the TKO Kickboxing Academy has locations in Ashford, Maidstone, and Medway to serve the needs of their clients. They offer many levels of classes to suit everyone regardless of level of experience or age. \r \r Although the sport has its origins primarily in the Asian countries with its strong ties to martial arts, by mixing it with aspects from boxing as well as other disciplines, kickboxing appeals to a wide audience of various ages and levels of expertise.\r \r Pros: Everything more

Love this place! 3/11/2010

I want to first comment on the review citing that this staff has a big ego. This is completely false. They are extremely respectful, and everyone is addressed by Mr. or Mrs. One time I asked an instructor what someone's name was and he said Mr...he never mentioned the guys first name. The classes can get crowded, but they always find room to make sure everyone can work out. This can also be overcome by taking one of the other twenty classes they offer a week. They offer classes multiple times every day, but Sunday. They often have seminars that offer you a glimpse into other art forms. I have attended kung fu seminars, jiu-jitsu seminars, and they have MMA classes every Sat. I like this, because other martial arts schools I have attended claim they are the best and other forms are a waste of time. I think it’s great this school encourages you to explore other art forms. They also teach different techniques for working out. Some of which include power lifting, tabata, boot camp, and more. These are in addition to classes that already have intense workouts and get you into great shape. They always push you to do your best, but never force you to do more than you're capable of. I look forward to the years ahead where I will continue to grow with the school; and finally achieve my goal of black belt. Thank you guys! Pros: Great workout and defense instruction Cons: Not in Sugar Land....yet. more

Love It Here 3/11/2010

I have been coming for almost 7 months and I still love it as much today as the first time that I walked in the door and I look forward to every class!! I still eat fast food and have managed to lose 15 pounds since I started taking class. Everyone is always made to feel welcome and greeted friendly and courteously every time and as for big egos, I think the only person with that are the two people who wrote the negative comments, shame on you!!! This is a great place to go, I have met lots of really nice people here who genuinely care about each other. My confidence has grown so much, thanks to the instructors, who do spend one on one time with you! Don't take my word for it, come try it out for yourself, you will be glad you did! Pros: Great Instructors, Students and Workout more

Changed My Life 3/11/2010

This place took me from fat and overweight to the lightest i've been my whole adult life. I wish I had more time to learn from these guys. I feel great about myself and my decision to workout at this gym. Excellent workout and great attention is made to the techniques. \r \r This is deffinately not a brawlers school. If you're looking for a great place to get a workout and learn some real stuff without having to worry about getting smashed. This is the place!\r \r This place is deffinately worth the money. Totally not a ""rip-off"" or a ""scam"". I dont mind the youngsters, there are only a few in my class but they get to work just like everyone else. \r \r This is a 100% Martial Arts School with honor, discipline and respect being very well maintained and reciprocated. If you're looking for a UFC fight, watch the TV. If you want to get in shape and learn some great self defense techniques, come to AKA! Pros: The workout and the techniques Cons: Wish I had more time! more

Great Place 3/5/2010

I love going there i have been there for over a year the intructors are very hands on and take the time to get to know you. They give you complete details and really urge you to do the work. I have never had a bad work out. Its a great learning experience. I am not going to stop going there anytime soon. Love it\r Louis Cano more
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