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I've been going to Terry's Car Care for a few years. I think that their professionalism is one of their strong points. I also believe one of the best things they have going for th...


All reviews seem positive

good work not so good explaining 9/20/2011

I first called to get an estimate and the lady greeted me fast and said can you hold, before I spoke I was on hold for quite some time. I got my estimate but the lady on the phone really didn't seem to know what she was selling. I did bring the car in cause of the good reviews. I came in to get car and waited for sometime till the lady at the computer said oh hi, you need a bell or something. My car was fixed fast and the price may not be cheap but I paid for quality not wal-mart quality. When the lady was explaining tho she had no idea what she was saying and their tech come explain. He explained it so well and I will definatly bring my car back just please teach customer service to your counter person. more

Terry's Car Care has never steered me wrong! 4/25/2011

I've been going to Terry's Car Care for a few years. I think that their professionalism is one of their strong points. I also believe one of the best things they have going for them is that they can be trusted. These people have never steered me wrong. I go back because they are good at what they do, and I trust what they do. They are also very nice people. In fact, when I was in there last week with my son's car, I mentioned that my son's birthday was that week. When we got his car back, they had put a card and present in there for him. I mean, it was very thoughtful and touching and they didn't have to do that, but that's exactly how they are. This is a great shop! more

Professional, honest, and a good value. 4/20/2011

I started out using Terry's Car Care because I needed a second opinion. They really do it right. They aren't the cheapest, but I have now learned that while sometimes you can get by when taking chances on a place, sometimes it is not worth it. I may pay a little more, but my overall satisfaction is higher. I have the peace of mind that they will fix it, and I won't have to go back. They have even fixed things that other mechanics have fixed improperly, even a second or third time. There have been times when I drove around town looking for the cheapest place, but I have realized that it is not worth the hassle to save a little money. Especially because in the end it might end up not saving anything. I have used Terry's Car Care for probably 3 or 4 years now. They are very professional, honest, and it really is a good value. more

Excellent quality work, great service. 4/13/2011

I have been going to Terry' Car Care for a long time, for many years. They have always provided great service. They do what they are supposed to do, and they do it well. The quality of work is excellent. more

I don't have to worry about my car because of Terry's Car Care. 4/12/2011

I have been going to Terry's Car Care for around 4 years. They have helped me purchase a car, they let me know when I should still put money into a vehicle or when it is time to walk away, and they are always available to answer my questions and explain things to me. You can go there with confidence. They make me feel like they are really family-oriented. I don't have to worry about them not catching something. My car is the last thing I worry about, especially with kids. The quality of their work it great, and everything is done in a timely manner. more

I wouldn't go to anyone else. 4/7/2011

Somebody referred me to Terry's Car Care and I've probably been using them for over three years now. They are very friendly and thorough, and they tell you what is going on. They don't over-promise and under-deliver, as some outfits do. They have done a variety of work for me, mostly general maintenance, including front-end work, ball joints, brakes, and tune-ups. I wouldn't go to anyone else. more

Excellent mechanics, friendly staff, terrific shop 1/31/2011

I used Terry's detailed used car evaluation before considering purchasing a used car. I'm glad I did-the $2480 car had apparently not been maintained and needed $2500 of repairs, minimum. Terry's gives you a detailed breakdown of the estimated repair cost, including labor, parts, and tax, and the mechanic who analyzed your car lets you know which repairs need immediate attention and which can wait. They've been professional and helpful at every visit-I won't take my car anywhere else. more

Great Service, Great People. 10/29/2010

I had my Alfa Romeo serviced there and they really know there stuff:) Friendly and get the job done right the first time. Will, Rebecca and there team are awesome. Jeff, Rockford, Illinois more

Excellent service! 9/13/2010

My name is Craig, yesterday I brought a 1990 Jaguar XJS in for new tires, wheel alignment and to get an estimate of what it would take to reduce oil and transmission fluid leakage. The service I received was phenomenal! I very much appreciated being allowed in to the service area to learn more about my car as it was being worked on and see first hand the work being done on it. I think seeing the technicians working on my car increased my appreciation for the quality of the work they did. Of course the ride comfort and stability improved after the work was done but understanding what went into making it that way helped me notice the 'little things' that usually go unnoticed while driving that much more. I will definitely recommend Terry's Car Care to anyone needing the best care I have ever received and you will definitely be seeing my baby again! more

Honest and Great Service 9/9/2010

My daughter who is a student at UW had a problem with her Jeep Grand Cheroke over the Labor Day weekend. Since we live in Colorado I was not much help other than making suggestions where she should go. Her first stop was a chain store who told her it was "more than just a dead battery" and she "had other problems". Luckily, I searched the web and found Terry's. Being a NAPA Autocare Store (along with the fact they were close to her apartment) I suggested she wait until after the weekend and call. I received a call from her a few days later, excited that they had quickly solved the problem. From a dad's perspective, I appreciate a business that is so ethical and professional that I can trust sending my daughter their way without worrying about her being taken advantage of. Thanks Terry's! more

Meticulous attention to detail. 6/16/2010

I have been with Terry's Car Care for about five years. I have a number of vehicles of different makes serviced through them. I have also purchased tires for Terry's Car Care. Here is what I look for in a dealership and have found at Terry's Car Care: first, a meticulous attention to detail. They spend a fair amount of time understanding what the cause of the root problem is and making sure I know what repairs are going to be done, the amount it will cost, and what my options are. They are good about making sure there is an alternative to the most expensive solution. They look for equally effective and cost effective solutions to expensive repairs. The second is that when there is warranty work and a part fails, they replace it without question and without cost. In other words, they are good at standing behind their work. They make sure that I continue to be satisfied not only immediately after the repair but on an ongoing basis. Terry's Car Care also makes it convenient for me. With very few exceptions I can drop off the vehicle and pick it up the same day. The only exception to that is when there is a delay from a part that has to come overnight for delivery. They provide options to make sure I have transportation. I have never been left high and dry. If there is a likelihood that the car will have to stay longer, they tell me right off so that it is not inconvenient for me. They are always good with followup calls. If there are questions that I have they clearly explain the answers in language I can understand. Terry's Car car will inspect my car, and if a light bulb is out, or there is a problem with the battery, or something small, they will tell me about it and not expect me to have them fix it. They bring it to my attention so that I can do it myself and save money. They want me to have a fully functioning car. I appreciate that they tell me and look out for my interests. more

They were willing to try alternative options. 6/14/2010

I had an issue with my car that was something that needed to be fixed; I couldn't get around it. Will and Ben, at Terry's Car Care, were willing to try things before they recommended the big leap, the expensive repair. They actually tried two different things out first, and told me why they were going to try them. It raises their credibility for me because they weren't just trying to line their pockets in my expense. When it came time to do the final repair I felt better about it because we had tried the trial options first. Now it works great; it is fantastic. I have no complaints at all. Ben even made a followup call after awhile to see how it was going. They did a great job. I think Terry's Car Care will guide you along the way during repairs. They give insight on why they recommend what they recommend. I didn't feel like they were trying to see me as just a way to make money. This is important, because as a lay person they probably could have. more

Trustworthy shop that doesn't push their customers into unneeded repairs. 6/11/2010

We needed to have our cars brought up to kid safety, and Terry's Car Care let us know the things that needed to be done and what should be done. They didn't pressure me to go overboard and made me feel secure that their suggestions weren't about sales but more about taking care of the cars. I only started using Terry's Car Care this year. Because the other family mechanic that I had used was harder to get into, a friend recommended Terry's to me. The repairs are great; I was even shown one of the parts that had been replaced, which was nice. Terry's Car Care works with you, and won't pressure you into repairs. I never feel like I have to do everything that is on the recommendation list. They put everything in a priority for me. They are trustworthy. Being able to trust that my car is kid safe is important to me. more

Very good customer and mechanical service 3/2/2010

Timely friendly service. Clear communication and very convenient to downtown work locations. You can drop the vehicle off in the morning and walk to your job easily if you work downtown. more

Friendly service. Above and beyond expectations. 2/15/2010

A really great experience. I was surprised how they helped me try to save money. I was as happy as I've ever been dealing with auto repair. I'll definitely go back. more

Terry's helps to forewarn needed updates 1/2/2010

The staff at Terry's Car Care has forewarned me of needed maintenance on my previous visits . Knowing what I will have to do to keep my car in good working order and having the opportunity to budget is appreciated. Thanks you as always. more

You can trust your car with them. 12/28/2009

I have been taking my cars to Terry's Car Care for 10 years now because they are incredibly honest. I am not savvy when it comes to cars but I am completely confident when I go there that they are telling me the truth and that they will not repair things that do not need to be fixed. They are informative and thorough. I have always been satisfied with the work they have done for me, both maintenance and repair, and have already recommended them many times. You can trust your car with Terry's Car Care and be completely confident that they will do a good job and not do any unnecessary repairs. Patty Sommer more

Excellent service. I wouldn't let anyone else touch my car. 12/8/2009

My mother- and father-in-law have always used Terry's Car Care, so when I married into the family about 15 years ago, I started using them, too. Terry's has taken really good care of all of our cars and I feel that they are very honest and reasonable. If my car needs a lot of repairs, they provide me with an outline to prioritize what we should do now and what can wait. Because of their prioritization, I always feel safe in my car. I travel all over the Midwest, going to swim meets with the kids, so it is important that I feel safe and know that my tires are good. Even though it takes us about 25 minutes from our home to get to Terry's Car Care, that distance is minimized because they are so customer-oriented. I call ahead and they always get me right in when I arrive. They also take me to work if I need them to. Because of the quality of their service, I would not let anyone else touch my car. more

Excellent experience. 12/3/2009

I have been going to Terry's Car Care for about 25 years now. Initially, they were nearby, which is why I started using them, but I have stayed with them because they provide good service. Terry's actually fixes things, whereas with some other auto places, you end up having the save problem over and over again. They currently take care of 5 cars for me. While they are not cheap, they do the job right, and that is important. Gerry Coleman more
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