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Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance - 10 Reviews - 301 21st Ave N, Nashville, TN - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (615) 942-3184

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance

301 21st Ave N
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 942-3184
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Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance - Nashville, TN
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance - Nashville, TN
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance - Nashville, TN
Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance - Nashville, TN


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I usually don't write reviews on websites, but after having years of great experience at TOA, and after reading some of the unfair reviews on this site, I had to write one. I hav...


I went to TOA with knee problems. The doctor talked very condescending to me and took an xray of my knee. Came back in, diagnosed a ""little"" athritis and gave me some generic an...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/23/2017

I am very impressed with TOA. Dr. William B. Garside was perfect. I got an MRI from my family physician, referred me to TOA and Dr. Garside recommended surgery to repair the shoulder injury from playing hockey. I was back on the ice in five months after surgery, physical therapy and rest. I appreciate a doctor who knows sports injuries. Thanks for a job well done.\r \r BTW, scored a goal in the first game back. \r \r Not bad for old fart like me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/15/2015

My daughter had surgery there several years ago. We were paying 50$ a month since that time. The last bill I have (thet quit sending bills and because they wouldn't even settle on a smaller amount I never took her to any other follow up appointments so my balance would not have changed) SAID 1075.61. tHE SURGERY WAS FROM MARCH by the way. I had already made several payments plus received a self pay discount on that bill of 545.70 the a payment of 50 cash then another cash then credit debit card pay 50 another 50 surgery deposit 50 then another surgery deposit 50 and another surgery deposit 50 then a credit debit payment 50. patient balance says 923.30 then I had preious balance of 152.31 for a grand total of 1075.61. I then have made faithful payments every month because they take it out automatically. Let me break this down for you\r Oct 15 2013 50.00\r Nov 15 2013 50.00\r Dec 15 2013 50.00\r Jan 15 2014 50.00\r Feb 15 2014 50.00\r Mar 15 2014 50.00\r Apr 15 2014 50.00\r May 15 2014 50.00\r June 15 2014 50.00\r July 15 2014 50.00\r Aug 15 2014 50.00\r Sep 15 2014 50.00\r Oct 15 2014 50.00\r Nov 15 2014 50.00\r Dec 15 2014 50.00\r Jan 15 2015 50.00\r Feb 15 2015 50.00\r Mar 15 2015 50.00\r April 15 2015 50.00\r May 15 2015 50.00\r June 15 2015 50.00\r July 15 2015 50.00\r Aug 15 2015 50.00\r As you can count I have faithfully paid for 23 months that comes to a total of 1150.00 that is 74.39 more than I owed. They need to refund me that money asap via 2 day mail. or credit my credit card if they can but we have blocked you from accessing it from this point. \r By the way when we saw the doctor Christoferson advised us he didn't even care about the money he wanted our daughter arm to be fixed. My husbands company lost a contract so he went to work for another company she fell off her bike exactly one day after our coverage lapse for a month. We offered to settle with them for 800 and they refused unlike the facility and the anesthesiologist. So whatever. After that I just made payments of 50 dollars a month and that was that. I obviously should have questioned their organizations integrity while the doctor had said one thing and their billing office said another but hey what do you do in a time like that. I am beyond upset right now. This is not ethical. This was second issue I had. They apparently sold a bunch of account a while back to a credit agency but not ours because we had arrangements but ours got sent. They all fixed it or so they said but they didn't turn me over to collections it was my then 13 but 12 when she broke her arm daughter that collections sent the notice to. I haven't checked her credit so I have no way of knowing if they really fixed that either. I would go anywhere but here. We have 4 kids and will never use them again. The surgeon did an excellent job Christofersen was his name but having to deal with this is so not worth it. I am sure better facilities exist. Heed my warning use them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/28/2015

Before I went for my appointment I read all the reviews and I must admit I was nervous before going, however I had a wonderful experience. My time in the waiting room was not hours long. Everyone I saw were very nice and courteous. My insurance turned me down for a procedure yet the staff fought for me and I am going to have the procedure that I need. I feel very confident in the staff and I also already trust them, which is hard for me to do, I have had many bad experiences in the past with other doctors in other offices. I would recommend TOA to anyone and I am so grateful that they are my new Ortho doctors! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/18/2014

I do not think I can find the words to describe just how upset I am with a specific doctor here! I trusted him. He had a good rating and high recommendations but OMG! My dad had a hip replacement and in less than a month's time, two dislocations. Doctor never seemed to care. Did not bother to even call him to check on him. I don't know how people live with themselves that take an oath to help others and then do not take the time out to help them when the surgery they performed failed. I'm just very, very frustrated and do NOT recommend to anyone this facility/doctors! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2014

This place is a combination of a factory and a Russian bread line. Everybody working there seems very unhappy. They own their MRI now so you can bet you will be in it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/19/2013

You seem to be a very uncaring facility. It is impossible to talk to anybody there or get an appt. All you get is machines. You need to get your act together. I have read many negative remarks. I have come to the decision that I don't want an appt. If I have problems after surgery, it will be impossible to talk to anybody. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/12/2013

I am worse off than before I went. And a lot poorer too. After a botched surgery on a broken finger I ended up having to do another surgery. I now have 2 fingers that have approximately 30% functionality because of lack of motion to a previously healthy digit. I type for a living. As a self pay patient they were more concerned about getting their money beforehand than patient care. In the end, I am the one that will live with their greed for the rest of my life. DO NOT GO HERE! more

Don't waste your time 1/27/2012

I went to TOA with knee problems. The doctor talked very condescending to me and took an xray of my knee. Came back in, diagnosed a ""little"" athritis and gave me some generic anti-inflammatory med and of course told me to come back for check-up. Three minutes top! Went back for check-up, still in pain, still 3 minutes to write refill for ""little"" arthritis. I gave up, tried another doctor and with one exam, made me lift my leg straight out and with one twist diagnosed (preliminary) with herniated disc. MRI showed this was my problem all the time, the pain was just showing up in my knee. I still get mad when I think of how condescending that dr was and with smile said at our age.....blah, blah. blah. Don't waste your time. more

Factory through & through 12/15/2011

TOA is the worst place I have ever been in regards to patient care, consideration of staff and attention of Doctors. All anyone in this establishment cares about is taking your money. The staff are rude, stressed out and could care less about the patient. The Doctors do not bother to learn your name and will spend less than 3 minutes on each patient. The bottom line is making sure they get paid. There must be some sort of monthly quota per doctor. Once your surgery is scheduled, you can guarantee that you will receive a minimum of 2 calls the following day asking for payment on a surgery that has not occurred. They do not believe in waiting for the patient to receive an estimation of benefit coverage from their insurance company, they will estimate it themselves. They will not let you schedule surgery until you meet their payment requirements. When you actually arrive for surgery, you will witness all of the other poor individuals being ""processed"" through the TOA factory. I was one of the lucky ones that day. My doctor had overbooked himself with operations, I was told I would have to wait a minimum of 4 hours past my scheduled time to be seen, if at all. I figured there had to be a better place. Somewhere that you would feel like they actually care about the patient, want them to heal and preform a valuable service. I found a great doctor, one that got to know me, explained the procedure in detail, had a lovely staff of caring individuals and believe it or not.....I did not have to wait over a week for surgery to fix a fracture!! If you are referred to TOA by an emergency room, do your homework. Meet with other doctors, compare their environment to the environment you encounter at TOA. I promise, you will run away from the TOA factory. more

TOA - The best Around! 7/28/2011

I usually don't write reviews on websites, but after having years of great experience at TOA, and after reading some of the unfair reviews on this site, I had to write one. I have seen numerous doctors at the Murfreesboro office over the years for my shoulder, knee, hip, and even neck. I am always confident that I am getting the best which is a testament to why America has the best healthcare system. Yes MRIs and therapy cost money, but the best usually does. Healthcare is a crazy business and not everybody gets it right 100% of the time but TOA does me just fine. It just saddens me when I see people use sites like this to list their entire medical history. these people, in my opinion, are never happy with anything anyway. I like TOA and the doctors are great. more

TOA Murfreesboro office (1800 Medical Parkway) 5/11/2011

After trying anti-inflammatory and pain medication for 7 - 10 days with no relief, my doctor refereed me to TOA. I saw Dr. Ledbetter, explained what had happen, symptoms, meds and my doc suggested an MRI. What I got was an x-ray of my shoulder and muscle relaxers and told to come back in 7 - 10 days. cha-ching! Came back was told I had sprang my shoulder and now I was getting an x-ray on my neck. I ask about doing the MRI, I was told that was considered invasive Cha-ching!. Came back was told I needed an MRI! So now I have had 3 visits with the orthopedic doctor to now be refereed to the specialist. When I tell him this happen at work, he looks at my chart and tells me I have excellent insurance that will pay and while I could prove it was work related it would be hard and I had nothing to worry about because I had insurance. Later found out by a receptionist that doctors don't like to change things from private insurance to workers comp because of all the red tape and hassle they have to go through from refunding the monies back to the insurance and waiting on comp to pay, thats nice for them, but what about the human being they swore an oath too! So he sees me tells me I need therapy. Come back in 2 weeks as instructed. He explains now I am going for an epidural injection in my neck. I am told by him and the coordinator that I will be put to sleep and given instructions. I arrive (by the way its in the same building) wait an hour and a half past my scheduled time, and was told I would be under a local because this was dangerous and Dr. Ladoux would need me to tell him what I was feeling! This was a horrible experience. I return to Dr. Shimbayama, who by the way prescribes a lower dose pain med, which is his standard dose. MRI had shown I had a herniated disc that had calcified (told was about 6 months old) and another below it that was impending on the nerves in my spinal cord, which Dr. Shimbayama said my symptoms I had described were classic. So why all the other test, well, cha-ching! I explained after the injection the headaches had gotten worse and at first I attributed to stress but had been waking up with them, he explained that the injection or the disc could be causing them. I told him I had taking more of the pain med and in between doses had taken excedrin to try and get relief. He explained that with the increase in muscle weakness and the pain he recommended surgery. My husbands work requires a form to be filled out in order for him to use time if requested in an emergency. When the coordinator calls I explain I am waiting on this form. I call the nurse asking for refill and I had explained to Shimbayama about taking more because of headaches and pain but once the topic of surgery came up, I was focused on what this meant to my situation and to my family. She tells me my headaches are stress related from work, I explain to her I am off work. She then reads my chart and says she will ask and call me back. This is the second time in over 3 months of dealing with this that I have ever called for a refill on my meds early. When she calls back I am told that because I haven't scheduled my surgery, the doctor would not refill my meds early. I explain to her the situation with the form and I had explained it to the coordinator. Either I could see pain management or schedule surgery. I argued,( that was a mistake), I wanted to get the form filled out before I scheduled the surgery and I didn't want to go to pain management! Next day was discharged for not taking meds properly. Pain med was 4 days to early! Wonder how much was due to the fact was going to turn into work comp & he needed a reason to get out? more

The Worst! 4/20/2011

This is by far the worst doctor I have ever visited. He displayed a very uncaring attitude. It did not matter to him that I was in terrible pain. I found him was very rigid and concerned about office rules and money, but not at all concerned about helping me. I would not let him touch me again, much less perform surgery. more

Tennessee Ortho Alliance 4/9/2011

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance has the best bone physicians in Tennessee. I have gone to them for many years for several different problems and have always been treated well. I think they are the best around. When you are hurting, it is not aways easy but I have found the physicians and staff to be friendly and professional. I would highly recommend then to anyone seeking help. Thanks again TOA ! more

I would never recommend that anyone go here 2/4/2011

I went to TOA as a referral after a fall. I have Spina bifida and have been to a variety of doctors, had MRIs, CAT scans and EMGs. I gave them a comprehensive history of my medical life including explaining that there are parts of my back that absolutely can not be touched. \r \r So I see the MD and what does he do, go for the spot on my back that I said don't touch. He also looked at my knee and kept poking at the area that I stated hurt and then kind of squeezed it. He then said that I didn't break it but may have done something to the cartilage and to come back in 3 weeks if it still hurt. I will never, ever, set foot in there again. I am in more pain and discomfort now then before I went in there. And then he had the nerve to tell me that my pain in my back was not related to Spina bifida because people with Spina bifida are paralyzed and I'm not. Actually there are a variety of stages in Spina bifida - some have an intellectual disability and some don't, some can walk, some can't, some can have kids and some can't (I'm in the can't category). Essentially in one visit he decided that despite all the tests, MDs, Neurologist, Physiatrists, OT and PT that I have had throughout my life was bunk. Get educated before you make statements or decisions. I will never recommend them to anyone. Ever.\r more

Great for all ortho needs! 1/4/2010

I have seen two different physicians on several occassions for orthopaedic problems. The doctors came highly recommended by my PCP, and truly seemed caring and accommodating, unlike other ortho clinics I have visited. Tthe nurses took the time to answer all of my questions and I didn't feel like ""just another patient"". Also, the office staff went above and beyond the call of duty to help me with my patient paperwork. Parking was easy and accessible. Great place! Pros: Great doctors, nurses and staff. Parking is easy. more

MAJOR fail for true patients in need 4/23/2009

I am a patient with a failed surgery, and major complications and PAIN. I provided MRI's, x-rays the whole nine yards. I sat for 3 hours, had more imaging done. I finally get to a doctor and he asks for the ""quick"" version of my history. He did not ask me how I felt, offer me any useful information or tests, and God-forbid a person with a broken spine be provided CARE! Before I could count to 10 I was escorted to the lobby, and told some BS that a scheduler would contact me about a useless test. I say useless, because we did not discuss any procedures. She never called. Unfortunately this is TYPICAL of health-care here in Nashville, good luck finding a doctor that CARES about you or your health, and I hope you don't hurt, because Rx's are never given. I have no idea who what they treat, I'll never go there again. I am preparing a letter management, not that they will care either. Pros: Great staff, excellent resources Cons: No real care offered more

Just Another Meat Processing Plant 2/5/2009

My recent experiences with TOA were horrible. Sourpuss nurses lead patients in to see doctors who won't give you more than 3 minutes of their time, maximum. If you don't have an easily diagnosed ailment they can operate on, you're wasting their time. And don't expect them to care, because they don't. TOA has become a large money-making machine that's forgotten they're supposed to be caring for people, not processing numbers.\r I honestly don't think a single health care professional in that place ever listened to a thing I said. On my second appointment it was as if the doctor was reading off somebody else's chart. And on my third appointment, he told me there was nothing he could do for me. Why didn't he just have his nurse call me and tell me not to come back? Ka-ching!!! There's no insurance payments made for a telephone call!!!\r Years ago, they were the best. Now, just another run-down source of cash for doctors. Very sad.\r Pros: The office staff is very nice Cons: The medical staff is terrible. Unfriendly, uncaring, rude, and unprofessional. more
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  • In 1924, our founder, Dr. George Carpenter, Sr., opened the first orthopaedic practice in Nashville. Today, Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance (TOA) is the largest and most respected orthopaedic surgery group in Middle Tennessee. TOA is also one of the largest orthopedic groups in the nation. TOA physicians provide surgical and nonsurgical treatment of musculoskeletal injuries in comprehensive orthopaedics, inclusive of trauma and fractures, arthritic total joint replacement, and workers' compensation injuries. TOA has always been driven by the desire to find new ways to ensure the highest level of conscientious, quality patient care. As partners with you in your healthcare, we are advancing the practice of orthopaedic surgery throughout Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama.


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