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Taylor, Jane, Md - Jane Taylor & Assoc

200 W 57TH St Ste 510
New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-1866
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I was stunned to read the personal attack in the review about Michele McVicar, Dr. Taylor's Aesthetician. I have been going to Michele for 6 months and have several friends askin...


I have been going to Dr. Taylor's office for about 5 years now. I have never met with Dr. Taylor, but with her colleagues (two of whom are no longer there). The doctors have all b...

Unfriendly staff and long waits, but proficient doctors 4/13/2012

I have been going to Dr. Taylor's office for about 5 years now. I have never met with Dr. Taylor, but with her colleagues (two of whom are no longer there). The doctors have all been very friendly and knowledgeable, so I've continued to find a new dermatologist when the one I see leaves. I do wish the office notified patients when a doctor is leaving; I didn't find out until I called to book an appointment that my doctor had left a few months prior. more

aesthetician the best! 12/20/2011

I was stunned to read the personal attack in the review about Michele McVicar, Dr. Taylor's Aesthetician. I have been going to Michele for 6 months and have several friends asking for her number now that they are seeing the enormous pay-off on my overall complexion after 6 months. I haven't worked with Dr. Taylor yet, so I can't make a judgement, but I haven't been kept waiting with Michele. I find her sensitive to my moods--sometimes I want to chat, sometimes I'm pre-occupied; she has been always responsive to my need to change schedules around; and while I definitely have the kind of budget that requires me to save for my treatments, they are DEFINITELY worth it and I have begun getting compliments all of the time. I am stymied as to why anyone would have anything at all bad to say about Michele's character or her work-ethic. She repeats in each session, "" easy does it"" and ""the turtle wins the race with skin care!"" and by God, she's right!! I would also like to add that I have never had Michele ""push"" products at me. She has explained why she makes the recommendations that she does. And boy do they work! Liver spots and sun damage are dramatically lightened! Sorry that Sabrina didn't give Michele a real chance--one treatment isn't going to give you the results she promises in 6-months. And she tells you that before you even make your first appointment. more

Long wait - pay upfront 12/20/2011

I had gone to this office for years. But it seems that there has been a lot of turnover the past year. At least 2 doctors i used to see have left. more

Long wait, pay upfront, walked out 12/15/2011

I've been at this dr.'s office about 5 times over the last 7 years. It used to be a pleasant experience. Not going back. 1. This morning, right off the bat, they asked me for a copy of my credit card so that they can charge me if I don't pay (huh? I've never not paid them right away). I refused. 2. Next, they charged me for the $25 co-pay (this is all before I saw the doctor). 3. I waited 25 minutes, asked for a refund (at least they didn't fight me on that) and then left. Nobody apologized for the 25-minute wait or seemed to care that a patient had just walked out the door. There are other docs in town with a better attitude! There was another guy waiting along with me who was very upset about the wait. more

I will be finding a new Dermatologist 12/9/2011

I have been going to Jane Taylor for years. No more. The last time I was there was November 2011. She kept me waiting for an hour. Unacceptable. When she finally saw me she spent 6 minutes with me. She checked my skin, which she told me was fine. I then pointed out a little skin growth and she told me to make an appointment to come back so she could biopsy it. HUH?? I am right here, you are right here. Do it now Doc!. I have just waited 60 minutes to see you, you spent 6 minutes with me and you are telling me to come back for more of this nonsense? more


PROS: (1) Dr. Taylor is a good doctor and knows her stuff. (2) Dr. Taylor is so good that she is very busy (3) Her additional medical staff is okay/good and compliments her practice (4) Reception is nice CONS: (1) I have been to the office numerous times and I was always on time and had to wait between 20-50 minutes. 50 minutes is A REALLY BAD WAIT TIME. (2) If you can not take your patients in a timely manner, then don't overbook for the day. It's rather ridiculous. That is poor management or a doctor trying very hard to clock in as many appointments like a lawyer booking a 30-hour a day job, when there are only 24 hours in the day. (3). Michelle Vicar the Esthetician -- IS WAY TOO CHATTY ... SHE SOUNDS LIKE A PUSHER, ALWAYS PUSHING TRYING TO BOOK IN EXTRA FACIALS (OR PRODUCTS) AND TO RING UP THE COSTS. IN REALITY, DR. TAYLOR DOESN'T NEED THE ESTHETICIAN. ** ALSO, YOU DON'T NEED TO BOOK THAT MANY FACIALS ** SHE COULD EASILY HIRE A NURSE AT HALF THE COST, WHO WOULD DO A MUCH BETTER JOB. MICHELLE DOES NOT LISTEN. IF SHE DOES A PEEL, SHE TRYS TO CHEAPEN IT USING WATER. IN REALITY, DRY ICE MINIMIZES ANY SWELLING FROM THE CHEMICALS. ICE HAS BEEN USED BY DOCTORS FOR DECADES. ** IN ADDITION, A NURSE WOULD DO THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. ** MICHELLE DOES A LIGHTWEIGHT JOB SO THAT SHE CAN BOOK MORE FACIALS. ** I'VE HAD BETTER PEELS BY NURSES WHO DO A BETTER JOB!!! *** 2 stars for Dr. Taylor Less 3 stars for Michelle's low performance & the LONG WAIT TIME / LUXURY I CAN NOT DONATE BASED ON MY JOB!!! I'm on the fence with finding a better managed dermatologist. more

Agree with the negative reviews 10/6/2011

I first went to Jane Taylor's practice because 1) she took my insurance and 2) it was nearby my office. I did some rudimentary internet diligence and thought she was probably OK. The last three times I have visited the practice, Dr. Taylor was busy, so I saw two other doctors in the practice. They were fine, minimal wait time, but nothing to write home about. This time, though, I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Taylor herself. I showed up for my appoint on time, however 50 minutes later, I was still in the waiting room. I wasn't given an ETA on when I was going to be seen, so I had to leave as I work and had to go back to the office. Can't comment on her bedside manner or attention, etc. as she make time to see me. It's true - you get what you pay for - I'll be paying out of pocket to see Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas going forward. more

Go To Another Dermatologist 8/16/2011

After reading the reviews of Dr. Taylor, I decided to make an appointment with her about a small bump on my toe. Her bed side manner is non-existant, it was like dealing with a robot and worst of all she misdiagnosed an area of dry skin for a wart. She used cryotherapy to remove it. All that happened was a large blister formed and then a scar. I went to another doctor to confirm her misdiagnosis and he was shocked at how she could make that mistake. more

By Far the Best Dermatologist 4/20/2011

I'm 53 and since I was a teenager, I've always had one skin problem after another, and sometimes, several at the same time. I estimate having seen 20 dermatologists. Some of them were OK, but Dr. Taylor has by far the most effective combination of knowledge, communication skills, and concern for her patients. She works with me to keep my skin beautiful and trouble-free on an ongoing basis. I have great confidence now, knowing that I can maintain it. I know how to care for my skin day-to-day; what I need to see her for routinely; and if a new problem comes up, I feel confident she will have the answer. more



Dr. Jane Taylor 2/25/2011

Dr. Taylor is my hero. Initially I went to see her for dermatitis on my hands. She saw a dark spot on my face she didn't like, and performed a biopsy that was diagnosed as malignant melanoma. After sending me to an excellent melanoma surgeon, I feel like Dr. Taylor saved my life. My wife and i are both impressed with her knowledge, sense of humor, and concern for her patients. The entire staff is friendly & helpful and her office is conveniently located. Dr. Taylor is highly recommended. more

I can't believe the bad review for Dr. Jane Taylor 2/23/2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor for several years and, in fact, even though I moved out of New York to Virginia a year ago, I still make regular trips to see her. Why? Because three years ago she discovered a small melanoma that I would never have noticed, biopsied it and then referred me to one of the most skillful melanoma surgeons in the city. A successfull outcome without even a scar to show for it! more

Go to another Dermatologist 1/25/2011

I've been to several dermatologist for I have a lot of moles. Dr. Jane Taylor has the worst bed side manner of them all. During examination she stood 3 feet from me, giving direction for my movements. Not once did she come near me to look closer to examine the skin, her distance made me feel uncomfortable and made me feel like I had the plague. Her tone made me feel like she was barking orders. I asked her to remove one questionable area on my face, which turned out to be basal cell. The doctor did not perform the biopsy, she had a physician's assistant take 3 moles. The doctor did not call me with the results of the basal cell. This process, this doctor - I feel has NO emotions and I would not recommend anyone to go to her. The physician's assistant had a very nice personality, the only good thing about this office. more

Love Dr. Jane Taylor...been going to her for over 10 years 1/20/2011

I have been going to Dr. Taylor for over 10 years and couldn't be happier. She has always been courteous with me, and thorough. I've had a few minor sugrical procedures and was happy with the results. With my fair skin & freckles, I am prone to skin issues; I feel SAFE going to Dr. Taylor. She knows my skin, my body and recognizes new moles disguised as freckles that may need to be addressed. I just recommended her to a dear friend. Dr. Taylor was recommended to me by my favorite doctor in the world! I am surprised to read 2 bad reviews about Dr. Jane Taylor. Perhaps she was having a bad day as we ALL do. I will keep going to her as long as I can. more

There must be better dermatologists out there! 10/9/2010

I'm a healthcare professional myself, but not a physician. I was referred to Jane Taylor by a surgeon who has a close working relationship with her. When asked her opinion about various treatment recommendations, Dr Taylor could not have been more ambiguous on purpose, than any medical professional that I have seen in my life. And I have seen quite a few since I teach at a hospital and work in private practice as well. I went there to ask about side effects of treatments that she suggested. Even when I specifically said to her, that I am there to hear her opinion as a dermatologist, since I'm not a physician, she replied ""just go research it on Medline"" with a condescending smirk- all the while her Physician Assistant standing on the side and sneering. I don't consider that professional, especially that they have you sitting there literally naked, wrapped in a 25-cent paper gown. they are not even willing to give you 2 min to get dressed, so that you can ask you questions. Bottom line: i went in announcing to her I had made an appointment to ask some questions: I walked out without the answer to any of my question (no exaggeration is made here) If this is how they treat a professional colleague, I wonder how a lay person is treated? Being in the business of healthcare, I was very much conscious of the fact that I was being one annoying checkmark on her schedule of reaching the day's projected gross revenue. more

Will never go back 5/27/2010

I went to Dr. Jane Taylor after getting a referral from my private MD for wart treatment. My PCP told me that the wart was very resistant and needed to be injected (something another dermatologist had recommended but was unable to do at that time). Dr. Taylor at first did not even admit injections could be done for warts and when I asked her specifically about it, she said I couldn't do it since I was a breast feeding mom. But my PCP told me there is a specific one that you can have while breast feeding and when I asked her about that, she said she doesn't do it and that she doesn't know anyone who does (funny since I know people who do it and I'm not in the field - wish I had different insurance). I felt like she was kind of rude about the whole thing. In the end she did nothing for me that I haven't already tried at home and it was a waste of time and money. Her advice - ""keep doing what you're doing."" Well, if it worked I would keep doing it without paying $ to go to the specialist. Pros: short wait time in waiting room Cons: rude, demeaning, does not inform completely more

Awesome Dermatologist 4/2/2008

I have gone to Dr. Karla Rosenman since the summer of 2007 and she is great! She takes out the time to listen to the things you have to say and suggests all the options to take care of your concerns. My skin has never been better. I have been plagued with acne and rosacea for the past 3 years and now I have clear skin and barely and redness. She's amazing, I will definitely continue to go to her with any concerns regarding my skin. Pros: Everything more

Perfect 10/1/2006

Dr. Kim at this clinic is great. I've never waited more than 5 minutes over several visits. He's professional, great at what he does, and a nice guy, to boot. Would highly recommend. Pros: Insignificant wait, nice doctor, excellent care more

Great Doc 6/27/2002

Though I am 27 yrs old I have had malignant skin cancer - Dr. Taylor and her other Dr in the practice did a thorough exam and found the cancer so we were able to prevent it. She also recommended a great plastic surgeon so my scar is not bad at all. I would recommend her to anyone. more
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