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We have used Taylor Moving several times over the past years for ourselves as well as family and friends. Once again the crew did an excellent job, not even a scratch. Each crew...


DO NOT use Taylor Moving! The overall experience was horrible! First off, the estimate for our move was $3,195.00. Our final price, $4448.00. Taylor moving was $1,253.00 OVER ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/12/2013

We used Taylor Moving twice and our experience was markedly different between the first time in 2010 and the second time in 2012. \r \r The first move was quite professional. It was a 2-truck local mover with 5 guys involved. They did all of the remaining packing the morning of the move and did a very good job moving us out of a 2300 sq ft ranch with a basement. Their trucks were new, they all wore uniforms, and they arrived on-time ready to work. The amount the we were bid was only slightly underbid due to the amount of packing. They worked hard and we had very little damage. The entire move which filled both trucks only took about 11 hours and they were to happy to put our boxes where we wanted them and carry heavy furniture up and down the stairs. \r \r That experience was great, but when I had my fiancee move here in 2012 our experience was very different. She was moving out of a 1500 sq. ft. ranch that had a fair amount of stuff stacked-up in the garage. It was bid as a single truck move with three men. They arrived late driving a truck that was beat to death and weren't wearing company uniforms. Right away they began complaining about the amount of packing, and then every 90 minutes or less they had to step-out for a smoke break. Within their first hour there they had already done several hundred dollars worth of damage being careless. It took them 6 & 1/2 to load the truck, and then as they pulled out of the driveway the truck broke down, which only took another hour to fix. Then it took them 90 minutes to drive from the north side of Longmont to the north side of Broomfield, which is 20 miles. \r \r After they arrived they began complaining mightily about having to carry any of our furniture down the stairs into our basement. Carrying a couch down the stairs they managed to do serious damage to the stair railing and to one of the walls, even though it was an open stairway. Their breaks became more-frequent and finally they refused to carry our boxes in, leaving them stacked to the ceiling in our garage. The total time on this move was 16 hours, and the cost was more than double what had been bid. \r \r Later we discovered a lot more damage to our stuff and that when they packed our stuff they separated items that had been right next to each other into wildly different boxes. It took us about a month to sort through and bring in all of the boxes from the garage and some stuff we never found. We called Taylor repeatedly to address our damage concerns and they made every excuse in the book. Basically if they damage or lose something it is your fault for calling them.\r \r So, if you are planning a major move, I might recommend insisting that Taylor use their ""A"" team or tell them to take a hike. They might do OK with moving small apartments or dorm rooms but the next time that my wife and I move, we will call a real mover instead! \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/27/2013

I am a former employee of Taylor Moving, working both on crews and in the office. I say confidently, having worked for several companies in 3 states, that they are the best I was ever affiliated with. The owners genuinely care for their clients and community, and aim to continually be the best.\r \r The crews maintain a strong culture that demands performance. Anyone who slacks or makes excessive mistakes will be weeded out quickly. Having personally dealt with hundreds of Taylor clients, I assure the reader that unhappy sorts like in 2 negative reviews below are exceptionally rare. I suppose folks are more likely to speak up when unhappy, which leads the site to under-represent typically thrilled Taylor clients.\r \r I left the moving industry a few years ago, but felt inclined to share my experience from the inside of a solid company, made up of honest, hard working people. In Boulder County you can't do any better! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/15/2013

The initial estimate was way off (it ended up being close to twice the estimate). The movers were very friendly, but also took way too much time. My wife and I moved ourselves last time (and with more stuff) in literally half the time. We had an 1800 sq ft house with very few big items to move and it took them just shy of 18 hours (and of course, they bill hourly). They said that breaks were unpaid, but if that's true, there was some very creative accounting of time happening. It also took them over twice as long to commute than it takes us every day.\r \r On the move out we had the majority of boxes waiting in the garage or main level, on the move in we had them drop 90% of the stuff in the garage. 18 hours is insane. I would definitely not recommend them for the price and would caution potential clients to expect to pay up to double what they estimate.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/7/2013

I wish I could say I had the same experience as these other reviews. Definitely, some of the worst customer service I have had in Boulder. I called after my move to let them know that while I found their movers excellent the rest was pretty poor (estimate given from the office, size of moving truck sent for the amount of stuff I had given them over the phone.). The guy I talked to apologized and said someone would call me right back. A week later nothing so I left another message as they had also told me I needed to return their boxes which are still sitting in my garage taking up space. Left another message and received a very basic message from the owner saying more or less I have called you and that was it. I returned his call right away and a day later still no return call. Moving is stressful enough so pick a company that has good customer service from start to finish and sadly Taylor moving is not that company. more

Awesome as always 1/12/2012

We have used Taylor Moving several times over the past years for ourselves as well as family and friends. Once again the crew did an excellent job, not even a scratch. Each crew member worked 110% and were a great team. The crew leader did a great job coordinating everything and handling my stress as well. more

Taylor Moving Goes the Extra Mile! 1/11/2012

The owners and staff at Taylor moving were very helpful, professional and flexible in a difficult situation. They not only provided the moving service...they also were incredibly understanding and unbelievably patient with a tough client. Most companies would probably have backed out when they had every right to do so, but they stuck by me really going the extra mile. Thanks to Glen, Leah, Ken & Dundie! I would recommend Taylor Moving without hesitation. more

Owner response 1/11/2012

As the owner of Taylor Moving I take pride in taking care of our customers and running an honest business. I am not aware of who this person is and have not been contacted by them about their concerns. I would love for them to contact our office so we could discuss their move and see if we can resolve any issues. I always try to work any concerns out with our customers. We do over 1200 moves a year and we get compliments daily on how nice our guys are. We only charge customers for any materials they may need to be packed and ready to go and to make sure their belongings arrive safely at their new home. Our prices are the same as all the other movers in town for our materials. I am sorry this person was unhappy with our service. more

Awful, beware of the hustle! 1/10/2012

DO NOT use Taylor Moving! The overall experience was horrible! First off, the estimate for our move was $3,195.00. Our final price, $4448.00. Taylor moving was $1,253.00 OVER the estimate! A 30%+ mistake when people are working with a budget is quite a hit. Keeping on the financial side, Taylor moving cost us around another $500.00-$750.00 in theft/loss. This includes some broken things like lamps, picture frames, etc. Also, lost hardware that renders some of our furniture useless. I am also missing an entire part of my sports memorabilia collection which can't be replaced. I am very suspicious of the disappearance of this collection since I packed it myself. The box I packed it in was unpacked by Taylor moving, which doesn't sit well with me. I know they unpacked the box because some of the items in the box showed up elsewhere. I can't figure out why Taylor Moving would unpack boxes their clients packed, and marked, specially!? The 2 days they were in our house packing were not comfortable at all. SOME of the crew were very vocal in their displeasure of the task at hand. They would make comments about the size of the job and ""how much stuff"" we had. We could hear them laughing at our personal belongings, saying things like, ""look at this (laughing)"" or even, ""hey, look at me"" kind of things. We would also hear them talking about specific items and what they thought about them. At least one of the crew came into the house the first day totally wreaking of marijuana smoke. The smell was so intense it was too much for my wife, 7 months pregnant, to bear. We've never felt so intruded upon. The actual move wasn't too awful, mostly because we didn't have to be around the movers that much. They left our old house in very bad condition i.e. empty water bottles, tape rolls, carpet stains, scratches, dents, etc. When we began unpacking we found that the movers ate most of our left over Halloween candy and decided to leave the empty wrappers in our moving boxes. So, unpacking boxes and having trash fall onto the floor was very frustrating and it made our job harder. Also, many of the boxes were mislabeled and a bunch of them were put in the wrong places. So, for a couple of weeks afterwards I had to move the boxes all around the house to different locations. This was terribly frustrating after we payed $4K for a move. After this terrible experience, we contacted Taylor Moving to discuss the discrepancy between the estimate and the overall cost. Taylor chalked it up to an ""honest mistake"" and refunded us about four hundred dollars. That amount they said was the cost of an extra man they had to put on to the moving day. Since we hadn't planned for an extra mover in the estimate, they thought that we deserved to be reimbursed for that. It still left us almost $1K over the estimate. There are a couple of good things that came out of this, and I'm hoping this review becomes another positive from our experience. First of all, my mother was going to use Taylor Moving to move her house as well. The job was much larger than ours and had the potential to take about a week. We were able to get her a new moving company and take that revenue out of Taylor Moving's hands. I won't discuss this other company in this review but they were head and shoulders above Taylor, and we will be using them again. The other good thing that came out of this was taking Taylor off my referral list. I am a residential real estate broker, Realtor, and I use/recommend movers frequently. The only reason we used Taylor Moving was because they were referred to us for a move to the Broomfield area. I wanted to try somebody who was a little more ""local"" to our new part of town. In my line of work, it is very valuable to weed out the bad vendors and keep my clients happy. Now, all I can hope is that this review will save some of you from Taylor Moving. Learn from our mistake! more

Worst customer service 8/17/2011

Once they knew that they had the business and it was too late to hire someone else they turned into the movers from hell. They are rude. They did move my stuff but they seem to delight in separating pieces in different boxes, and loosing key parts. The box and paper charge was $650!! Watch out for these guys, I think that they write their own reviews. I can't believe anyone recommending them or using them more than once. more

Best Move We've Ever Had 4/8/2011

We have moved many times on the last 35 years and the was the by far the most competent, professional and curteous crew we have ever had. On a scale of 1-10 they were an 11!! more

Great company and great people 10/27/2010

I hired Taylor Moving for a third time for my move in Longmont. I had to call and change my move date on the morning my move was set for because my dog was very sick and I had to take him to the vet. The office was very nice to me in this difficult time and rescheduled my move with no problem. They even gave me a dog lover's discount. And as alwys the moving crew was great and were very considerate of my dog's death. more

No doubt, we made the right choice! 10/27/2010

Our family used Taylor Moving to move to Lousiville after much research. They were very helpful with our estimate and accomidated our crazy famly schedule. the movers worked their butts off and all 3 men were an absolute pleasure to work with. We have already recommended them to our other family members and they were very pleased as well. Thanks to Taylor Moving for making moving such a breeze! more

Made My Move Easy! 1/12/2007

I have moved with other local companies and have trouble with the movers not speaking english. All of the movers with Taylor Moving were local Boulder men which really helped my communication. They were very nice and helpfull and took extra care with my things. The over the phone extimate was very accurate and they were easy to schedule. I would use them again Pros: Family run, local movers, experienced movers Cons: nothing! more

Great local company 5/12/2006

I was pleasantly suprised to have such professional, kind movers. They moved me and my mother and boht times they were very patient and took care wtih my antiques and special requests. Pros: family run, very honest, easy to deal with Cons: booked many days, not the lowest price more

great move!! 11/16/2005

Taylor Moving was very easy to work with and took a lot of care with my furniture. They were not the cheapest movers but they were worth the little extra money they cost. Great crews! Pros: great crew, very careful Cons: not the cheapest, booked on some dates more
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