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Tatyana's Wedding Alterations

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Tatyana's Wedding Alterations - Portland, OR
Tatyana's Wedding Alterations - Portland, OR
Tatyana's Wedding Alterations - Portland, OR


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Tatyana is amazing. She altered a pink dress for me for this summer for a wedding and it fit perfectly. She did it on such short notice and had it finished in less than a week. ...


My experience with the alteration of my wedding dress by Tatyana was slightly dissatisfying. I had the alterations made on a simple white wedding gown that does not have a train. ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/19/2014

I had two evening gowns, each over $1,000 that Tatyana altered for me. The quality of her work is awesome! The gowns now fit perfectly around my waist and hips, and the length is exactly as I want it!!\r \r Several adjustments had to be made to the back of the evening dresses, and both of them were done perfectly, and the price was very reasonable. She had the dresses ready EXACTLY when I needed them, and was ready for me for my appointments.\r \r Up until now I had been going to my home country in Venezuela to get such high quality work done..... I am very pleased to have someone of her capability right here in Portland, Oregon. She will be my seamstress and dress maker for many years to come!\r \r Deicy Mathur \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/22/2013

Ok, so first of all let me say that Tatyana basically saved me from having a nervous breakdown. I came to her a week before we were to leave for another country for our wedding. I came to her with a common issue: I needed a last minute alteration. The dress I had was beautiful and fit....mostly everywhere. I thought I simply needed the bust taken out a bit. When I got to Tatyana, she told me she could take it out and it would take a day or two. But, after further inspection she realized that the person I had bought the dress from had perilously had the bust taken IN! What this meant was that there was no additional fabric to expand the bust, it had all been CUT OFF!!!\r \r I began to panic. She explained to me she could not do the simple alteration I had expected. She suggested putting a corset in. Although I LOVE corset dresses I was absolutely freaking at the thought of doing such a major alteration at the very last minute. She would have to remove the entire zipper and put the corset it. \r \r Finally, I agreed having no other option. She ushered me out of her home and down to the fabric store to buy the material. The fabric store didn't have the color in the correct fabric. I ended up buying the type of fabric she instructed me to buy as well as a yard of silk for her to sew on top of that to match my dress. \r \r I hesitantly left my dress in her hands until she called me two days later (I had given her 4 days to complete the project). \r \r Let me just say, the dress is more beautiful than it was when I left it with her. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I would recommend her to anyone needing any alteration in a pinch or not. Major or minor, she is fantastic! And NO, I am not a friend or family member of hers. I found her online, just like you are now! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2013

I called Tatyana yesterday at 11:30 am and asked for an emergency alteration on a dress I needed for an event last night. She told me she could fit me in and to come at 1pm to drop it off. I only asked that she bring up the shoulders but she said she wanted to tighten up the side seams to make it look better. I was only expecting minimal alterations since she would have all of 3 hours to complete it but she wanted to do it right. She called me at our agreed upon pick up time to tell me she was minutes away from being done which was no problem because I was running late. She was courteous and helpful and when I picked up my dress, it was PERFECT! I couldn't even tell where she'd done the work...she did a stunning alteration in just over three hours and only charged me $50 for it. I will go to her again and again!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/16/2012

Awesome! I had a great experience working with Tatyana. I got my wedding dress altered, and she made a suggestion on how tight to go considering comfort when sitting, but when I said I wanted to go tight anyway she said okay and did exactly what I wanted. I also had straps removed to make the dress strapless and when I decided a few days later I needed them back on, she sewed them back on for free! Alterations were timely and quality great! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/24/2012

Tatiyana is a miracle worker! I was in a wedding recently and hadn't tried my dress on since I purchased it. It was a floor length corset back dress, so I assumed there would be no problems. Well, the dress came with a ""modesty panel"" so that we wouldn't have full bare backs, and mine was not wide enough. I brought my dress to Tatiyana 3 days before the wedding in the evening, and she made the necessary alterations, and I was able to pick it up at 1pm the NEXT DAY!! The dress fit perfectly. I will definitely go to Tatiyana in the future!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/26/2012

Okay. I cannot help but think that some of these reviews are written by her husband or friends or something. I was not pleased with my experience with Tatyana, and I should have followed my gut. Okay here is my experience. I moved here with a bridesmaids dress that needed to be altered. I was 6 months pregnant, and I needed it to be made bigger to fit around my belly. I had an extra yard of the same fabric to make it easier for whoever was to alter it. After looking around online, I found Tatyana and thought that her reviews were good and I would try it out. I gave her a call and her husband made my appointment for one week before I needed to leave for the wedding (it was out of town). He assured me that Tatyana would have no problem making the dress fit and that a bridesmaid dress was one of the easiest things. No big deal. I thought it was weird that I wasn't able to talk to her directly, but she was out of the country and there was nothing I could do. I was hesitant, but I made the appointment. My google maps gave me perfect directions to their house, so I didn't need the long explanation from her husband on how to get there. It wasn't too hard to find. When I arrived at her house, she was shocked to see that I was pregnant. I told her that I had explained this to her husband and she rudely told me she was not in the country.. She has the strongest accent, so I could hardly follow along with what she was saying. She took like 3 measurements around me and shoved me around telling me to get dressed. I didn't understand how she got enough out of my 5 minute consultation. I was there for a total of 10 minutes or less. She didn't pin anything, and she acted overwhelmed. The day before I needed to leave for the wedding, I had to call her to see what was going on and she told me I could come in to get my dress. I live an hour and a half away in the gorge, so it wasn't an easy trip to just get up and go. It was horrible. She took the entire dress apart, made a whole new skirt part with the extra yard of fabric, and made me look like I was 16 months pregnant, not 6. The dress was a completely different dress than what it originally looked like. She made it ruffly all around the seam above my belly, when she originally told me it would be flat with two small pleats. It looked like a 6 year old made it. I told her I didn't like it and she told me I could come back the next day - but I had to leave for the wedding. She made me still pay the $150 for alterations (more than the dress even cost in the first place) and let me go. I flew to the wedding with a completely different dress than all of the other bridesmaids. I ended up taking it to my mother in law in Atlanta and she took out the seams, took off TEN inches of extra fabric around the skirt, and made it fit perfectly. I don't know how she did it, but she saved the day. I should have planned on my mother in law doing it from the beginning. And I could have saved my $150. My experience with Tatyana was not a good one. I don't know why people would come on here and tell other girls to be on time and that her time is valuable. That sounds like friends or family going on to do a favor for their friends. Whatever you do, make sure your dress is simple, you are assertive and make sure you understand her before you leave. She was rushed and made me feel very uncomfortable. I attached pictures of her work, and my mother in law's fix. more

Amazing. 9/18/2011

Tatyana is amazing. She altered a pink dress for me for this summer for a wedding and it fit perfectly. She did it on such short notice and had it finished in less than a week. I hadn't worn it since high school, so it had to be taken out a bit, and rather than speed through it and cut fabric from the bottom, she took the extra time to work with the seam lines, which I can guarantee you takes more time and can be a pain. And she did a flawless job. The thing you have to understand about Tatyana is that she is very, very busy and seems to work non-stop, so she has a no-nonsense attitude. She expects you to be on time, but her prices are more than fair and she does an amazing job without cutting corners. She's the only person I will go to for alterations. more

Time Crunch 4/5/2011

My wedding dress was due to arrive on March 22nd for an April 9th wedding (actually getting on the plane on April 6th). I made an alterations appointment with Tatyana for March 25th. That was a Friday. On Sunday she called me to tell me my alterations were done! So fast, and I couldn't even tell where she made the alterations but the dress fit perfectly! I highly recommend her, whether you're in a pinch or not. more

July Wedding 3/27/2011

I would like to recommend Tatyana, she did an amazing job on my wedding dress and my bridesmaids for half the cost of what David's Bridal wanted and had them all done in record time. She was excellent and fair. For the other girls saying they were ""over priced"", I would like to know what comp pricing they used, because by my record Tatyana's was more than fair. more

Expert work, fair price 3/9/2011

I brought in my wedding dress which I had bought online hoping to get a better fit on it. She listened to my concerns about the fit and knew exactly what to do to make it right, pinning seams and recommending the slight adjustments that I wouldn't even have known to ask for. The dress was ready quicker than I had expected and it now fits perfectly! The price was completely reasonable for such expert work. I recommend Tatyana's services very highly. more

Not so reasonable 2/23/2011

My experience with the alteration of my wedding dress by Tatyana was slightly dissatisfying. I had the alterations made on a simple white wedding gown that does not have a train. Quite casual as wedding gowns go, I spent just over $200 on the dress, alone. So these are my opinions on the overall process. Pros: Very fast. My dress was ready the very next day. High quality. She did a great job hemming the length of the dress and was able to make quick adjustments while I was there to pick it up. Zero stress in that category. Cons: Over priced. I was truly shocked when she told me that the alteration of the hem cost $150. I did some research after I left and found that I was over charged by $50-70. Again, I have a simple dress that I didn't pay very much for to begin with and I only needed her to make one adjustment. In retrospect, I should have asked about pricing before made the trip over there. It never hurts to shop around. more

Fabulous experience! 10/11/2010

My sister and I had about three weeks until our bridesmaid dresses needed to be altered for my cousin's wedding. I called Tatyana, and found her to be helpful and quick in scheduling an appointment. She assured me that they would be ready in time, and gave me directions to her home, where she works. I found the directions to be perfect and did not find it hard to locate at all. She worked fast and charged a very reasonable price. Two weeks later, our dresses were perfection and she was nothing but professional. Tatyana works from her home, so she cannot have big bridal parties along for the experience, or children running around...she expects her clients to be on time, or at least call if running late, as she has back to back appointments. I loved her professional, all-business approach. I wanted someone with perfect precision, and she gave it. I would recommend her strongly to anyone who needs wedding alterations, as they were amazing! Thank you Tatyana! more

Great, reasonably priced alterations! 10/10/2010

I went to Tatyana with three dresses for her to alter for my wedding (and events around the wedding) and she did a wonderful job! She was very pleasant and professional, and you could tell she was just working around the clock to get every bride's dress altered in time. She took in 2 dresses and fixed the bustling on my wedding dress, all for $100! She also took the extra time to make sure that my dresses all fit well and looked good when it was time to pick them up (2 weeks early, on top of it all!), and she made a few adjustments on the spot. She is wonderfully pleasant, and runs a great business! I highly recommend Tatyana! more

Totally satisfied!! 10/5/2010

When I realized that my strapless bridesmaid dress would be down on the dance floor (and more awkwardly, the church floor) if I did not take action,I took the referral of a friend to get in touch with Tatyana. I was short on time. She was able to see me the very same day, and said she could complete the job by my 3-day deadline. Directions to her home seemed intense, but in actuality were fairly simple...and her husband offers that one of them will come out to help in the case that you do get lost (with detailed directions, this was not a problem!). Tatyana is professional and polite, no-nonsense when it comes to the fitting process. I was happily surprised when I received a call that same evening saying that my dress was ready and I could bump up my pick-up appointment. The dress is perfect, the price was quite reasonable, and I am a satisfied customer! *I would, and will, recommend her services to friends, as well as return with future alteration work. more

Try someone else 9/22/2010

I purchased my wedding dress in NY before I moved to Portland and needed to find someone to do my alterations. I read many reviews on various websites and decided to have Tatyana do them. My experience wasn't as great as all the others. It was easy to get an appointment and the initial visit seemed to go well. She didn't think I needed any alterations with the exception of the hem line and adding a bustle. I asked her to also sew in my bra (recommended by many friends) as well as padding into the bra. She said that wouldn't be a problem and told me my dress would be ready in about 3 weeks. She also said she would steam and fluff my dress. 3 weeks later I went in to pick up my dress and she had only completed the hem. Rather then sewing my bra into the dress she just sewed in the pads and it wasn't steamed. She put the bustle buttons very awkwardly on my backside and they just looked out of place. I reminded her that I wanted my bra sewed in and she said no problem and asked me to leave my dress for another week. I returned a week later (two days before the wedding) when she said it was done and the bra still wasn't sewn in. The steam job wasn't that great, I ended up redoing it myself better. I was kind of fed up and didn't have time left so I just took my dress and ended up pinning my bra in. In total I spent $250. $100 for the hem, $45 for the bustle ($15 per button but I would have been fine with one), $5 to sew in padding which wasn't what I asked for, and $50 for a not so great steam and ""fluff"". One of the bustles even continued to fall during the reception. I am not a super picky person, nor a bridezilla. I absolutely believe in supporting independent businesses but in this case I wish I had gone with someone else. I had gotten prices from a few other larger alterations businesses and they were about the same price and may have been a bit more attentive to what I wanted. One more comment, my mom also had her dress altered by her and it looked fine. However I brought my sister in law with us when we picked up our dresses and they didn't allow her in the house, a new rule she implemented but never mentioned. She said you are only allowed to bring one person in with you. I mentioned that two of us had dresses altered so didn't think it would be a problem if we brought one person but she still said no. So be warned, you are only allowed to bring one person. more

Please Read! 9/22/2010

After reading all the great reviews I made an appointment with Tatyana for a wedding dress alteration. I could not have been more disappointed. When I arrived and tried on the dress I explained what needed to happen. I am very tall(over 6 feet) and the straps on the dress needed to be lengthen to drop the neck and bust line to the correct level. It also needed to be taken in on the back zipper. I very specifically explained how I wanted this done, and even had the material with me for her to use. She assured me it could be accomplished and should be done in about 3-5 business days. 8 business days later I called back asking about my dress, she put me on hold for 5 minutes finally coming back and letting me know she found my dress but I still had 3 weeks and since she got some ?rush? orders she moved mine down the que. I let her know I brought my dress in early so I would not have to worry about it, but again I was just dismissed. Another 4 days went by and I called back, again put on hold and when she returned pretty much said the same thing, plenty of time. Finally 3 weeks after I dropped the dress off, I called AGAIN and this time she assured me it would be done in 2 days. I called back two days later and finally she said it was complete and I could come the next day to pick it up. When I arrived and she pulled out the dress she had not done anything I had asked!! She totally altered the design without so much as asking me or discussing with me. Instead of lengthening the straps at the front as discussed, she CUT the back(they crossed) and added material to the middle of the back strap. And the material she added didn?t even match!! The seam where she took in the back at the zipper buckled and wouldn?t lay flat. After discussing I did try the dress on, and where she made the cut and added material was totally visible and looked ridicules. When I told her as much, her answer was ?Well your hair is long and will cover the straps anyway!!? By this point I was crying and just wanted to get out of there. Since she had taken so long to do my dress, I was now only one week away from my wedding day. I had to scramble to find someone who could take a rush job, and ended up paying double to get it all fixed. According to the seamstress that fixed my dress, she was sure Tatyana just didn?t want to deal with reattaching the strap at the front. She may do fine with simple fixes, but as a bride I would not wish this stress on anyone. Go elsewhere!! more

Absolutely the VERY BEST!!!!! 8/23/2010

Tatyana was unbelievable! She took all her time (while she had 23 dresses to alter for Aug 21), to solve our prblem wedding dress. If she can fit you in her schedule, do not look anywhere else for bridal alterations!!! She has been doing it for decades, speciallizes in Bridal dresses only, and is a total PRO in her trade! more

Wonderful Service and Experience! 8/19/2010

Thank you so much Tatyana for making the alterations of my bridesmaid dress painless! Tatyana works quickly, and carefully. She took my dress back to her sewing machine twice to make sure the fit was just right, and it fits great! I can't wait to stand up with my good friend on her wedding day, feelng confident that my dress will do it's job. more

Very Unpleasant experience, poor quality 8/13/2010

I was shocked at the service provided after all the great reviews I read. She was not kind and pleasant to me. She was rude and clearly rushing. During my first fitting I told her the pins were not tight enough and the dress was too loose. She assured me it was just the pins and she would fix it when she actually sewed it. more

Portlands Gem 4/14/2010

I called many weeks prior to a friends wedding, needing a bridesmaid dress fitted. No rush. Still, she could accommodate my schedule quickly. Her husband conveyed precise instructions, and one misunderstanding I made in writing them down was cleared with a patient phone call on the way. Pros: moderate price, rapid service, wonderful work Cons: none encountered more
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    With 30 years of experience,Tatyana Has finished in Russia special sewing college. Tatyana,owner and expert seamstress, alter your wedding gown, bridesmaid dress,even dress. Tatyana will overcome your most difficult challenge with sizing altering to a precision fit. Special skills include working with difficult fabrics beaded dresses .You will be a perfect fit, worry free! References include, Nordstrom, Sewing Solutions, August Veils, Bella bridal, Eva's bridal, and April Showers. CALLS TAKEN FROM 10AM-7PM*** REMEMBER, for your first fitting bring your bra, slip and shoes! Thank you! (503) 258-0170

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