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TastyLA Singles Dining Network - 22 Reviews - 4224 Glencoe Ave Unit A, Marina del Rey, CA - Group Dining Reviews - Phone (877) 827-8963
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TastyLA Singles Dining Network

4224 Glencoe Ave Unit A
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(877) 827-8963
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i was pleasantly surprised with the turn out of our dinner. Everyone turned up on time and everyone looked fantastic and we all shared some common interests which made conversati...


I signed up briefly for this service. They have a listing of events where singles can meet for dinner (four men/four women) within L.A. County. However, all the events I signed ...

great way to meet people 2/16/2011

i was pleasantly surprised with the turn out of our dinner. Everyone turned up on time and everyone looked fantastic and we all shared some common interests which made conversation a bit easier. i didnt meet anyone that i would want to take anything further, it was the first time i had done this so i wasnt expecting much, but i will definitely be going to these more often. Great fun and i can see i have a good chance of meeting a nice lady out of it. more

A Really great Time! 12/13/2010

A friend of mine had been in a slump since her and her boyfriend broke up. I was trying to cheer her up and I convinced her to go to a TastyLA event. I had been to a couple before and had a surprisingly good time. I am truly beyond going to a bar to try to find the right person. I need someone smart, funny, and confident. Not drunk, sloppy and horny. The event we went to was a blast. She ended up meeting a really sweet guy who we invited over for dinner later in the week. more

A total rip-off: buyer beware! 4/22/2009

I signed up briefly for this service. They have a listing of events where singles can meet for dinner (four men/four women) within L.A. County. However, all the events I signed up for within three months were cancelled. It's mostly women who sign up in advance too (approx. 4 to 1), and if there aren't enough people who sign up - which occurs in most cases - the dinners are cancelled. I tried to get a refund within the allotted time, but the manager kept giving me the run-around and has not yet issued a refund. A total rip-off. Cons: No dinners/no shows, no refunds more

Fun, Great Conversation, and Great Food! 4/22/2007

I am very impressed with TastyLA! I had dinner with three very successful, intelligent, and interesting men (and two great gals!) I think it is a great way to be proactive in your social life. A great night out! more

A great night out! 3/13/2007

A great night out!\r \r I?ve met interesting people who are not only willing to share parts of their lives, but also their desserts! I?ve been to four TastyLA dinners, and if given the opportunity, I?d have dinner with each of my dinner guests again. TastyLA?s membership seems to be made up of like-minded individuals who enjoy good food and good conversation. I especially like how Lynn, TastyLA?s Queen Bee, manages the service. She cares! Lynn is always looking for feedback so that she can better serve her members. And I can?t say enough about the restaurants that Lynn chooses... I?ve enjoyed each and every meal! Pros: How the service is managed and communicated to its members more

This rocks! 3/12/2007

I think Tasty LA is pretty great because I love checking out new restaurants and meeting intelligent and outgoing people. I can honestly say that I've had more fun and much better conversation during most of my Tasty LA dinners than on most blind dates and several more traditional dating experiences. Whenever I think of a restaurant I want to check out or revisit, there it is on Tasty LA. I have clicked with people I've met at these dinners and we've socialized since then. LA is such a commuter society and unless you are meeting new people at work or while doing some sort of regular fitness activity, you just don't meet a lot of people outside of your little world. I cannot emphasize enough what a quality group of people join these Tasty LA dinners, people you would never otherwise meet. We have closed down two restaurants and where, outside of this group, would a group of six strangers share a fine dining experience and have such great conversation that you actually lose track of time? I think that the founder is always seeking ways to improve what is already a great concept and is always looking for feedback and reaches out to the members and those just trying it out by attending some of the dinners. It's incredibly reasonable and it's also great for the restaurant community -- I've gone back to some of the places with friends after an amazing meal with Tasty LA. Since dating is a numbers game, this is a great way to increase the number of people you meet without the excruciating disappointments of online dating. Pros: Amazing food, great conversation, meeting smart, witty people more

Meet People, Develop Friendships, Fine Dining and more 3/11/2007

TastyLA is an easy and quite civilized way to meet people, develop friendships, dine at fine restaurants and even to find romance. Go to the TastyLA website, select a dinner with interesting people from all over the area and enjoy a few hours of stimulating conversation. What could be easier? Excellent restaurants are added frequently, so there's always a new place to try. The fees are a pittance for the service provided. I've been to five dinners and have met the most fascinating people. My only wish is that I hadn't heard of it sooner. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Pros: Variety and quality of restaurants, class of people it attracts Cons: It needs more participating members so we can dine 7 nights a week with TasyLA! more

TastyLA makes single life wonderful! 3/11/2007

Having fun, getting out, meeting very interesting and intelligent people, enjoying great food at fine restaurants.\r This is what TastyLA can offer to everyone who wants to have a wonderfull time! It's service can meet everyone's goals. It's only your choice, if you want a couple of hours dinning with very quality people, or if you'd like to make new friends or if you're looking for a special one. Only TastyLA can give this opportunity for you, it makes a single life much more fun!\r I really enjoyed every dinner I went and for sure I'll continue to be part of this intelligent, respectfule and high quality service. more

Fun and Well Run 3/11/2007

I have attended several dinners since first hearing about TastyLA, and I have never been disappointed. The choice of restaurants has been outstanding and I have met many wonderful and intersting people from a wide variety of backgrounds. TastyLA's website is easy too navigate, and organizer Lynn has always been helpful and professional. \r \r The dinner for six format works well at promoting conversation and getting to know people. I always hate having to part ways with new found friends at the end of the evening, but whether or not I leave dinner with a particular interest in someone I have met, I have never felt like it was an evening wasted. Pros: Great Restaurant Choices, Maximum Flexibility, Low User Fees, Many Events Cons: I spend $50 to $80 on dinner and cocktails (but you can budget less) more

Great Food & Company 3/10/2007

I've been attending these events on and off for over a year now with Tasty LA and have had nothing but positive and enjoyable experiences. Everyone i've met (men or women) have been very polite and conversational. Although its always possible to have a bad meal anywhere in town once in a while, i've been fortunate to have tried some great new restaurants and haven't been disappointed yet. I also really like the way the program is set up because it gives me a chance to try a new restaurant (at least to me) and have others to share the experience with too. \r \r As for the website and the posting of pictures, i personally, will still sign up for a restaurant i'd like to try regardless if the women have posted a picture or not, but if they have, its an added bonus. And like any dating service, a well photographed picture goes a long way. Pros: Opportunity to try new restaurants, meet new people in a comfortable atmosphere more

People People 3/10/2007

I was nervous at my first dinner, but after a few minutes I was laughing and having a really great time. Everyone had a great sense of humor and interesting stories. I?ve been to several since, sometimes with a less talkative bunch, but I?ve always had fun. No joke. The women of Tasty LA are the most beautiful and educated you?ll find anywhere. Easily over half the women I?ve met have Master?s degrees, sharp wits and are well traveled. If you go to at least 3 dinners, you?ll see. You do need to be willing to get out there and talk to 5 new people, both men and women. Most are mature, regularly enjoy fine dining and can converse about many different subjects. Many have good hearts. What I like is you get to see how your prospective mate interacts with both men and women over a flirtatious 3 course dinner. Are they friendly and communicative? Are they willing to make the effort to contribute to creating a fun atmosphere? On occasion, seeing men support men, or women support women instead of trying to ?out do? each other has been special. I have found that those that like Tasty LA are people you could take to a party where they don?t know anyone, and you wouldn?t worry one bit about them socializing and having a good time. Hey let?s have a nice sit down dinner, get to know each other, and hope that special someone is sitting right across the table ; ) more

Unique and with Class 3/10/2007

This service is an excellent way to find and visit new resturants in southeren California and meet very nice, exciting and class people. I joined the group several months ago and have not experienced anything less than satisfaction in dinning experiences and company of people. Every time I go It's been an oppertunity to meet someone new and experience a new fine dinning environment which comes in handy in other experiences. I appreciate the research , followup and personal touch of Lynn the admisistrator who brings us new places to go and new people to meet. The fact that it is dinner for six and divided by age ranges somewhat insures compaitbility with fellow dinners and in some respects lend to possible friendships, associates and matches. Unlike most dateing services this is on the spot, live , good food ,an intimate gathering of six with quality men and women which makes for good conversation in a relaxed environment. There have been dinners where our group has been the last to leave the resturant becuase of our enjoying each others company so much. The concept ,organization, planning and research is what makes TastyLA such a positive and rewarding experience for me and I will continue to participate and pass on the good news. Pros: Ambience,variety more

Outstanding restaurants and interesting company makes for an exceptional experience 3/10/2007

I've enjoyed five or six TastyLA functions so far, and I certainly intend to keep using this service. It's an excellent opportunity to explore new restaurants and meet new people, and I've been very impressed thus far with the women (and men, for that matter) that I've had the pleasure of meeting over dinner.\r \r The website's informative reservation pages give you an opportunity to learn about the restaurant and the people with whom you'll be dining. Most people post photos, and everyone posts a short bio, so you can look for individuals and groups of people who seem interesting. The age-range concept is an excellent idea: At most events, you'll be spending time with people who are in your approximate age group, but there's enough latitude (generally 15 years) that you're not overly limited by that factor.\r \r Every restaurant I've visited has understood in advance that separate checks were expected, which means I've paid only for the food and drinks I've enjoyed. Meanwhile, with six people at the table, there's plenty of time to get to know everyone, but it's not so focused on one-on-one arrangements (unlike blind dating on the Internet) that you have to suffer through any awkwardness. After you've talked to one person for a while, you simply start talking to someone else, or the whole group converses together, as they might at a meeting of old friends.\r \r I use this service as much for the opportunity to experience new restanrants and to meet new friends as I do for dating, but it's certainly very good for both. Everyone I've met has been friendly, open-minded and interesting. I'm looking forward to my next event. more

Great Night Out 3/9/2007

TastyLA is for me a wonderfully effortless and delightful way to meet people and try restaurants that as as single, I would have not patronized on my own. I have been to 5 dinners, each has been a different experience and each has been at restaurants such as Saddle Peak Lodge, Providence and JIRaffe. When signing up for a dinner there is the ability to select your age group, see who else has signed up and read their profile ahead of time. This makes for conversation starters when you actually meet face to face and gives you an idea of how committed your fellow diners will be to making the evening a fun one. You always have the option of opting out up to 24 hours before. The dinners are not a ""date"" and have given me the opportunity, not only to enjoy a great meal, and great conversation with people from different walks of life, but to do this with absolutely no pressure as it would be if it were a ""one on one"". Personally, I don't think of TastyLA as a ""dating"" service but a tool for expanding my social life. I've met a salsa dancer who's introduced me to great dance classes, a horn player that offered to show us the great jazz spots around LA, a woman who has become my exercise buddy and another who is a shopping maven and in whose company I've learned about stores here in LA that are great finds. I've also had the opportunity to go on ""dates"", some of which I've accepted and some which, after spending a couple of hours over dinner with, I knew were not the right match for me. Since I started going to these dinners, I've been invited to parties, events, and outings to places I had heard of but never really explored before. My life has become richer and I've made new friends with people outside my immediate circle. I know that my chances of meeting Mr. Right have greatly improved because I am out and about doing the things I enjoy thru the friendships I've made with TastyLA. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes people and good food as well. more

Quality people, and an especially great opportunity for men. 3/9/2007

After nearly five years of internet dating I decided to try something different and do this. I went to two dinner, and met the women I'm engaged to marry at the second one I went to. I don't know that we every would have responded to each other's ads had we been on a dating site. For both dinners, the quality of the people and the food were outstanding - even had I not met somebody the evenings still would have been worthwhile. I think there's something to be said for a dinner that does require enough financial stability to pay for a dinner that costs a few dollars, and to be able to appreciate it.\r \r For that women who wrote the review that said she was unhappy that Lynn sent an email letting her know that men like photos, she certainly won't be missed (and wasn't anything like any of the women I've met). I found it ironic, actually.\r \r Unlike dating online, the women outnumber the men (and the quality of the women are better overall as well - at least based on my experiences). I don't know that you'll meet the women of your dreams in two dinners, but I did. more

Great Concept, Great Execution 3/9/2007

Anyone who's experienced the dating scene in Los Angeles or online knows how brutal it can be.\r But here's an idea: get six people together and let 'em schmooze during dinner at a good restaurant. That's TastyLA. You know something about the other five (a brief profile and often a photograph are\r posted on the site), and can check out the often-trendy restaurant online; the three men and women\r each pay their own tab, and can communicate anonymously (or not) online afterward. Loving food\r and socializing, I've been to five so far, and signed up for three more. The restaurants are high-tone,\r and I've generally found the people interesting. You may not meet your Cinderella (or Prince\r Charming) -- then again you may (so far I haven't, hence the ""three more"") -- but in any case you'll get\r out of the house and have some good food and conversation with like-minded people for the evening. Can't beat it. more

Pros: interesting, accomplished mix of people/ Cons: nada 10/9/2006

Im so glad to have found TastyLA. Its so refreshing to just get out with a group of people and hear everyones stories. Life can get really busy and you lose track of friends whove gotten married, had kids, and just really dont have time to hang out with their single friends anymore. This is a great way to try some new restaurants, meet some new people, and just plain get out there. And the best part is the opportunity to meet some terrific women that probably never would have given me the time of day online, and now Im happy to call them my friends. The guys have been pretty interesting as well. Excellent job TastyLA, keep it up. more

Absolutely worst night of my life! 8/30/2006

I recently attended one of these dinners. Was absolutely the worst night of my life. My dinner had three attractive but simple women. Had two guys who were buddies, thought they were going to sell me a timeshare in Idaho! The website says that separate checks are pre-arranged, but we split the bill. I ended up paying $85 for no food. Absolutely horrid night! Try at your own risk! Good Luck. Pros: Meet new people Cons: Can't choose the people you meet more

A TWO-FER! 5/23/2006

As someone new to LA this is a great way to not only meet people from various walks of life but to try some of the town's best restaurants. Hey, we all gotta eat, might as well do it in style and with interesting people! Six people at a table is perfect. You can easily have a conversation with all without the noise getting out of control. And every now and then there are large parties which give you an even greater chance of meeting fun people. So hopefully soon I won't be single, and if I watch myself at these great dining establishments, not heavier! more

So this is where all the women were hiding! 4/17/2006

What a great group. As a man this is really a great way to meet women. It's doesn't feel cheesy like speed dating because you can actually have a nice conversation with everyone over dinner. Six is just the right size for a dinner party. And the women who go to these are really a cut above. It's like all those people who hate the online thing do this instead. And the one's who do but wouldn't normally respond to you are now sitting with you having dinner and seeing what you are really about. This is really a great way to go. Pros: Quality Women, Excellent Restaurants more
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  • Dinner parties at L.A.'s most popular restaurants bring together foodie singles multiple times per week in parties of six.

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