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400 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 267-0899
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All reviews seem negative


I wish I had read the other reveiws before walking in this store. I've always shopped at the larger one on 711 Boylston but this one was advertising buy one get the second pair at...

Scam Alert! 9/14/2011

I wish I had read the other reveiws before walking in this store. I've always shopped at the larger one on 711 Boylston but this one was advertising buy one get the second pair at 1/2 off. I bought a pair of boots and a pair of shoes. I did get an odd feeling when I was checking out and felt suspicious. But it's a storefront shoe store on Boylston! The next day I went to the other location and saw the exact same boots for $40.00 less and the shoes for a couple of dollars less. I ended up paying more than I would have if I had paid ""regular price"" for both items! I should have known when I didn't get an itemized receipt that something was fishy! They also have a all sales final policy - another red flag! DON'T go into this store. The old man behind the counter was also busy chastising this young girl who worked there, in front of the customers. Nasty, unethical people! more


The owner of this Tannery should be ashamed of himself for the way he treated me this afternoon. I wanted to buy a pair of rain shoes that were sale while thinking about possibly buying a pair of sandals . He decided to try and push me to buy both shoes so he offered me a deal but I wasn't sure that I necessarily want to make a $130.00 purchase on the spot. After asking him if I could think about it, he decided that he wasn't going to give me either of the shoes or the sale price of the rain shoes that I originally went there for! He continued to insult me so i left with nothing and i will never go back there again. He is a disgusting and abusive man. Don't give him business! He apparently owns the two Tannery's on Boylston Street so he thinks he's a King. Honestly, shop some where else. more

Thugs! I HAD TO CALL THE COPS! 6/17/2011

I was on holiday with my wife and 3-yr. old in Boston - one of our best holidays ever - and had the misfortune of entering this insane shop. My wife and I both chose shoes and when we came to pick them up an elderly overweight man with a strong accent - apparently the owner - came up to us while we were speaking to one of the other salespeople and just started swearing at us, insulting us and told us to leave the store. He even asked one of his employees to run to his other branch to make sure we wouldn't go there. (Why he thought we would consider shopping at his other store after this insanity beats me :-)) Normally I treat people the way they treat me but I didn't want to prolong the stress of my child who was completely shaken up by this guy. The other shoppers in the store were shocked as well and most of them just left the store, one of them even offered me her contact info in case I needed her testimony. That evening I went on-line to see if anyone else had any strange experience with this place and then I found this site with 15 out of 15 worst possible reviews. I called the police, filed a police report and will be filing a civil suit for assault, intimidation and a couple of other things my lawyer is preparing right now. I think this guy's behavior will be brought to an end eventually. In the meantime, if you have any sense of self-respect, listen to all those who have written here before me and avoid this place like the plague. I normally research stores before I enter but as a tourist I just wandered in there and regret it deeply. more

Horrible customer service - do not shop there!! 2/4/2011

I actually signed up on CitySearch in order to complain about this store! I wish I could get 0 or negative stars! I went to try on snow boots at the store at 400 Boylston Street in Boston and tried on one boot. They weren't comfortable so when the worker asked, I told him I'm not going to take them. He told me to try on both and I wont be able to tell without trying both. I said, well one already hurts so no thanks. He then told me he basically wasted his time going downstairs to get them for me (as if it was an inconvenience). I was in shock, and then he said it again. I told him sorry but they're uncomfortable. He went on and said sorry I went down to the basement to get these and walked away! Getting the shoes for the customers is the employee's job at a shoe store! I was baffled at how I was treated. I was so fired up and called to complain and I swear it was him (""the manager"") who cut me off in the middle asking ""what my point of this call was"" and I said basically it was really bad customer service and very rude. So he asked ""so you called to complain?"" and I said yes (even more fired up) and to say I'm not going to shop here again. He responded by saying, well good and tell your friends not to either, and hung up the phone on me! Long story short, do not shop here!!! Horrible customer service!! more

Avoid this place- unethical owner! 1/30/2009

I highly suggest avoiding this place as the people that own the place and work there are highly unethical. I went in 1 week ago and found a pair of boots I liked for $175 at 30% off. Still out of my price range, so I decided to look elsewhere. I went in today (1 week later) to find the pair of boots at 50% off. I thought, great, i'll try them on and maybe buy them. I pick up the boots and the price was $220! I told the person that I was in there one week ago and the boots were cheaper. He replied that the prices went up. I said, well, that is pretty unethical to jack up the price and claim 50% off when before it was cheaper and 30% off. His response was, ""What can I say, we are unethical people.""! Steer clear- they are just trying to rip people off and they are horrible in customer service. Pros: good selection of shoes Cons: everything else more


I called the store to see if a particular product was in stock; after getting a ""sales person"" on the line, he wouldn't even check if the boot was in stock; his response was ""just come down, I've invested a million dollars in that brand"". \r \r After reading prior posts and one that referenced an accent, it appears that this was the owner - this guy was such a clown on the phone that he doesn't deserve anyone's business. It was as simple as twenty seconds on the phone that instantly let me determine that I will never go to that store; perhaps this cretin should read a newspaper and realize that retailers are dropping by the day. I wonder what his sales pitch will be when he's standing in line for unemployment. DON'T GO TO THIS STORE, THIS GUY AND HIS SERVICE ARE BOGUS. Cons: Operated by dolts more


My experience at The Tannery on Boylston Street was so negative that I needed to share a review. I walked in on Christmas Eve, ready to buy these boots I was anxiously awaiting to buy. I saw a few pair that I wanted to add as well. When I asked to try the boots on in my size, the woman that was working there refused to get them, instead, she said their boots run in smaller sizes and to try ONE pair on to be sure. Well, I assured her I have already tried the boots on during my last visit and I KNOW my size....(its not like it's magically changed) So, instead of getting the boots she says that she didnt want to go downstairs and get boots that didnt fit me!!!!!! Her attitude was nasty and unwelcoming. I will NEVER go back there. Pros: Nice boots, but I found better a block away Cons: Unwelcoming atmosphere, Terrible customer service, Bad attitudes more

worst service ever! 1/4/2008

I was looking for a pair of boots for my friend, and just checking colors, styles and prices at the store.\r One of their store clerks asked me if I need any help, so I asked him a couple of questions, but didn't make any purchase at that time. He told me not to come to the store if I don't buy anything, and also said ""I don't work for free"" as I was leaving the store. I couldn't believe it!!\r more

Worse BUSINESS OWNER ever!!!!!! 12/17/2007

The poor sales people cannot breathe without a comment from the old man who dominates the store with his 'welcoming personality'- he touches young women's cheeks as if he was their father. He bosses the young men around as if they are bus boys, and at the first sign of question in his disfavor threatens to kick you out of his store if you make a scene. \r Basically: I ordered a pair of shoes that they were not able to find, so I wanted to look for another pair I could buy (since I already paid for it), I was barely explaining the situation that the old man was drilling me with questions in a demeaning voice: who helped you? why didn't you tell anyone you were buying these shoes instead of the others? (I did explain to the young lady) you've been here for 1/2 an hour and you didn't tell us ?! Where's your receipt? I was barely allowed to talk, and when I did, he screamed at me: Don't make a scene or I'll kick you out of the store!\r Anyway: I never felt so disparaged in my life- I DON'T NEED THIS FROM A SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! I highly recommend that you snob this business- at least this location (I know that he also owns the other place in Cambridge, but I never had a bad experience there). Maybe he should just stay out of the business all together. Pros: nice shoes Cons: HORRIBLE customer service more

bad service bad experience 10/30/2007

Rude service & rude people .. \r \r what ealse can we say. No returns or polices to follow .. It is like the flea market .\r everything is discounted but what good is it if you cannot get any friendly service more


If i could give a negative rating i would! I have had the worst experience ever this past weekend at the tannery. AVOID IT ALL COSTS!! the attitude, indifference, and general lack of respect for the customers makes me sick. I tried to return a pair of boots not knowing about their dumb no return policy and i was made to feel so worthless. I actually got a wave of the hand dismissal from the owner! how dare he ?? i have never been treated so poorly and so rudely in my life and I intend to do whatever i can to make sure that no one shops at the Tannery anymore. I have already contacted the boston business bureau and i also intent to contact my lawyer. What they are doing with the no return policy is illegal; it must be clearly stated on the receipt and it does not show anywhere except for a small sign in the store that sales are final. \r RUDE RUDE RUDE. this was the first and last time i shop there. I also intend to write to FRYE boots and let them know the shady people they are in business with. Stay away from the Tannery if you value yourself as a person.\r Pros: NOTHING Cons: EVERYTHING more


I have bought shoes at the Tannery on Boylston St before but never have I been treated so rudely! I asked the salesman to try on 2 pairs of shoes. By the time he came back with them I had found some more shoes that I liked, but he wouldn't bring them to me until I was finished trying on the first pairs. Finally he brought me 2 more pairs and took 1of the first 2 away. After trying on one of the new pairs, I asked if he could get me the remaining two pairs, but the owner looked at him and shook his head no. I tried on the last pair, which I didn't like (not the color I asked for), so now I have two pairs that I am considering buying and two that I didn't like. When I asked for the remaining 2 pairs again, the salesman looked awkward. I offered to have them hold the two I was considering behind the desk, and then the owner approached again and I just said nevermind, it was clearly too much hassle for them to bring shoes to customers. This is when it gets not just bad, but UGLY! \r \r The owner asked if I could handle working there because it involves running up and down steps to get shoes. I said that I was a professor and didn't need a job. At this point he says that professors are humans too and have to take a s#*@ just like the rest of us, as he gestured pulling down his pants. I replied that I had nothing against hard work and had run a restaurant for several years. He replied that it must have been an unsuccessful restaurant, and that's why I had to become a professor! At this point I was beyond shocked and state that I have bought shoes from them in the past but will never come back again. He says good, tell your friends too, and get the @*&$ out of my store! \r \r What happened to customer service, or even basic human decency! Truly a shame, because they have a good selection of comfortable shoes and a nice pricing policy (second pair half price), but only those with thick skins should consider shopping there. Pros: Shoe selection Cons: Owner is incredibly rude!!! more

Buyer Beware 8/3/2006

I've never experienced such rude and unprofessional behavior at any store of any kind as I did at The Tannery on Boylston St. I bought two pairs of shoes (buy one - get one at half price). I wore the shoes around my apartment to test them out and I could tell I made a mistake. My feet were slipping and I knew that if I walked any distance in them, I would have major blisters. So, less than two weeks later, I took them back to the store for store credit. (The Tannery has signs that say no refunds/only store credit.) When I took them to the counter, the clerk got the manager and he took one look at my receipt and said ""NO!"" and started walking away. My husband and I were confused and we asked him why. He turned around and said that they do not give store credit unless you return the shoes within 7 days of purchase. We asked him to look at the condition of the shoes - they were in the same condition as when I bought them. He did not even open the box, much less inspect the shoes. This seems to me to be very arbitrary, bad business bordering on a scam. We told him this, also told him we can buy shoes somewhere else, and we left.\r \r It was not simply that their policy lacked any regard for a customer's needs. Their attitude and demeaner was rude, dismissive, demeaning and hostile. It was one of the most frustrating and unpleasant exchanges I've ever had with a place where I'd spent well over $100. Life is way too short to do business with stores that seem convinced that their customer is their enemy.\r \r After my horrible experience at The Tannery, I ordered a pair of shoes online from a large shoe retailer. I was impressed with their selection, free shipping, and you have 365 days to return your purchase if you are not happy with it. The return shipping is free also. My shoes arrived within 3 days of ordering them.\r \r I'll never step foot in The Tannery again! Pros: on Boylston St. Cons: complete lack of customer service more
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