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Tan Republic - 43 Reviews - 2160 W. Burnside St., Portland, OR - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (503) 926-8622

Tan Republic

2160 W. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97210
(503) 926-8622
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Tan Republic - Portland, OR
Tan Republic - Portland, OR
Tan Republic - Portland, OR



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Such an awesome salon! The employees are so professional and friendly so I had to drop a review giving credit where credit is due. As I was doing so I noticed a negative review fr...


They said it was just me, but apparently there are more than a few of us that have had a very unpleasant experience with this business. Buyer Beware. check their record before y...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/6/2013

HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! DON'T EVER TAN HERE!!!\r Back in October of 2012 I went in to a Tan Republic and was interested in their beds. I was a little unsure about purchasing any kind of package from them because of their outrageous pricing! Of course the girl talked me in to it, but because I was so unsure and didn't know which membership I wanted she told me I could just pay for 1 month and try it out and that once that month was over I could complete my contract and decide which package I wanted to go with. So that evening I initialed and signed a contract where she told me to and I paid cash for my first month. We left blank my credit card information and membership type since I was just trying it out. I never tanned past my 1 month and never went back in to complete the contract because I really wasn't impressed with the beds, pricing or the service. On April 25th 2013, 6 months later, I get a letter from Capital Credit and Collection Service stating that I owe Tan Republic $538.41. I couldn't believe what I was reading! They sent me a copy of the contract that I had filled out and I compared it to the one I had, the membership section on the copy they sent me was later on filled out and completed by someone at tan republic. Long story short, now I have to go to court and fight this because all Tan Republic cares about is stealing peoples money, tricking you and forging contracts!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/26/2013

Wow, I've never seen so many angry and fake reviews on a business in my entire life. ""i made an account just to leave this bad review"" my a$$. I have signed hundreds of contracts in my lifetime, and the ones at TR are perfectly normal to my recollection, and I've used them for the past couple years on and off and never once had anything but exemplary customer support. The nice girls remember my name, always make sure to tell me my account balance and other random niceties you come to expect from a well trained business.\r \r Unsanitary? I almost always watch them clean the beds right as someone gets out, right before I get in. Where are you people getting these impressions from?\r \r I'm not here to say Tan Republic is some sort of shining example of chivalry and splendor that should be held up on high for other local businesses to see as example or any of that nonsense you read a lot about in reviews. But I am going to tell you this is a nice and clean business, and you get exactly what you pay for.\r \r People complain about price, but instead of complain why not just shop where you can afford to shop and stop feeling like high prices are attacking you. If you haven't owned, or don't currently own a business, you really shouldn't be leaving advise comments on how to run a business.\r \r Personally, I think they're worth it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/16/2013

I created a Citysearch account SOLELY to warn people about this place, because this is absolutely one of the most inept, dishonest, and disgusting businesses I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.\r \r I signed a 6 month contract with Tan Republic, which expired November 15th. I spoke with a manager prior to this date to confirm that this would be the last time I would be charged and that there was nothing further I needed to do to cancel. She confirmed that I would no longer be charged. On 12/16/12, I was charged $42.90 twice.\r \r I contacted Tan Republic 3 times, between December 22nd and December 27th and spoke with JR. He said that he could see no reason on my account that I would be charged, and in fact did not see that I even had an active account with Tan Republic. He told me that someone from the corporate office would contact me. I was never called back, and on December 28th I contacted the store and was told to call corporate myself. \r \r I then called and explained that I had been debited mistakenly, and would like to know how I can go about getting the money refunded to me. The man I was speaking with immediately became angry and yelled ""You're too stupid to read a contract and you expect me to fix it?"". I was somewhat expecting the reaction, as I searched online and saw many complaints through the Attorney General and BBB about the same situation with other clients. I asked him his name and he refused to give it to me, but finally said his name was Joseph Allen. \r \r When I told him that I would be contacting the Attorney General he informed me that ""I am a stupid bitch who needs to read what I sign"". I told him that I would no longer discuss the matter with him, and would prefer to just take a legal route. On January 16th, I was AGAIN charged. At this point Tan Republic has cost me over $200.\r \r Aside from this, a quick search online will show hundreds of complaints on Yelp, Citysearch, Google, BBB, and most seriously, the Department of Justice. Typically jilted consumers will complain online, but to take it so far as filing an official legal complaint is a much more serious issue. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/10/2013

This Owner/Managers of the West Burnside establishment should be tarred and run out of Oregon. I have witnessed the management talking unkindly about their clients and I do not trust their business ethics, altering and misrepresenting the written contracts to long time paying clients. I personally have tanned with TR for about 10 years. One day I stopped in the West Burnside salon because I was in the area and the owner at that time (Ryan?) was very disrespectful and rude when I wanted to use my ""cheap"" silver membership (as he called it). After being lectured by him for 5 minutes about the dangers of the silver beds, I left and never returned. Not ALL TR's are like this one. If you want to stay with TR, drive a bit further to Milwaukie and give your business to them. They are privately owned and are clean and honest folks and will treat EVERYONE like gold. Milwaukie has better deals and it's a friendly town, not snooty like W. Burn... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/30/2012

This is a very SHADY company. Obviously the good comments were left by employees or uneducated people who don't know that there isn't a period after and exclamation point (funny how each good comment has a !. afterwards). I prefer Ultimate Tan and Spa over Tan Republic any day! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/28/2012

Clackamas Tan Republic - UNSANITARY and UNPROFESSIONAL !!!!!\r I signed up with a guy who said he was the owner - no big deal but EVERY time I went in to tan the beds were disgusting. Oily streaks from the person before - gross! They would apologize and upgrade my tan - that's nice but i just want a clean bed. I had them clean it in front of me and when the girl did she missed spots and did not even touch the inside top of bed where there are streaks from people switching positions or opening the bed up. I asked her about the top and she said oh... and then cleaned it. I was told that I would be let out of the contract because of the sanitary reasons. Then a week later they tried to pull money out my account. I called almost everyday and found out that the ""owner"" wasn't the owner - a gal named Michelle was rude and stated that there are no managers here and that i would have to keep paying no matter what because i signed the contract. I asked her to have someone in charge call me back - in fact i talked to her several times and not once did anyone call me back. i contacted corporate and no one ever got back to me there either. A gal pal got a job there and said that they like to sign people up and then keep taking money out of the account even after the contract is ended so not to give them your debit card. Is it a rule that you have to be slimey and a dirtbag to own one of these franchises? Here's a tip call the bank and cancel your debit card and get a new one if tan republic does this to you - and the beds there... are still eff'ng dirty. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/7/2012

I will no longer be going to this business, to shady for me. \r Last time I renewed, it was all about buying minutes, then they told me there was a time limit on the minutes. 2) then a sales girl said she would sell me the pkg again, of which I started to use. SO i went in 6-7 times, for 7-8 minutes, NOPE, this pkg was sessions (they never told me the switched. Then I have been there a couple of times and they are on break (2 pm saturday afternoon..HUH?) I like customer service, but the owner is like a sleazy car salesman. I will take my money and business to a much better place. TAN REPUBLIC_YUCK! more

They said it was just me, but 5/17/2012

They said it was just me, but apparently there are more than a few of us that have had a very unpleasant experience with this business. Buyer Beware. check their record before you use this business. more

I would give this location zero stars 3/14/2012

I would give this location zero stars if I could. It is completely unprofessional and fraudulent. I was told by employee Justin Jung (who consequently told me he was the owner) that I could cancel the membership I was signing at any time. He also told this exact line to my roommate who signed up a few months earlier. Little did we know we were actually signing a 12 month contract!! When we tried to cancel Justin was blatantly unprofessional and hung up on me when I was calmly trying to understand the situation. My roommate and I finally got a hold of who we were told was the accountant (turns out he is the owner) Joseph and after unsuccessfully explaining the situation he ""cut us a deal"" with paying out half the remaining balance which came to over 200 dollars for me and over 100 for my roommate. This business is misleading, and a complete embarrassment to the company's name. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSE-WARE! There is a Palm Beach right across the street with much better customer service!! more

This is absolute worst business ever. I 3/14/2012

This is absolute worst business ever. I would give it zero stars if I could. They are fraudulent and unprofessional. My roommate and I went there looking for a cheap place to tan and signed up for a monthly fee. We were told by Justin Jung that we could cancel at any time, however we found that is not the case. We tried multiple times to get a straight answer on who owns the franchise to settle the matter and finally found that Joseph (no last name given) was a partial owner. He refused to compromise with us and charged us half of the remaining 12 month contract we were UNAWARE we signed. It costed my roommate over 100 dollars and me over 200. This is a fraudulent business, there is a Palm Beach across the street take your time and money there. more

Such an awesome salon! The employees 2/13/2012

Such an awesome salon! The employees are so professional and friendly so I had to drop a review giving credit where credit is due. As I was doing so I noticed a negative review from the same day I was there checking on things and therefore took interest. The funny thing about the negative review that Catherine M117 wrote below this one wasn't just her high-school dropout vocabulary and grammar but more so the coincidence that I happened to witness the interaction on the video/audio feed she had in the salon with the Manager on duty that same day! Let me tell you first hand this Catherine lady is a real loon! It was so shocking and criminal I made a copy to send to the police and the District Attorney for possible prosecution. Things started off strange enough when I heard her tell the salon manager to watch her two kids (both under 3 years of age judging by their appearance) while she went tanning! Of course the manager informed her politely that would not be allowed at which time the crazy lady flew off the handle yelling profanity and insults about the managers skin and makeup (she made reference to these insults in her review I also noticed) and then told the manager that she should just kill herself! At no point did the employee fire back insults which I certainly would have although another customer did tell the crazy lady that she should shut her mouth and that she was just jealous that the manager wasn't an old hag like her! The manger girl is beautiful by the way and the crazy woman is let's just say; not. At this point one of the small children started to cry because their mom was yelling and freaking out which most likely scared both the poor little kids. If the old lady was mad before that was nothing compared to when her kid started crying. She then proceeded to smack the small child across the face and called her stupid and a "" brat""! The manager then informed the woman that she was calling the police for abusing her child and the crazed lunatic flew out of the salon like a Pelican into the night dragging her two kids like trout out of a pond! I've never seen anything like it in my life and I wouldn't be surprised if the police arrested this nightmare of a parent at some point for beating her children to death. Just such a sad pathetic woman. Well anyway the salon customers have always been great in this particular salon so this is by no means the norm around here. Weird to have such a pitiful person pollute our salon since it's in such a nice area. Have a great day everyone! ;-) more

It would be wise to stay away from Tan 1/28/2012

It would be wise to stay away from Tan Republic salon located at 7545 SW Barnes Road formerly Tropic Tan and currently owned by the same owner of the W. Burnside location. Unclean tanning beds, rude and menacing staff. After complaining to the manager about the unprofessional behavior I experienced in the salon the manager followed me out to my car and told me that I was just jealous because I am old. This manager name sounds like Mara, (she would not write her name down), severe acne scarred face, heavy makeup and brown hair. I called Justin the manager of the W Burnside location to get the owners name and telephone number. He would not give me the owners name or phone number but was appalled by the unprofessional behavior of the staff at the SW Barnes Road location and would get to the bottom of it. I never heard from him again so I emailed the Tan Republic corporate office and filed a complaint. The next day my husband and I both got calls from a man identifying himself as the owner and Mara's boyfriend but he refused to give his name. When we asked for a refund of the package we had just purchased a week before, we were told no and that we were not allowed to use the salon. When told that we we would let people know how unprofessional the staff were and about the uncleanliness of the beds, he threatened us with physical violance and told us he knew where we lived! My husband and I took these threats seriously and filed a police report with Washington County as well as the Better Business Bureau. After all this, the owner, again called my husband and left a voice mail saying that I would not be able to use the salon anymore but offered to allow my husband to continue to use the salon! Crazy frightening experience. more

Tan Republic is the spott!! 9/5/2011

Great staff- the manager was excellent and took alot of time with me explining the beds and differences, etc. I was on a bit of a budget as i had just moved and tey have some reasonable packages and worked with me. Ive tanned a lot before but it had been a while. I have been to a couple other places in town - and I'l just say Tan Rep.has state of the art beds - Diamond Beds are great- I saw results (good (no burning) at maxx time. clean, fairly priced, chill atmosphere great staff. Its the spot.. more

Love the packages! 2/24/2011

I love that you can use actual minutes purchased!!! Most tanning salons make you buy a package that charges you by tan, regardless of the minutes used. Clean, friendly, great location and new beds! more

The only place I tan! 2/11/2011

Tan Republic is a franchise so each has its own vibe. I absolutely love going to the location in the Pearl! Every time I walk in I am greeted by a pleasant employee and I get wonderful service. I won't go anywhere else! more

Great place 1/28/2011

Definitely the best Tan Republic salon in Portland. Every bed is 1/2 to a full level above their equivalent bed at other salons. Also, their staff is awesome. I had a problem when first going there that was cleared up completely as soon as I called in and talked to the manager about it. A+ more

Phenominal results 1/25/2011

the two top beds here produce the best result of any tan I've ever had even from the sun. Great color and lasts for at least 3 weeks. The pricetag is worth it since you can get away with going once or twice a month more

Portland's Finest Tanning Salon 12/14/2010

Tan Republic is my favorite place to tan. I am very picky about where I strip down and lay my naked body... but here I feel extremely comfortable. Beds are top of the line, staff is helpful and nice and salon is clean!! Prices are worth it because the beds are great! more

Best Salon I have ever been to! 12/2/2010

Not to often would I tell a business owner, ""I wouldn't change a thing!"" But this is what I would tell the guys that own this location. Awesome, awesome, awesome! more

Friendly Staff 10/24/2010

A great place to tan. Clean and respectable employees. The beds are the best that I have ever seen. On the high end of price but the tans are great. more
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