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T & C Foods

15558 E Hinsdale Cir
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 680-1000
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We started using TCF system over 5 years ago. We lived in the Tucson, Az. area. We learned of this company from the SAHBA show in Tucson. Made an appointment for them to come to...


Was promised in the sales presentation that food costs would never increase. That was a lie. Town and Country refused to back up their promise. RESPONSE FROM Town and Countr...

Pleased Greatly!! 1/31/2014

We started using TCF system over 5 years ago. We lived in the Tucson, Az. area. We learned of this company from the SAHBA show in Tucson. Made an appointment for them to come to our home. We purchased the cookware and freezer. Right from the moment they came to our home to talk to us, and of course give us "Free", chicken & a pack of pork chops, and explained the program to us. We were sold!! I cannot believe the customer service of this company, from the person that takes the orders, to the very nice and pleasant delivery person. We would not think of buying meat from a grocery store. We do not eat Beef, so the chicken is outstanding!! This time on my reorder, I decided to go for something I have not ordered prior. I ordered the "twice baked potatoes", Raviolli and tons of veggies. I now have over 300 chicken breasts in my freezer, and Ground Turkey Breast. I cannot believe how fun it is to have all this on hand. The variety is wonderful, and it is fun shopping!! The chicken is the absolutely BEST ever. Everything is wonderful... I am surprised this company is not in EVERY state, especially, CA and NM. We have a daughter in NM and she would LOVE to have this company come into town. Our other daughter and Son live in CA they also would love this. This time, since we just moved to another city in Az shorter distance away from Phoenix, they bought dry ice and Styrofoam containers and the driver drove this up to us. We live about 6000 feet above valley floor of Prescott, and he just carted them in and put all of it away. Wonderful delivery man. Super service also. I hope they stay in business from now on, as we sure plan on ordering again and again. Great company, Great service, Wonderful Customer Service, and Super employees that work there. Highly recommended....... AAAA+++++++ to Us and a lifesaver.. Thank you Town & Country Foods!!! more

High quality meat that's delivered to your home quickly 12/2/2013

Town and Country Foods has really good customer service. Every time I call to talk with somebody, I get put through right away. If a food item was not to our 100 percent liking, they credited us back, and we were able to order something different in the next food order. We've been using Town and Country for close to two and a half years, and we've gotten something like five shipments from them. We pretty much just order meat from them, mainly chicken and beef. It's high quality and hormone-free. I feel like it's good quality and I don't have to worry about getting tainted meat. I've never had a problem with the freshness of the meat. I can't think of anywhere else where if you buy something and you don't like it, they will automatically credit you. We've been 100 percent satisfied with our experience. It's definitely time-saving since everything's delivered. We get a delivery about every six months. The money we've saved from shopping at a grocery store is phenomenal. You don't have to run to the grocery store every other day to shop for dinner. You know what you have right at home. more

Convenient. Good quality food. Worth the money. 11/15/2013

We've been very happy with Town and Country Foods. For the past five years, we've used them for a majority of our poultry, vegetables, and pastas. Their chicken fillets/nuggets are phenomenal. My daughter won't eat anyone else's now. Their pastas are really, really good, too. They call me when we're ready to order, so everything is done over phone. The service is so convenient, as they deliver straight to our doorstep. We pay one price for meat once a month. It costs me less to buy from them than to buy chicken at the grocery. I love being fully stocked. I can take chicken from our freezer knowing that there are still three more back there. I would completely suggest others to use Town and Country, too. To me, it really was worth our money. more

Love the product! 11/14/2013

We absolutely love Town and Country Foods! It was really the nutrition of the food that sold us. It also saves us a ton of money. We save about $500 dollars a month. The health and nutritional value of the food is great. Their products help us with portion control and eliminate waste. We love, love, love their product. Overall our experience has been positive! more

Great Food 10/28/2013

I'm happy with the food and the service... People don't realize how organic food is the best decision they could make for their health but shopping for it is a pain. I like that the food shows up and I don't have to shop. Steaks and chicken are outstanding. I read a couple other reviews that seemed pretty unfair to me. People should not blame a good product and service because they change their mind because they don't want to honor their contract and pay their bill... I save money and time and love the product and service and that's what I was promised... more

packaging 4/26/2013

I was extremely unhappy when they switched from Casadian Farm individually frozen vegetables, which could be cooked in any size serving,to a frozen clump. But, now that they are freezing together hamburger paddies I am nearly done altogether! more

Our experience has been very positive! 12/14/2012

We have been members for over a year and loved nearly everything we have tried. Our service has been great and everyone at customer services has been helpful and gracious. We came to Town and Country Foods because of existing health issues and the need to find organic and free range foods. We couldn't be happier with our decision and the selection of foods. We continue to recommend T&CF to all our friends. more

Overall Experience Sucks 1/6/2012

The customer service here has decreased over the years. My local office once had a nice young lady that cared about and understood customer service and how to provided it. Now when I call I get a male that cares about nothing more than getting you off the phone. more

Poor customer Service 12/6/2011

OK great idea for a business plan. Take lots of money from the customer and don't give any support. I received one order from them, the food was average. I didn't think a lot of the products were very good. They were average at best. I didn't feel that an exchange was going to work for us because there just wasn't enough really good food that I wanted. I would have ended up with just steaks and that would get real boring after a few weeks so we just delt with what we had and never ordered another shipment. We also purchased a warranty for our freezer incase something happened to our freezer. We wouldn't want all the food we bought to go bad and waste 600 bucks but we don't like the food now and don't order anymore. So now we have a food service we don't like and a warranty they we really don't need because we don't purchase $600 worth of food at one time. So now I have moved to Ohio and I have to pay for half of the shipping of the food if I want it. So I have to spend more money. They have received way more than I have out of this deal and I still can't get out of this thing. My rep said I could cancel anytime. I thought that meant everything not just the food. Ohh and by the way the food service "overhead fee" is built into the warranty cost too. So there is no way to cancel. So I am out of the state that they deliver to and if I did want the food I have to pay more money. I always thought business owners were here to bring goodness to the customer not rip us off. more

Quality products and strong customer service! 11/2/2011

I think it's great that Town and Country Foods delivers to my house. I absolutely love the fact that they'll stock my freezer and sort out the older meats and poultry from the new and pull those to the front so they'll be eaten in a timely manner. I really like their quality of meat and poultry. The only reason I didn't rate them higher in the categories, is because some of the elements of what they do don't seem to be transparent to their customers. Like, why can't they process my order online? I have to call in to make an order and when I do that I can't choose the cuts of meats I want which makes me feel like I could be getting a more economical deal if I could do it myself. The entire staff is polite, professional and always provides the best customer service! more

I'm happy overall. 10/20/2011

We are happy with Town and Country Foods. The food quality is good, though I have had a little bit of packaging issues. The vacuum sealing is not always 100 percent, and of the three or four times I've had deliveries now, probably one or two somethings leak when I'm defrosting them, and generally it's the steak or the pork or the hamburger, not generally the chicken, so the red meat. The vegetables are great! Overall, I'm happy. I had a little bit of an issue with the bacon. They had great bacon, then they went to this thin stuff which was only okay, and now they've gone back to thicker stuff which is better than the other stuff but not as great as the first batch, so I'm a little happier with the bacon now. The customer service, in dealing with some of the guys both for actual delivery and the customer service folks, has been pretty good. I have changed my order each time I've ordered because our life has changed a little bit, so the amount of food, and types of food, have changed with it, but they worked it out great. I gentleman I dealt with for most of the changes has been very good. Overall, I'm happy, there is just a little bit of packaging issues that need to be quality controlled over time. E. Ramsey more

We had some steaks the other day, and they were delicious! 10/5/2011

We use Town and Country Foods because we believe they have a better quality of food. The cattle are fed without steroids and things. We really like the fact that we don't have to sift through the sales at the stores because everything we need is delivered to us. The drivers are always very helpful and courteous. We've only had a couple of times where the packaging was improperly sealed and we had to return the product, which wasn't a huge deal. We ate some steaks the other day and they were delicious! We'd recommend them to anybody! more

Excellent 8/30/2011

We've used their services for several years and we have been very pleased. I love the way the meat is packaged. It's easy to quickly thaw in the sink with water. The quality is excellent. The convenience of having a freezer full of groceries is also great with today's busy lifestyle. I highly recommend them. Their customer service is also top notch. more

A positive experience. I'd recommend them because the vegetables are organic. 7/22/2011

We've been with Town and Country Foods for at least three months. The people at Town and Country are very nice and I'd recommend them because the vegetables are organic. I believe they called us. We really like the hamburgers, but I don't think the quality of the meat overall is as good. We've only eaten one thing of tuna. The steak is okay. It's not like "Oh gosh that's wonderful." The roast is okay. Our impression was that they were going to be top of the line. However, the vegetables are wonderful and the chicken breast is very good. The steak is just not the best. Pick and choose the meats more carefully. It has been a very positive experience with Town and Country Foods. Joel, the young man we spoke with, was very good and I have no complaints. more

Excellent quality food. 7/8/2011

Town and Country Foods has been great. They have great food and great quality. We have been using them on a regular basis over the past 8 to 10 years. They have good service and really excellent quality food. They are platinum. more

Trustworthy and great value for my family. 7/7/2011

I started using Town and Country Foods because the price was reasonable. This is the second or third year that I've been using them now and I like having a source for food that is fresh and good. I have never had a problem with their food and don't have to worry if the power goes out in our house because it is all warrantied. Town and Country Foods has also saved us money because we are not going to the grocery store as often. We are able to cook what's in the freezer. Before I started using them, I would go to the grocery store and spend $150, but now all I'm buying at the store are staples. So, it's allowed us to be on a lower budget. The service has been great and the food quality is incredible. Even if I overcook the meat, it still has a lot of flavor and moisture. It also has helped us with portion control. Rebecca Furtado more

Experience has been fine. 6/30/2011

My experience with Town and Country Foods has been fine. We get high quality food every month. They always stay on top of things when they need to. I've been a customer with them for fifteen years. I'm just a little confused on how they deal with other competitors because Town and Country Foods uses points, not weight. You can't really compare apples to apples, so you have to look at it. However, they have a good variety of foods! more

Excellent quality meats. 6/29/2011

I have been a customer with Town and Country foods since '06. I was turned on to them originally by my aunt, who used to work there. They are a little more expensive than the grocery store, but the meat is really excellent, and generally better quality. And it's all right there in the freezer, which is really convenient. Town and Country really wants to make you happy. Though in my experience problems with them are rare, when they do arise they are very quick to make corrections. You can try them for free, so you might as well give it a shot and see if it works out. The cool thing is that you can order whatever fits your family. I use them for fish, chicken, pork and beef, but they also offer vegetables and specialty foods. I order every 10 to 12 months, and have never had a problem with freshness. more

A customer for several years. 6/27/2011

Several years back, a salesman with Town and Country Foods came to our home and pitched the service. He did a good job, and we decided to try it out. It's been at least five years now, and we're still using them. All of our kids are out of the house now, so our orders are lasting longer, but Town and Country aren't pushy about reorders, which is nice. We like to order specific things, like meat for barbecues. It's usually a lot of streaks and hamburger patties. I'm happy with the quality of the meat. I'd say it's better than what you can get at the grocery store. There are also several conveniences available through Town and Country that I like. First, everything comes directly to our door, and goes right in the freezer. Because of the packaging, everything is readily available, which makes getting meals ready easier. The hamburger is already made into patties, which saves time, too. Town and Country offers a good service that we're happy with. You would have to try them for yourself to see if they work for you. more

We are very pleased. Better than the chain organic food stores. 6/22/2011

We have been using Town and Country Foods for four years now, and am very pleased with them. Their customer service is really proficient, which is a big help. They are very informed about the products they offer, and the reordering process is easy. To be able to have such great products delivered to our door, and then packed into our freezer, is amazing. The delivery people are great about making everything fit, which takes a potential headache out of the equation. We live up in the mountains of Colorado, and it's definitely remote. We used to shop at the big organic grocery stores for our meats and frozen vegetables, but we find the Town and Country products to be better quality, at comparable, if not better prices. We hunt, so don't order much red meat, but all of our poultry, fish, and frozen veggies come from them. The organic poultry is just awesome, and they also have great specialty meats like lamb. The fish is wild caught and flash frozen, and tastes incredibly fresh. Everyone in the family loves the whole turkeys and fryer chickens. In addition to the convenience and quality, Town and Country's packaging is also great. They vacuum pack everything into individual servings which makes cooking much easier. You can use exactly what you need, without having to thaw extra. And there's also no water weight in the meat. At the grocery store you pay extra for all the liquid in the meats, which is very heavy. In fact, when you put it in the sink to thaw, it will float because of the ice. The Town and Country meats, on the other hand, will sink to the bottom. We originally heard about Town and Country from a friend, and since using them ourselves, have recommended them to several other friends who now use them, too. It's a great service, and works extremely well for our family. We've really grown into the service over the years. more
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