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Sybil - Pittsburgh, PA
Sybil - Pittsburgh, PA


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I wen to Sybil's for my first Brazilian Wax. Jess is absolutely awesome! She kept talking to me throughout the whole process and kept my mind off of what was going on. I barely...


The waxing was good. I was asked to strip completely down (waist down) for a traditional bikini wax. This was new for me [a bit uncomfortable] but the esthetician was very profess...

good estheticians. But stylest needs improvement 7/26/2011

The waxing was good. I was asked to strip completely down (waist down) for a traditional bikini wax. This was new for me [a bit uncomfortable] but the esthetician was very professional. I like the wax that they used. The end result was very good. Fair price. --- I regret that I do not remember her name. (Sorry). She was the blonde one. I went back later for a hair cut since I had a fairly good experience before with the waxing. Brittany did my cut and color. I wouldn't call her work horrible, but she is in need of improvement. The cut was fine, not the best, but good enough. The color was not so great. I did not communicate that I wanted full highlights, but given the price b/t full and particial I wish she asked before she started on the full. The highlights done on the front and the top were fine, but the ones underneath were horrid. They were chunky and started over an inch down from my scalp. Luckily it was underneath and was not seen, but for what I paid for I would have expected better work. The blow out and styling was poor too. I can give myself a better blow out at home that what I paid for here. more

Awesome! 4/20/2011

I wen to Sybil's for my first Brazilian Wax. Jess is absolutely awesome! She kept talking to me throughout the whole process and kept my mind off of what was going on. I barely felt anything at all. I will definitely be going back for my next wax. more

I found my girl!!!! 3/7/2011

So i have been to Dean of Shadyside a handful of times to see Jamie. She was a professional right off the bat. She asked me specific questions to better understand my lifestyle and the time i''m willing to put into my hair. Although i was hesitant to have my color done because of the upkeep she assured me the regrowth would not be too noticeable..... Any way, After i fell in love with her....and my hair again, she left Deans. After a couple of months of bouncing around from salon to salon in search of another stylist i purchased a living social for Sybils. Walked in the door and there she was. I almost screached because i was so happy. lol. I have a few friends that went to her as well. They were also happy to find her again. Pros: Jamie Only Con: Dont love the styling Products. more

Great waxing! 4/12/2010

I took a chance on this salon when I move here in August. Although there were alot of negative reviews, Amanda the waxing technician got great reviews. So I made an appointment hoping for the best and..... she lived up to the hype! Seriously the most painless down there waxing ever! She uses two different waxes and oil, not baby powder people, so the wax and hair just glide off! They have a frequent waxer program and I am almost to my 10th which will be free! I just made an appointment for a massage, so we shall see how that turns out! Pros: nice decor, super clean Cons: an actual parking lot would be nice more

beautiful haircut, perfect brows 4/22/2009

I have been to many upscale salons in the area after moving here a few years ago. It is obvious that the stylists here have had really good training. Lisa fixed a really bad cut. She made my hair look beautiful. My hair color didn't turn out quite as expected because it had been processed so many times (elsewhere) so it pulled a lot of red which didn't look good on me. But the coloring job itself was good. Amanda gives the best brow wax in the city. She could be doing brows for the movie stars. I just heard Lisa is moving, but I have seen the other stylists' work, so I will see Steph next. Pros: Amanda and Lisa are very skilled Cons: parking attendants across street are rude more

Horrible all the way around 4/19/2009

this salon was completely disappointing--in every way possible. The stylist was unfocused and pulled at my hair. May hair actually looks worse coming out than it did going in. I paid over $100 for something I could have gotten for $30 at supercuts..DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE...the customer service was also horrible. When I called to cancel one of my services the receptionist kept me on hold for 10 minutes in the middle of a busy work day until I hung up. I am really upset about how much this salon cost for really giving me nothing in return except for a really bad day and a lot less money in my pocket. Pros: none Cons: everything more

Nice place 1/20/2009

Nice but kind of snooty and $$$ Pros: Evening appts more

Fake postings Re: Salon 5844, now this salon 1/17/2009

Fake postings Re: Salon 5844, now this salon By jennifer b. I am a client and am sick of these hair salons being so silly. I am so tired of seeing these fake "positive" reviews. Read this from another salon. This is what is going on here at this salon: Salon 5844 is Posting FRAUDULENT Reviews!!! 12/03/2008 Posted by honestreviewer01 There is an obvious pattern in these reviews. The negative review on 11/9/08 was followed by three 5 star reviews on 11/11, 11/12, and 11/14. There were actually no reviews since 7/10 which makes it extremely coincidental that three positives would get posted two days after the negative. I highly doubt that customers, like the one on 11/12, will ask people to book appointments too. The truth is, the employees or owners post these reviews to keep the ratings high. The negative review on 11/9 is not the only complaint with this salon...scroll down and see the others but they are skewing the data and pushing the negatives off the main page. Per the terms and conditions of Citysearch, postings by employees/owners is unnacceptable and can be removed since it decieves the customer. User Review Guidelines UNNACCEPTABLE CONTENT: 3. Reviews submitted by the reviewed business's employees (past or present) or competitors as determined by Citysearch. An owner, like Larry, that hangs up on any customer is just plain nasty. You can either take my advice and pay equivalent or less at Capristo (next door) or Jacques Dessange (Shadyside) to get the best in Pittsburgh or flush your money at 5844 to get the same old you can get for less anywhere else in Pittsburgh (Great Clips, Super Cuts, etc.). more

WOW. Best service in the Burgh 1/12/2009

I have been a patron of Sybil's Salon for about 2 years and I really like it. I have tried other salons but this one is the best for facials, waxing and mani/pedi's. JESS IS THE BEST! Looooooove the way she does my eyebrows and she is so friendly and easy to talk to. She also does the best nails and polish job I have ever experienced. I have given up painting my own, she has spoiled me! And I really like the Skinceuticals product line, great moisturizer. Even the gift certificates are printed out and personalized, which is a nice touch! Pros: Products and Jess Cons: the dogs are cute, but need a haircut more

Best Stylist and Waxer in Pittsburgh. 12/30/2008

I am not a rich girl, but will gladly pay for great hair, Sybil Salon, Stephanie- specifically is worth the price. You dont have to be nervous when in her chair. She is sweet, talented, and fast. As far as waxing, Amanda, is a bikini waxer extradonaire! I did however have a bad experience with the other waxer for bikini waxing, but she is great for eyebrows. But just a tip if you are going for a bikini wax, even a first time Brazilian-- Amanda is an expert! And while some people may not be dog people, or have allergies, the dogs there are not bothersome. And I have been to many salons, and this is a common occurence by owners, so you have to get over it. Pros: Service, Fast Cons: Pricey, but its Shadyside more

Excellent Salon - waxing 12/18/2008

I've gone to several salons in Pittsburgh for waxing and had HORRIBLE! experiences until I found Sybil Salon. No burning, incredibly fast, thorough, etc. I have never had any problems with customer service and really love the atmosphere of the salon. I would recommend it to anyone! Pros: atmosphere, quality service, great prices, always very clean and cute, never had to wait Cons: I moved far away! more

I don't get this 12/18/2008

I am a friend of the client who wrote one of these reviews and am "baffled" at the owner responding mercifully at the reviews they are receiving. I have checked other salon here in Pittsburgh on City Search and no other owner is commenting. Obviously this salon does not know what they are doing. I think the owner is the problem. I was going to go but after my frien went and showed me this site, I am totally shocked! I am also shocked that citysearch would allow this kind of bs. The owner needs to stop hovering over the internet and city search. I have read other reviews from other salons and no one is responding from the business, more

it's "all my fault" for not reading 12/16/2008

i tried calling the salon twice and nobody ever answered, then i finally gave in and tried to set up a pedicure via their website. i even specifically wrote "please call to confirm appointment" because i was nervous something could go wrong. well i signed up via my junk mail account and received an email titled "appointment request information" which i did not bother to open because i assumed if there was an issue, i would have been contacted via telephone. well i was wrong, i arrived there only to find out that the people they have listed on the website as pedicurists are actually hair stylists (you think maybe that would be worth fixing???) and their actual pedicurists had absolutely no other openings today. i would have been only mildly annoyed if 1) i hadn't been leaving for vacation tomorrow and 2) had the receptionist been even the slightest bit apologetic. when i mentioned that i had specifically requested to be contacted she said they would have contacted me but i only said "please call to confirm," and what i was now requesting was to be contacted that my appointment was not accepted, and those were two different things (silly me). i read all the negative reviews but gave the owner the benefit of the doubt, and now i'm sorry i did. i am not a disgruntled ex-employee, i am a grad student and i will definitely be emailing my classmates to warn them about the severely lacking customer service at this salon.... i obviously cannot comment on the actual services rendered since the ambiguity in my appointment request disqualified me from being served. Pros: convenient location, reasonable rates Cons: worst customer service i have encountered in my four years in pittsburgh more

Good work, could use some customer service help 12/6/2008

I've been to Sybil a few times for various services. First the good news, most of my experiences there have been ok. The salon is well located with a cute atmosphere. I have had a haircut, manicure, and brow wax and the work was of good quality. Now for the bad news, the salon could use a customer service overhaul. My last experience at Sybil was terrible and I don't think I'll be going back. I was treating myself to what I thought would be a relaxing manicure after a hard week of work. I arrived and was not greeted by the receptionist. When I tried to check in, they seemed unsure of my manicure appointment and did not seem to have anyone available for me. As I waited for 20 minutes, two small, mop-like dogs barked at every person that passed by the window. I am not a dog person and found this to be very stressful. They sent me upstairs to the manicurist who was with other clients and I had to just stand there in the doorway waiting for at least 15 minutes. Finally, it was my turn and the other clients stayed in the room talking loudly on cell phones. I think it's pretty basic for spas to have a "no cell phone" rule and I am surprised that Sybil has not considered it. Finally, when I finished my manicure (2 hours after my original appointment time), I came downstairs to find the lights mostly turned off and the staff cleaning up. They "forgot that I was up there". I felt really rushed and unwelcome. In short, I have never had a problem with the actual work, but the salon and spa could improve their customer service to give clients the relaxing experience that they are seeking. Pros: Cute atmosphere, great location Cons: bad customer service more

This was awful 9/15/2008

I go to college in Pittsburg and saw an ad for this salon. I can't believe the experience I had. I have traveled alot and have never been treated so badly and had such awful highlights that broke off my hair. I was going to go back and get my money back but after talking to other students on campus and a friend of my moms, I see that I am one of many dissatisfied customers of this salon. I cannot believe all the bad reviews, I should have done my homework before I went there. I was also told to go online and post comments by my stylist, as other reviews state here on this site. I have never heard of that before, especially after the bad treatment and very bad highlight job. The owner should be in trouble. Maybe I will go to the board of cosmetology and report this. I have never cried so much in my life as I sat in my car outside. And now my once beautiful hair is a mess. I was told by another salon on the phone that they must be using very high volume peroxide for it to break my hair so badly. more

Let's set the record straight! 8/26/2008

First, no, this is not Sybil writing. Nor am I a client. I happen to know the people who work in this salon. I've heard about these negative reviews of the salon and had to read them for myself. It's very clear that the person posting does not like Sybil, and obviously enjoys venting anonymously on the internet. Everyone at Sybil's Salon knows who the anonymous venomous poster is. In fact, anyone with half a brain could read these negative reviews and figure it out....two former disgruntled employee's who were fired because their work was sub-standard and because this "couple" caused nothing but havoc and turmoil whenever they were present. They were poisonous in the salon, and now they are furious that someone stood up to them and told them where the door was. So please, anyone reading all of these ridiculous reviews from so-called "students", read all the reviews, and make up your own mind. Pros: The staff! more

Straight from a customer's mouth 8/21/2008

I've read many of the reviews of Sybil on this site; some are good, some are bad, and yes, some even seem fake. Why add another one? Well, I'm a current client at Sybil, and I just wanted to put my two-cents into the mix to help out others who, like me, came to this website in need of assistance. I needed a new salon over a year ago, and found Sybil through Citysearch. The reviews seemed mainly positive, so I thought I'd give it a try. I could not be happier with my decision. My stylist, Stephanie, is wonderful. She has a vibrant and spunky personality, and has always been nothing but nice to me. More importantly, I love the way she cuts my hair. She is 100% aware of what is considered to be "in style". I'm pretty easy to please, and regularly allow Stephanie to do what she feels like on my hair, but not without thoroughly discussing it with her because she never wants to do anything the customer might dislike. I've had it all: long layers, a forehead full of bangs, a short bob. It's refreshing for me to go somewhere where I feel completely comfortable in the hands of my stylist, which is a first for me. I'm not writing this review to discredit any of the previously written posts. I'm writing this review because like the next person who will read this, I came to this website to point me in the right direction. I just want that "next" person to know that I love this salon. I've never had a bad experience here, and I actually look forward to going for my appointments. Don't let a few negative reviews influence your decision. And for those people who say the staff is rude and unapproachable - the staff has always been courteous, pleasant and professional to me. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that the reason they're supposedly rude is because of the way they were treated by you? Pros: Flexible Scheduling and Quality of Service Cons: Cost and Parking more

If this is a bad way to judge 8/18/2008

I was a client of this salon but not anymore. My hair was ok the first time, not great, but I went back for a second time. The seconfd time was terrible. I had to wait for the owner and the stylist to come to the salon almost for what seemed like an hour. They weren't eeven busy! I was tired of the stylist I was going to telling me to post comments on this site and other and even wrote it down for me what to write. I wanted my haircut not all this aggrevation. I finally made onto this site out of curiosity and I am seeing all these wonderfully wriiten fake "good" comments. I agree with the ones that say the truth of how the owner and the stylists are writting alot of these. In response to the previous review "This site is a bad way to judge a place" all I have to say is "is this a joke?". If this site is a bad way to judge, then why ask clients to post and the owner posting theiir own ridiculous comments. I wanted my hair done, not to be pressured by a salon. more

This site is a bad way to judge a place 8/11/2008

Im letting you know that anyone can write reveiws on this site. I went to Sybil last week, and I was very happy when I left, but I didnt think I was completely blown away into a heavenly experience, and I didnt have a terrible experience. I received the hair cut and color I desired, and am very happy with it. I got on this site and was amazed at the dramatic reveiws, both posisitve and negatiive. I mean seriously, it is a stupid website with no serious reveiwing system. I bet these salons get on here all the time and post junk about eachother and themselves tocompete for the retarded saps that put all of their confidence in a place just because of what they read. HAIR GROWS BACK!!!!, so if you want to take a chance on a new place, why not? I had a pleasant time at Sybil and will go back. I would NEVER take what these sites have to say seriously. Pros: Friendly staff, smooth experience Cons: Ths website more

My experience 7/25/2008

First let me say that all experiences are individual. With that being said, this is where I'll be going to get my hair done for years to come. I just moved to the area and am getting married in a few months. I wanted longer hair for my wedding and started researching extensions. I found Sybil Salon online. I went in for my consultation with Stephanie, and she wanted me to wait until my hair grew out a little more. (I had a chin-length bob). I know from doing pageants and seeing tons of hair extensions that they don't look that great on shorter hair (think Britney's weave). I'm glad I listened to Stephanie and waited to get them done. My hair looks great, and no one can tell I have them in. I?m very satisfied with my experience there. I?m not satisfied with very many salons. I actually like the salon so well that I?m having my mom drive 4 hours to get Stephanie to work on her hair. (Hopefully we can get my poor mom out of the early 90?s). Pros: Actual parking spots across the street Cons: can't think of any more
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