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Swedish Medical Ctr

747 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 386-2101
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clean, friendly and efficient


Swedish is a good facility if you are looking for a medically-necessary birth, like for multiples, elective cesareans, or compromised pregnancies. The doctors that I have worked w...

first stop group health on 15th 6/14/2016

coz our policy say go there first.the er room had another person in there a female and my spouse is a male we had to listen to her bm and piss and her daughter flapping all the time never a quiet moment. next time we will request a one person room with no other er person. the place had other open rooms so why book two folks in to one romm more

Great doctors, terrible staff and administration 4/11/2013

While I do think that the Swedish network has the best doctors in Seattle, I will never get a procedure done at this particular Swedish hospital again. The staff is negligent and possibly dishonest. When I had a minor procedure done in July of 2012 the staff lost ALL of my belongings, including my clothing, jewelry (including my wedding ring), my purse, my iPad, and my iPhone. The orderly who had come to take me into surgery specifically told the friend who dropped me off to leave my things in a closet and that it would be waiting there for me when I got out, but wrote on my chart that my friend had taken all of my belongings with him. When I got out of surgery no one could find my things, and I had to go home in a hospital gown. After a lot of letter writing, the hospital agreed to repay me for the clothing that was lost, but refused to pay for the $1000+ worth of other things that were lost. I suspect that my things were stolen by a member of the staff, but at the very least they were extremely negligent to tell me to leave my valuables in an unsecured location, write incorrect information on my chart, and lose my things. I do not trust them, nor am I happy with the way the administration handled the incident. more

Review: Dr. Karen Jones 6/3/2012

Dr. Karen Jones at the Nordstrom tower room 1420. The Dr. is over booked. Her office staff are rude! One lady who checks you out was very friendly, a black young lady. The others rude! I had to wait over an hour and half to see the Dr. Karen Jones. She gave me a biopsy with no numbing or pain medicine!!!!!.. She said "Oh this is going to hurt! are you serious, I felt like I was in natural labor with my child. The office was to send two prescriptions, they have not faxed them Yet, it has been three days. This Dr. is nice, but she is too busy and she should of used her experience to know to give me pain medicine,You would make a separate appointment for the biopsy. In most cases, sedating and pain relief medicines are given, reducing any discomfort. I am changing doctors. Also she did not call me, after I had called the office three times to say I am still in pain. more

Don't have a low risk premie here! 4/18/2011

I gave birth at exactly 30 days early. My son was perfectly healthy, no breathing or organ problems. He was tired (so was I) so he wouldn't eat right away. Less than 30 minutes after birth, they took him to special needs. He was there for 2 weeks. They charged my insurance over $50,000. The nurses refused to feed him with a bottle, but insisted on using the tube. Only when I told them his insurance was about to run out did they let me take him home. Funny how that works. I firmly believe the insurance money was the only reason he was still there. His insurance wasn't running out, we got a separate policy for him. I was in the hospital 16 hours a day with him. They wouldn't let me spend the night as the rooms were reserved for the NICU patient parents (I totally understand). They also missed the hernia he was born with. They threatened me with calling CPS when I wanted him transferred to another hospital. I later found out that it is very normal for a baby not to eat the first day or three because of the stress. I will never go there again. I only went because my obgyn was with that hospital. Our son was never at risk. He is a happy, healthy 2 year old. He's very tall and a little skinny like his daddy. They told us we were taking him too soon and would bring him back because he wouldn't eat. He eats EVERYTHING! I'm afraid for the teenage years. I won't be able to afford the grocery bill. more

great place 9/27/2010

clean, friendly and efficient more

Horrible nursing care 8/10/2010

Although I loved my urologist Dr. Porter, the hospital stay was a nightmare. I had my right kidney removed, 3 days later I still had my bloody sheets from after surgery. My bed was broken, they would not get me a different bed. I was never brought washcloths to clean myself. The night nurses were mean, spiteful, and some spoke very little english. I will never go there again. more

Compain 4/2/2010

I have a very bad experiences at Swedish Hosipital at ICU Dept. The doctors are great, but the nurses are not friendly at all. My father was there for 2 weeks dieing and got a very bad treatment from the nurses, my family was visting and there no hello or smile from the staffs. This is not professional at all, nurses are there to help patient, if they are not happy with theire job, they need to find another career. more

Karen Jones Rocks! 8/18/2009

I am so lucky to find this "state of the art" wonderful and kind doctor. I was bleeding to death and totally doctor phobic due to all other doctors trying to railroad/terrorize me into a hysterectomy. After sonogram, Dr. Jones got me on Natural Progesterone, which helped peri-menopause problems like hot-flashes, and reduced flooding, but I decided I wanted a Novasure due to continued bleeding and our suspicion of polyps. The in-office d&c and ablation was nearly painless, then a few weeks of occasional icky uterine cramping soreness, but now my periods are light to medium, not gushing. I truly feel like I dodged a bullet and Dr. Jones saved me. I could not find this medical help anywhere else, I know because I looked for over a year. more

Swedish Hospital Maternity Care 10/3/2008

I had a high-risk pregnancy and was in and out of the hospital for 7 months. The nurses were fantastic and I always requested my favorites. My daughter was born at 31 weeks. The NICU you nurses and docs were amazing. We felt confident that she was in the best care. The nurses took excellent care of me after my emergency c-section. If you have a high risk pregnancy you shouldn't go anywhere else in the Seattle/Tacoma area. We drove from Tacoma nearly weekly for out-patient care and doctors visits. more

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Swedish Hospital: the Family Medicine Clinic 10/16/2007

A review of the Family Medicine Clinic (at the corner of Broadway and East Madison: A review of the Family Medicine Clinic (at the corner of Broadway and East Madison: Although my health insurance is limited--and thus allows me to be seen only by the interns--I have been very satisfied with the treatment I have received here over the past eight years. I have always felt respected here. I have had a colonoscopy done here, had my ulcerative colitis diagnosed here, undergone minor surgery for the removal of a toenail, and had physical therapy as well. Referrals to the specialty clinics of the main hospital, e.g., physical therapy, are done here as well. The doctors, nurses, and other staff seem genuinely concerned about their patients' health and work hard to maintain high standards. At Swedish Family Medicine, I have always felt that the doctors and nurses worked with me in a spirit of cooperation and trust. Everyone seems to be almost always very busy but, still, on top of things. Five or six years ago the time spent waiting was long--sometimes up to 45 minutes past the time of a scheduled appointment , but this has improved lately. The nurses get back to patients in a timely manner. Scheduling an appointment requires some patience, as their phones seem to always be busy. And the receptionists speak quietly so the waiting area is a soothing experience. more

Swedish Breast Care Center 10/5/2007

Long waits on hold, no reminder call for appointments, unaware that there is a state of the art breast MRI machine (small bore for claustrophobics!) on the Eastside and resistant to a patient going there....and the coup de grace, sending me the (positive) results of someone else's mammogram by mistake. I'm not at all pleased with my treatment at Swedish, which may be fine medically but is understaffed and increasingly bad about their communications with patients.. Does anyone have a better suggestion for a local Breast Care Center, which deals with state of the art mammograms, diagnostics and treatments? more

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Best Place for Preemie Baby! 10/3/2007

Our Son was born at 31 weeks and Swdish Nurses in the NICU took great care of us and him! The parent rooms were amazing! It was so nice that we could stay that close to our son during his month stay at Swedish. He was able to check out one month earlier than the nurses and Doctors thought due to our daily visits for hours, and the hard work and great advise of his nurses! I wouldnt deliver a baby anywhere else! more

terrible service 8/1/2006

My sister-in-law recently had a hysterectomy at Swedish Hospital. When I arrived there for a visit, she had been out of recovery for 5 hours and had been throwing up the entire time. Orders had been given for nausea medication and a nurse still had not arrived to administer it. Her IV had been out for an hour and still nothing had been done. Because of the excessive vomiting, she later had to return to the emergency room with a serious infection. I am appalled at the terrible treatment of my sister-in-law and I would never return there. more

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Great for medically-necessary or problematic pregnancies and births 3/16/2006

Swedish is a good facility if you are looking for a medically-necessary birth, like for multiples, elective cesareans, or compromised pregnancies. The doctors that I have worked with are really knowledgeable, caring, and are great to work with. My more "natural" thinking clients report that they were not so satisfied with their care here, choosing either another hospital for their next baby or birthing at home with midwives (Washington State has the toughest criteria for licensure of midwives, so they are the best in the nation). My nieces were also born here, and my brother and his wife reported being satisfied with the birth they received. This is the only hospital that does not allow midwives to provide care here. I have to question that, because midwives for normal, low-risk pregnancies and births have better outcomes, which other hospitals in the Seattle area recognize, which is why they have midwives on staff or give them privileges to catch. Before Swedish bought Providence, Licensed Midwives could catch there, but then they shut that program down. Even Swedish Ballard allows midwives, but the area's largest hospital (over 7,000 births per year) does not. 40% of pregnant women receive midwifery care for their pregnancies and births in the State of Washington, but this hospital shuts them out despite the consumer demand and the overwhelming evidence that they are safe and effective for normal pregnancies. Competition I guess. Also, they use LPNs for patient care, instead of more qualified RNs. While Swedish may be a popular choice (they deliver the most babies in the region, so they are extremely busy), they may be a little too impersonal or medical for some. Visit Health Grades ( for more hospital information, statistic, and comparisons. more

Great hospital for having a baby 8/19/2005

I asked my regular Dr. what the best hospital in Seattle is for delivering babies and she said "go to Swedish". The hospital is considered very forward thinking in this area. For the most part I was happy with the experience. I had complete confidence in the Doctor's, the facilities and the care. I had also heard from other sources how great the nurses were. My only complaint is that after spending a few days in the hospital following a c-section, a couple of the nurses were not so great. Two in particular were very tough, impatient and old-school. It got quite frustrating having different nurses every day and every night. Some were really great, some not so great. more

Big Hospital 7/28/2005

Swedish Hospital is a very nice hospital so long as you like to pay for parking in a crowded parking garage. The NICU care is outstanding but the waiting area is on the small side. They also didn't have many rooms for parents to stay in overnight if you have a baby needing to stay in the NICU. The birthing rooms are very nice and we wished we could have stayed longer in one, but since our baby needed attention in the NICU, we were moved to a different room. The nurses were kind and very quick to help my wife. They do have an Antepartum area so that pregnant women with problems who need to be in the hospital don't have to hear all the women giving birth in the rooms next door. The food isn't that great, so you may find yourself walking to the nearest McDonald's if you have a family member as a patient. more

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Great place to have a baby :) 7/7/2005

Like many Seattle-ites, I gave birth at Swedish though I live closer to another hospital. I took the parenting classes offered through the hospital and was quite pleased. The facilities are top notch and will they advertise their food and chef as superb...I don't know about that, but you aren't very picky after going through labor! I know many moms who've had frustrating experiences such as having to wait because there is no delivery room available. I guess I was fortunate in that regards- I first went to triage then straight to labor and delivery. Many of the nurses were very helpful, and overall I am very satisfied with my birthing experience at Swedish. They also have a moms line that you can call which has fairly expansive hours. I took advantage of this service in the early days and found the nurses to be very supportive. more

Dr Karen Jones 6/21/2005

I've enjoyed working with Dr. Karen Jones of Swedish. She works at Swedish Women's Clinic (I may have the name a little off). It's located in the Nordstrom tower at Swedish on Madison and Broadway. I've found Karen to be kind, professional, and informative. Her nurse was very sweet, attentive and supportive. I've enjoyed this clinic very much. more

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Very Professional 6/16/2005

I've visted Swedish for two different pregnancies. The first being for my terminally-ill son. The Perinatologists were so helpful, especially Dr. Brock. When it came time to deliver, she did her very best to make sure I could delivery vaginally rather than with a c-section which made me very happy considering our new baby spent two weeks in Swedish's NICU before being transferred to Children's. The room I delivered in was very nice. But I was a little disappointed that they moved me after the baby was born. No doubt because he wasn't rooming in with me. I can not praise the NICU staff enough. They were so supportive and helped us get through this difficult time in our lives. They treated our small baby with care and I trusted them 100%. Although the doctors could never give us an definite answers about our son's condition, they were still extremely helpful and did their best to figure out how to help our son. The second time I visited was with our next baby. She wanted to come a bit early and I had to have a special operation done to keep her in. I stayed in the hospital for 3 1/2 days and the nurses and doctors all treated me with care. And with them having an anti-partum section, it helped not to have to hear new babies crying when my little one's life was at stake. I would definitely recommed this hospital for high-risk pregnancies and child birth to any one. more

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Incredible facility for MD-oriented childbirth 5/16/2005

Every expecting couple has a different idea about the ideal conditions for childbirth -- this review is probably the best fit for those who've had (or expect to have a risk of) medical complications with childbirth -- NOT the "natural" or home-birth-oriented. That caveat aside, I can't say enough about the quality of service my wife and I have received at Swedish Medical Center (the Childbirth Services division, on the First Hill campus). With their considerable help, we delivered a healthy baby boy (our first) last Friday, and were released to go home just yesterday. Our choice of Swedish began well before last Friday, with a referral to their Perinatal Medicine Dvision. This is a 7-doctor OB/GYN practice that specializes in higher-risk pregnancies. For the past 9 months, we've received absolutely stellar care from this practice. All the doctors we've seen in this practice are close to our ideal: top-tier professionals, completely at ease with both the scientific and the human sides of pregnancy and delivery, and warm but no-nonsense communicators. Much of our satisfaction with Swedish is due to the incedible support and preparation they offer to expecting parents in the months and weeks before labor begins. In addition to our regular doctor visits, we were encouraged to participate in a series of well-run classes on everything from labor and delivery to breastfeeding and infant care. An equally-well-run patient orientation program made sure we knew where to go when labor began, and that we were pre-registered and able to walk right in to triage and delivery without a delay. That last part turned out to be critical for us, as my wife's labor was a fast one. We arrived at the hospital at 7pm and -- after a bit of a scramble to rally our team of doctors and nurses -- delivered a healthy baby boy at 9:22pm. For those who've been through the experience, you can imagine what kinds of complications can crop up in such a fast delivery, and we were very happy to be in a medical facility (as opposed to a home birthing situation) that could take whatever action was needed to protect the health of both baby and mother. more
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