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Swan's Cleaners - 27 Reviews - 2350 W Alabama St, Houston, TX - Dry Cleaning Reviews - Phone (713) 526-2066

Swan's Cleaners

2350 W Alabama St
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 526-2066
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Thank you for taking good care of my wedding husband was so impressed he says to get marry in the same dress again !!! Ha Ha!!!


I went here based on the fact that it was a Best of City Search... that was a huge mistake. I took 4 pieces of clothing in, and asked if 1 of them could be completed the same d...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/7/2013

HORRIBLE HENIOUS HORRENDOUS Customer Service. I have never ever experienced anything like this. It was so bad, I was a first time customer and took my clothes back and left without ever using their services. The lights were off, the place looked desolate and bleak but nothing compared to the horrible treatment from the woman behind the counter who doesn't know how to speak English. Terribly rude, she didn't know their prices, she couldn't communicate at all and as I took my clothes and left she started speaking under her breath and ended her verbal assault by calling me names. If you want great customer service DONT STEP FOOT IN THIS PLACE!!!!!!!! It looks as if they will close at any moment. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/25/2013

Horrible Customer Service! I wouldn't take anything to them that you want to wear again. My dress was returned to me w/ black marks on it. I called the owner and he tried to tell me that was how I brought it to them which is a complete lie. He told me that his employee (that didn't speak English) told him I brought the dress in to him that way. The funny thing is he knew which dress it was right off the bat which tells me they obviously tried to reverse the damage they did to it. \r more

Outrageous pricing & horrible customer service... BAD!!! 10/4/2011

I went here based on the fact that it was a Best of City Search... that was a huge mistake. I took 4 pieces of clothing in, and asked if 1 of them could be completed the same day, which they could do but that it was an extra $5. I decided that was fine because I really needed the item. Well turns out that was the best deal I was going to get, it cost more than $5 just to get that one piece cleaned!!! My total bill for 4 items was $35, yes $35. That more

Houston Best Cleaners 3/5/2011

Thank you for taking good care of my wedding husband was so impressed he says to get marry in the same dress again !!! Ha Ha!!! more

Unreasonable Owner 3/27/2010

I've been taking my dry cleaning to Swan's for six years, the owner has always been so friendly. I was shocked today when he refused to remove a charge for a service I did not ask for. I had taken my skirt to have the zipper fixed. I specifically asked the cashier how much it would be when I dropped it off. She quoted me 13.99. When I went to pick the skirt up today, they had also dry cleaned and pressed my skirt. Neither of which I asked for. When I explained that to the owner, he said it had already been done and I had to pay for it. I was shocked. I finally signed my receipt and wrote a note about how I was being forced to pay for a service I did not request. I am disputing it with my credit card company. I realize seven dollars is not a lot of money, but it is the principal. The whole time I was respectful by calling him, ""sir"". He didn't care. He verbally insulted me as I walked out the door. more

Appalled by Lack of Customer Service 1/15/2010

Couldn't agree more with the previous negative comments about owner Van Pham. I similarly experienced an extremely appalling situation where Van ruined a very expensive item of clothing and then refused to reimburse me for the service or offer to remedy the situation. Instead, he flew off the handle and yelled at me and said that I should be praising him for the good job that he did. Praising him for ruining my outfit?!?! Think not! I cannot believe that any business owner would blame the customer for their mistake and then try and say that the condition of the article of clothing was ruined before it was even drycleaned. WORD OF ADVICE TO MR. PHAM - DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!!!! Cons: blaming the customer for their mistakes, ruining clothing more

Six years and still going back 12/21/2009

I have been using Swans for six years and recommend them to all of my friends. Van (the owner) always greets me by name and makes me feel appreciated as a customer. Other companies could learn much by his personalized service. Their work is quality and always on time. The negative comments below sound more like a competitor planting a negative review than anything I have ever witnessed at Swans. If you want great service with a smile, go to Swans. It's rare to find a service provider in a huge city that has a small town feel. Pros: Customer service; quality of work Cons: Only one location more

Lost my clothes and refused to do anything about it 8/17/2009

I left clothes for dry clean at that place twice because it is in very close proximity to my residence. The first time was ok although the fake servility of the owner didn't strike a good chord with me; the second time I left two pairs of pants that their staff lost, probably giving them to another customer. The first time I tried to reclaim them, I couldn't get past the lady working there who suddenly ""forgot"" English. When I went again, the owner happened to be there, and assured me he would find my lost pairs of pants -- he never called back, in more than a month and a half. On issues of monetary compensation he was mute. One of the pairs was part of a suit, so the jacket is now worthless due to the specific design -- and on top of everything, he had the insolence to give me ""his precious piece of advice"" that I shouldn't hand for dry clean parts of suits separately. Well maybe I shouldn't, but I am certainly not using again the services of a place that somehow got voted as the best dry clean on Citysearch?! Pros: Not sure Cons: Sloppy service more

There's a reason for the negative feedback...Van Pham 6/8/2009

I actually began using Swan's Cleaner based on a positive recommendation from a good friend. My first two visits were pretty simple and uneventful; drop off my clothes, pick them up, pay and leave. Cons: Progessively...the worst service ever! more

This place is amazing - ignore the few horrible reviews! 5/7/2009

I always find the customer service here is great. I've been going to Swans once a week now for about three years and we dry clean A LOT of clothes. They've never lost one article of clothing, damaged anyhing, etc. I don't even worry bringing designer clothes here. You can also bring in minor alternations like buttons, hems, etc. I think this place is incredible and even though we've moved across town I still make the drive to use Swan's - forgot the reviews from the one-timers. I've been coming here one a week for three years and have had a wonderful experience every time - that's good statistics! Pros: Amazing customer service Cons: Some dry cleaners are cheaper - but you get what you pay for more

Rude and Abusive and Cheats Charities 3/7/2009

I bought $100 worth of dry cleaning at a fundraiser for the U of Houston Hospitality school and went to redeem it at Swan Cleaners on West Alabama. I showed the certificate to the owner and he would not honor the $100. He said he would honor only $20. I drove out of my way to get there and i had about $45 worth of dry cleaning. I asked if he would just take what i brought and I would call it even and he quickly became abusive and rude. He told me ""I gave $100 what did you give"". When i told him that i paid for the certificate as a donation to the school he didn't care. I asked for my things back and left abruptly. He was rude and the woman behind the counter was embarrassed for him. Next time don't donate if you can't handle being a decent human being. If you like cheating charities then by all means use this cleaners. If you have a problem there i wouldnt reccomend talking to the owner because he will just get abusive and walk away. You have once again been warned. Cons: didn't have a chance to use the service because the owner is mean more

Didn't happen to me but my poor roommate 1/11/2009

Okay so my roommate was looking for a dry cleaners. We did our reserach online and Swan's Cleaners came out on citysearch. Despite the fact that almost half of the reviews were bad, we thought it must be a mistake since they were recognized by citysearch. My friend took her new years dress here. When she got it back, a lot of the sequins were missing and there was some discoloration on the white parts of her dress. My roommate is a total pushover so she was hesitatnt to talk to the owner. She told the owner that the stains weren't here previously and that she had missing sequins. He told her that the sequins weren't properly sewn on and that the stains were from her carless partying. Quite a shock not to mention he wouldn't even pay for the cleaning bill. You've been warned. more

No, Please. 12/20/2008

I was a fool for disregarding the bad reviews because there were also good reviews. Big mistake. There's nothing I need to say other than the fact that the owner is a liar and took my money. more

Look at all the BAD reviews!!! 12/10/2008

i have to say that this is by far, the worst customer service treatment in my ENTIRE life. isn't it odd how the other reviews are all POOR?! Pros: they cleaned my shirt so much it changed colors Cons: i had to pay for it more

Niceeeee 12/7/2008

I love this place, wish you guys were in NY too... thanks for the nice job, I'll be back soon with my winter's wardrobe. Pros: Nice and friendly more


They have the worst customer service EVER!!!! I took a very exspensive dress there, thinking they're in River Oaks they handle exspensive garments, BOY WAS I WRONG. The lady ended up bleaching my dress, and then turned around and said it was my fault because I brought in a dirty dress. HELLO, LAST TIME I CHECK DRY CLEANERS WERE CLEANERS WHO HANDLED DIRTY GARMENTS. To make matters worst she wouldn't take any of the blame, she kept saying it was my fault, I had brought in a dirty dress and they did their job. Then the lady had the nerves to ask me how much my dress was. I told her the price and then said Yes I'm out that money plus the money i paid you to fix my dress. She wouldn't refund me, she kept telling me it was my fault. Finally, I told her, ""You ruined my dress, keep it, I wont be able to wear it."" She just looked at me. Again, she stood by her famous excuse,"" Honey, we did our job."" I told her i was very dissatified, and I wanted a refund. She wouldn't refund me. So I told her to keep the dress. Finally after almost 20 mins, (she was also helping other clients while i stood there upset< VERY RUDE!) She tried refunding me, but said she didn't know how to, and said i could have a store credit. I told her, ""NO, i want a refund, you ruined my dress. She told me she didnt know how to refund, so I as the client litteraly went behind the register to refund myself. No Apology from her, Just the simple line she used, ""We did our Job."" Please if you read this this story is very true, and it saddens me that people have such awful customer service. I would never recommend this place, location doesnt matter, if the people running the operation are rude. Save your headache and go somewhere else. more

Great customer service!! Always on time! 10/20/2008

Great customer service!! Always on time and can rush any items of clothing if needed....I wont go anywhere else!!! My clothes always come back looking like new, and they also do great alterations! Pros: Great customer service!! Always on time and can rush any items of clothing if needed.... more

Missing clothes, rude, rude, rude 9/30/2008

I've been meaning to write a review for some time now and it's not even related to my missing clothes. He was yelling at some lady and this has to be one of the most appalling things about a clothes cleaning shop. It was quite disgusting how they shrug their mistakes and make the customers feel helpless. Apparently the owner feels that his years in business equates to success and gives him the right to scream at his customers. Plain and simple, he's a monster. ""Quality"" isn't a word I'd associate this company with. Pros: Some of my clothes made it back in my closet Cons: Should've never given this place a second chance more

A Place of DECEPTION 9/25/2008

I wouldn't be surprised if one of those people writing a good review is really the owner attempting to hide his own behavior. BEWARE of this cleaners. He not only cursed me out he tried to push me out the door because I complained about how he ruined one of my favorite, and very expensive shirts. Cons: Worse customer service and garment care ever. more

aweful customer service 8/4/2008

I've never felt compelled to write a review before, however my experience today was atrocious and I felt that I needed to express myself. Especially because the gentleman who called me from Swan's in regards to my complaint (placed in person this morning) hung up on me in midconversation. When I called back he said I hung up on him which I did not. The only explanation is that he either hung up on my or my cell phone dropped the call (I have Verizon and haven't dropped a single call since I've had service, which is over a year!). I believe he hung up on me. I can't believe it. I am a nurse, I know all about working with people, even the difficult don't treat them that way! I am appalled at the entire situation. I left my article with them and when I received it back, yes it was clean, but no longer usable. It was a mattress pillow. The gentleman said that they followed the instructions on the care label and anything that happened to it was a result of the manufacturer's workmanship. Even if that is the case, that is no excuse for the way you talk to and treat a customer. It is really a shame, this place had great reviews and I was excited that I would have a dry cleaners just blocks from my apartment. But it is safe to say that I will not return there, and I will NEVER recommend this place. Cons: customer service more
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  • Dry cleaner and laundry service has relied on customer referrals and word-of-mouth to stay in business since 1994.

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