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Swan Lake Mobile Country Ests - 7 Reviews - 5800 Hamner Ave, Mira Loma, CA - Other Reviews - Phone (951) 685-7044

Swan Lake Mobile Country Ests

5800 Hamner Ave
Mira Loma, CA 91752
(951) 685-7044
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All reviews seem negative


I wish I could give negative ratings, but u cant. This is THE WORST PLACE TO LIVE.. It's full of junkies, drug dealers, prostitutes and sex offenders. The empty houses are used...


I wish I could give negative ratings, but u cant. This is THE WORST PLACE TO LIVE.. It's full of junkies, drug dealers, prostitutes and sex offenders. The empty houses are used as shooting galleries for all the junkies. There are prostitutes walking around the park offering their "services". Drug dealers sell pot, coke and heroin through holes in the screens on their Windows. You drive in and its all nice on the outside, its kept nice so people will buy houses, but once u get inside its a different story. The rovers at the gate are being paid off by the dealers to keep the cops away. And that's another thing, the cops and sheriffs are here so much, they should have a station in the park. I see cops every half hour driving around, stopping people, raiding houses. And even if they make arrests, the dealers, junkies, prostitutes, thieves are let go within 48 hours.. The theft is awful. Do not keep anything outside that isn't chained down or locked up so tight no one can break into it. Because it will get broken into. Houses also. Do not leave any windows or doors unlocked when u come and go. If you have children, do not let them outside. I have small children at my house and they are not allowed out. Front or back yards, because of all the drug deals going on. The lights in front of. the houses make it look safe during the day. but at nigt beware, 90% of those lamps are broken 100% of the time. If u come and go at night bring a flashlight and pepper spray with u. Parking is horrible. You aren't allowed to park at your house, or even near your house. There are designated spots. And if u have guests over there are extra visitor spots in the very very front by the gate with the rovers or the very back against the brick wall that surrounds the perimeter. I have lived here almost 4 years with my family, and we have been trying so hard for the past 3 years to get out of this park. I am afraid for our lives in this park. I've never been soo scared going to sleep in my own home. I'm afraid to walk outside at night. Any little noise scares me. We've had our house and cars broken into. Our lives threatened. I fear for my life living in this park. I do not recommend even looking into this park. Just steer clear of swan lake. You will definitely be better off.. more

Swan lake Mobile Home Park 3/7/2011

SENIORS BEWARE! On Sunday we took a drive thru the park, on the outside it looks great., and then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are both over 60 and this place is not safe. Teens cutting thru peoples lots, looking in windows. Do not waste your time as we did, look someplace else. This is sad, could be a great place. more

This Place Is Horrible 1/21/2011

Swan Lake is the worst place to live. It is so unsafe that they actually set fire to cars and mobile homes. They raise your rent so high that you cant affford it just so they can take your home. They do nothing to help you. They repaved by the office and left the rest of the park looking like crap. They are crooks and thieves. It is full of tweekers and thieves. The worst part of San Bernardino is better than this park. If you know what is best for you..find another place to will be treated better. more

Lived there 3 yrs, they were the worse 3 yrs of my life! 9/14/2010

This place is horrible, it looks nice from the outside but do not dare get stuck in the trap we did. Our home was paid for in cash, the space rent was about $600 when we moved in but went up to $900 when we moved out. The utilities are billed and overcharged by the park. We were paying $300 a month electricity w/ no a/c and now we have a/c and always pay under $200 running the a/c when we want. There are gang members, racists, drug dealers and a few decent people trying to survive. Between the cost of financing a place, if you did not pay cash and the monthly bills you get from them you will be paying WAY more than you would pay to rent or buy a home. Also there are HUGE raccoons and Possums the size of Medium to large dogs all over the park. The place is not maintained with cracked parking lots, trash flying around (they will give you a notice the minute it flies into your yard). If you have a problem the management's favorite saying was, "OH well". The electricity is unstable, we went for several days without electricity and almost a month on a generator. This place is scary, filthy and not worth getting into> We ended up having to walk away from our home to get out of that prison. There is almost no way to sell a home in that park, everyone knows the reputation and will not buy there. more

high rent, low quality of life 8/24/2010

if you are considering moving in here, change your plans. you, your family, and your property are not safe @ Swan Lake Mobile Country Estates. the park should be renamed Swan Lake Thieves' and Tweakers' Paradise For Easy Pickings. do not believe a word said by mobile home salespeople OR park management. they just want your money. and when you can no longer afford the space rent increases, they will take your home as well - management, that is. nearly all the 'affordable' homes offered by Community Mobilehome Sales were seized from their previous owners by this racket. mark my words, you will regret a decision to live here. more

They are building all around the park...yea!!! 9/5/2008

I have attempted to write what I really think about this place...but they are very careful to not allow true comments. I lived there for 6 years and moved out 3 years ago. I haven't been able to sell my home due the economy and I am (by my own stupidity years ago) locked into a lease agreement until 2010. I left my home vacant while up for sale and had people vandalize, tag and destroy my home and the park did NOTHING about it. You have to worry every night when you leave your car parked in the parking lot because, yes, I have had many broken windows, stolen property, etc. As much as I want to sell my home and be done with the park, I don't wish this nightmare upon even my worst enemy. Pros: close shopping Cons: worst place I have ever lived! more

swan lake mobile home estates 4/6/2008

the worst place you can ever imagine living in. There's dangerous people in there and everyhting looks disgusting. that whole place is a dumpster, and the employees look unprofessional and trashy. just like the place Pros: its around a shopping center Cons: can get hurt, robbed, they treat you badly, its a dirty area more
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