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Superior Carpet Care & Restoration - 28 Reviews - 633 Staffordshire Dr, Jacksonville, FL - Home & Garden Reviews - Phone (904) 240-1362
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Superior Carpet Care & Restoration

633 Staffordshire Dr
Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 240-1362
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Superior Carpet Care & Restoration - Jacksonville, FL
Superior Carpet Care & Restoration - Jacksonville, FL


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Superior Carpet Care & Restoration cleaned all of my carpeting, floors and grout. This was my first time using them. I shopped around a little bit but they offered the most for th...


Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 1:17 p.m. - The cleaners (two guys) came just now, and one of them did a survey of the floor, and told me and my wife that we have to pay an extra 180 dollar...

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration revamped my whole situation! 7/10/2014

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration cleaned all of my carpeting, floors and grout. This was my first time using them. I shopped around a little bit but they offered the most for the price. When they came out they were all in uniform and very professional. They were able to get some pet stains out that I thought would never come out. They really revamped my entire situation for me. It looks so much better! I am very satisfied. more

A caring company! 7/7/2014

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration really cares about their customers! Basically I had a lot of problem areas from pets and room mates. I thought I was going to have to replace all of my carpeting. Chris, the owner, came out and talked me through everything that could be done. It was a plethora of knowledge that Chris gave me. He seemed to really care and was willing to help me, which I greatly appreciated. He did the work, and it turned out amazingly! Every spot he said would come up did. more

A great company that creates a great experience at a great price! 7/2/2014

I recommend Superior Carpet Care & Restoration all the time! I manage the properties my mother owns, and when we have a vacancy and need cleaning done we call them. They are on time or early, and the people who come out are very professional. I've met plenty of carpet cleaners, and these guys had nice, clean-cut uniforms. They have good prices, and they don't miss anything with the work they do. They look behind the doors, which other carpet cleaners don't do. I've been using them for two years, and they catch all the little stuff. They put the furniture up on styrofoam, and they cleaned the tile and grout in my own house. I liked them so much I had them clean the carpet and upholstery in my cars. They're a good carpet cleaning company as far as their service, professionalism and the work they do! - Frank Archer more

Reliable, trustworthy and hardworking! 5/29/2014

I would absolutely recommend Superior Carpet Care & Restoration! We're a property management company in St. Augustine, and we've been using Superior for the last year for every house we have. We've had houses with severe issues ranging from pet problems to hair dye products to missing pieces of the rug. Chris has been able to repair and clean rugs I didn't think could be cleaned. After he works on them, they come out looking absolutely beautiful! For example, if there's a severe animal issue, he is willing to go back in again at no cost. He takes a lot of pride in his work. He likes what he does, and it shows. I know I can count on him. He's a wonderful, nice man, and it's a great, family-run business! more

Great job! I would have them come back again anytime. 5/23/2014

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration was excellent overall. We had to have them come back out, but they came right back upon request and fixed the problem with no problems. They were very courteous when they were here, and they were also timely, prompt, professional, and just excellent. We called them here to clean the grout and they did a great job. It was our first time using them, and we would continue to use their services. more

Quality and speedy work. Exemplary customer service! 5/22/2014

Overall I have had a great experience in working with Superior Carpet Care & Restoration. They were very courteous, responsive, reliable and provided me with a great value for the price paid. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results of their work and highly recommend them to anybody else in need of a quality carpet cleaning service. Jennifer X. more

Will definitely stick with Stanley Steamer 4/21/2014

I have NEVER experienced such appalling customer service. I have used money mag numerous times before and decided to take a chance on a local and family owned business. Worst mistake ever. Jennifer and her husband were rude and felt justified in coming into my home, pulling the dirt to the surface, and then leaving with my carpets dirtier than upon their technicians arrival. They blame it on me not spending enough money, and while most companies would be concerned in righting their wrong, they simply just do not care. I have worked in customer service myself, and companies run like the one Jennifer and her husband own are a disgrace. I am preparing to sell my beautiful home and instead of having one more thing on my list checked off, I have to now clean up the mess they left behind. Doesn't make much sense does it? RESPONSE FROM Superior Carpet Care & Restoration: I'm sorry you feel that way but my technician clearly explained to you before we started the work that your carpet needed a deeper cleaning which you decined. It also clearly stated on the contract you signed in 2 places that because you declined the cleaning that we suggested we can not guarantee the work. I have offered to discount the price for the deep cleaning but we do not work for free. more

clean ceramic tiles and sealing, purchased package on Angie's List 2/28/2014

Friday, Feb. 28, 2014 1:17 p.m. - The cleaners (two guys) came just now, and one of them did a survey of the floor, and told me and my wife that we have to pay an extra 180 dollars or so for items that I can’t remember but are not part of the package that I purchased. I said I only want the service stipulated on the voucher done. The cleaner that did the survey said he had to call the office; and so he did. He gave me his phone so I could talk to the guy in the office that he was talking to. The guy introduced himself as the husband of Jennifer Dye that I had talked to twice before on the phone, first, when I set up the appointment, and second, yesterday when she reminded me of the cleaners coming today. Again I told the guy on the phone that I only wanted the service done that was on the package and that there were no mention at all of any extra charges for anything else. He told then that he needed to talk to the cleaner to which I gave the phone. He and his partner proceeded out of the house because I assumed he was being given instructions to proceed with the cleaning. To my amazement, without even coming back to the house and saying anything about the job, they left in their van!! 1:21 p.m. - I printed the voucher from Angie’s List. 1:22 p.m. - I called the Superior office at (904) 240-1362 (that’s the same number written down on the voucher) and got hold of Jennifer Dye. I told her about their cleaners making a disappearing act. I also told her that I had the printed voucher in front of me and that it doesn’t say anything about extra charges if I/we wanted the floor cleaned TO LOOK GOOD. I said I don’t care if it looks good after the cleaning as long as it’s clean (since I can at least try it myself to make it look good after they clean it up, especially with the amount they were charging us extra, which was more than FOUR times what I paid for the cleaning package!). Jennifer Dye and I agreed for their cleaner(s) to come back on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 between noon and 2:00 p.m. Since my wife have already cleared out the area of the floor to be cleaned, she wanted the job done today (Friday); so I tried to call Jennifer again using our landline. I only got her answering machine, even though we had just hung up after trying one more time. 1:30 p.m. - Instead, I got a call from a (904) 713-1712, and when I said “Hello,” the caller hung up. I then tried to call (904) 240-1362 USING my cell phone; and the same thing: I only got the voice mail. But after less than a minute, a call from (904) 713-1712 came in; and as soon as I said, “Hello,” the caller hung up. I did a reverse phone lookup online ( on (904) 713-1712, and lo and behold! I belongs to “J******* D**” – even with the number of asterisks, it points to “Jennifer Dye”! 1:35 p.m. – I used my wife’s cell phone, but also got the voice mail – AND a return call a minute later from (904) 713-1712! This time, I let my wife answer the call, and indeed, after a few seconds of what seemed to be reluctance to talk to someone who obviously Jennifer was screening her calls from, Jennifer picked up the call and she and my wife agreed to re-schedule the cleaning today between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. I got a phone call from Jennifer a few minutes later saying they had a “Ryan” coming over already. Ryan did a survey of the floor, and just like the previous cleaner that came explained what they’d normally do to make it clean and look good. This time, I gave him a copy of the voucher and told him I only wanted service stipulated on in, fine prints and all. He politely asked us if he could start the job and by 2:55 p.m., the job was done. And what a beautiful job Ryan did!!! I think this company can do their job well and should get high marks WHEN they do the job; but just be aware that, just like another feedback on on this company, they will try to get more money out of your pocket – much more after you’ve paid for a service they have listed at a good price. I wouldn’t call it “scam,” it’s business; you just have to stand for what you want and what you paid/ pay for. more

Very happy! 2/18/2014

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration did a great job for me. Initially when Chris came out he might not have understood what I was asking for. He underbid the job by a lot. He stayed true to the original bid and did not ask for more money. I found that to be very admirable and honest. Everything looks really good and I am very happy with his work. more

Easy experience 2/11/2014

I had some carpets that needed to be cleaned and not only did they come within a few days of being called, but they did a very complete job. I even left them in the house by themselves, that's how much I trusted them. more

Good service 1/13/2014

I had a decent experience with Superior Carpet Care. Their products are exceptional and they know what they're doing. They cleaned the carpet for my entire home and I was very happy with the final results. They were also punctual and professional. One thing is that the price was honestly a bit high. They offer one price in their catalog and the price I ended up paying was significantly higher than that. Otherwise, the overall experience was excellent and I liked their workmanship. more

Prompt, efficient 1/10/2014

I was very satisfied with Superior Carpet Care's service. Possessing one of the largest contracting companies in the area I always have them do work for me and their promptness and reliability has been a hallmark of theirs that I greatly appreciate. more

They did a fine job! 12/18/2013

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration cleaned the carpet in my rental house and the house that I live in. It was my first time using them, and it turned out great. They are on time, and they do what they say they are going to do for a fair price. more

Very professional and honest 12/17/2013

We've been using Superior Carpet Care & Restoration for about six months. We have rental properties, and Chris gave us a price that he stuck to for cleaning the carpets. He gets out there right away. I've used other companies before, and I even went out and got a steam cleaner to do the work myself, but I've found Chris's price to be comparable. The carpets turn out really well, especially considering the tenants don't always take care of the carpets. I will definitely use Superior again! Chris does what he says he's going to do. He doesn't exaggerate the truth. If he can't get a stain out, he will tell you. He doesn't say he's going to make it look brand new and then not do it. I've had that happen with other companies. I'm very impressed with his work. He was recommended to us by a new renter. We were hesitant at first to do it, especially because I normally do the work myself. But now we're very impressed, and that means a lot. We really appreciate his business. more

Satisfying and efficient service 12/16/2013

Superior Carpet Care is very friendly and they got the job done quickly. They cleaned and deodorized our carpet. It wasn't that expensive for the quality of their work. I plan on using them again. They were very prompt and everything turned out excellent! more

Really fast, efficient care 11/14/2013

I've been using Superior Carpet Care & Restoration for a year and a half. I own five rentals in addition to my own home, and Chris does all six houses. He cleans the carpet and tile for me, but he also did a side project restoring a carpet once for me. When he comes in, he doesn't try and sell you different services. He provides you with very good customer service and fast efficient floor care. I hand out his cards all the time. This is the guy you need to go with! more

Professional and responsive! 11/13/2013

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration provides you with excellent service and is committed to making sure you're satisfied with the job they've done. We asked them to provide service to a client of ours on a challenging area. They did cleaning and remediated water damage on our client's yacht. They were very accommodating both in their scheduling and making sure the client got the finishing they wanted. more

Great job, ver y helpful, and very courteous 11/11/2013

Superior Carpet Care & Restoration did a really good job on my carpets even though I have cats. They even left me with some tips on how to take care of the carpets when they left. They very helpful with giving tips and stuff. I like that I don't feel like i got ripped off or anything. more

Absolutely wonderful! 11/8/2013

They were wonderful! We had Superior Carpet Care come over and we discussed some things in detail about what we wanted done. And they just jumped right into doing the work! They were efficient, completed everything in a timely manner, and were very nice gentlemen. I even called the main office, told them to make sure to give those gentleman gold stars! They were very, very nice guys. They told me to call them in a year or before then if I needed more done. As an older lady, I appreciate when a company does what they promise because I'm not sure which companies to trust. These guys are reliable. more

Sad and $360 poorer in Neptune Beach 11/7/2013

I just had my carpet cleaned. I have a great room (living/dining) and 13 steps. I called as a result of a mint magazine ad. The initial "maintenance" special was 2 rooms for $29.99. Steps would count as 2 rooms as well so I'd probalby end up paying for 5 rooms - $49.99. I figured I'd have to pay $75 to include some spot cleaning. After all was said and done, I ended up paying $360. The technician as much as said that unless I do the deep scrub and the chemical treatment, I wouldn't be happy with his work. The good thing about the chemical treatment is that in included a teflon application, a $90 value, which also gives me "guarantee" of $90 tops for any subsequent cleaning for life if I do it within a year. He brought in his equipment after I moved all the less than larger furniture, and within 35 minutes he was ready to leave. It took 2 days for my carpet to dry and left a sticky feel to it. The steps were wet for 3 days. The carpet I was sure was ruined. After it finally dried, it looks good and the traffic areas haven't returned yet. I called Jennifer and complained about the wet carpet. She offered to send in another one of her techs to re-wet my carpet and extract what she thought was probably the chemical "boost", which is making my carpet feel sticky. I didn't want to get my carpet wet again so I turned her down. I think a word to the wise, if the estimate you're expecting is 1/3 or what they end up charging, ask them to leave and get a second opinion. I wish I had. more
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