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Sunset Beach Inc - 14 Reviews - 64 Old Faith Rd, Shrewsbury, MA - Swimming Instruction Reviews - Phone (508) 753-9206

Sunset Beach Inc

64 Old Faith Rd
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
(508) 753-9206
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Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA
Sunset Beach Inc - Shrewsbury, MA


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Sunset beach has always held amazing memories for me and my family. Three/ Four generations of my family have gone here and we've always had a ball. If you could have seen the pla...


stay away, although there is plenty to do it is not worth the drive, time, money or energy. it used to be a nice family place but the owners now only see $$$$. they do not care wh...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/30/2013

My girls and I visited Sunset Beach in Shrewsbury today. We had a wonderful day of swimming and boating. What a fantastic spot to take your family! It is family owned who are congenial and go out of their way to make your day extra enjoyable. They have a cute little store with snacks and ice-cream with very reasonable prices. We had a really good day! We highly recommend Sunset Beach in Shrewsbury to everyone! more

Sunset Beach 8/24/2011

Sunset beach has always held amazing memories for me and my family. Three/ Four generations of my family have gone here and we've always had a ball. If you could have seen the place in it's hay day with the original owners who we (my family) refer to as the ""parents"" were always so involved in their buisness and loved the people that came to the beach. It has old world rules, so if your expecting some civilized ""people that follow liberal rules"" place, go away. just because you dont like whats going on doesnt mean you have to trash talk the place. it has always been a family run buisness, and as long is i could remember you've always been allowed to smoke and drink. but that doesnt take away from the diving boards and platforms, the water slide, the water logs, the awesome dock. the snack shack and the playground, there was a playhouse there when i was little, and renting boats is just a fun thing to do if you have enough energy & wanna do something fun with kids. My family always rented a paddle boat with me. all in all, there has ALWAYS been good times here. and honestly, your probably better off going as a big reunion. my family always did i honestly cant remember a better time. and just remember, if you can have respect & dont act like top shizz, then you'll have a ball. I recomend checking this place out. it's ALWAYS been fun for me & my family. more

wonderful getaway!! 8/9/2011

LOVED THE PLACE! 1. There is a cute little snack shack sells food, drinks, ice cream, and candy. 2.There are picnic tables, round tables with umbrellas, benches, adarondike chairs, and also a bunch of lounge chairs 3. 2 Towers, diving board, slide, water logs, and free floats 4. Paddle boats, Kayaks, Rowboats, and Canoes 5. There were also a bunch of motor boats. That I believe owners pay for the summer. 6. 3 basketball hoops (one in the water), ping pong table and other toys that you are allowed to use like (football, whiffle ball, soccer ball, and a dodgeball) 7. Old fashion monkey bars, swing set, sand box, slide, and a climbing bar set. 8. Restrooms 9. 2 very nice lifeguards, very friendly 10. tanning :) more

money hungry owners 7/2/2010

stay away, although there is plenty to do it is not worth the drive, time, money or energy. it used to be a nice family place but the owners now only see $$$$. they do not care what kind of people they let in as long as they pay. the last time i was there (a few years ago) my family encountered the worse show of disrespect. the other ""families"" at the sight thought they were the only ones there. they kept putting their picnic tables inches from ours, leaving no room, and then had the nerve to even sit on our table. we politely asked them several times to not put their tables so close to ours as we can't access it and not to sit at our table. this fell on deaf ears so we went to the owners several times to which they did absolutely nothing. we requested a refund and that was denied. the other families were also smoking, walking around with alcohol and talking with disrespectful language. a member of our group went to talk to the owner's son and at some point he threatened our member, who happens to be in law enforcement and stated so. The son in turn called the police, which are called there frequently, for someone impersonating an officer. after that was cleared, we packed up and left, never to return again. Cons: the people that run the place and that they let in more

Hag Owner and drunk kids 8/24/2009

Me and my family plus friends came in hopes of swimming, only to find underaged drinkers playing ""beer pong"" and getting drunk with BOAT LOADS of alcohol and smoking going on. The sign on the front says, NO DRINKING/ALCOHOL, PRIVATE. Someone was BOUND to get hurt. My mom went to talk to the hag old witch and ask her what was going on. She replied rudely and asked us to leave and to stay out of the underaged drinkers business. She was ugly on the inside and out. There is just nothing nice to say about her as of today. The police came right after the incident. IF YOU HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN, LEAVE IF YOU SEE ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO US TODAY! Pros: Rope swing, high dive Cons: HAG OLD WOMAN, DRUNK TEENAGERS, HORRIBLE PLAYGROUND, ECT more

old faishoned , peaceful treasure 8/20/2009

if you want the sand on the beach, go to the ocean!!\r It amazes me that people think there should be ocean sand on a lake!\r This spot is so unique, white painted wharfs, with slides and towers, many freshly painted picnic tables, free grills to use, ping pong and basketball.\r Kayaks , canoes and paddleboats to rent, as well as a charming little ""store"" for candy, soda, slushes, and other refreshments. \r Swings and playground, a fort for the kids, nothing run down about them, (perhaps the people whose comments indicated that were just mad the place was closed!) Pros: view, quiet lake side area, nicely maintained grass Cons: that it is only a seasonal place more

Sunset 8/16/2009

Went there the other day with friends and it was pretty nice actually. Wish it was opened on Saturday/Sunday. Pros: Lake Quansig Cons: no sand, closed on Saturday/Sunday more

Tired of hauling your boat 7/18/2009

In addition to having a boat dock with plenty of parking.You can swim and picknic at the Beach during their regular hours of operation. Mon-Fri 10-5 There ar still a few spots available for 2010 Pros: Best family oriented marina on Lake Cons: Have to fit under Springer Dam more

Great place to spend your summer 11/9/2008

IGNORE the next comment on ""crabby owner"". Sunset Beach is great!!! I spend my summers there all the time, some days with the kids, some days with my friends, some with the whole family. Its such a nice place everyone's nice. If you show them respect, they will in return. So have fun! \r Also i am pretty sure they are not open on the weekends, so plan for a Friday or take a day off- its worth it :) more

Crabby owner 9/7/2008

My wife and I had heard of Sunset Beach when we moved out here so we drove over today (high 70s, sunny weekend day) to check the place out. There was one sign out on S. Quinsigamond Ave. pointing the way up the side street, but that was it. We parked on our own and walked around to see what it was like. Walking up to the benches along the waterline, we could see several people sunning themselves out on the dock. I saw one older woman who had just climbed out of the water watching us like we were there to steal. As my wife was about to sit on the bench for a minute to take in the surroundings, the older woman yelled out, ""We're closed!"" We turned around and left.\r If you're reading this review, ma'am, let me say this: that's some craptastic customer service you've got there. If you want to keep the place to yourself off-hours, maybe you should try investing a couple of those small fees you collect from the customers you clearly despise and BUY YOURSELF A 'CLOSED' SIGN TO POST OUT FRONT. We will NOT be back and with your attitude, I'm sure you won't miss us.\r As a final note, I can't figure out if this so-called 'beach' was truly sand-free or if we were just chased away before we could find it. Pros: The hag in charge chased us off before we could notice any positives. Cons: The hag in charge. Where's the sand? How's about some signs? You want paying customers, then try giving them something for the money. more

Best kept secret in Central Massachusetts 8/28/2008

We love Sunset Beach in Shrewsbury! The family and I have spent numerous summer days enjoying the beautiful beach along Lake Quinsigamond. Along with a reasonable entrance fee, you can spend your day swimming, diviing off a huge tower, playing basketball, picnicking or simply lounging around. They have an assortment of boats you can rent and they also have a little store that sells refreshments. Our favorite is the slush which they hand scoop for you. They must have a gazillion different flavors! The people that run the beach are friendly and courteous and go out of there way to make it a happy experience. There is a playground for the little ones and plenty of picnic tables to go around. Bring your family, make a day of it, you'll be glad you did. Pros: Great family atmosphere. more

didn't live up to expectations 7/11/2008

I drove the hour + down to Sunset Beach this morning with the kids. I thought it would be much nicer then it was according to the reviews. The 'great palyground' was a broken down slide covered in caution tape, some monkey bars and a sand box. \r The beach (swimming area) was way overcrowded with rude kids from some boys & girls club. My daughter was struck twice by rocks, a boy jumped off the dock right on top of my 3 year old, and they took the tube right out of my daughters hand. All 4 of the kids involved in these incedents were with the boys & girls club, and when I approached a counselor about their behaivor, nothing was done. They were only told to be more careful. \r I called 3 days ago to find out what the admission / parking was going to cost, and the grumpy old man that answered the phone said it was free. I could barely understand what he was saying on the phone, and he certaintly sounded like I was interrupting something by calling. \r Since one of reviews said 'small parking fee' I called back this morning to ask again. A young woman told me $8 for adults & $3 for kids. They charged me $9 for myself & friend, and $6 for each kid. \r \r Overall, aside from the rude kids and being overcharged, I think the place does have some nice qualities. \r The older kids really enjoyed the slide & diving towers (three levels, 5, 10, and 20 feet to jump from) \r \r Another issue I had was that my 3 year old was told by a life guard that he was not aloud on the dock becuase he was to small, but there were children physically smaller then him jumping off the docks. (my little guy is very tall for his age, could pass for 5) \r The picnic area smelled like dog poo most of the day. The water was pretty rocky - which was not mentioned on anyone elses reviews. \r \r I'm not sure that we'll ever go back there. I don't think it was really worth the money spent. \r Although the beach was nice, I think to many things ruined the day for me. Pros: nice swimming area, fun diving boards & slides Cons: swimming area / beach are very small - ""playground"" was a joke more

Amazing little gem on Lake Quinsig! 5/26/2008

I just came back from Sunset Beach where I spent my Memorial day there grilling and enjoying the sun! The drive is a quick 30 minutes if you are coming from the Mass Pike (which I highly suggest). Once you get on the dirt road and pay a really cheap entrance price you have so much to do you really won't get bored. My party was the first one there at 9am (go early to get a nice spot on the grass underneathe the shade) and we were warmly greeted by those running this establishment. They even let us use their foil when we forgot ours! (thanks!) We did forget a few more things, so we drove two minutes to a stop and shop up the street. We brought our own grill, a couple of blankets and lounged for a good part of the day. We even played a little basketball that they have right on the waterside. There is a huge slide that goes right into the water and they even have rentals for kayaks, canoes, and boats! (At a really good price too!) There were even a few times when their dogs came over to say hello! It's such a beautiful place and I'm glad I had the chance to experience it. I think I might go back next week!! Pros: cheap rentals, lots of picnic tables, super nice people more

Absolutely the best the area has to offer! 10/24/2006

Swimming, boating, picnicing, all on beautiful Lake Quinsigamond. It takes you back in time. Spend a peaceful day here. You'll long to return often. Pros: Great family fun! more

A Great family place on a hot summer day - It has something for everyone from kids ages 1 to 101!! 7/13/2006

This family owned and operated business is place is like taking a vacation in one day. The lake has something that will interest everyone in your family. The setting itself is nostalgic. It's like taking a visit back to the 1950's or 1960's in a good way. The water is always warm. They have an old fashioned water slide, the kind that needs pumping before you ride it. It has two towers to jump or dive off of along with a diving board. Once you are in the water you could try to stay on the water logs or play basketball (on or off land) they have ping pong tables, horseshoes, a playground complete with sandbox. They offer boat rentals by the hour or by the day ranging from canoes to paddle boats to row boats. Bring your grill or borrow on of theirs. They have lots of water toys and land toys for the toddlers. They also have a store that serves light refreshments. They have picnic tables throughout the property, some in shaded areas some not so plan on going early to get the best spot. Bring your fishing rods and do a little light fishing. My family has been going there since my parents dated in high school and now we are bringing our fourth generation. With all the things this little place has to offer the price of admission is well worth it! see you there! Pros: There is so much to do, you will never get bored Cons: Your children will never want to leave! more
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